Call of Duty on Twitter has revealed the cast members of Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies mode.

David Tennant, who stared in BBC’s Doctor Who, will play Drostan Hynd in WWII Zombies.

The second cast member announced is Elodie Yung, who stars in Marvel’s Daredevil and The Defenders as Elektra. She will play Olivia Durant in WWII Zombies.

The third cast member is Katheryn Winnick, who plays Marie Fischer in WWII Zombies. She stars in History Channel’s Vikings.

The fourth cast member is Udo Kier, who plays Doktor Peter Straub in WWII Zombies.

The five cast member is Ving Rhames, who plays the protagonist Jefferson Potts in WWII Zombies.

SOURCE: @CallofDuty


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  • Krisztián Csapó
    • Elite Predator

      I am actually freaked out. It looks very dark, brutal, and amazing. I couldn’t be any more excited for this game.

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  • sure

    And in the Army of The Dead trailer they have that line “The drums are coming” haha. Probably not a sneaky reference, but still pretty cool.

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  • jordanxbrookes

    He used to star in Doctor Who, but he hasn’t been in it for years. On a side note, very odd that Tennant is gonna be in Call of Duty, but I’m intrigued. Hopefully his character is likable and not just there because he’s a “celebrity”.

    • sure

      Watch Jessica Jones!

      • Hemibuzz

        I fucking love that show, plus elektra from daredevil I’m nerding out

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    Theyre both Marvel netflix alums.

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        That information wasnt included in the article when i posted the comment

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  • joey

    winnick is in vikings too. she’s really talented.

  • AlexK489

    They also just announced Udo Kier as Dr Peter Straub today (7/18)
    Pretty star studded cast so far. May not be a fan of the time period but if the gameplay’s exciting then i’m all over it.

  • imBATMAN

    who are they lol

    • User 1

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  • Kim Jong-un

    I just know Ving Rhames and the german guy, i have no idea who are the other three.


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