Raven Software is bringing Demolition game mode to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for the first time!

The mode will be available in-game starting 10AM PT on July 21 and will be available through July 28. The mode will also have Double XP active during this time.

  • Drank Bleach

    Why no report about the leaked zombie trailer?

  • GinsuVictim


    • sXeGraetness

      Whats so nice about it?!? This game is trash & so are u faaggot.

      • stfu u fegit

        • GinsuVictim

          They’re blocked, so I don’t even know what was said.

          • The9tailedgamer

            Do you want to know?

          • GinsuVictim

            I would just have to view the page incognito to find out, but don’t give a shit.

          • The9tailedgamer

            Alright, just wanted to know cause I forgot incognito mode existed

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  • sXeGraetness

    WOW, who cares. This game sucks, fuck MWR.

    • Jon

      says every kid who sucks

    • Ryan Gorman

      Stop spamming, no one cares. I hate this game as well but seriously WE DONT CARE

      • The9tailedgamer

        Guys, look at his name

    • Diego Diniz

      What is bad in MWR??? SOUND!
      Get a kill is not satisfying…

  • jordanxbrookes

    *Cough* Regroup Map Pack *Cough*

  • Elliot Dunn

    Nice but we want Prop Hunt back please!!! Specifically, Beachcomber Prop Hunt!!

  • Aww yeah now just give me Standalone MWR for Xbox One and we’re in buisness baby!

    • Ryan Gorman

      Hope you’re joking

  • lunator100hd .

    This game is so bad, IW is better imo and i thing IW is garbage.

    • Mario Rivera

      I knew during hype season that it was going to fail at holding up well. COD4 was amazing in 2008 but here in 2017 its just a very primitive, barebones version of Ghosts.

      • lunator100hd .

        100% agreed.


    for 1 week lol!! supply drops

  • The Industrial Retrospective

    I love Demolition! Nice one, hopefully that rumored next map pack comes out soon.

  • TheAdversary

    Why not add a gamemode that exacerbates the level of spawntrapping that has plagued this game? It’s just what we need.

  • acm1pt

    they should have left double cryptos for the rest of the event… whats the point of playing when you get only 3 cryptos per match or even less.