Activision has announced a new preorder bonus for Call of Duty: WWII: a Nazi Zombies animated weapon camo!

The camo will be available at participating retailers. The camo is available for use in the Zombies mode only.

SOURCE: @CallofDuty

  • Only zombies? Why?

    • Batman

      Because its a retarded ass animated flashy camo and this is a ww2 game

      • Bindal

        Wait until the first Supplydrop update and you get these kinds of camos in MP as well.

        • DEMOLITION12

          can’t get the retarded camos if you don’t buy the game

          • Patriciakking

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      • but d00d they have to cater to the mentally handicapped children

      • Darren Hylands

        I’m pretty sure there weren’t any actual zombies in world war 2 or at any time in real history….ever

        • caleb kruse

          its seperate from the multi and campaign if it bothers you that much dont buy the game or dont play zombies

          • Darren Hylands

            I agree. The point I was trying to make is that zombies aren’t realistic anyway so what is the problem with a flashy camos? People complain about flashy camos but not about reanimated corpses!!? . I will be buying the game but won’t be crying about realism.

    • Because MP gets everything that’s good. It’s time for the Zombies to get an upgrade.

      • Not really. ZM in BO3 had pretty decent support

  • i LIKE IT

  • Drank Bleach

    And it begins…. supply drop bullshit for zombies mode.

    • Chocobooo!

      Drink bleach again

    • RdJokr

      Already began since IW, bruh. Where have you been?

      • Drank Bleach

        Bf1 ?

    • Sentinel

      3 years later and you still this salty? Lmao get a grip.

      • Drank Bleach

        “3 years later…”

        Least I can say that I haven’t gotten fucked by Activision by spending money on supply drops.

        • Sentinel

          Good for you! In my perspective, 3 years later indeed, YOU are getting fucked by activision either way ’cause you stay salty about something you can’t change. You not getting what you want! Instead, you use the action of OTHERS people speding THEIR money on supply drops as a excuse obscure your rage about something that has literlly not effect on you ’cause like you said, you not speding any of YOUR money on supply drops. Learn to accept things for what they are. You are not a game developer nor a bussiness to assure that everything around in the gaming industry should be done the way you think.

    • caleb kruse

      you act as if its a supplydrop only item when you get it for pre ordering

  • Diego Diniz

    And here we go…

  • Kyle Soule

    Do you get this camo for preordering at gamestop?

  • here we go, the first of the fucking retarded camos

  • DudeMan1234

    If i already pre-ordered through amazon, do i still get this?

    • Regardless of where you pre-ordered from you should get it.

    • mm

      only on console you get the camo

  • sXeGraetness

    U pussies will cry about anything. STFU & give them your money.

  • Mr. Memphis 38127

    All people do is cry. Do u really think a camo is a game breaking f-up. No it isn’t u cry for boots on the ground u get that and expect ACTIVISION not to make money off of supply drops. All u want is plain camos and BOG. Get real !!!! Let’s just tell ACTIVISION to make a Minecraft COD with crappy grafix and boring corner camping gameplays. Think about what ur saying. Who cares about camos if the game runs smoothly and lag free.

  • The Gaming Revolution

    Oh yeah “animated” just like all the other animated calling cards and camos we were promised for the past 2 cods

  • “participating retailers” I hope they tell us WHICH retailers, all of them? or what?

  • SGCStylezZ

    “Nazi zombies camo” Where the fuck are my swastika’s?

  • Nick

    Does this camo come with the standard version of the game?

  • Qaotik

    Battlefield Won? More like Battlefield Done!

  • This is the first time since WaW that zombies has actually really appealed to me.

    SHG are doing a great job imo..

  • Alan Ortega

    What happened with the people who preorder and got WWII hat and beta code

    • Michael Romo

      Just go back to GameStop and confirm your pre-order and then give you the poster

      • Michael Romo

        I’m sorry, wrong post. When you use the pre-order code on the COD website, you link it to your PSN/Xbox Live or whatever and you should get it day one. If you have any other questions, I suggest contacting Activision support because they helped me last year with all the IW pre-order stuff

  • BaboonBanana69

    I guess this confirms that crazy camos are coming back in COD WW2.

  • TheWaffleState

    Should I Bother Going To GameStop To Get This Camo If I Preordered The Game On The Xbox One (Digital Deluxe) I Just Really Want This! Help!