Michael Condrey has answered a few questions on Twitter about the customization options that will be available in Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer. During the WWII Zombies reveal, Activision announced a new pre-order bonus for the title: an animated Nazi Zombies weapon camo.

Many fans started wondering if animated camos will make their way into MP, but Condrey has stated that, as of now, they have not found any animated camos that will properly fit into the WWII era. All camos, he further, revealed are expected to be ‘thematically appropriate.’

He also reiterated in his tweet that all loot in Supply Drops is expected to be cosmetic only.

  • Thang Tran

    So basically all the camos from MW2 besides Digital (doesn’t make sense) and gold. Varying degrees of wood rot/damage and degrees of steel rust/damage. Can’t see many camo variations to support a supply drop system,

  • Very promising sounding, but the skeptics will love that he said ‘currently’

  • Mick

    “Cosmetic only” LOL

    • ccrows

      It honestly bothers me that Condrey said that publicly twice now…

    • Tao

      Wonder if that word means anything anymore lol

    • Christian allen

      For the first 7 days lol

      • Mick

        I’d give it a month. They have been saying cosmetic only for the past 2 cod games lol.

        • Qaotik

          “Coesmetic only” at launch. Look out for those loopholes

    • jt3z

      That is the first time they have said cosmetic only. Ppl think Vondy said cosmetic only but he didnt. Lets hope Condry stays true to his word tho. I can live with new weps in SD as long as its not like Bo3. Make them earnable

  • Christian allen

    Cosmetic only for the first few weeks by week 2 there will be exo suits available in supply drops with pink camos and guns that no one will ever get

  • >currently

    Won’t be long after release for the animated rainbow camos to get updated in.

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  • An Alpaca

    I don’t think gun camo was even used in the real WWII.

    • Skillreks

      well, if anyone would, the snipers would have. and it wouldn’t have been bright yellow or anything

    • Bindal

      Not in any significant amount. Maybe some where painted white in snowy areas, but that was really the extend of it.

      So, “thematically approriate” means either “none at all” or “different types of wooden and metal finish”

  • TheAdversary


    I feel like no one really knows what that word means anymore.

    • SHG throws this word around so loosely. “Immersive = fake general German soldiers in WWII, not actual events like Nazis and Hitler, DUH!!!”

  • See now he actually said loot is cosmetic only. And also keep mind at the word “currently” i highly doubt they’ll stick to their word in these both instances but it’ll be nice if there is like a turn off feature for these ugly camos the day the come in but i doubt they’ll do that too

    • Elite Predator

      He said “We haven’t found any camos that achieve those goals”. He’s referring ones that help keep it “thematically appropriate”. Currently, there aren’t animated. A thematic appropriate camo could be anything to reach that goal they’re going for. I feel as though people are not registering the words accurately of what he’s saying because we’ve been let down before.

      • I realized what he said. I didn’t misunderstood any of what he said.

        • Elite Predator

          Like you do, I as well, do hope they stick their word for word here. That’s all we have, I doubt this time around they’re gonna screw with it because from here going out this is what the fans are going to take with them. Activision will never be trusted again, nor any dev. He has been emphasizing on behalf of both subjects. For their sake, the only way I see them going back on their word is catering to the kids
          and we already seen their direction with zombies this year. I wanted to clarify on the entire sentence on “currently” because it seemed like that’s what you took out of it.

          • Yeah, I got everything else. Like I said I didn’t misunderstood any of what he said.

          • Elite Predator

            So what makes you think he’s going to go back on his word? I’m curious on how that would make sense to with him if he did

          • Do you really take a CoD dev at his word over the long history of these dev teams changing things at the last minute? Do you remember last year when Infinity Ward
            said you could earn Salvage bonus by winning games? Yet come final game the only way to get salvage was mission teams and supply drops. Hell I believe I remember these guys at SHGames a few months before AW coming out saying supply drops will not be monetized. Don’t quote on me on that but I vaguely remember something like that.

            Point is, I dont take these guys word when all these dev teams have a history of changing things come release or during the game’s life cycle.

            So I’m not misunderstanding his tweets. I get what he is saying and I get their teams plan. But words like currently are pretty important to take in, and I think its important to be skeptical. Hell, if they do go against it, I dont really care, i just wish they would have a toggle off feature in the game that way people like me dont have to see it but I doubt they’ll do that anyway.

          • Elite Predator

            I couldn’t find anything online of SHG saying that in any account in history. I get where your coming from tho. Treyarch said it, as well I do remember what you’re talking about and I was so let down with Infinity Ward when I learned what they truly meant of “play matches, earn more, win matches, earn some more” it was really earning more Cryptokeys to get Salvage sooner out of supply drops. They say things in a clever way. So with SHGames’ tweet, there’s that slight chance we might get flashy things in the coming months, I just care about taking their word seriously for once because I wouldn’t mind mild flashy things in the coming months, I just need to know if I can for once take their word seriously. In MWR, when Raven announced supply drops and they said what they said, I didn’t take their word seriously, I was just waiting for the day they added weapons in their Supply Drops but their system is at least better, but not fair enough.

          • MWR’s supply drop system is probably the most fair system yet. Only problem I have with it is that its a bit too grindy

          • Elite Predator

            Exactly I wish they gave us a challenging, progressive system way to unlock them like Infinite Warfare. Grinding for keys to open loot boxes feels forever if I’m not buying them. If they keep all loot cosmetics, and a salvage to unlock what we want over time I’ll never have a problem with supply drops again. That seems to be the route SHG is taking it. I do hope they stick on their word because at the end of the day it’s gonna suck for all of us to aquire dlc weapons. At least we’re not getting stat-based variants.

          • I agree 100%. Also, wasn’t one of the originally planned options for getting salvage through the ability to “break down” guns you don’t want? Maybe that was just a rumor early on, but I recall hearing it. Perhaps, that is what ended up being the (usually tiny) bit of salvage you automatically get for getting a duplicate. Regardless, I’m still concerned there are going to be surprises in store, especially related to weapon variants. If the loot boxes are allegedly only cosmetic, that will be great, but does anyone really think Activision is going to give up the chance to earn even more revenue by making the boxes only cosmetic, and not including weapon variants? I have to believe that the weapon variants are what caused so many people to buy supply drops since they were introduced. How are they going to make up for that loss of revenue? Someone might respond saying “oh it worked for Overwatch,” but I have no idea how successful that was in comparison to the COD loot systems. Hopefully the Overwatch method was a test, and was successful…. I’m just not optimistic, as they have lost my trust.

        • sXeGraetness

          Learn how to fucking read u idiot, geez…

          • Your shtick got old real quick.

          • Elite Predator

            Dude, this has nothing to do with me but seriously.. get a better hobby and no one here is paying attention to you. You can either take my advice or continue being overshadowed

          • jordanxbrookes

            You do realize that’s a troll account, not the real sXeGreatness?

          • Thanasishim

            Yeah and that’s exactly why he told him to get a better hobby

          • tuby

            Dumbass didnt you read his comment. He is full aware of it

          • Elite Predator

            Yea, I know lol

          • sXeGraetness

            Overshadowed?!? U replied didnt u? I always get replies on my comment u fucking moron!!

  • sXeGraetness

    This guy is a lying piece of shit. There will be all kinds colorful lightning camos within weeks of release. SH games are a bunch of fags.

    • Michael Romo

      Hey buddy stop hogging all the chromosomes

  • Michael Romo

    So no dabbing Hitler camo?


    • joey

      yeah, especially when they can simply rip off the footage from an old fanta add.

      • joey


  • jordanxbrookes

    “Cosmetic Only” yeah whatever you say Mike. It’s not like we’ve heard that before.

    • Sentinel

      I can agree, they seem to lean more on the young audience and adding all this colorful shit that entices kids! I wish they could make a COD with adult rating where we can see xtreme gore, down nd dirty like the war really is! Make a true immersive experience.

    • RdJokr

      I get that there’s been some kind of negativity in the past when it comes to these things, but let’s think straight for a minute. This is real, actual confirmation that WWII supply drops only have cosmetic stuff. We did not have this kind of confirmation before. It was just the community misreading everything and interpreting things completely different.

      Now we got intel from the horse’s mouth, and Condrey knows there’s gonna be an angry mob outside his house come release of WWII if this statement is a lie. I feel like this is the one COD that will truly change up the supply drop formula. No more BS RNG to get a damn gun.

      • Drank Bleach

        I can tell you 3.6 billion reasons why they’ll add the silly kiddie stuff.

        • RdJokr

          I was debating the “cosmetic only” part, not the “thematically appropriate” part. I expect that shit to fly out the window at some point eventually.

    • BaboonBanana69

      Probably the bets comment on this entire thread! haha

      • jordanxbrookes

        Thanks lol.

  • Elite Predator

    I’m confident in what he’s saying with regards to them being open on animated camos that are thematically appropriate for the setting in the future. However, what’s bothering me more is the admin for this site doubled down on loot is *expected* to be cosmetics only. When Condrey had doubled down on his own word and said it straight, “All loot is cosmetics only”. He didn’t say it’s expected to be, he doubled down on it loud and clear, that “All loot is cosmetics only”.

    • Yes, he’s saying “all loot is cosmetic only,” however, that doesn’t mean they won’t come up with some devious way to try and fleece us again, in our pursuit of sought after weapon variants. For example, remember in AW when you could take any inventory item (whether gun variants or cosmetic outfits), and cash them in for XP? Also, you could earn some of the sought after variants by getting to master prestige level and beyond? Well imagine if they recreate a version of that model where you could sell your cosmetic stuff you get in supply drops to rank up – I can see people feeling like they will not get to master prestige within a reasonable period of time, and they will spend money on stupid cosmetic supply drops, just so they can sell them to rank up. I’m not saying that is their plan (we simply just don’t know yet), but I’m giving that as an example of how they will find ways to entice people to buy supply drops, even if they don’t want cosmetic items (and truly just want to get sought after weapon variants). I know I sound pessimistic, but I just don’t trust them anymore. They’ve made WAY too much revenue off supply drops to water them down without some side plan to ensure sales stay up

      • Elite Predator

        They already confirmed the weapons will have cosmetic changes like the weapon kits in MW:R. I actually like those, I don’t mind that being locked in Supply Drops. They can also do melee weapons (which is a given they’ve been doing melees since Black Ops III). Cosmetic changes are dope, they can make money out of that. I think reign with Supply Drops is over. I think this year we’re going to have an alright Supply Drops system where nothing is game changing or game breaking. We can buy them and unlock stuff early, or we have a direct way to unlock the cosmetics. Like MW:R has a decent system. If u buy them (which they’re still not worth it and over priced) salvage is introduced for us to aquire them directly not like in Black Ops III where we have to keep flipping the coin. MW:R was already watered down. So, make people happy, get some extra money on the side.. that’s the way how it’s supposed to be. They know we shouldn’t even have Supply Drops to begin with.

  • Qaotik

    While being thematically appropriate sounds nice, to say that Condrey wants an “immersive and believable” game is very funny. I don’t remember black women fighting for Germany, but let’s see what happens

    • Elite Predator

      It’s annoying because I’m Arabic and I don’t see why black females have to get catered to an area they had little to no involvement in to belong in. I don’t see Arabs and Hispanics a playable option. Why do they have to get offended if it didn’t. Even tho there was a wide portion of battles in Egypt during WW II It’s about the current American political agenda because if it was really about giving the player the free choice to be themselves, I would see more options.

    • Elite Predator

      I get what you’re saying. It’s like he’s contradicting himself, in that absolute regard. But yeah, hopefully that’s the limit I honestly don’t mind the females on the Battlefield. I think it’s cool. But since they added black female Nazis, where’s the love at for Arabs and Hispanics. We can’t ultimately be our true selves and that’s what Michael claims what they were trying to give to the player.

      • Qaotik

        Now I want to play as a Hispanic woman in the game

        • Elite Predator

          Haha! Right on

  • Kim Jong-un

    I want a dark matter Hilter mustache

    • sXeGraetness

      Because u r a fucking idiot.

      • Kim Jong-un

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  • Alex Brogan

    fuck yeah

    • sXeGraetness

      That’s what your mom said when I busted one on here face!!

      • Alex Brogan

        i know she told me

  • ‘thematically appropriate’ ? Like Black Female Nazi Soldiers? Yeah…. why stop there 😉

  • DJSaviD

    Inb4 Swastikas are available via supply drops

  • Element115Will

    I just miss the old days where camos really didnt mean shit. Just play and enjoy. Last great CoD will be BO2. While yes it had those camos non war type, it didnt have a shit load compared to todays CoD.

    • joey

      was BO2 not the game that started the shiny colorful camos? i’m not complaining, btw. i thought they did a damn good job. best diamond camo in the entire series, by far.

      • Element115Will

        Yes correct, but not as insane as it is now though :/

  • Diego Diniz

    No Mussolini with a Fidget Spinner on the Winners Circle!
    Sad but True…

  • It wouldn’t surprise me (in WWII) if they allowed us to cash in the “cosmetic” loot for some sort of currency (like in AW, when we could sell anything for XP), and that becomes a shortcut to getting the weapon variants they introduce, because either A) the variants can be achieved through leveling up (at least that’s one way, kind of like they did for select variants in AW when you got to the master prestige levels), or B) you can use XP to buy variants as opposed to leveling up. They will come up with some deviously creative way to make you want to spend money on variants, and when people complain, they will say “hey, we never said we wouldn’t do that… we only said that loot from crates was going to be cosmetic.”


    thematically appropriate like no swastikas and black women in ss uniform

  • HansGruber88

    ‘we’re trying very hard to keep the MP world immersive & believable’.


  • imBATMAN

    I will not play if there is no Fidget spinner camo, they also need to add a 420 kill streak that gasses out the map, I can get that kill streak if they add a fidget spinner launcher

  • Kyle Soule

    Did you look at the fine print? It says they will keep the camos ‘thematically appropriate’ for the first two months before supplies run out then they gotta pull out the flashy ones

    • The Rabid One

      Ginger Bread WWII camo, Germans get the sauerkraut camo

      • Kyle Soule

        Can’t forget about the nazi clown camo as a pre order bonus

  • Spider MC

    If this game goes to shit then the Call Of Duty franchise is officially dead.


      the Call Of Duty franchise is officially dead

      • Jon

        If Call of Duty is dead then that doesn’t say much for ALL other titles that it out sells year in and year out.

  • Spider MC

    Hitler better be the supply drop seller


    To give the biggest hit to them for all this crap, buy the game preowned. They don’t get your money then

  • The Rabid One

    No hot pink camo, oh what will the Hop Scotch COD players say.

  • epicpoke

    He’s using present tense. Just because they ARE cosmetic only, that does not mean they always will be. I’ll wait until DLC 2 to see if I’ll like this one.