A new patch update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, version 1.18, is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new patch update adds in two new weapons — a new Assault Rifle and a new Handgun, along with other bug fixes and more.


What’s New:

  • New Weapons: Stallion .44 (pistol) and G-Rail (AR)
  • New Calling Cards, Camos, Weapon Accessories, and Gestures

General Fixes:

  • Fix for the Proteus and ERAD shotgun alternates not tracking towards contract challenges
  • Fixed a bug on all hybrid sights on SMGs losing hip fire reticles when switching between hybrid sight modes
  • Allow players to gain access to the M.2187 and Proteus summer variants via supply drop and allow for that variant to unlock the base weapon
  • Fix for scrolling issues while in the Mark II Collection menu of the Quartermaster
  • Fix for a bug that would cause the screen resolutions on PC to not refresh when resizing the game window
  • Fixed a bug where calling cards earned in SP would appear in the After Action Report in MP with placeholder images

SOURCE: Infinity Ward (Images via Reddit)

  • Live on XB1 & PC? But not PS4?

    • Mymedicalis420

      Just got my download going for the PS4

    • PugMusic / WindowsSec

      its out for ps4

  • Mark Lee

    download started now

  • Jason Jesse

    They ever going to add more weapon options to crafting? My salvage just keeps increasing and there’s nothing left to spend it on….would the the option to craft a Yokai

    • TheLichKing

      That’s exactly my thinking, I have all this salvage and don’t really need any other epics but I would like the old DLC weapons to become craft-able.

      • kpilkingtonn

        yeah ive been thinking that too….i have like 30,000 salv. i know some of the guns added have epic versions but id love to see some epic variants for the base guns that already exist. a volk retro, that looks like the classic AK from like MW4 or MW3 (w/o that awful blue camo that cant be changed lol) Honey badger as an epic variant for one of the sub machine guns.

    • RdJokr

      Gotta have something to entice you to spend COD Points on.

      • Emilychumphrey

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  • Diego Diniz

    “IW is a good game delivered at the wrong time…”

    • Deliver this game 3 or 5 years ago under the same circumstances this game did now it would have still sucked

      • Chocobooo!

        I’m really curious why are you hating this game when you spent a total 10 days 0h 43m of game time for Infinite Warfare and you are currently Prestige 10 level 49. I like this game but I only have half of the time you spent playing the game.

        • I dont actually hate this game or any Call of Duty for that matter. You should probably not twist my words here. Comparing Infinite Warfare to the other 10 billion Call of Duty games I have played this one of the few Call of Duty games I think sucks. Along with Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. I don’t hate any of these games as a whole, I think every one of these games has something that I like and something I come back to. Just because I spend time on the game doesn’t mean Im not critical of the game or I cant be. And 10 days of play time? Thats pretty low for me because on Black Ops 3 I have 21days played and I love that game and 25days played in Zombies

          That being said, deliver IW at any point in time under the same circumstances, this game is going to be a let down considering this game did not take advantage of the Space setting. Only in Campaign which MP should have as well, but instead its a Black Ops 3 clone.

          • jt3z

            LOL You love Bo3 yet dont like this game? IW as YOU said is a Bo3 clone with slightly shittier maps(Both games have shitty maps)

          • I do love Black Ops 3 but I don’t love it enough to have its multiplayer to be duplicated by another studio the next year.

          • jt3z

            For me its a carbon copy. I see no difference other than the maps which are slightly less shittier in Bo3 than IW.

          • I thought most of the on disc maps were garbage in Infinite Warfare. The DLC maps are better though. Its opposite on BO3 for me. I liked almost all the on disc maps for BO3 but I didnt like most of the DLC maps

          • jt3z

            Oh yea the DLC maps were just downright bad for Bo3. The boosting ruined a lot of the remakes.(Hijacked/Standoff for example). But i gotta give it to IW the DLC maps are decent and are better than the non dlc ones.

          • ThisGuy

            Honestly I think ghost was the last game that I actually loved playing. It had its issues. Seriously fuck IED’s. But it’s the last of the cods that I played from day 1 till the next release.

          • Chocobooo!

            Not really..I figured I would invite you to a private match but sadly it’s impossible because I’m on PS4. Like what I said, I’m just curious. Thanks for answering.

          • Elite Predator

            Dude Infinite Warfare is the first cod I barely play. I stayed first Prestige up until February and I gave it another chance. Lasted for 2 months and died all over again. Still play Black Ops III and probably will never get enough of it and I’m Master Prestige 160

      • Elite Predator

        I do think Call Of Duty Ghosts was a great game. Infinity Ward fucked up when they tried replicating a Treyarch’s game. I know there’s new people at Infinity Ward, but cod Ghosts was not a bad game. It’s maps stayed consistent and there were never random deaths. The maps took skill, you can counter everything (IED’s the variety of perks), there was strategy and control, with tactical play involved. Leaving all the game modes changing up how we play on the maps. Infinite Warfare is incredibly repetitive. There was only a few maps I enjoyed playing on but nothing the same of Black ops 3. I still play Black ops 3 and I don’t think Infinite Warfare is a bad game, I do wish it had better and more grounded movement Because it feels floaty. I wish the maps involved more skill at play. Instead it’s a one level playing field and noobs eat it up.

        • Yeah I agree. As much as I disliked Ghosts back in those days, I can appreciate the game for being its own thing. So I have an appreciation for that game. It was all Infinity Ward, the new one, ideas. Instead of just duplicating what Treyarch did word for word.

          I dont inherently think IW is a bad game but it did sucked in my opinion and it could have been so much more and better.

          • This. I never was interested in Ghosts but I tried it recently and was surprisingly impressed, especially with Extinction. It takes a blatant copy/paste game like IW for you to appreciate games like Ghosts for actually trying something different, even if it failed.

        • W

          Never thought ghosts would ever be praised like this. I threw up in my mouth.

          • Bigi345

            needs more thermal sight suppressed M27 campers with off the grid 2 IEDs in each corners

          • Elite Predator

            That’s your opinion. The game had some flaws. But which cod didn’t? I think cod Ghosts was fair other than spawn deaths, and some of the maps just being a little bit too large. But what’s the reason why everyone hated it.. Everybody grew tired of cod at that time essentially. Cod Ghosts wasn’t as fun and simple and fast pace like Black Ops 2. But the thing I really loved of Ghosts other than my previous mentions is the way how the game felt. It had a realistic touch to it with a Modern/apocalypse theme. It wasn’t colorful and cartoon looking with bright colors. I love Black Ops III and 2 at it’s time, but I hope Treyarch puts away it’s style and goes for something closer to reality this time around.

      • rogerklotz

        Ghosts wasn’t bad but the camping faggots in the community ruined it, muh thermal on every fucking map

        • Yes. This. The game was good. The players ruined it

  • Mymedicalis420

    They still need to fix the glitch spot in Ember inside the prison walls

  • imBATMAN

    why can’t they fix the bug where I only get 10 keys for zombies in spaceland, I reach round 30+ and only get 10 keys wtf

    • macspengo

      Exactly! Same with me!

  • Michael Rodemoyer

    The update made it to where I’m not able to play with friends it will say connection to severs were lost when I’m tryn to play with them

  • Kyle Emery

    Yeah I agree? I like how they add new weapons but Mann.. the fucking servers are wank. They need sort that out before adding more or esle it’s gonna be unplayable

  • Marianne Alexander

    Can they maybe fix the resistance map glitch? where people are getting nukes by sitting in the walls?

  • jesus

    Please tell me the size.. I have 25 freeGB and it won’t download..

    • Steven Deese


  • macspengo

    I expected the Volk Vintage to be out, but nope.

  • kpilkingtonn

    is there any plan to take out XP tokens in RSDs for MP30s? They usually come in every other drop, sometimes 2 in in one RSD…Ive been MP30 for a while so i have like 400 of them. Its not a big deal but itd be cool to not get them in drops (guess its better than the summer camos lol) even considering i literally have no use for them lol. If more prestiges are getting added in the future then thats cool cause ill be getting 2XP for likw 6 months straight i guess…lol.

  • TheAdversary

    I lucked out and got the 2-round burst variant for the G-coil. It’s a big improvement overall, cause the gun sucks ass unless you camp with it. The regular version does a 3-shot-kill semi-auto (at minimum) unless charged up.

    The new revolver is pretty good. Basically a hipfire gun unless playing HC. Definitely good for corner-holds and clearing out buildings. Not very good for anything else.

    • Former

      Even the 2 round burst version is kind of ass. Besides the charge feature, which rarely comes in handy unless you camp your ass off, the gun is basically a mediocre RVN.

      • TheAdversary

        Well yeah the gun is purely situational, and I kinda enjoy that. I’ve sorta found out ways to use it while still being fairly aggressive. Also, when charged up, both shots in the burst are lethal, giving more leeway for players who are trying to hold an angle.

  • Kamren Zinzow

    what ever happened to us getting the acr?!

  • Mario Bueno

    This update on my ps4 is over 14GB! All this for just 2 weapons and bug fixes? I’m definetelly not doing this update.

    • The9tailedgamer

      You know further updates will have the 14 gigs from this update added onto it, right?

  • W1LL1AM04

    TIL, The Gauss Rifle: A Magnetic Linear Accelerator. … In the beginning, a steel ball starts rolling towards a magnet taped to a plastic rail. As soon as the rolling ball hits the magnet, another ball in the opposite side is launched and leaves the device at a very high speed.