Late Friday night, Michael Condrey shared an image revealing a first look at Call of Duty: WWII’s menu. The menu in the game is currently a work in progress according to Condrey, but it does reveal a first look at some of the modes available in game.

The image confirms that there will be a Ranked Match playlist available in Call of Duty: WWII, a feature many Call of Duty esports fans have been wanting in Call of Duty since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s League Play. We do not have the full details yet on how Ranked in WWII will work.

The menu image also reveals a new ‘Daily Mode.’ This could just be for internal testing, or maybe some sort of updated daily playlists for WWII. This image also reveals that it will be just a one button press to get to Headquarters from the menus; the image is of a PS4 version, which shows pressing options in menu takes you to the HQ.

  • We are number one.


    no swastikas
    africans on non-african teams
    women soldiers
    probably no visible K/D “to prevent bullying”
    great game?

    • bsktballmsu1

      there will be visible k/d

      • W

        But will it only be to yourself like AW? I hated that.

        • sXeGraetness

          yes, only u can see it

        • infinity396

          AW had open API.. something that hasn’t been in since then.. you could look up anyone’s K/D on the Tracker sites if you wanted to… in fact you can still do it for any gamertag for AW on just frozen to november 2015 when the api went offline.. and my Call of Duty will likely be updated to include WWII as well

    • Element115Will

      So because of No Swastikas, its not a “great game”? Shut the fuck up.

      And really? African American and Women soldiers? Boy, then you have to start complaining from CoD1-3, Big Red One, Finest Hour, and so forth you moron.

      • Elite Predator

        I agree it would’ve been more immersive if they had the fronts more organized and accurate with more options to customize your female soldier. Because I still can’t play as an Arab and I am very offended. So if this was really about letting international players feel more at home in a WW II game they’d have added Hispanics just as playable characters in the Multiplayer. But it isn’t a good idea. Because the major wars and fronts that had major influence in the war with many sacrifices are what should be covered (I was just joking about getting offended part if you didn’t pick up on that). But it’s what ever. As long as they didn’t design the maps to cater to kids with simple layered maps and easy an meneuver to the enemy and if the maps actually take skill, and the weapons sound and have good recoil accuracy, and the graphics are good along with other things such as perks and it being a rich gaming experience, that’s I that I really care about. But I’m worried if they tweaked with the maps as well and made it casual like how Infinite Warfare came out because so far, SHGames have been having a habit of catering to certain audiences by adding things that didn’t belong in the game in the first place so it wouldn’t have been a controversial topic.

      • DEMOLITION12

        it’s not a game, it’s a propaganda piece. and that is a strawman

    • Charlie Dont Surf

      Oh, ofc you dont want to know that singelplayer has swastikas.

      • DEMOLITION12

        nobody plays campaign

        • Charlie Dont Surf

          Everyone plays campaing.

          • sXeGraetness

            nobody plays campaign

          • SSR

            Everyone plays campaign unless they are retarded.

          • sXeGraetness

            Nobody plays campaign u fucking cunt stain.

          • Robert GTO

            I played all the campaigns since cod 1 ’till now

          • Element115Will

            Youre the piece of shit that copied the original sXeGreatness.

            Next time you play CoD, Take out your disc, break it in half, and slick your wrists, bitch.

          • I can’t see how he hasn’t been banned yet. He is literally breaking one of the Disqus rules.

          • Element115Will

            No way to report it at all?

          • Yeah there is, just go to his profile and there should be a report option. I did it about a week ago.

          • Robert GTO

            Bro, i report him evrytime i see him ,but it do wonders me how he is still not banned?

        • Charlie Dont Surf

          Cod started with campaing.

        • What a terrible argument and a false statement.

    • I’ll take the no visible K/D. The rest need to be fixed.

    • ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ

      i like the swastikas too and don’t see why they arent in the game (they were in waw no problem) but them not being in the game isnt going to effect the gameplay whatsoever so shut the fuck up. this is the first game since bo2 that most people are actually excited for (except the 12 year olds who are hyped for any cod) i can feel that this game is going to be amazing!

    • Rahul Raju
    • Diego Diniz

      “Bla Bla Bla Swastikas
      bla bla Bla Female Soldiers
      Bla Bla Bla Black Nazis”

      COD is run and Gun!
      Fuck Swastikas or Soldiers skin color

    • ToonToons22

      Shut up and quit putting your politics where it don’t belong. If you don’t like what’s in the game, then that’s fine. But when you and others keep filling up the comments with stuff about swastikas and women and Africans in the game, that’s not going to change anyone’s mind.

      • DEMOLITION12

        yes it’s me who put politics where it doesn’t belong, clearly

      • Elite Predator

        Actually, I think the problem is, that the reason why females and black Nazis are in the game is because politics got involved..

        • Smayo

          It’s historically inaccurate, the swastika flag was the flag of the time in Germany, having the iron cross instead is imo a far greater insult to German soldiers of all time, seeing that the iron cross is still used today.

          As for black (female) soldiers in the wehrmacht it goes the same. Historical inaccurate. If it was the SS then it would’ve been more accurate, seeing it was the first real multi culturele army. With many soldiers from different nations and cultures. Even jews and muslims were in the SS.

      • Elite Predator

        Why don’t you look up Call Of Duty WW II reveal impression from Polygon (which is a review article site that’s popular and up there) and read what they had to say about the WW II reveal before they knew there females in the game. Also, while you’re at it, look up Battlefield one devs being sexist for not having women as playable characters in a WW I game during that game’s reveal in 2016. There is a history with this and the only reason why is so SHG won’t have to deal with a controversial topic, that’s what everybody is pissed off of. And I don’t blame them.

    • Only one of those is about a game mechanic.

    • jordanxbrookes

      That fourth point had me in stitches haha.

    • User 1

      You can’t even view your death count in war mode

  • Cheesesteakwit

    All the skin heads and Trump supporters are mad they can’t see a swastika in every multiplayer match!! Who gives a fuck play the campaign if u want to see swastikas all the time! Stop all the crying or don’t buy it if it makes u that upset, we all know ur gonna buy it and play it so shut the fuck up!!

    • sXeGraetness

      Did your daddy fuck your ass w/ no lube this morning?!? Quit being such a stupid fucking dickhead!!

    • Joseph Upton

      Cheese ironicly being the bigot here.


      i’m not buying it you commie cuck. don’t mistake your pathetic behavior for ours

    • Elite Predator

      I’m Arabic Muslim and I’m a Trump supporter. I don’t see how wanting to have Swatstika in a WW II game is being a skin head. I actually like being immersed in the dark and grim vibe. But idc for Swastikas in Multiplayer just in Zombies and Campaign

      • Leabnaples

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  • Qaotik

    I accidentally cut the head off my dog and did things to its neckhole. Don’t worry it prank


    If they don’t include Inuit nazis this game would be extremely offensive to 135,991 people!


    People are pissed because there are woman soldiers,Afro-Americans ect. But wait till there are transex soldier in the game because “everybody” wants to be in the game…

  • Pinducklop

    I lowkey wish there were transgender soldiers in Call of Duty. I just want to see the right-wing video game fans go batshit crazy over it.


      insane commie