Last week, Raven Software started a Twitter poll asking fans to RT which mode they wanted permanent in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered: Slasher or Prop Hunt. After 4 days of voting, and by a overwhelmingly large majority, Prop Hunt won the vote!

Prop Hunt is now a permanent mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. You can find in under the Standard Playlist category now.

  • Awesome

  • GinsuVictim

    Hell yeah! This is the only reason I even fire up MW:R anymore.

  • ccrows

    I’m gonna get hate for this, but this is so backwards.

    I have no problem with Prop Mode being in the rotation.

    I do have a problem that it’s the only mode that has DBL XP/Keys.

    That (IMO) should be a traditional game mode rotated out like TDM/DOM/ETC…

    • ccrows

      ^ (Cont)

      & Yes I have a huge problem with this, because the DBL XP/KEYS in this is ruining the population of the other games late at night. The only mode that’s playable now is TDM.

      Listen, I get that some people (especially Gins) likes Prop Hunt for “Prop Hunt”, but (IMO) the majority of people only play it because of the DBL XP and Key bonus.

      Heck I’m willing to compromise, keep the double bonus in Prop Hunt, but at least rotate another double bonus out in one of the main game modes too…

      /Very Mad

      • Dante

        It’s not gonna always be double xp/depot credits. It’s just gonna be there till August 4th.

        • ccrows

          Is there any info that confirms that will happen now that it has been changed to being a permanent game mode?

          Did I miss this on CI or Raven’s Twitter, cuz all I see that is on a couple of websites that I’ve never heard about before.

          Any links or credible info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated… 🙂

          • The9tailedgamer

            July 26, its at the bottom of the pic

          • ccrows

            I probably sound like I’m trolling here, but honestly I’m not.

            I saw that pic, BUT “on the July 27th” that’s when they change things up by saying that they are gonna make it permanent. That could possibly be the the same with the DBL XP/Keys.

            (Logically) I’m sure you’re right, but I guess we’ll have to wait to Aug 4th to officially find out.

            Either way, I just want to play COD4 game modes, and really hope that this never turns into COD Online…

          • ccrows

            Confirmed that Prop Hunt double/double is over.

            (because of that) The regular playlists are heading back to normal too. Thank goodness…

      • GinsuVictim

        The keys have been awesome, but I do truly enjoy Prop Hunt for what it is. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time with CoD.

        • ccrows

          Do keys really matter to you anymore if you’re only playing Prop Hunt? 😉

          Seriously though, Gins I know you love that mode, and honestly I’m happy that you’re happy. (for reals)

          However, if you have seen the impact that it has caused to the rest of the game, I’m sure you can see why I’m a little ticked off ATM.

          I just hope that after Aug 4th, Prop Hunt players can be happy, and normal COD4 players can be happy, cuz late at night it’s been a complete mess outside of TDM… 🙁

          • GinsuVictim

            Now that the mode is permanent, the player base for it should drop off some because there’s no urgency to play it. I do still play the other modes, just not as much as Prop Hunt. I don’t care much for the cosmetic items, so those keys have just been a bonus on top of playing a mode I really enjoy.

    • Mick

      Yesterday I earned 8 keys in a single game of Prop Hunt. Most I have ever earned on MWR in general lol.

      • ccrows

        I mean I still play Pro Hunt myself, but ONLY for the keys.

        There’s no way that I’m gonna keep dressing up as a garbage can, or chasing down a TV set if it was regular key credit.

        Whatever.. As we’ve seen numerous times with weekly contracts in IW/BO3, (or doub XP weekends) the community will literally play ANYTHING for XP and more keys.

        ^ & That’s fine, but (IMO) there needs a double bonus somewhere in the regular rotation to help balance the game’s population out…

        • Mick

          Yeah I agree with you. Would add lots of variety in different playlists.

        • Sexy Mcgee

          agree. Prop hunt is funny for an hour or two and then it gets boring.

  • Finally oh god yes