GameInformer has announced that Call of Duty: WWII is their cover game for their September edition.

GameInformer will have month long coverage of new multiplayer and possibly some new Zombies details on Call of Duty: WWII. In GameInformer’s new overview video, they have teased a new MP map, as well as confirmed weapon levels, PPsH and STG weapon.

In addition, a part of the trailer also confirmed Hardpoint mode.

Stay tuned for the latest news from GameInformer.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • Oh man that STG44 looks great. I wish there were pics of the PPSH

    • Hecho_en_ocho_cinco

      the ppsh is being used in the gameplay

    • BradyAlucard

      Attachment unlocks through challenges? I don’t miss that, it felt too barebones and it adds unnecessary difficulty to an already-frustrating game. Challenges fit more with camos to me but I’ve even gotten sick of that too. I don’t know, maybe if they executed it better, but I’ll always prefer weapon leveling.

      • I fail to see how unlocking attachments through challenges is bare bones. It makes it more rewarding to unlock and it’s called a “challenge” I think that is more in depth than weapon leveling where you you just level up your gun by getting kills and capturing objectives. That feels more barebones than challenges. Video games are supposed to be a challenge and have some challenging elements to it.

    • Elite Predator

      Challenges are pretty dope. I just don’t like how all weapon attachment progressions would reset after each prestige. It was pretty annoying.

  • keithuniman

    All i care about is seeing gameplay and im pleased

  • Elite Predator

    The graphics aren’t a strong suit in this game..

    • Mizz

      You must be talking about your tiny little brain .

      • Elite Predator

        Wow dude, lmao.

    • Yeah

      Yeah, I know it’s a screen shot from the monitor but even from gameplay videos you can tell this game is dated. I feel cod got away with it last gen but this gen the games are pretty poor graphics. For instance I went back to advance warfare and ghosts and they look so bad now graphics wise. Then I went back to battlefield 4 and that game still looks good and that’s older than advance warfare and IW which looks ass and that came out of even a year ago.

      • Justin McFarland

        I think AW still holds up pretty damn well.

        • Elite Predator

          Aw never held up well, I always found it polished with a glossy look to make the graphics and color stand out more, AW just never had bad graphics tho.

          • BradyAlucard

            Doesn’t seem like you understand what graphics are, and how lighting works. Sledgehammer Games isn’t just “polishing the game with a glossy look” and wipe their hands off and be done; each and every individual asset must have an applied material with textures, specular mapping, and physically-based rendering; alongside effects that are applied to the whole environment (level) such as fog and post-processing.

            Color is aesthetic and, subjectively speaking, should not be vibrant in realistic military settings like WWII. Both AW and WWII have amazing graphics and they’re really not that far off from Battlefield. You just subjectively don’t find it appealing because it’s not as vibrant and Barbie’s Dream House-esque like BO3, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just wouldn’t blindly say the “graphics” are bad.

          • Elite Predator

            I know that. I never said the graphics were bad in Campaign. They were good. Campaign will always have BETTER graphics. In AW, the graphics just reaked a glossy finish. It basically looked too shiny than polished. Lmao, I was also one of the few who enjoyed AW. I just point criticism where it is due.

          • BradyAlucard

            The point was the fact that AW’s graphics weren’t a mere glossy finish. I’m sure it took them 3 years to create it, because there’s more to graphics than just adding some spec map materials and calling it a day.

          • Elite Predator

            Then explain to me why cod WW II looks a lot like an upgrade off the AW build. You can see it clearly in the new map they revealed. I’m not a hater. I’m very excited for this game, I just don’t think that in 3 years and all they came up with are the same footsteps sound, and graphics

      • Elite Predator

        For some reason, Infinite warfare has good graphics on the Pro

      • Elite Predator

        Bro, exactly. I get they wanted to give the game a classic feel from what the older generation played (that’s me, when I was a kid) I’m just not impressed compared to the cinematic trailer they showed for reveal and the game play they used in the Multiplayer trailer. Out of actual Alpha gameplay, some YouTubers render in different and vibrant colors. I was always determined. From the screenshots it looks incredibly outdated.

  • Hecho_en_ocho_cinco

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  • Joshwoocool

    no one commenting on that type 100?

    • Shhhhiittt. I didn’t notice that until you pointed out. Fuck yeah, I love that gun

      • Joshwoocool

        I love it as well but it does point out something important.That we will see Japanese guns in WW2 despite focus on the European front

        • I think SHGames did say something about WWII MP focusing on more than the European Front

          • Yeah, Condrey tweeted there would be maps “from around the globe.” In addition to European battles, I would love to see maps from the Southwest Pacific (with jungle/island backdrop) or in Northern Africa (with sand/desert).

      • Clairepjones

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  • Guest

    Do you reckon we will get 3 years of world war 2 titles like they did with the futuristic titles or do you think they will mix it up visit different wars, as far as I know futuristic is finished and no more advanced movement just boots on the ground the way it should stay

    • They probably aren’t going to make the same mistake with the last three year cycle. Activision has to know putting their eggs in one basket for one setting is a terrible idea. So I’m pretty sure Treyarch and Infinity Ward’s next games aren’t gonna be WW2. If I were a betting man I would assume Treyarch is probably going to do another Cold War game or maybe a Vietnam game and Infinity Ward’s best bet or best chance at redemption is to do Modern Warfare 4

      • infinty ward should stick with modern games becuase their good at it, or they should just remaster mw2 for their next game

  • Marcus Patton

    I know nobody gonna like what I say but I’m gonna play the game how everyone plays it …..Camping lol

    • Nothing wrong with camping. As it’s a legit play style.

      • no

        Gay play style for scrubs*

    • Riley Erik Robert Blance

      It’s a legitimate strategy. If people get pissed that people are picking them off while they run around like idiots, then they should stop running around like idiots and figure out a way to get me out of my spot instead of whining to the devs

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Camping is still a no fun play stile imo. Tbh if someone buys CoD to camp they don’t play CoD at all.


    The moderators do half delete a lot of comments from the particular thread are they butt hurt over something are people not allowed to voice their opinions on the games or what?


  • Xenosapien

    People who say cod is dead, are not true fans, glad to see a community come together, to voice their opinion. Can’t wait to see you guys in my crosshairs, 17 days till beta, let’s get it.

    • Former

      CoD isn’t even close to being dead. People who say that are delusional.

    • snake56

      In terms of creativity yes, CoD is dead.


      cod is dead

      • Xenosapien

        Then why did it beat bf1, why this year it will outsell every other game. Numbers don’t lie, I don’t agree with the business model but I care what happens to cod

  • Diego Diniz

    The graphics on this new map look like SHIT!
    I hope they brins us nice graphics.
    I like that WAR “Operation Breakout” map…look beautiful…but this one is blurry as hell!