The Headquarters in Call of Duty: WWII seems to be fully packed with features. In the GameInformer article, SHG also revealed that HQ will feature daily and weekly quests for players to join in on.

There will be daily and weekly based quests available in HQ. GameInformer says, “The more you participate in social features, the more you stand to gain from supply drops that contain cosmetic loot.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • So this is probably similar to the contract system in BO3 and IW? If so, awesome. Finally a game at launch will have this kind of feature.

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  • Peewy 978

    Cosmetic Only? I Doubt it!!

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  • I hope at launch we won’t see a lot of crucial features missing like we did with Infinite Warfare “coming soon” and all, that for me would fucking ruin the experience straight away

    • Ryan Gorman

      You mean the the 2 least important things you guys cried about for months. I still can’t recall the last time I saw a custom emblem

      • 2 least important things to you, don’t speak on behalf of everyone please Ryan.

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  • Michael Romo

    Thank God. I’m usually already getting bored by the 3rd month of playing cause I’ve already unlocked all camos and unlockables. This is great

    • Mahmoud Khaled

      Is that you in the pic?

  • Emre

    I am not gonna open any supply drops. They gonna add later weapons in them with different stats.

  • Alex Brogan