Sledgehammer Games is working on keeping Headquarters in Call of Duty: WWII updated and constantly fresh with dynamic elements.

One example of a dynamic event in Headquarters, shared by GameInformer, is that players will have to use anti-air weaponry to defend HQ from an enemy airborne attack.

In addition to dynamic events, GameInformer reports that SHG might update the HQ with seasonal-based events for holidays.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • Joseph ?


  • That’s actually pretty neat

  • 48 player snowball fights?!?

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      snow is white so they’d have a problem with it

  • Michael Romo

    Uhhh, but why? And what do we get out of it? And what happens if we don’t defend?

    • SSR

      Why the hell not.

    • Orange

      Why are you such a negative person?

    • Tahmidul Amin

      It might be a way to increase social score for the headquarters social progression system

  • Max “maxiM” Murphy

    Defending the base from Santa bombing it

  • Alex Brogan


  • Diego Diniz

    Fidget Spinner competition!

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