In GameInformer’s newest podcast, the hosts talk about some new details they learned from their trip to Sledgehammer Games. We posted a recap of the big new MP details they shared here, but there is one particular thing they talked about which we thought deserved a separate post.

GameInformer talked about the supply drops and loot system in Call of Duty: WWII. They stated that SHG told them WWII loot will be cosmetic only and thematically appropriate during the launch window. SHG did not comment on what type of content will become available in the loot pool beyond that window.

Here’s exactly what GameInformer reporters said in their podcast:

“At least at launch they are going to be cosmetic only. We don’t know about after that. There was a lot of framing like, you know, during the launch window, we’re gonna keep it cosmetic only.

All these emotes and loot are period-specific. Even for that, they also said for launch window, it’s going to be period-specific. But you know, it might get whacky.”

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • sounds lovely..

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    • It’s funny but this actually does worry me

  • RdJokr

    Well at least they know not to speak too soon. Too bad this article will be forgotten by everyone and people will riot as usual because “SHG broke their promise”.

    • Elite Predator

      The thing is David Vonderhaar literally said supply drops in Black Ops III will feature cosmetic only content. I remember this. I also remember when Infinity Ward said we would earn salvage upon completion matches and making “prototype weapons” sound cool. I as well predicted but as well remember the careful words Raven used about supply drops in MW:R. “Our goal is to keep the same balance of the original game.” That was after Supply Drops launched, but before they added ranged weapons where we needed salvage to unlock them.


        Before you buy the game they always tell you what you want to hear. Afterwards is where the bullshit comes in because they already have your money via pre-orders and initial first week sales.

      • RdJokr

        No, you misremembered again. Vahn said “attachment variants in BO3 are cosmetic”. Never once did he say anything about other content within the Supply Drop loot pool.

        I don’t play MWR so no comments there, but from what I can tell no one has really complained about the balancing there, since M16 campers still dominate.

        • Elite Predator

          It isn’t just about balance. It’s how to aquire these new quality weapons that change the vibe of the game. I don’t want to spend $20 each gun. To grind the keys and aquire the salvage.. is something else. I’ll just open from the operations where I have everything unlocked and hopefully I’ll drop constant duplicates bcuz MW:R breaks up good amount of salvage.

  • Chris Ilott

    What SHG actually mean:

    “We used to earn tons of money from Call of Duty before any micro-transactions were introduced. Now we’ve tried them, we’ve realised we don’t even need to release good games to earn big bucks! Cosmetic only…. bah! We’ll tell them that at launch so they buy the game and then do whatever we want.”

    “We don’t have enough creative talent at the studio to come up with enough thematically appropriate content that players will want to spend money on. So a month after release we’re looking into adding 420 blaze it camos as well as the return of the gingerbread man outfits.”

    • Yeah

      Pretty much sums it up, lol. They are pussy footing around this thing. Just come out straight and tell us yes or no.
      The fact they go around talking about these things knowing it’ll piss the fans off and then put it in the game anyway clearly shows activison doesn’t give a fuck about the community.

    • Duke of hazard

      You do know this is all Activision, right? Why do you want to act retarded?

    • Qaotik

      Because investing money into a subpar company is a great idea!

  • We need actual clarification from Condrey himself. Reporters are not clarification. Youtubers tried the whole “I’m right because I’m popular” move and that didn’t work.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Im not saying this is wrong, but I would sorta like that, It would kinda ease some suspition and answer some questions people might have about this.

    • Elite Predator

      We’ve been getting the same responses from multiple sources “cosmetic only and thematically appropriate at launch” and beyond that is unclear. What Condrey did clarify is that all variants are cosmetics only

  • Alright, so Condrey was quoted as saying “All weapon variants and gear variants in Call of Duty: WW2 supply drops are cosmetic only, so there are no stat-based variants in play.” People have been interpreting that to mean that supply drops will only have cosmetic items. Now we get this piece of news, and it implies that there is a chance after the initial launch period that we could see non-cosmetic items in supply drops. I have been skeptical since the beginning (like many others), and this appears to validate that. Also, note that Condrey stated gun “variants” will be cosmetic only… he didn’t say that entirely NEW guns wouldn’t be introduced… I think that might just be the loophole that they will use when people said “hey, Condrey said it would be cosmetic only!” *sigh*

    • Elite Predator

      Hey I’m just glad variants are gone tbh. Hopefully it doesn’t take much to unlock dlc weapons tho.

    • Yeah, I see a lot of people misinterpreting what Michael said the first time and every other time supply drops and “cosmetic” are mentioned.

      You either see people say “cosmetic only? Awesome” or “cosmetic only they said? Bullshit”

      People on both ends are getting the words twisted up. They never said supply drops were going to be cosmetic only in the original quote. They only said weapon variants were.

      At the end of the day for me, I don’t really care all that much. After 4 games of them putting in guns in supply drops after launch, it’s an expectation that I think they are going to do the same with WWII.

      All they have to do on their end is include a fair way to get Supply Drop guns. MWR and IW are easily the best examples. However I do think IW’s way is probably out the picture because there are no stat changing weapons in WWII and I always said the reason why guns are outright free is because they are still selling their weapon variants behind RNG. Which in turn, makes me think IW’s way isn’t so fair

      • Elite Predator

        That’s exactly what I thought. Unfortunately.. and because so that they can get players to play Infinite Warfare more at the time of making that decision. Did you see the epic version of the G-Rail? It’s a burst but the base is semi-automatic. How does that make sense. I can’t understand how they do that. The epic version is so deadly I’ve used it and battled against it. The base is nothing compared

        • Okay, I think I got that gun the other day… now I’m going to try it!

        • Yeah and especially weapon variants like the VPR where the epic version gives you a free supppersor. Or fun variants like that duel LMG.

      • What’s important to see here though is the way they simultaneously don’t back themselves in a corner by outright stating there will not be pay 2 win weapons while still making it seem like there won’t be any till the majority of people have bought the game, avoiding a large number of backlash from the community cuz dumb asses will always try their best to defend these business practices.

        • LOL yeah it sure feels that way, doesn’t it? They keep it vague enough so they aren’t painted into a corner

      • I agree that the inevitable inclusion of supply drops with non-cosmetic items is… well, inevitable LOL (sorry for the redundancy). I just find the business model/concept sleazy when it comes to supply drops, even though I agree that it did get better with IW and MWR. I will still play the game regardless (unless it gets ridiculously unfair), and hope we can earn the same weapons as those provided in supply drops in a reasonable way. Otherwise, we take a step backwards.

        • It’s definitely still sleazy and shady as hell. These articles that say “It’s gonna be cosmetic at launch!” While they bite their tongue on post launch plans just tells me they are going to add guns come February 2018 especially given the track record of the exact same thing happening the last two-three years.

      • Qaotik

        At least IW was a bit more fair by giving the players the base variant. AW had that for the M1 irons and then everyone had to get a variant in order to get the base weapon.

        • AW and BO3 had the worst and unfair systems. IW Is better in some aspects and certainly handles the base DLC guns better, but overall I still feel it’s an unfair system and would rather IW Supply Drops not be replicated in future titles. MWR is superior in every way expect in one area and that’s the grind. Currently no contracts or anything and the key earn rate is painful

        • Haha yeah, I remember when they added the Irons and I thought “wow, SHG are great, so generous to give us the new guns for free!”. How short lived that was

      • Piotr Piter

        I just hope that we will not have weapon wariants that boost stats. I know that weapons arent going anywhere, but players dont need variants like speakeasy or insanity

        • Yeah I agree, I hate the idea of weapon variants

      • Yeah, not to sound defeatist but if they’ve done it in the past 4 games and made a tonne of money each time, realistically they’re not going to stop doing it any time soon so I’m expecting it.

        I don’t mind too much about variants, it didn’t bug me too much in AW since I got most of the decent ones by playing normally, what annoys me the most is the sheer amount of unique guns that get added and are rediculously hard to get. “Hey guys, we added your favourite guns from the WW2 era, but you have to grind for months or buy Advanced drops to get them!”.

        If they can fix that. I won’t have a problem. A cosmetic gear and guns lottery doesn’t bug me at all. Hell I can live with non-OP variants, but the second they start adding new weapons that I’ll likely never get a chance to use, they can fuck right off.

    • RdJokr

      Actually… Condrey made another statement on Twitter a while back.

      “All loot is cosmetic only”. I repeat, ALL LOOT. Not just gun variants anymore. ALL LOOT.

      • jordanxbrookes

        He’s basically dug himself a bigger hole by saying that because we know not all loot will be cosmetic only (Yes DLC guns in crates also counts as loot items).

        • RdJokr

          Depends on how DLC guns work in this game. I proposed a possible solution that they adopt the IW model: unlock the base version of the gun by either doing challenges, or getting a cosmetic variant from supply drops, or buying the season pass. That way, you still get what you want, and TECHNICALLY they’re not locking the gun behind supply drops. That, IMO, is better than earning scrap/whatever at an insanely slow rate to buy the weapon like how MWR is doing.

      • LOL I forgot about that quote! Watch Condrey come back after non-cosmetic loot is introduced and say in defense: “hey what I said was ‘All loot IS cosmetic,’ and that was true AT THAT TIME! I never said that wouldn’t change!”

        • jordanxbrookes

          You just know Condrey would pull that loophole shit.

      • Piotr Piter

        If You belive that look back at my comment few months after game relase.
        I tell you there will be DLC weapons or DLC wariants in supply drops, cosmetic only is only for launch, they said that before BO3 they said that before IW they said that before MWR and they saying same thing before WWII. DLC weapons are now part of every cod moving forward

        • RdJokr

          Read my reply to Jordan.

  • Tested

    I think supply drops are the worst thing to happen to gaming, But what is even worst is making it look like a game is going to be cosmetic only and then adding guns a month later, that is so much worst. You shouldn’t have to trick your fans into buying a game. Just be honest and say if the game is going to be cosmetic forever or not. This is why i’m not buying this game until after 6 months. You would think they would be trying to get there loyal fans back after all the shi* they have pulled over the past couple of years, Instead it looks like they’re trying to destroy themselves.

    • Qaotik

      No, the online pass for old Battlefield games like bad company 2 were way worse. Pay to play online on a platform where the player has to pay to even use the console’s services? At least we can ignore them


      buy preowned


    i don’t think they really understand the idea of thematically appropriate. do i have to point it out again

  • se7en

    So it’s important to keep loot items accurate to the times but the actual war not so much. The SJW logic never makes sense.

  • Emre

    cancerous system and studios.

  • Kim Jong-un

    Please give us a Hitler skin.

    • Qaotik

      Plz yes


      i want a roman salute emote

  • Hitler doing the Nazi Dab N Salute with OJ Simpson with a Swastika Camo Thompson that also happens to shoot medical Marijuana will only be available in supply drops in which you have to suck 69 dicks and then get approved by General xXx_DickSlayer69_xXX and Admiral_IFuckYoMom420 to recieve thy supply drop of your choosing! Which comes in Common, Rare, Legendary, Epic! Enjoy the game fuckbois! – Sledgehammer Games’ All Inclusive PR Department

  • GinsuVictim

    I don’t think anyone expected different.

  • Max “maxiM” Murphy

    I want it to get wacky lol

  • se7en

    What the fuck?

    “it’s going to be period-specific. But you know, it might get whacky.”

    If they start adding clown masks and santa claus outfits etc, that would be nothing but disrespectful to the real war….Activision is fucking garbage.

    • GinsuVictim

      “Disrespectful to the real war”

      Recreating the war for entertainment is disrespectful, so why stop there? My great-grandfather would definitely not approve.

      • RdJokr

        “Glorifying WWII violence in video games is totally ok, but not when they start adding cringy triggerish shit!” – Everybody on the Internet nowadays.


      a santa claus outfit would be too politically incorrect

  • Can’t even believe there’s people here who still have hope for cosmetic only SD’s.

    They have said this every fucking year since the introduction of supply drops in AW.

    Publishers lie. Developers lie. Don’t like it, don’t buy it!

  • Ntz Phyr

    I still read these comments, I’ll never learn…sigh

  • Khaled Hassan

    Aside from all that nonsense just look at the profit they made off supply drops then tell me what business in their right mind would abandon such gold -egg laying model!

  • ToonToons22

    I can’t help but think that SHG is going to end up putting a Bal-27 or a gingerbread man costume in supply drops.

  • DnBskillZ

    What ever currency there is ill be saving it from day one

  • DaApex1