GameInformer has posted a new podcast episode where they talk about what they learned from their visit to Sledgehammer Games. In the podcast, they share some new details about MP in WWII and Headquarters. Here’s the highlights:

  • New map called Gibraltar will be playable in the WWII Beta. GameInformer says they will have gameplay of this map up soon.
  • Headquarter’s “Theater” — where you can watch live tournament streams: you actually walk inside of a big theater, and there’s a projector showing the stream on a screen. It’s not clear what happens if you actually sit down in the theater.
  • There’s a special VIP Prestige Area — once you hit the level to prestige, you can visit the area (which is guarded by a General) to prestige. There’s a whole celebration with fireworks.
  • SHG is putting a lot of focus on the social score. The higher your social score, the better loot you can earn. Social Score is dependent upon being helpful and more in HQ. Completing weekly and daily quests also increases it. Daily and Weekly Quests will feature activities to do in the HQ itself, or in MP.
  • The 1v1 Battle Pit allows you to duel friends in the HQ. Other people can actually watch the 1v1 battle. Players are allowed to ban 1 weapon before entering the 1v1 pit action. GameInformer says there was an option to also compete via boxing, but there were not able to see it in action.
  • Players can visit the HQ between matches.
  • HQ is in third person. Players can see the entire character; your weapon is holstered on your back.
  • SHG has ‘very high’ expectation for what HQ can deliver.
  • You have the ability to turn off the proximity based voice chat. It’s tuned to how close you are to another person.

You can watch the podcast below. The Call of Duty: WWII portion of the show at the 40 minute mark in.

  • Seems like they are putting a LOT into Headquarters which may be a bad thing if I’m honest, I mean I like the sound of it but it really seems like they’re PRIORITIZING it as opposed to anything else multiplayer related.

    I really want to learn more about gamemodes, the guns, camos and more that will be avaliable, what type of attachments from weapon levels etc..

    • J.

      Think about it; the core CoD gameplay hasn’t changed at all since MW. The guns, maps and small movement mechanics have differed game to game, but the core gameplay has remained.

      SHG would not have been allowed to create these extra things if they didn’t feel like the had already nailed the traditional MP side of the game.

      If the game launches broken, then feel free to say ‘I told you so’, but I really doubt that will be the case.

      TL;DR: SHG has probably already spent more than enough time on tradtional MP and is just using the extra time is has to add social things for the fun of it.

      • se7en

        But they haven’t nailed multiplayer….Advanced Warfares multiplayer was terrible….

        • VAQnotVAG

          I agree that AW was terrible, but keep in mind that back then it was their first stand alone game and then they had two years to develop it and this time they have had three. I’m optimistic about this one, but I won’t know till I play it

          • jt3z

            AW had 3 years

          • jordanxbrookes

            They actually spent at least 3 years on AW, since they started it after MW3 released.

    • jt3z

      Considering COD games used to take 2 years to make another year is more than enough time to add more features. Plus you gotta realize every Cod studio helped out which is the case for every cod.

    • Hitman

      Reason being is because of the big push for social supply drop openings and mDLC.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Personally, I’ve been wanting to play bots with the full MP experience for years now thanks to wonky ass netcode. Considering how much more and more they’re focusing on the social aspect I guess I can stop dreaming.

  • Diego Diniz

    “SHG has ‘very high’ expectation for what HQ can deliver…”
    Please NO BUGS! These features can be great but can be a pain in the ass if they put a lot of things that doesn’t matter at all !
    What matters is: GAMEPLAY!

    • Hitman

      Like I said previously. Its all about the headquarters social supply drop openings. Their focus is purely on micro transactions. Gameplay wont change as will net code like its always been.

  • These guys are really big on the social space and it sounds like that they are putting a lot into it. Sounds way better than Desinty’s social space too tbh

  • SSR


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  • Khaled Hassan

    Can we see these features during the beta? Do I have to pre-order to play the beta?

    • The9tailedgamer

      Yep, the beta is pre-order only unless you get a code from someone giving them away, for example I believe chaosxsilencer is giving some out