Be among the first in the world to get hands-on with Call of Duty®: WWII Multiplayer in the Private Beta, including brand new maps and all-new War Mode experience. Enlist in all five Divisions and watch for new content throughout the Beta. Private Multiplayer Beta begins on August 25 first on PS4, and on September 1 for PS4, other platforms to follow.

  • Juses


    • Element115Will

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        • Element115Will

          Well that was just plain fucking stupid. Legit kill yourself and join your dead grandparents in hell you pos.

          • tooshade

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    • jordanxbrookes

      Juses, you’re back!

  • wow that was quite the teaser trailer… but too short! Looking forward to the livestream next week!

    • Elite Predator

      Bro, I’m so excited. This game looks incredible. I wasn’t impressed by the gameplay from the Alpha build but it looks so good and real

  • Elite Predator

    This game looks a lot better in it’s beta stage. The graphics are really starting to show, the physique. I couldn’t be more excited. It looks really serious. I think we’re in for one this year. This really looks dark and scary. Like I can feel like I was there. My God bring it!!!

    • Yeah, I lagree! I want the feeling of being overwhelmed and scared LOL. I’m also glad that it looks serious, after the last few titles where things got a bit goofy at times (probably to cater more to kids).

  • Alex Brogan

    looks amazing

  • Wizga

    Looking at the comments!
    30% calling it a BF1 ripoff (BF fuckboys have become great historians), another 30% going with the good old “same shit, different year”, 20% complaining about the damn nazi symbol, blacks and women, 10% fighting back against haters and complaining fuckboys, and rest of 10% somewhat satisfied but not entirely!

    Conclusion: what did you expect? It’s COD, most popular franchise in gaming. It will get shit no matter what they release!

    • I think the real conclusion is to not expect intelligent comments on YouTube period. That’s not just a CoD thing

      • Wizga

        True that!

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      • The comments section of Youtube is cancer

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’ll be funny if Battlefield comes out with a WW2 game next year. Watch all the Battlefield Elitists claim it’s not copying COD WWII and call us “childish” for saying it’s a copy. I like Battlefield, but the community is just cancerous when it comes to comparing games. Tbh they shouldn’t even be talking about WWII copying Battlefield 1 when Battlefield 1 is such a terribly designed game. How DICE went from Battlefield 4 to Battlefield 1 is beyond me.

      • Duke of hazard

        Battlefield community have some of the most elitist, overgrown children for fans in the gaming industry.

        • jordanxbrookes

          It’s been like this since the BF3 days, maybe even prior. Although I haven’t seen such elitism from the community since the BF3 days.

          • Duke of hazard

            It started happening during BFBC2. I still remember it (unfortunately)

      • Sentinel

        Funny how last year you was on BF1 d!ck because the path that COD took last year lmao but now i see that you have come to your senses. COD would be the overall choice for most fps gamers. Battlefield is only fun playing it with your own squad. COD you can go solo and have all sorts of emotions. I like it because is pretty straightforward. I still be playing IW too.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I had great faith in DICE since Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 were such amazing games. Of course I was incredibly excited for Battlefield 1, lots of people were. What I wasn’t expecting from DICE was lack of weaponry, awful progression, the casual overhaul and barely any customization options. Not to mention a few silly things here and there. I won’t deny Battlefield 1 is visually and audibly a stunning game, but its game design is just terrible. Why do you think so many Battlefield content creators don’t play BF1 that much, if not at all? Because they know the game is flawed. That doesn’t mean I hate Battlefield altogether and “come to my senses”. I’ve been playing Battlefield for roughly 7 years now, and I’m not letting one bad game turn me away that easily.

      • Gido’s Shit House

        Battlefield 1 is more like the previous battlefields while 4 was the most noob friendly and casual one. Battlefield and CoD have annoying communities when they shit talk each other games. At this moment in time battlefield is a more solid game/community as they are more spoken about the game and always active on forums to try help the developers with the CTE etc. While cod community is not really there, most of the time they just bitch about the game then say the new one will be amazing then once that’s out for a bit they bitch about it and say they are never playing cod again… then the cycle continues. IMO I think ww2 looks promising, looks good maybe not as good as bo3 and Mwr imo, but defo better than IW. We will see though, IW is the only cod game I have really hated and not played all the others have been decent imo though.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I respectfully disagree. While BF4 had easy things like lock-ons etc. mechanics like bullet drop, weapon sway, recoil and fast TTK made playing more challenging and sometimes difficult. BF1 on the other hand, doesn’t have bullet drop 99% of the time since it’s been heavily reduced, weapon sway is nonexistent, recoil is extremely minimal at most and TTK is longer. You could say longer TTK means gunfights are more skillful, but that’s about it. All of these factors were changed for the reason of catering to new players, especially since Call of Duty went into a setting that many players didn’t like and/or want.

      • DJSaviD

        CoD and BF directly compete. The fuck do you expect? Of course they copy each other. CoD copies just as hard as BF. Don’t let your perspective be warped by fandom.

    • David Rust

      Agreed with this all the way. I’m the 10% thats actually excited for this game and cod. So tired of the futuristic crap and looking foward to boots on the ground again.

  • Really great to see the dark and gritty maps again rather than the colourful turd maps we been getting the last three years

  • Dr. Salim

    But will it have leader boards?

  • TheAdversary

    I’m just hoping Sledgehammer/Activision opens up the beta for public play. I cant bring myself to preorder another CoD. Not after Infinite Warfare/MWR.

    • Super S

      Just preorder on Amazon, they’ll send you a code when the beta start rolling out and you don’t have to pay anything at all until the game ships if you end up liking it or remember to cancel before November. PS almost every single beta gets opened up to everyone. They’ve done this will all CoD betas the past few years.

      • DEMOLITION12

        what do you mean “almost every single beta”? there’s been 2 and they both did it

        • Super S

          I mean more than just Call of Duty.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Just pre-order and cancel once you receive your Beta code. They’ll likely make it public on like the last day, but being called “Private Beta” might mean a different story this time.

  • Morn_du
  • snake56

    “other platforms to follow”. Does it mean that PC players will finally get to try a beta of CoD?

    • Smayo

      Activisions reaction:


    • RdJokr

      You know BO3 had a PC beta, right?

      And it’s already been confirmed PC will have a WWII beta. But not on the same date as consoles.

  • nWoHollywood

    Spare beta code anyone? please ?

  • deadbent

    very impressed with the grittiness and overall dark feeling of this trailer. hope they don’t ruin it with crazy neon weed camos. it’d suck to have such potential be wasted by Activision and Sledgehammer catering to the kiddies.

  • Diego Diniz

    MOLOTOV confirmed!!! Look at 0:22

  • Mick

    I seriously cannot wait for this beta and the release! Beta starts the day I go back to school which kind of sucks, but whatever 😛

  • Diego Diniz

    I will buy thios Game on PS4 and PC!
    Snipe on that bridge with KB+Mouse will be GREAT!

  • Enforcer

    Anyone noticed the “Queen” easter egg at 0:06? Activision is probably very pissed off about her ?

    • jordanxbrookes

      The fact Sledgehammer are rewarding her behaviour is fucking stupid of them. “What’s that? You stole our WWII Zombies Trailer and spread it across the internet before official release? Here, we’ll feature your name in our game.” I mean, did Liberal Sledgehammer not want to offend her or something? Lmao.

  • PC vs Mac. Playstation vs Xbox. Android vs iPhone. Battlefield vs CoD.

    All equally fucking sad.

  • Jacob Cornell

    When will the codes be emailed? 10 days away and I have pre-order since announcement and entered my stuff online and nothing yet.

    • Chocobooo!

      maybe a day or two before the start of Beta..just keep an eye of it on your inbox.

  • Michael Romo

    Can’t we just enjoy the game that’s being given to us? Why must we nitpick about setting and what elements are being borrowed from other games?

    I actually liked IW because it was a well-made game. If you’re going to complain about setting and game mechanics that only slightly change the gameplay, then I hope you honestly leave the community. We should be focused on fixing the REAL problems like overpowered guns and such, not the small shit

    • Pooks

      The real problem is the fact you like infinite Warfare

    • Pooks

      Was unaware a well made game meant no leader boards or combat records at launch. It’s litteraly a bad rip off of bo3. (To prefix this I’m not an advanced movement hater bo3 was a fantastic cod IMO. IW is absoloute trash.)

  • Cod Fishing

    Looks great I hope that it will get a good amount of support on PC