A new patch update, version 1.25 for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The update is a 1.6GB download.




  • General Stability Improvements.
  • [PC ONLY] Security Update

Black Market

  • Addressed an issue with the Black Market menu, where items were overlapping when scrolling.


  • Fixed an issue with Weapon attachment icons not appearing correctly for Loadouts during a match.


  • KVK 99m:
    • Firing sounds will now properly be silenced when using both the Rapid Fire and Suppressor attachments.
    • Increased the 3-hit kill range with the Long Barrel attachment.
  • MAX-GL
    • Increased effectiveness versus UAV’s, Counter-UAV’s, and Care Packages.


  • Breach
    • Addressed multiple exploits where Players were able to access unintended areas of the map.
  • Hunted
    • Scorestreak tablet now properly displays mini-map.



  • Addressed various exploits across all maps.


  • Addressed an issue where the Panzersoldat would not take damage from the Fire Staff.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Panzersoldat to spawn in unopened areas of the map.
  • [PC ONLY] Resolved a crash that could occur during round transitions.

SOURCE: Activision Support: PS4 // XB1 // PC

  • Azir,ShurimasOvernerfedEmperor

    still no brecci nerf…thats not good

    • Qaotik

      When it can’t even get a one shot kill up close, then there’s nothing wrong with it

    • MB MB

      It’s the strongest sniper in the game it just has a slower fire to even it out against other snipers

      • Matt Schleiger

        the brecci is a shotgun u fool

        • MB MB

          i replied to the wrong comment so stfu

    • Matt Schleiger

      hahah whining about the brecci.. get ownt

      • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

        I don’t get own by a shotgun at all, still I will complaint to it, they have too much reach.

    • Diego Diniz

      Get Good…

  • Guest

    Well…. looks like Black Ops 3 is going to continue to get a lot of love cause you know there were weapons in this update as well, hoping for the Commando and AUG, Nostolgia at its finest but I would take the Scar-H and weapon kits for zombies as well.

    • It’s not getting a lot of love for me. It’s all well and good them adding all these weapons but when you never get any of them in supply drops it’s irritating.

  • Batman

    Brecci nerf?

    • Diego Diniz

      Get Skill…Get Good…

      • TheAdversary

        Brecci needs a nerf. The shotguns already utilize a fucked up damage system in BO3. It only gives the brecci users an added advantage against people who have to aim their gun to be able to damage their target. I shouldn’t be able to hipfire a dude to death in 3 blasts from medium range while it takes him 5-6 accurate shots to put me down.

      • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

        I disagree Diego, shotguns are for player with no talent at all.

        • Diego Diniz

          I disagree. Shotguns are good on CLOSE quarters combats only! I use KRM, i dont use the Brecci but its a nice shotty…nothing is wrong with it. People complain too much about REALISM. Shotguns are OP on real life! Get used to it…
          1 SHOT 1 KILL!

    • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

      I agree with you, shotguns should not reach that much, when I did black matter, shotguns had shorter range than now, now they are the class of weapons for people with no talent at all.

  • Subaru

    For some reason after this update BO3 is laggy as hell, the menus and all

    • John Doe

      Restart your PS4 because if anything I feel the main menus are faster. Haven’t played yet though.

  • Andrew

    Where’s the Brecci & Vmp Nerf at. Those are the only weapons you see everyone use in every single lobby, at least on ps4. Also how about an Svg Buff, all the other LAUNCH Snipers dominate over the SVG. It’s the weakest of the 4 snipers

    • Bliz_Ricks

      What?!? That’s the strongest sniper in the game! No need to nerf it, it’s fine

    • Jon

      You still complaining about the Brecci and the VMP? Get it over it already kid. You make it sound like it is so terrible. I don’t use either one and I could care less who does. Then what is this other garbage about the SVG needing a buff. Clearly you don’t know what the hell you are talking about at this point. Sit down.

    • MB MB

      It’s the strongest sniper in the game it just has a slower fire to even it out against other snipers

    • Dude I love the SVG

  • John Doe

    I’m OK with no VMP/M8 nerfs, what this game needs is BUFFS for the competing weapons, Kuda & Man O War. Ever since that nerf they can’t compete. Man O feels like an LMG and Kuda has almost no 3 shot and is a hit marker machine with Suppressor.

  • Daniel Hines

    Still no fix for widows wine crashing games on high rounds??

  • Large weenus

    They have taken down the dedicated servers so now there are hosts for MP again.

    • Alex Sotelo

      It’s the reason why the game is laggy now

    • Scented Markers

      Is this really true?

    • Matt Schleiger

      there was never any dedicated servers.. are you on crack???

  • Mick

    And the Brecci and Haymaker are still left untouched… ?‍♂️

    • Diego Diniz

      Get Skill…Get Good

      • Former

        Anyone with skill knows the Brecci is OP…

      • James Birdsong

        Mfw people think skill is taking advantage of poor in game logic. Get brains… get logic.

      • Mick

        Lmao it takes ZERO skill to use both of those guns. I’m not a pussy who has a backup Brecci or Haymaker class when I’m shitting on kids like you who can’t use a weapon that actually takes skill. YOU should probably get skill and get good.

    • Kim Jong-un

      Nobody uses the Haymaker.

      • Mick

        Ok, clearly you’re not playing the same game as me. I’ve seen plenty of people use the Haymaker before.

  • Shows a picture of Rupture, doesn’t fix the weapon issue still present on this map after a year!

  • ccrows

    Brecci nerf needs to happen soon.

    VMP I’m actually alright with, because if you nerf the VMP any more, than the DLC weapons like the PPSH and AK74U pass it up.

    & (IMO) stock weapons should always be top tier in every category…

  • Ak74u

    They need to add the An-94 into zombies chronicles

  • Alexander Franco

    Hello somebody can help me please do not know because when I play zombies mode I do not see the factory of the doctor monty nor the megas candies that I can do take out an update that I fix that please

  • ccrows

    “Uplink” is at 18% right now.

    I think that may have something to do with DBL Cryptokeys going on for that ATM… 😉

    • The9tailedgamer

      And 17 of the percent is sweaty tryhards that literally, not jokingly, need to get a life

  • Combat Maneuvers

    Can anyone explain…. How the fuck we are supposed to finish the 100 percenter challenge without Gun Game? Anyone?

  • Martin Siglevik Tuff

    Addressed multiple exploits where Players were able to access unintended areas of the map.
    Thank you so much.

  • ChuckMcBucks

    They added the Olympia shotgun and the MSMC smg and new cosmetics as well. Plus a new animated camo. Got the Olympia on my first Supply Drop of the day. Got the M16 and Basilisk out of my weapon bribe the other day, good times.

  • Treyarch why you gotta be playin’ games like this where’s the Scar-H

    • Kim Jong-un

      Scar-H is better than AN-94
      Best gun in BO2.

  • They added the msmc, i would be hyped but i won’t even get it, and i’m yet to get a weapon from the supply drops. All i want is peacekeeper, an94, ak47u, and now msmc. I just hope sgh doesn’t fuck us over and later add weapons to the supply drops

  • SnipiGames _

    Is the hit detection fixed?

  • SnipiGames _

    Buff the kvk but not m8?

    • Kim Jong-un

      Buff the M8? wut?

  • Kim Jong-un

    Uplink is a brecci fest.

  • Michael Romo

    Used my weapon bribe to try to get a KVK or a new weapon

    Got a fuckin ballistic knife

    End my life

  • Alex Goins

    Has anyone had issues with the Kino Der Toten map after the update. When you come back from teleport, the zombies are already killing you since they are crowding by the initiate pad. It used to be that they crowd in the theatre, but now, you die instantly.

  • Osvaldo Sanchez