Following the latest patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, version 1.25, Treyarch has added in new content to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Black Market.

New Weapons:

  • Olympia Shotgun

New Camo: 

  • EMPIRE – This camo is available in Supply Drops in the Black Market for a limited time only.

The Black Market content is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

  • Boldcyclonus

    Wow. Lmao

  • TheAdversary

    How many supply drop guns does that make? It seems like at least 20 more than than there should be.

    • Austin

      It’s gotten to the point where there are more dlc guns then base game weapons.

    • ccrows

      You should have a “minimum” of 13 free weapons if you did all 6 Triple play contracts… (6 guns, 6 melees, and the boxing gloves)

      • TheAdversary

        I don’t care enough about Blops 3 to play hundreds of games for a chance at getting a gun I want.

        • ccrows

          If you don’t care about BO3, then why are you complaining?… <_<

  • reamerb .

    MP7 will be next lmao.

    • I hope so

    • ToonToons22

      I’m thinking AK-47 or Spas-12 will be next.

      • ccrows

        I doubt it will be the AK-47, not when they already have the KN44 and AN94.

        My guess is that it will be the Scar-H, and who knows on the 2nd. Although I’m rooting for either a MTAR (current version from BO2) or MP7…

  • Former

    Can they please add another weapon bribe challenge? That’s literally the only way to get these new weapons unless you want to spend a small fortune on cod points..

    • W

      Inb4 crows

      • ccrows


    • jt3z

      What i usually do is save up as many CK as possible until new weapons are launched(Buying Daily doubles each day tho. I saved up over 1300 and got 4 weapons

      • Debrarmiler

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    • Chuck Buckler

      They just did one last week. I got two assault rifles from it plus 4 melee weapons from the 10 rare supply drops. Then I got the Olympia yesterday from a normal supply drop. I’ve never spent any real money on supply drops either lol it’s all random

      • Former

        What did it cost? A shit ton of keys?

        • Chuck Buckler

          It was triple played, 100 wins got you a weapon bribe, a melee weapon bribe, and 10 rare supply drops. I got the M16, Basilisk, and 4 melee weapons.

          • Former

            I did the one a couple months ago…never realized they started another one.

        • ccrows

          No, and to continue off of my prev post IT WAS FREE.

          BTW this was the 6th FREE Triple Play Contract up to this point.

          Anywhoo.. I know CI really doesn’t cover weekend promos anymore, so I’m doing my best to get the word out around here… 🙂

          • Cheesesteakwit

            It’s not the 6th

    • ccrows

      We just had another one a couple of weeks back, and I’ve been trying to spread the news each and every time a new one comes up.

      Here the link for proof, look for my comment… (if you sort the comments by “newest” it’s 3rd from the top)

      Although I would definitely be in favor of doing a 7th free one soon, like no later than COD WWII beta soon… 😉

    • Sexy Mcgee

      The weapon bribe challanges I’ve caught were a joke. The last one required you to get a 100 wins over 2 days. Unless all you play is gun game you’d have to shit away your entire weekend to complete it. It’s almost like Treyarch are taunting us. Not only that but Black Ops 3 is the only COD that I can recall where the netcode never improved.and actually got worse.

      Along with how long it took them to fix the jitter glitch and the netcode – the fact that they have the worst handling of supply drops has recently made me like Treyarch the least of all the COD devs. I’d even say I’m really starting to dislike them.

      • Hitman

        100% agree with you. How they have let the netcode slide so badly its beyond me. The Supply Drop system is the worst cash grab to gambling its ever been. T

      • fingfong

        you had to activate that weekend not complete it

      • DJ3K

        Definitely not over 2 days, that’s when you had to activate the challenge by, this has always been the case. The last bribe I completed over a week.

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      • Maryjbuzzard


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      • Arlenerpounders


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    • Kim Jong-un

      I just got the Olympia yesterday from my daily double.
      I got 3 new weapons this month: M16 from the 10 pack of triple play, China Lake form the bribe and the Olympia, I didn’t spend a single dollar.
      Now, the only weapons I don’t have are AN94 and MSMC.
      I’m level 1000 54 days played.

      • Former

        “I’m level 1000 54 days played” Gee I wonder how you have all those weapons…

      • 54 days holy shit dude

  • lunator100hd .

    Its so sad that so many ppl still play this game as the only ”playable” cod on current gen and they cant even touch about half of the weapons cause of that filthy rng system. Why they have to ruin a game like this. At least give me a specific price for all that content, why i have to gamble my money to earn it, i have already paid 60$.

    • Qaotik

      Who said you had to spend money?

      • What you looking at?

        Spending money is the easiest way to get em, if u arent doin that good luck getting them the first week…

        • Qaotik

          Chance doesn’t work like that. You could spend a hundred dollars and still not get it

          • ccrows

            *sigh*, I literally just posted my comment, and then saw yours now… lol

          • Qaotik

            Oh shit a comment!

          • ccrows

            I was giving you a compliment though… lol

          • Qaotik


        • RdJokr

          That ain’t how slot machines work.

        • ccrows

          Doing the Triple Play Contracts is the easiest way to get them. Sure it will be longer, but you are guaranteed at least 1 rannged weapon and 1 melee weapon.

          You can spend (and there’s enough proof of this out there) $100+ money and not get a weapon. There isn’t a guarantee with that…

      • reamerb .

        Can’t stand people that say this.

        • Qaotik

          Why? There’s something called “self-control” and the only way to get rid of this system is to not give in

          • reamerb .

            Yeah I agree, my point is you gotta spend money to have a chance with these damn weapons. Not that I think its right, But i guess we all gonna have to get used to it.

      • Ryan Gorman

        Level 300 here, I only have 4 weapons, 2 of which came from a bribe, it’s a disgusting system and honestly the game is way to boring to get all of them without spending money

        • Qaotik

          You enjoy getting the new guns? I think just playing the game is more enjoyable amd I don’t even have one

    • Chuck Buckler

      I’ve spent 0 additional money on the game and I have over half of the black market weapons. That’s with not having played the game for an entire year. I got the Olympia yesterday from my daily double. So you really don’t have to spend money at all.

      • Waste your money or waste your time.

        Supply Drops in this game are ass

        • Chuck Buckler

          If playing the game is a waste of your time then why complain about supply drops since they don’t impact you lol

          • No, I’m not saying Black Ops 3 is a waste of time. But if you’re grinding out drops and you open all of them without getting a gun and that was your end goal

            It’s a waste of time.

          • Chuck Buckler

            Oh okay, I hear you. It’s definitely disappointing to save up a bunch of crypto and get nothing. Just gotta wait for the triple played contract to come around. I’ve been getting lucky of late though.

          • ccrows

            Here, I agree that BO3’s SD system is a mess thanks to Activision. (look at my post a couple of posts up)

            However, if there’s one positive thing about these Triple Play Contracts, is that it gives master prestigers now something to do/something to grind for.

            Once again, far from perfect system, but this game was designed for cosmetic only, and then Activision comes out of no where with the COD Points lat in BO3’s dev cycle… 🙁

        • ccrows

          OK but (in this one particular case it’s not Treyarch’s fault).

          I posted this earlier on GF…

          “It’s not fair to put all the blame on Treyarch when they had this game already made for “Cosmetic only”. Especially when Activision comes out with COD Points in the final year of development for BO3,you’re not gonna know how much money COD points were going to bring in until a year later. (AKA after BO3 has already been released). Once again, not Treyarch’s fault

          The fact that Activision forced weapons down Vahn’s throat, and Treyarch at the same time was getting killed by the community, IMO the “Triple Play Contracts” (we’ve had 6 free ones to complete BTW) was a good “on the fly compromise”.

          • I didn’t blame Treyarch for anything. All I said is that the supply drop system in BO3 is a waste of money and time regardless who is responsible for the system.

          • ccrows

            Fair enough, but at least the Triple Play Contracts, that were introduced (after the game was made) IMO was a fair compromise between Activision and the community.

            If SD only had cosmetic only, (which was the OG plan) then burning duplicate keys would have been more than enough.

            However plans changed VERY late in the dev cycle…

      • lunator100hd .

        If you are so lucky that dosent mean that im too, there are plenty of ppl who have spend the same mount of time heck even more on this game and they dont have anything.

    • ccrows

      There’s been 6 (and probably even more coming) FREE Triple Play Contracts up to this point.

      ^ Key word there is free…

      • Leonardo Quiterio

        I hope they bring in another triple play soon

      • Infernal616

        I only recall there being 3 Triple Played contracts. Just out of curiosity; did i miss any? We had one around new year and 2 relatively recently. Im excluding the Total Victory contract and Triple Play CP bundles btw.

        • W

          Yea there’s no way there was 6

    • Cheesesteakwit

      Don’t forget what u spent on the season pass too!! They want u to spend more on supply drops than what the game plus season pass cost just to get guns they should give u for free or at least let us purchase each gun we want for $3-$5 each!!

  • Yahhh another weapon i won’t be able to get. I remember when they said supply drops was cosmetics only now they’re like more dlc weapons than base weapons

    • Chuck Buckler

      Just play when the deals or weapon bribes are up and only do daily doubles if you play at other times.

    • ccrows

      It’s not Treyarch’s fault when Activision comes in with COD Points late in Trey’s Dev cycle. If you’ve been following Vahn’s Tweets, he’s was pissed when weapons got introduced, and purposely took vacations every time the first few drops came out. He hasn’t even been around for year 2 of BO3 either.

      This game legitimately was designed for cosmetic only, before Activision changed everything up late in the game…

    • Fruity1989
  • Guest that’s still a Guest

    I have every DLC gun “not bragging, just proving a point.” I went in yesterday with over 1800 CryptoKeys and a 100 Big Box they had on sale for 49.99, yes I’ll get some hate because I bought that and a triple play, when you have every gun it makes it extremely difficult when they release new ones in the pool, I was down out of dupe’ing my big box, triple play 10 drops and the 1800 keys to just 45 keys left and got the “MXC” then opened my ranged weapon to get the Olympia guaranteed. It’s crazy how strategic you have to be in a slot machine RNG Digital Pool. Both guns are extremely powerful though and I hope to God they are gearing up to add all weapons to all the Zombies maps and All weapons even the MR6 weapon kits customizable.

  • Emre

    Lol that people pay money for old stuff they already own in other games.

    • GinsuVictim

      Lol at people who upvote their own comments.

      • User 1

        Congrats kid you get approval from cucks just as retarded as you

  • Bonn Bo

    Pray to god that this is the last COD to handle new weapons like this. I know people knock on IW, and the MWR playerbase is pretty low too, but those games handle these new weapons WAY better. Can only hope WWII follows suit and utilizes a similar, if not, better system than IW and MWR, cause this BLOPSIII RNG system is some of the worst i’ve seen in gaming, shit is absurd.

  • Lol I’m so excited about more weapons being added that I am more than likely not ever gonna get

    • Peewy 978

      Me too!(Sarcasm)

  • ToonToons22

    What is the use of the Olympia when you have much better shotguns like the Brecci (which still hasn’t been fixed). Also, why should I be excited over weapons that I most likely will never get?

    • Chuck Buckler

      The Olympia destroys the Brecci, especially at range. It’s gotta better range than the KRM and it is generally a one shot. I’ve been getting a lot of headshots with it too which is weird cause my aim sucks.

      • ToonToons22

        How do you deal with the double barrel? Is there a Fast Mag attachment that makes it quicker to reload?

        • Chuck Buckler

          Yep I use fast mags and long barrel, it snipes lol

  • Gotta love this ‘exciting new content’ they keep bringing…

  • DJ3K

    Just my luck, on Monday I opened the bribes for a KVK 99M and a PPSh. The new AN-94 is meh but PPSH is pretty good. I wish I waited though. Now I wait for another 100 win bribe…..

  • Gino Rojas

    I can’t support this game any longer. This supply drop system is just disgusting. I lost all respect for TREYARCH. They used to be one of my favorite developers

    • ToonToons22

      I feel the same. It sucks that Treyarch got to this after making some of the best CODs out there. There was a time when they were the best COD developers, but now they’re the most overrated developers.

    • Peewy 978

      Its not Treyarchs decision to have Supply Drops in their game, its actually Activision who decides that becuz they’re Money Hungry MotherFuckerz!!

      • ToonToons22

        And Treyarch is a subsidiary of Activision which means they really don’t have a say in this. If they could become independent like the old Infinity Ward, they would be much better off.

        At this point, it feels like I’m being taunted whenever they put in these new weapons because they’re clearly attempting to appeal to the older COD fans. I know that the Treyarch team has serious issues with this, but they can’t do anything about it because they’re just another one of Activision’s puppets.

        • Peewy 978

          I agree 100%

  • Miguel