We’ve seen a lot of questions about how to get access to the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta on Twitter and wanted to put this article together to clarify some of the details.

When is the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta? 

The beta schedule is:

  • BETA WEEKEND 1: PS4 only
    • Start: August 25 at 10AM Pacific
    • End: August 28 at 10AM Pacific
  • BETA WEEKEND 2: PS4 and Xbox One
    • Start: September 1 at 10AM Pacific
    • End: September 4 at 10AM Pacific

Activision has not announced yet when the beta will be available for PC. Stay tuned.

How do I get access to the Private Beta? 

In order to play in the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta, you have to pre-order Call of Duty: WWII either digitally or at a retailer.

Digital Pre-orders: 

If you have pre-ordered Call of Duty: WWII digitally on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, you do not need a code. Once the beta becomes available on your platform, you will be able to download it directly from the console store.

Activision has not announced when pre-loading of the private beta will begin. International PlayStation Facebook pages have shared promotional images suggesting pre-loading of the beta will begin on August 22. We’ll share a new post once a date and time is officially confirmed.

Retail Pre-orders: 

If you pre-ordered Call of Duty: WWII at a retailer, you must ask your retailer for the beta code. If you have pre-ordered at a retailer already, and still have not received your code, you need to contact the retailer. They should have a code for your if confirm your pre-order with them.

NOTE: Amazon US states beta codes will be sent out 2-3 business days after you pre-order. GameStop, BestBuy, and other retailers in US should have printed your beta code on the receipt at the time of pre-order. Amazon international has not shared when they will send out codes. Please contact them for support. 

Once you get a code from the retailer, be sure to visit callofduty.com/beta and redeem the code on the site. Once you’ve redeemed it there, you’re all set!

Activision has not announced yet when they will send out the beta download codes. As of now, they have stated they will email the beta codes to those who have redeemed a pre-order code on the website “closer to the start of the private beta”. Last year for the Infinite Warfare beta, they also let people find their beta codes by logging in to the Call of Duty website.

Stay tuned for more information.

  • †k

    Only one Beta access for those who buy a digital version? No codes for friends?

    • Expelled-_-

      I preordered digital the past two years and they sent me an email with 5 beta codes for friends

      • †k

        Thanks man ;3

    • TheViiP3RzZz

      Last year there was code even when you pre order from ps store or xbox for friends but dont know this year

      • †k

        Thanks man :3

  • Diego Diniz


  • Brad

    What about an online retail order from GameStop? I haven’t received anything regarding the beta yet, and I preordered on announcement day.

    • jt3z

      Id check your email

      • Brad

        Clearly I did. Like I said, didn’t receive anything.

        • ReallFunneh

          Nigga why you got an attitude for call of duty. Lmao shit drop every year and this is just a beta. jt3z was just tryna help yo dumbass

    • Keshav Bhat

      GameStop said they would email it to you after pre-order

      • Brad

        Like I said, didn’t receive anything. I’ll probably have to call them, I guess.

    • Peewy 978

      Another Freakin idiot that didnt read the article above! Your answer is in the forum above u Dumbass!

  • Adam

    So I redeemed a beta code on cod website while logged in to my ps4 account. Will the beta be in my library to download?

    • Mahmoud Khaled

      I believe so

      • Peewy 978

        Your an idiot to read the article above and youll get the answer! I swear peeps like u are Stupid!

      • Peewy 978

        Another dumbass With a Terrorist name

        • Mahmoud Khaled

          Lmao your name is peewy shut your hole

    • Peewy 978

      Did u not read the article on this forum u dumbass? Try reading it again and youll get your answer!

  • Mohammad

    they dont give shit about PC

    • Elite Predator

      Dude, there’s 2,000 players on PC. Of course they don’t care. You know how much resources and time it takes to make a good port?? Black Ops III tried and gave a good port, the game was still dead on PC

      • reginof

        black ops 3 dead on pc? bs lol

      • Mohammad

        not at all BLack ops 3 not dead…. 8000 player online every day!

        • Diego Diniz

          But PC Players plays TDM only 24h.
          You cant find a Domination, Hardpoint or Kill COnfirmed Lobby.
          is almost dead
          PC Players = TDM 24/7

        • BradyAlucard

          Just 8,000? That’s not a lot, not even for PC CoD’s standards.

        • Elite Predator

          Lmaoo, you realize that’s poor??! It takes them money, time, and resources to make a great port. I’m not saying they should not. If they’re going to continue making it on PC they need to give a good port to players that payed for a working game.. With 8000 players online..
          If you look at the older cods on last gen like Black Ops ONE has a total amount of 22,000 everyday on the Xbox 360 and that game is about 8 years old. Black Ops III is dead on PC. It’s simple. The majority of players are on console. GTA and RS:Siege has better numbers than cod on PC. That’s that tho

    • Keshav Bhat

      They’ve said PC beta details to be announced later.

  • They should make it an open beta 2nd week for everyone. Like seriously who has private betas now? even iw became open too

    • IW became open like the last day or so. You still had to pre order it if you wanted to play it on day one of beta. Destiny 2 did this too

      • It was? i swore i played it the first and 2nd week. Destiny beta is like most games now if you pre order you get 2 days early access like battlefront 2 (i pre ordered that of course), but my point is like barley if not any game has only private betas now

        • You definitely had to pre order to play IW. And what you just described about Destiny 2 and Battlefront 2, they literally do the same thing Call of Duty does.

          Sure they open up the beta for everyone eventually but if you want to play it on day one and all the way through, gotta pre order.

          In CoD’s case, if you want more than four days to play, better pre order and have a PS4. Which PS4 getting two weekends is bullshit


          • Peewy 978

            I smell an Xbone or Pc fanboy!

          • The Gaming Revolution

            What is your problem? These two are just having a conversation about whether the beta is open or not. You just butt in every time sXe says anything and try to undermine him even though he’s done nothing wrong…

          • Peewy 978

            I think its the other way around, check out other conversations he had with other people then youll see why im like that to him. Hes yhe kind of person if you dont agree with he’ll just wont have an open mind about what your thoughts are.

          • This is the last time I’m going to reply to you, so I’m just going to say you have spammed replied me calling me every name and insulted me all because I said “Whatever you say”.

            You want to check other conversations, yet you called me an Activision dick rider over a positive comment. I’m not insulting you because you have a disagreeing opinion. I’m insulting you because you are outright stupid.

            Also, to point out the fact that you are even more of a waste of time and nothing you say should ever be taken seriously

            I’ll just quote some of your comments
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            “Another Illegal Immigrant!”

            I really hope you are a troll after reading those racist comments that you have made. Otherwise, I’m done replying to you because I have already given you enough attention. Maybe one day, your life won’t be so sad.

          • Peewy 978

            I thought u blocked me Faggot why u keep Replying Bitch!

          • The Gaming Revolution

            Then you should call him out on those threads instead of following him around and just being mean for no reason because in this case he did nothing wrong, regardless if he was mean in other conversations.

          • Peewy 978

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          • Peewy 978

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          • The Gaming Revolution

            I think you should mind your own business considering that you haven’t done anything in this thread other than reply to random people with hate for no reason.

          • Peewy 978

            Kiss my ass! Tell somebody who cares!

          • The Gaming Revolution

            Oh my god, you are unreal…

          • You’re half right lol both destiny and battlefront 2 the beta dates were released and the only thing the people who pre ordered got were 2 days early access it wasn’t eventually opened to everyone later. Battlefront 2 beta isn’t out yet though. And you’re right with iw they opened it to everyone the last day of the 1st week and throughout the 2nd

          • But isnt that essentially the same thing, though? Pre order to get more time with the beta?

            I know BO3 opened their beta like around Friday or something which IW did the same thing with theirs. So I expect WWII to do the same. And they usually extend the beta too. So we can expect that.

            I wish they did the beta schedule similar to BO3. Starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday or something. PS4 gets one week and Xbox One and PC gets one week. I thought that was great. I had good times with that beta

          • i didn’t even play bo3 beta lol so i didn’t even know what happened. That game pissed me off so much

        • Peewy 978

          Dont listen to sXeWeakness! Its called a Closed Beta. That means they will not open it to the public unless u preorder! That shithead doesnt read any details at all i see!

          • He’s cool though, and that makes sense i was just wondering why is it a closed beta? let it be open so everyone can at least play test it. That’s jsut me though

          • Peewy 978

            I hope too

      • Peewy 978

        Its called closed Beta for a Reason u Idiot!

      • ccrows

        IW doesn’t really count as a beta. That was a demo…

        • That’s not the point, though

          • ccrows

            Listen I know that you’re having a tough day with your troll buddy, but the rollout of BO3’s and IW’s demo was a whole different experience.

            Especially with Treyarch’s team constantly in contact with the community raising cap levels, adding a map, plus extra days for free play for everyone. IW was just going through the motions with their demo.

            Quite frankly, you could have told me that IW’s demo was free to everyone throughout the whole time window, since they really didn’t communicate nearly as much other than admitting that QS was completely broken.

            ^ That’s all I literally remember from IW’s demo. Just Throwback, Frontier, Terminal, and a whole lot of broken QS with the KBS Longbow…

          • I’m not having a tough day with anything, actually. It’s just my comment wasn’t about whether it was technically a beta or not. It was the fact that it was something you had to pre order in order to play it then it became open like the second to last day or even on the last day. Just like BO3, and more than likely WWII.

  • reamerb .

    Amazon UK haven’t sent mine yet.

    • Ciaran

      They will on thursday…..

      • reamerb .

        Thanks, I contacted them and they told me if you ordered before 24th Aug. You should get it Thursday.

  • Peewy 978

    Anyone wanna Beta Key?

    • Kristinarakins


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    • Callum K

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    • Mohammad

      yes pls 😀

    • Peewy 978

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      • The Gaming Revolution

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        • Debrarmiler

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      • Thanasishim

        Piss you.

  • David Colley

    so no beta open everybody?

    • GizMohh

      its a private beta, for only people who pre order.

      • GinsuVictim

        It will be open to everyone after a few days.

    • ccrows

      Maybe. BO3 was the last “real beta” and everyone got in for free halfway in.

      Who knows if SH will handle things like Treyarch though… *shrugs*

      • David Colley

        ok ty

    • nWoHollywood

      hopefully it will be an open one soon

  • Diego Diniz

    The BETA is WorldWide or USA only???
    I live in Brazil and bought Digital deluxe on PSN BR.

    • Elliot Dunn


  • Khaled Hassan

    If I order on psn and pay $60 can I get a full refund later ? If not hoe can I play the beta ?

    • I don’t know if does this on PSN, but if you pre order a game on the Xbox store, it doesn’t charge you from your bank account (or whatever you got setup) until like a day before the game actually releases.

    • King

      Go to GameStop and put $5 down they give you the Beta code on the receipt if you like the game than keep the pre-order and if not cancel and get your $5 back. I do it every year except last year I decided to cancel and buy the digital version.

  • nWoHollywood

    Beta key anyone? ?

    • GinsuVictim

      wait for the open beta.

    • reamerb .

      I will be giving some out on 24th.

  • Diego Diniz
  • [EV] BLISS
  • Debrarmiler

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  • Rob Melchor

    2016 was the last year I pre-ordered a COD game. IW was a total disappointment, specially since I got the Digital Deluxe bundle. (sigh)