PlayStation 4 players that have pre-ordered Call of Duty: WWII digitally can now start pre-loading the WWII Private Beta. Search for “Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta” on the PS4 store or visit the link here to download now.

For those who pre-ordered at a retailer, the codes have not been emailed by Activision yet. Activision Support says that beta codes will be emailed out ” before August 25 at 10 AM PT” for PS4 pre-orders. Exact time not confirmed.

The beta will be playable starting August 25 at 10AM Pacific for PlayStation 4. Weekend 1 of the beta is scheduled to end on August 28 at 10AM Pacific.

SOURCE: Activision Support

  • Peewy 978

    I just downloaded the Beta! Its sick! Zombies is Crazy! Multiplayer is ok not bad.

  • stormy ⛈

    Will I receive friend codes from my digital copy?

    • Mohammad

      if you receive…. give 1 to me pls 😀

    • gumbie7

      In the past they have given you up to 4 codes for friends

    • I really hope so, I have a couple people in mind I plan of giving them to.

  • reamerb .

    So the beta will start 18.00 pm UK time?

    • 6pm UK time on Friday, yes

      • reamerb .

        Cheers bud.

  • Anyone know how much GBs is that beta?

  • Fingers crossed those who redeemed their beta code via the Call of Duty site won’t have to wait till the day of the Beta to actually pre-load/install it

  • DP_85

    All I know is the better not release the fucking pre load anything short of 15 to 24 hrs, so everyone can get it installed before the launch

    • Tyler

      Is your internet that’s slow? Lol

      • DP_85

        No, but I think u are that SLOW in the head!Lmao I meant don’t just drop a 18gb download a few hours before the actual beta goes live. And I said everyone, meaning not everyone has fastest internet and ps4 dl shit slow anyways.

  • Former

    Yeah, so…I can’t find the beta on Xbox and it’s past the time they stated. Wtf.

    • Tobias Vogel

      You find it, if you go to the Season Pass. But Pre-Load is not available. At least on my xbox. I pre-ordered it, but can’t start the the download.

      • Former

        Yeah, found it. Just says “coming soon”…about to be a full 24 hours since they said we could pre-load. Xbox screwed over again…what else is new?

        • Tobias Vogel

          Hope we can load it before the Beta starts.

    • Random

      Now the article is updated and doesn’t have Xbox info

      • Former

        Yeah I noticed. Keshav is trying to hide his false reports.