Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that the player progression level cap for the Private Beta is Level 20. The level cap may increase throughout the beta period, but at the start on August 25, 20 is the highest level players can reach.

Alongside this, Divisions in Call of Duty: WWII also have their own progression system. The level cap in the beta is level 4, and this will not be increased in the beta. The highest level a division can reach is level 5.

  • What’s the point in a level cap if stats won’t carry over on release?

    • Tested

      So you can’t unlock everything in the beta.

  • DJSaviD

    Is it gonna be like IW where it just completely locks you out of the game at level 20? Because pass….

    • ccrows

      I doubt it, more than likely there will be (at the very least) one cap level raised.

      BO3 IIRC had at two level caps raised (maybe 3 now that I think about it), plus an extra map added halfway in (Stronghold) for a total of 4 maps… (SH, Hunted, Combine, and Evac)

    • RdJokr

      You’re confusing the beta with the trial. The free trial is a demo that lets you play bits of the full game. The beta lets you play until the beta is over.

  • Perx_Xprocodx260

    Sounds good hope they increase the level cap once or twice

    • Gailrsmall

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