On Reddit, Michael Condrey has confirmed that there will in fact be a Call of Duty: WWII beta for PC players.

Back at E3, Activision stated that “PC beta details to be announced at a later date.” A exact start and end date has not been announced yet. We’ll update once a date is officially confirmed.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Sup

    Colour me surprised

  • It better be an open beta

    • DJSaviD

      Why would they have closed betas on EVERY platform and then an open beta on pc? Think.

      • Blackforce

        Because that was basicly the case with BO3 Beta? Everyone who had BO2, Ghosts or AW got instant access for the Beta and 3 Keys for friends to join the Beta

        • Sup

          No it basically wasn’t and FYI BO3 had a open beta.

          • Blackforce

            Tell that to yourself anime fag. There was no way you coudn’t participate at day one on PC if you wanted to.

          • Sup

            1) My display picture has nothing to do with anime 2) Quit being so homophobic 3) I never said day one.

          • Blackforce

            4) mimimimimi

        • [EV] BLISS

          No u had to pre-order Bo3 to get access to the beta. Then during the 2nd week it was opened, that’s how it has been for the last 2 years

    • RdJokr

      It will open in the last few days. But the way they hand out codes and everything, it’s almost an open beta already.

    • peoplul0

      better be private !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SSR


  • Krisztián Csapó


  • snake56

    InB4 it’s one day before release because SH is scared of the data mining.

  • Diego Diniz

    The problem with PC is:
    TDM 24h !!!
    PC Players = TDM 24/7
    You can’t find a Hardpoint looby or Domination, or Kill Confirmed…
    It’s TDM 24h anytime.
    That’s sucks!
    Sad but True

    • Ult1mateCarnage

      but is there alot of people playing cod on pc?

      • Gailrsmall

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    • RdJokr

      That could change this year, probably. If the Daily Mode that Condrey teased a while back is what I think it is, we could possibly see different game modes being promoted each day, which helps to spread out the population evenly.

      • Diego Diniz

        I hope people play that new mode called “WAR” because its very frustrating build a “PC Master Race” and when you search for the modes you want to play…you can not find it!
        you are a PC player and you know what im talking about. if you try to find a HARDPOINT lobby playing BO3…its IMPOSSIBLE!

        • ItsReaDz

          Its not really the problem tbh its the player base that lacks really bad on PC because of the bad optimazation they do on PC and the PC Port always get over shadowed from the devs.

        • Joshwoocool

          other modes are only playable when they got exclusive 2x xp or keys/Daily contract.So lame but at least the modding is sweet

  • Roscoe

    Well then.

  • Lucas Levitan

    Halleluya!! <3