We got a chance to visit the Sledgehammer Games studio last week to play the Call of Duty: WWII Beta early. This post will be updated as we share more videos!

Here’s the gameplay we captured:

Hardpoint on Pointe du Hoc:

War (8 minutes) Operation Blackout:

TDM on Gibraltar:

Editor’s Note: Activision provided us with travel and lodging to visit Sledgehammer Games studio.

  • MaRico Spikes

    Kinda has that remastered game feel to me

    • Peewy 978

      Not a bad game at all just a reskinned game year after year

      • Gailrsmall

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      • PvBrent

        Not trying to start an argument or be politically correct. But I slightly feel the need to clarify something so people can actually give the developers credit. We haven’t seen reskined models in COD since the MW and BO series on last gen. And even then they were mere models in the world or minor cosmetic details to the environment. To be more specific to was a reskin is, is just the same 2D or 3D game asset being re colored for a different cosmetic but the actual game asset it’s self doesn’t change. (Use the image for example) another example would be looking at World at War ppsh vs the WWII ppsh you can clearly tell they are two completely different models. If there are any reskined game assets in WWII it will more then likely be environmental assets brought over from AW or even the STAG brought over from AW but I’d need to look at both models of the gun on AW and WW2. But if I remember correctly, I think already even the iron sights are different so it many very well be an entirely new model of the STAG for WW2. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22c19ba42f27e0c8f0d0ded4a6651027502c3c4b793d4f4be73f3f8194f33494.png

  • Diego Diniz

    Whats the exact time of the artillery barrage in action???

    • Peewy 978

      USA time and Brazil time is different so it may vary

      • Diego Diniz

        You are funny Bro!
        Maybe not…

  • Haha, watching the Pointe du Hoc one and already seen a guy jumping around twice. I think they miss the jetpacks