A new patch update, version 1.19, is now live for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The new update includes two new weapons.

Infinity Ward has released the full patch notes now as well.


General Fixes and What’s New

  • New weapons:
    • Atlas (LMG)
    • Raijin-EMX (SMG)
  • New taunts, camos, emblems, calling cards
  • Various map fixes
  • Enabled Bugle audio gesture to be heard by teammates
  • Weapons adjustments:
    • G-Rail (base) and Vortex (common) – Extended damage ranges, making the base fire mode and charge shot more effective at long range G-Rail: Helix – Adjusted damage ranges to make the weapon more competitive at close range (if you are accurate)
    • G-Rail: Fusillade – Fixed an issue with camos not appearing properly
    • Stallion .44 – Slightly lowered akimbo rate of fire
    • Stallion .44: Peacekeeper – Adjusted the aim assist range to help with longer distance shooting
    • Fix for the Desert camouflage challenge not tracking progress properly with the Stallion .44
    • Proteus: Ice – The Glacial passive now has a slightly stronger effect


  • Shaolin Shuffle – Fix for an extreme graphical error that would occur when fighting the Rat King
  • Miscellaneous performance and bug fixes

SOURCE: Infinity Ward (Image via @Critz5)


    Hopefully these gun dont suck like the G-Rail. Even tho this is bad timing since beta for ww2 is this friday.

    • kpilkingtonn

      lol TY, the g rail is the worst in the game

    • RdJokr

      There’s literally no other timing, since DLC4 is slated to come out in like 2 weeks.

  • EMP and smoke launchers? Lol what

    • The Gaming Revolution

      I think at this point infinity ward is just in the “fuck it” phase where they realize they can pretty much release anything they want to the 2000 people who play this game and no one would care. Upholding the “Call of Duty Brand” isn’t really a concern for infinite warfare

      • Debracratley


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      • Sandrabwilson

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      • Former

        Not really an Infinite warfare thing, dude. Look at Bo3 that has a literal disc shooter and a shotgun that shoots an energy ball…

        • The Gaming Revolution

          Yeah but there is a slight difference between fun and pointless. The disk shooter and banshee have a more fun skill aspect that makes it more rewarding to get kills because of how new they were to the game, but the launchers in infinite warfare are nothing fun, just pointlessly putting tactics as an attachment on boring weapons that bring nothing new to the table

  • The9tailedgamer

    It’ll take a while for my update to download, what are their challenges?

  • [EV] BLISS

    Omg cant wait to play this all week

  • What is that “Confirm Rarity” option there? Don’t think I’ve seen that before.

    • Former

      Must be new cause I’ve never noticed it. Guessing it’s just a reminder for you to select the variant you want? Idk.

      • I thought that too at first, but they don’t have any variants judging by the two being locked.

        • Former

          Idk. I just checked on console and that text isn’t there at all. I noticed the pic is on PC so maybe it’s just a different format for them.

  • So they took the Chicom CQB from Black Ops 2, remodel’d it and added a EMP noob toob. Sound I guess….

    • BradyAlucard

      Chicom CQB weapon description: “3 round burst submachine gun. High cyclic fire rate allows for fast consecutive bursts”.

      Raijin-EMX weapon description: “3 round burst ballistic firearm. Accurate at longer ranges but can fired quickly at the expense of accuracy”.

      Basically the same thing besides the EMP launcher. Lol.

      • 000000

        Looks more like the L-CAR 9 from BO3 to me.

        • Keith Volt

          Looks more like the vesper with an underbarel launcher

          • KING_BORICUA24_

            Thinking thr same thing

          • 000000

            True, actually.

      • djml9

        The EMX has really slow bursts. Nothing like the chicom.

        • BradyAlucard

          IDK, I thought I read it to mean that it shot rather fast.

          • djml9

            Thats what they wrote, but it doesnt. I unlocked it yestserday and its really slow.

          • BradyAlucard

            Fair enough.

  • kpilkingtonn

    raijin is solid, emp launcher is clutch

  • TheAdversary

    The SMG is pretty decent. It’s main drawback is it’s low center speed, causing each burst to climb higher and higher. Damage is good for an SMG. It’s capable of one-bursting and it has decent range. Do not use this guy on headglitchers, though. It’s emp launcher is good to use on modes where equipment and streaks are more prevalent. It is also capable of getting a direct impact kill, which is far more satisfying than one might think.

    The LMG, however, is a big back of dicks. It has low damage, low ammo (90 bullets per life?), a shitload of view kick and it’s smoke drone is extremely situational and will not provide adequate cover even when deployed. Potentially useful on SnD, but it gives away your position. It will rarely win a direct gunfight. Try to think about the HK21 LMG from Black Ops, but with less damage and higher recoil.

  • Qaotik

    Wtf is going on with the atlas rifle?

  • Bonn Bo

    Feel like I’m the only one who thinks these under barrels are cool and thought the g-rail is a fun gun to use lol. Haven’t logged on yet, hopefully the guns are fun.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Thanks to my time playing metal gear solid peace walker, I thought the underbarrels were cool too. I guess just because its a futuristic cod means some innovation can’t be recognized

  • Bavizer

    I have the season pass on xb1 but its locked for me wtf!

  • Yet Another Guy

    They left out something in the patch notes lol. they blocked people from being able to rip models with Wraith for Black Ops 3 tools >~<

  • Dan Arthur

    Hey look – they still don’t know how to fix a bug that’s been in the game since launch, but don’t worry guys, more shitty weapons

  • Peewy 978

    People Still play this game?

    • Ryan Gorman

      Please jump off a cliff, no one will miss you

      • Peewy 978

        Infinite Warfare Dick Rider!!

  • Dre

    Oops I was searching for worst video game and I got this. Sorry. Oh does someone have a copy of e.t in these forums?. I bet most of you ass Buckler’s do.