GameInformer has shared a new interview with Sledgehammer Games’ Studio Heads, Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield.

The interview features the two reflecting on Sledgehammer Games’ 8 year journey. The team started off in Call of Duty by working with Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Their first solo-developed Call of Duty game was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in 2014, which was also the first Call of Duty with advanced movement. Now, they’re taking Call of Duty back to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII.

Watch the entire interview HERE.

  • MaRico Spikes

    Sounds like it was a phuck up for the franchise & now trying to fix it.
    The advance movement works better with futuristic themed games. Not all CoD gonna be futuristic, they had their run now it’s over.
    It would be ok for wall walking but not super jumping and wall walking.
    Folks gonna hate what I say but it’s cool usual those are the ones that can’t play boots on the ground Duty, like it should be played….. go play halo or over watch

  • BaknBergrBrandon

    I’m pretty sure Black Ops 2 was the only Futuristic Call of Duty people liked, with that being said it shows people just want a change in the play style and maybe the maps. You can’t change to much at one time. The advanced movements really killed the franchise. Advanced Warfare really killed the Franchise, WWII has promise. I had fun the whole weekend. Anyone with complaints make sure to tell Activision or Sledgehammer. Weapons will be balanced by the time the game is released. I’m waiting for Treyarch back to basic boots on the ground Call of Duty. They seem to be the only developer that knows how to make a great boots to ground call of duty.

    • Modern Warfare was futuristic in a kind of way.

      • Sure technically if we’re going by the years in the campaign but the game always had the modern feel to it with modern guns and whatnot. Black Ops 2 was the first game to fully be a futuristic game and promoted that way

    • GinsuVictim

      “I’m pretty sure Black Ops 2 was the only Futuristic Call of Duty people liked”

      I liked Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare.

      • ScOott

        Then you should be in the Guinness World Records then, surely ur the only one … congratulations dude …

        • GinsuVictim

          I didn’t say I LOVED all of them.

          • ScOott

            Still a pretty damn good achivement, wish i could say the same ..

          • GinsuVictim

            There are CoDs I don’t like as much, but there are none I hate and I still play them all (CoD 2 – MW:R).

            WW:II is actually the game I’ve looked forward to the least and been the least hyped for.

          • ScOott

            Ive not been “hyped” for many years for a CoD title but not been able to put the Beta down this weekend played it every chance i could, now the boost jumping, specialist are gone, i reckon im going to actually start looking forward to CoD again..

            SH have a real good chance of redeeming themselves this year for me, then treyarch the year after bound to be good, optimistic we going to have a good couple of years untill IW attmpts to make a game ..

          • GinsuVictim

            I’ll still pre-order and play the hell out of it. I haven’t had a chance to play the beta yet since I’m on Xbox.

          • ScOott

            Yh let me know what u think when u played..

          • Elite Predator

            I’m a jet pack player and I’m burnt on them since the end of Black Ops III life cycle. Haven’t been excited for anything cod related this year. The only Zombies maps Infinity Ward accomplished are Zombies in Space land, Rave in the Redwoods, and The Radioactive thing. Campaign was very fucking good. Multiplayer is fun, but it’s just so boring I can’t see how you like such a simple layered game I hope the population isn’t your opinion so we don’t lose the vote on what cods they make such as Creating Divisions is for example a feature many don’t understand but I think it’s brilliantly implemented ppl just want to bitch. You pick a division, use any class of weapons and get the benefits of that division on your weapon you are using. It’s way more organized and ppl don’t even see it. The maps are moderate, and take time to learn. It’s the learning curve, Infinite Warfare never fucking had one. That game was dumb easy I actually got my ass whooped on this beta till I got good now I’m a fucking savage like this game pumps me in so much adrenaline Infinite Warfare is so repetitive and boring GTFO with that

          • ccrows

            I’m going in with the lowest expectations ever into the beta (XB user).

            As much as I HATED SH for what they did to the series with AW, I’m still rooting for COD WII to be a success, since I’m still a fan of COD…

          • ScOott

            Yh let us know what u think when u play

          • Elite Predator

            ?? ?

          • ScOott

            Not liked an iw game since mw3 .. n ive been stupid enough to buy their game every year since, even IW .. going to try not fall for it again next time … he says ..

          • Elite Predator

            That’s because their team split back when MW:2 launched in 2010, MW:3 was developed by SHG as they helped Infinity Ward finish and develop MW:3 before SHG moved on to their own title. Soon after Ghosts arrived, Activision formed Neversoft and Infinity Ward into one. Making Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 developed b completely different hands.

          • BO3 had my excitement only because it was a Treyarch title.

            AW only had my curiosity and IW I had zero excitement for and at that point was tired of the futuristic setting.

            WWII has made me extremely excited for CoD again which has been missing for me since BO2

          • ccrows

            “WW:II is actually the game I’ve looked forward to the least and been the least hyped for.”

            ^ Agree, but that’s ONLY (for me) due to the dev, and not the setting…

          • Elite Predator

            Lmao if you liked Infinite Warfare over WW II and just going by strategy and maps, you have no idea wtf you’re talking about !

          • GinsuVictim

            I didn’t say that. I said that am not hyped for WWII and haven’t played the beta. I’ll preorder it and play the hell out of it. I just don’t have any hype for it yet.

          • Elite Predator

            I’ll tell you that you will be hyped Everything about this game is good, from the movement, to weapons, map logic, spawns, to divisions. I reckon the maps are structured better than how Infinity Ward worked on Infinite Warfare launch maps. The WW II maps so far that we played all play amazing with adrenaline fueled game play in hard point, and domination besides Gibraltar on domination is bad but TDM plays good on it. TDM plays bad on Ardennes Forest, but domination plays amazingly like the map was structured intentionally to play Domination. Point du hoc is perfect with hard point and killstreaks to reign down on your opponent. Point du hoc plays like Battlefield one in domination but close quarters in the trenches it just rains Battlefield one city in the trenches with the molotoves. There are a variety of weapons to use. SMGs have the upper hand but they aren’t the dominant class. Rifle class is good, Snipers and SMGs so far have been the best thing to use depending on the maps LMG class is good just the other two LMGs are lacking but the Lewis proves we can have a good LMG class in this game. Infinite Warfare doesn’t have power skill positions in it’s maps. There is no control. Everything is in a playing field and with that design they should just make a telly tubbies game because that game was so boring. It had fun moments from time to time. I like when they brought cranked and drop zone back.

          • Jon

            Thats because you have been let down often in the past couple of years.

      • Bonn Bo

        So did I dude, so did I. To take it a step further, I actually prefer the futuristic titles over some of the classics, and i’ve been playing since WaW. I am glad that there is a large community within the COD community who enjoy it too, cause BO3 and IW would’ve been hard to stick too if the player base was as low as like Titanfall 2 or something. Kinda hoping that treyarch sticks with the sci-fi theme for next year, and they keep a cycle of classic and future going for the franchise.

      • ccrows

        You deep sixed that one with AW in there for me.

        I may not be the biggest fan of Ghosts or IW, but I can comfortably use the word “hate” when it comes to AW.

        ^ All my reasons for that are over on GF… πŸ˜‰

  • Stefan Lang

    People really didn’t give AW a chance. Was it the best? No, but a lot more tolerable than Infinite Warfare that’s for sure. When it came to the jetpack era AW and BO3 definitely beats IW. But what’s gonna happen if we’re getting World War/Vietnam/Cold War era CoDs year after year? Is everyone gonna want modern? Until they make those year after year? And then people will want something different again. It’s a never ending cycle.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Personally, I liked IW but AW is probably my favorite of all the current gen CODs. BO3 would take that place if not for the crappy netcode and the supply crate system that feels like it’s punishing you.

      • ccrows

        BO3 saved the series. That’s not even subjective.

        Take a look at Microsoft’s most played games. BO3 (at the end of year 2 mind you) is ranked #3! THREE!

        AW is ranked 49th, and soon to never be seen in the top 50 ever again. BO3 will need 2-4 more years before officially falling out of the top 50…

        • Sexy Mcgee

          Calm down, you’d think I insulted your kid. I said >>I<< liked AW the most, not that it had the most impact. Don't be so insecure.

          Well, actually AW was really well received at launch, and considered the savior of the series after the disastrous Ghosts. It wasn't until they amped up skill based match making and the map glitches started getting discovered that the game started taking a dive in appreciation.

          • ccrows

            I am now calm… πŸ˜‰

          • ADP2

            Ghosts introduced me to shoot first die first. AW took it to an extreme for me, first COD I removed from my console and never played again,after 4 months. I loved the idea of the game, and the campaign. Just couldn’t play a game that was so frustrating. BLOPS3 was fun. I loved, love, playing that game. I don’t dominate like earlier cod, but fun anyway. IW was my highest KD. Game was easy to take over a lobby, but game seemed unfinished and uninspired. Just dull to play. Not sure, just didn’t push play it like older cods. Was excited for WW2 as WaW was ine if my favorites. I wasn’t very good but was still fun. First day of the beta was fun and my KD was normal. Since Thursday shoot first die first has returned in the highest order. I will get 4-5 hit markers the drop like I was shot gunned. I watch the kill cam and its a whole different story. I didnt even register a hit marker and was mowed down. I just cant play that way. If i am playing poorly, fine its on me. If the game itself is the cause then maybe i need to shelve my favorite title. I love cod, had a lot of good years playing it, still remember how I got my first nuke vividly. Ghosts and AW almost got me to give up. Black ops 3 brought me back. IW did nothing to keep me, WW2 is taking the rout of AW and pushing me away.

    • Bonn Bo

      I personally felt that as a whole package, IW is better than AW. But AW definitely had the best movement system between the advanced movement titles. If that movement style were to be polished up a bit, like implementing that free flow, guns up at all times design philosophy, that game would’ve easily been the best. Couple it with wall runs so that dashing into walls wouldn’t kill your momentum, and yeah, great potential right there. Sledgehammer needs to do something about their sound designs though, mainly for the weaponry. I had that same issue with AW where there ballistic weaponry sounded dull, and this beta just cemented that thought for me. Like the PPSH in WWII has no real impact (lacked impact in BO3 too, WaW had it just right).

      • Bettyjswick


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    • Lorrainejlandry


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    • ccrows

      Bro, I generally like your comments, but F*** AW.

      The ONLY good thing that AW brought to the table was customizable Scorestreaks. THAT’S IT!

      Weapon variants were extremely unbalanced, Condrey completely ignored SBMM posts until it was proven on Youtube (and even then all he did was a lame fireside chat). BTW isn’t it funny that people had to start reverse boosting to finally get Condrey to talk?

      We all can thank SH for going so overboard with changes that we now have SD and in game micro transactions. (thanks AW!)

      I’m already on record for hating what I saw coming down the road with AW. For anyone that doesn’t believe me, feel free to start digging up CI articles during Ghosts (about AW) before AW launched.

      WITH ALL THAT SAID, I’m still rooting for COD WWII to succeed, because I am a fan of COD and second chances… (but with that said F*** AW)

    • No way, AW was the absolute worst COD of all time. Infinite Warfare has good netcode and is actually a very smooth game. Just a reskin of BO3 nonetheless. AW was clunky, jittery, ugly and it was overall trash.

      • Jon

        I personally enjoyed Advanced Warfare more than I have Infinite “reset” Warfare. BO3 was my favorite among the 3 jet pack era games.

      • Qaotik

        I don’t know about you, but a 150ms baseline ping delay does not signify a good netcode

    • TheAdversary

      Advanced Warfare is definitely the worst CoD of this generation. The movement system turned almost all direct gunfights into a roll of the dice, while the obsessive verticality completely negated map design and forced players to spend just as much, maybe even more time looking down/up (when most players don’t even have monsters for such a thing) than hey do looking left and right. The game also has lag issues which carry over to offline play, where every shot fired will have at least 80ms delay no matter how good your connection is, and it was the first CoD to use supply drops. Also the sound design was horrible.

      Infinite Warfare may not be a particularly good CoD, but there have been many improvements that make the game much more enjoyable to players. The gameplay allows for more specialized rigs than what were present in BO3, all of its DLC weapons are free, scrap can be earned without having to open supply drops (though not at any good rate), they weapon variety is good, and it has the best CoD campaign of current gen Call of Duty titles. IW IMO is the second best CoD title to come out for current gen consoles, behind BO3. That really isn’t saying much, since every CoD after Black Ops 2 were anywhere from somewhat disappointing, to pure trash.

  • Until AW came out I was done with CoD, because I was sick of paying so much for the same game every year. AW was the most fun I’d had playing CoD since WaW

    • ccrows

      Don’t take this comment personally, because what I have to say is not meant to be said directly at you by any means:

      Why do people that want major changes in COD, when they can just simply buy a different game?

      When major changes happen, we get AW. You know pogo stick jumping, SBMM, and in game microtransactions warfare.

      ^ Thanks to all you guys that kept “complaining for change”, guess what we now have unbalanced gun variants and COD points in the series because of you guys.

      COD is meant to have a similar formula with incremental changes, and when that formula gets screwed with we get thrash like AW that almost killed the series. Thank goodness for Treyarch’s work with BO3, otherwise we may not even have a COD WWII… (AKA the series might have died like Tony Hawk)

      • No offence taken, I totally get your point. For me personally I was buying every CoD title and every DLC from CoD3 up until MW3 when I lost faith because of how similar it was to MW2. Black Ops 2 won me back, until Ghosts was announced and at that point I decided I’d had enough of CoD. I couldn’t justify paying Β£50 plus DLC again to keep playing the same game that dominates months of my life grinding to get max prestige until the next came out.

        The only reason I played AW was because it was bundled when I moved to Xbox One, and personally I loved it, because it was so different. It was still CoD, but with new mechanics that made it feel different. From playing AW I got the drive to play CoD back. I don’t think AW ruined the series at all, it was ambitious, but it just started a trend of jetpack future warfare games. It did introduce Supply Drops, but imo that didn’t get any better in BO3.

        Things have gone downhill since AW but I don’t think it’s fair to put all the blame on Sledgehammer or AW, since Treyarch and Infinity Ward both carried the trend on, and Activision are the ones milking the hell out of supply drops and micro transactions.

        AW is always going to be the Marmite CoD that people either love or hate. At least we can agree that CoD WWII is something to look forward to (if I had to play another fucking jetpack shooter I’d be done all over again)

        • ccrows

          “Things have gone downhill since AW but I don’t think it’s fair to put all the blame on Sledgehammer or AW, since Treyarch and Infinity Ward both carried the trend on”

          ^ I agree with (or at the very least understand) most of your post, except this part.

          Treyarch saw what SH was doing with SDs, and could read the writing on the wall. (just like I was posting around here before AW launched) Weapon variants were gonna change the series for the worse.

          TBF, the stuff/hate that I posting here wasn’t about buying weapon variants/supply drops. It was merely the fact that RNG is not fair to the average user, and that they would be unbalanced… (nobody knew at that time that it would turn into COD points, but the RNG came true, and sure enough they were unbalanced)

          • ccrows

            ^ (cont)

            However, BO3 “in my eyes” deserves a free pass.

            Does BO3 have weapon variants? Nope

            Was BO3 OG designed to be cosmetic only? Yes. (at least IMO)

            Here’s the mess that AW caused. Activision is a business, and when a business doesn’t reach its yearly (or quarterly goals) drastic changes happen.

            ^ In BO3’s case, it was Activision forcing DLC weapons into SDs. Nobody “Big” on Youtube really does SD openings for “Cosmetic Only”.

            My Point – NOTHING GOOD was gonna come out of weapon variants being introduced in AW. They are unbalanced. They relied on RNG, and we’re now stuck with SD and COD points.

            I won’t fully blame Condrey for COD points, but to this day I will never understand what he was thinking when he tried introducing weapon variants… (or keeping SBMM for that matter as well in AW) *shrugs*

      • Bonn Bo

        Oh there’s nothing personal to take from your statement dude, it’s an understandable question to have for fans who wanted change.

        As for why I wanted change for this franchise personally? Amongst all of the shooters that I’ve played, COD simply plays the best in my opinion. Much like kirkio, I was purchasing ALMOST all of the DLC’s for the COD franchise(with the exclusion of the MW series, zombies was a big reason for me to get DLC, and so the first IW game that I got DLC for was ghost) so I clearly had this love for the franchise, but things did start to get stale for me. The gun play was still fun as hell, but the way people approached a gun fight stayed the same, so all that really changed were the maps and the guns. It was like I wanted the great gameplay, but with a different, sci-fi setting, and then BO2 KINDA went sci-fi, but not as much as I would’ve wanted; but it did give hope for future installments. Then boom, two years later, AW came out and i was hyped as fuck.

        As far supply drops being on people who wanted change? I don’t think that’s the case. That whole gamble system wasn’t anything new, and I’m sure activision just noticed how much money was to be made following the trend of the time. When that gamble system was netting smaller companies balls money, they had to have tried it on one of the biggest game IPs in the world and see where it took them. It probably would’ve happened regardless of the game going future or not.

    • deeznoox

      I would’ve said the same if it didnt have variants which were almost impossible to get and were prety much based on luck or mass money spent to get them. Those variants were so fkn easy to kill with compared with compared to the common and default variants of the guns once I got them it was quite unfair.