In a new interview with GameInformer, Activision CEO spoke about the decision to take Call of Duty back to WWII and what it could mean for the future.

Activision CEO has stated over the past few months that the decision to take Call of Duty back to WWII was made back in 2014, as a way to take Call of Duty back to its roots. GameInformer asked Activision CEO if Call of Duty going back to World War II era is a one off thing.

Well, you know I can’t reveal things on the slate that are several years off, but no I don’t necessarily see it as a one-off; I think that World War II and historical settings more broadly are very rich territory, and I think there’s every possibility that that could become an area that we explore more than once.

Back during Activision’s February investor call, Activision CEO stated that the team as ‘never been more excited’ for their next three Call of Duty titles.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • No surprise there…

  • I feel like WWI would work better for Call of Duty than for Battlefield. Then again I see WWI being historically inaccurate much like BF1 and CoD WWII. But it would be nice to see still.

    Then there is Vietnam War which I don’t know CoD has gotten this far without making one full fledged Vietnam War game. I would also love to see a Cold War game again and I feel like Treyarch could make an entire game set in the 1980s (just look at Black Ops 2 flash back missions. A game in the 1980s would be nice)

    • Elite Predator

      What’s inaccurate about Battlefield One’s WW I, other than what makes it a video game??..

      • I’m pretty sure automatic guns didn’t flood in the battlefields of WWI. At least to my knowledge

        • Mark Bingham

          The military for sure had both large machine guns as well light machine guns and sub-machine guns during WWI.

          The light and subs came in more towards the mid to tail end of the war.

          • Oh I’m sure they certainly did, just to my knowledge the way Battlefield 1 portrays the usage of automatic weapons is inaccurate. Unless I’m wrong, though. I really don’t recall automatics dominating the battlefields of WW1 like WWII did.

          • Elite Predator

            I think Mark is right where they had a variety. Those automatic weapons are from that time period. Also, I’m always using semi or bolt action rifles in Battlefield one over the SMGs and Light machine guns which those in themselves I use as well. I’m sure the devs said they’re pulling all tech and weapons added that were in that time frame..

          • Yeah Im positive all the weapons are real and are from the time period, but is it historically accurate that automatics were common during The Great War?

            And you say youre using bolt action rifles but when I play the game all I see is automatics

          • Elite Predator

            Who cares!?? You’re nitpicking at something so small pls don’t tell me you’re one of those Historical fanatics that where you pick on one detail that is so small. It’s not a movie depicting that war, it’s a video game that offers customization and picking which classes you want. Battlefield had opposing classes per faction before. They changed it in Battlefield one where it’s like, it didn’t matter in WW II or WAW that we are using our enemies’ weapons that’s something I feel affects a vast of the immersion of what I’m looking for. So it’s like whatever. Let them add playable female characters in Multiplayer bc that’s where it’s supposed to be at with your avatar and a vast of customization. Maybe the WW II theme gets dry and Sledgehammer games decided to spice the game up and throwing in some different themes and added Vietnam weapons post launch maybe next game is Vietnam, and it teases up fans Treyarch’s next game. Same as how they added such a clean, deep, and organized menu in-game lobby. It’s the next best thing Call Of Duty did. They upgraded it into quality. It’s so much easier now instead of everything in your face, we now have 4-5 full screen tabs and it’s excellent!

          • >Who cares!?? You’re nitpicking at something so small pls don’t tell me you’re one of those Historical fanatics that where you pick on one detail that is so small. It’s not a movie depicting that war, it’s a video game that offers customization and picking which classes you want.

            I’m not nitpicking anything. I’m fucking stating an observation. Why the fuck do you get so fucking defensive of anything that isn’t even remotely positive in your eyes?
            Seriously, chill the fuck out. My comment wasn’t even remotely a fucking a complaint. I still fucking said it WOULD STILL BE FUCKING NICE TO SEE.

            Also getting the guns wrong isn’t a small detail so stop trying to downplay it, you idiot.

          • Elite Predator

            Na you’re right. A part of playing a historical shooter is getting to play with the weapons of how they performed that time. I can safely assume that you’re implying in the war of WW I, bolt rifles was mainly used and the automatic weapons were underwelmed at that time. I meant when we’re playing WW II I would’ve preferred having Germans using MP-40s and Americans using the M1 Garand. This way it’s more immersive Call Of Duty and that way when I hear a ping I know whether if a teammate is near me shooting or if I’m playing Axis I know that an enemy is near me. That’s what I meant, the game is already out of immersion starting from there. I understand what you’re saying and I’m sorry for my blunt attitude. I just feel like Battlefield one and this game are quality in their own ways and some fans tear these games a new asshole bc one detail is inaccurate. Although I believe what you say how it was at that time, I think devs buffed the automatic weapons so they aren’t underperformed. I think along the lines they said they sacrificed some realism for fun…

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Personally, I wish they’d take a chance on a non-military setting. There are so many law enforcement agencies they could do a game about. I’m tired of these super epic, all-or-everything campaigns. For MP they could take a few pages from BF Special Forces or Hardline. Include ziplines, grappling hooks, tasers, arresting people and interrogating them for intel. With CODs framework that could be so much fun.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Honestly, I think that would be really cool. It gets old having it constantly be a bunch of army men running around a small section of a warzone,. If they did that, They could do stuff like buildings, parks, etc. for maps. plus, I always wondered what non-lethal weapons would be like in a call of duty game

    • Chocobooo!

      If they do that, people would complain that it’s no longer CoD and that they are copying other FPS games. So, yeah…

      • Sexy Mcgee

        and now people complain that call of duty hasn’t changed outside of getting dumbed down every year. so, yeah…

  • An Alpaca

    Just hearing people complain about historical inaccuracy and complying with other countries’s censorship laws makes me wanna not see another WWII CoD. Though I think a fictional conflict set 1940s could work.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    I’d love some more Vietnam and Cold War era CoD games, and at least one more Modern-day game. Doesn’t have to be MW4, just something set in our exact time period.

    • Ult1mateCarnage


  • Thepsychoseries.

    Oh god. It’s futuristic all over again. 3 games in a row in the same setting then the 3 rd one will get 3 million dislikes on its reveal trailer and then we go back to modern warfare times and then the cycle repeats itself and we get 3 mw games in a row.

    • Elite Predator

      You clearly don’t read well, pal. He specifically pointed out “other historical settings” and each area they cover is possible to visit more than once.

      • Thepsychoseries.

        He said we could do ww2 more. That means they could do ww2 in a row. And no one wants that.

        • Elite Predator

          Stop bitching, or finding something to bitch about.
          They know wtf they’re doing..
          You talk like Black Ops III and Advanced Warfare are the same game.. Especially, knowing how Infinite Warfare was critically received by review outlets for not changing up and just taking Treyarch’s formula with inferior maps. The only good thing I don’t regret from Infinite Warfare are it’s Campaign. It’s zombies maps such as ‘Zombies in Spaceland’ was so fun to explore, ‘Rave In The Redwoods’ was forgettable. ‘That Radio Active thing’ was a fun, interesting, and a classic.

          • jordanxbrookes

            It’s not called bitching, it’s called common sense, something your sheep mind can’t relate to. If we got 3 WW2 games in a row, Activision clearly didn’t learn their lesson with the 3 Future games, fans will get bored of another WW2 game for the third year in a row and Infinity Ward will end up on the shit end once again. They have to change it up every year.

          • Elite Predator

            Nobody was bored of Black Ops III besides the perfectionists. Who are you calling a sheep? It seems like you can’t read as well and quick to judge before you read a sentence. We all know Infinite Warfare was when the cod hype dropped down bc it was the same game we played all year long during Black Ops III life cycle. It doesn’t take a brain to figure they’re going to be changing the game yearly. They can make three games set in the past, however that doesn’t mean they’re going to make three WW II games. Advanced Warfare is a complete different game than Black Ops III. They’re both set in a fiction future.
            Around Infinite Warfare launched, it wasn’t that it was futuristic that made a turn off. It’s that they took Black Ops III, a game many were dried of.. at the end of it’s cycle. Infinite Warfare could’ve been a game set in the future and still succeed, it’s that high on demand wasn’t looking for that. But it didn’t fail bc it is set in a sci-fi future. It died bc there was nothing interesting about it on demand. Not speaking for all, speaking for the majority and the three million dislikes, counting game sales significantly less than Black Ops III sales. They’re obviously not going to make three cod WW II games in a row so calm your buckets.

          • Thepsychoseries.

            Are you dumb. The only thing that makes bo3 and aw look different are wall running and specialist. 2 things. Everything else is the same. Same movement. And the three million dislikes was because it was set in space and people didn’t want that. We had no clue what Inifnite warfare looked like at the reveal trailer, only that it was in space and in the future. Look at the comment section, they were all about space. And they could make them in a row, you have no proof that they couldn’t. They could make waw2 next year. It would make sense

          • Elite Predator

            I can remember it like it was yesterday. I remember your comment too. Nobody was bummed we’re going to space. The first question EVERYBODY was asking is if it’s boots on the ground. I’m a sheep.. lmao

  • Deadblood

    I want Vietnam

  • I hope they come back to the ‘modern-future era’.

  • Christopher Bugeja

    2018 will most likely be Vietnam then 2019 hope for a cod 4 sequel and you play as price that would be awesome

    • Almadtatman


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    • ben wills

      “2019 hope for a cod 4 sequel”

      check out modern warfare 2 and modern warfare 3….

      • CarolineGJensen

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  • Ult1mateCarnage

    gulf war?

  • Possible = Will for the next 3 games until people start moaning that they want to go back to modern warfare

    • Issam Nasiri

      Or that they want some futuristic game again lol

  • hungryandrew

    I want a Vietnam COD

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’ll be happy if Treyarch did Vietnam or Cold War again and Infinity Ward did a Ghosts 2 or an MW prequel or spin-off (providing they use the Ghosts engine).