It’s finally here! The Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta Weekend 2 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The servers are up, and players can now get hands on experience with Call of Duty: WWII MP before the November 3 launch.

Players who preordered Call of Duty: WWII digitally, the beta is now available for download directly on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One store. Search for ‘Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta’ on the store to find it and download now.

Players who preordered Call of Duty: WWII at a retailer, make sure you redeemed the code you received from the retailer at Activision has started to send out emails with beta download codes, which you need to redeem on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One store.

Weekend 2 of the beta features 4 MP maps (Pointe du Hoc, Ardennes, Gibraltar, and Aachen), 3 modes (TDM, Domination, and Hardpoint), and the War mode on Operation Breakout. The level cap in the WWII Beta for Weekend 2 is higher than 25. Because of a higher level cap, there’s new items to check out in game. This includes new weapons (like the new M1A1 Carbine, new sniper, new scorestreaks, and more)! Divisions also have their own level cap — Level 4 in the beta.

Weekend 2 of the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta ends on Monday, September 4 at 10AM PT!

If you experience any issues during the beta, please reach out to Activision Support via their site or on Twitter.

SHG has confirmed that there will be a beta for PC players, but no details on when have been announced yet. Stay tuned.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news on the Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta Weekend 2!

  • Haven’t got my beta code yet wtf

    • How did you order it? Digital edition or from a retailer? I ordered from a retailer, and went online to redeem the code a few days ago. Now I’m waiting for the email from Activision with the actual download code.

      • reamerb .

        Check your account on the call of duty beta site, for some reason they send it there first.

      • ThereseGJones

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    • TMZ Censored Me

      I just got mine at 1:09 CST

    • Charlie

      Check your junk mail.

  • [EV] BLISS


  • AlexK489

    Seems like it’s only live for people who Preordered. I just searched the store on my Xbox to be sure and it’s there but you can’t download it yet.
    Just a heads up

    • TheAdversary

      Hence the word “private.”

  • tuby

    Love to own everybody in a domination match over and over. Cant wait to play with my baby m1a1 hope it will be a god weapon

  • Smayo

    Great, I guess it was to much trouble to send the beta codes ahead for the ones who took the trouble to pre order at their (lokale) retailers.

  • What the fuck? Where are my codes?

  • jt3z

    Game blows atm. Terrible hit detection and divisions is way too limiting. Maps also suck as you can get flanked in all directions. God i dont want to play Bo3 for another year…..

    • Jon

      grow up kid

      • Smayo

        He’s right tho, awful hit detection atm, and lag spikes all over the place. Divisions just plain sucks, it’s like having no customization at all.

        And that new map ‘aacken’ my god, hats off to anybody who can get a streak higher than 500 without camping there.

        And which youtuber made a video about jump shots ?? Fucking annoying…

        • tuby

          Thanks for taking your head off for me?. Just go in your tryhard mode and you can do it.

          • tuby

            Head must be hat

          • Smayo

            NP. But I took my HAT off, my HEAD I rather keep if you don’t mind 😉

          • tuby

            Haha lol it was a typo.

        • Yeah

          That Aachen maps absolutely blows. Easily one of the worst cod maps in history.

      • jt3z

        Ouch what an insult. Doesnt change the fact that im right. Ace’s suggestion would do a lot for the game. Hoping the hit detection and hit markers are just part of the beta

        • Smayo

          Watching that video, I’m even more convinced that this division thing they implemented is going to be WW2 MP Achillesheel. Just a few hours into weekend 2 and I’m already done with it. I can’t help it but I don’t feel the need for grinding in this game.

          I can’t understand why of all things this is the thing they changed. I rather had a one on one copy of any previous CoD CaC than this divisions system.

          • jt3z

            Yeah its way way too limiting. Hoping they at least do what Ace suggested.

        • ccrows

          After all this time playing the beta, and now watching that, yeah I like that idea and hope that SH is open to using it.

          ^ As Ace said in the vid, it’s the good compromise between Pick10 and Divisions…

          • jt3z

            Yep Divisions is just way too limiting atm.

          • ccrows

            Here’s a bigger problem. My initial complaint earlier was only about not being able to use suppressor across the board, but what if they ever buff the footsteps?

            It’s like Infantry and Mountain (Ghost + DS) are the 2 Divisions that I see myself using the most.

            Bottom line – ANYTHING can change in this game that would send the community to a different division, and you should have a crossover of at least 1 item if you completed the entire Division…

          • jt3z

            Exactly. All we can hope for is they change it in some way. The current iteration is going to ruin the game. Map design is also quite bad in the maps shown so far.

          • ccrows

            Here’s the thing with the maps, I get that they are chaotic, but if they are too simplistic of 3 lane, then that ruins “flow” as well, because people just post up and headglitch.

            I do hate the new one ‘Aachen”. It just reminds me too might of Nightfire (maybe not as dark, but it does have more clutter)

            The other 2 maps, honestly I’m OK with…

          • jt3z

            The only one i was fine with was the snow forest map. The others, especially the new one were just huge clusterfucks where on would get shot in a million different directions. I dont mind the 3 lane maps as they were predictable. Even if some was head glitching you knew exactly where they were and could counter them somewhat well. These tight maps are also way too tight meaning you wont see anything but smg’s which is unfortunate.

          • ccrows

            “The only one i was fine with was the snow forest map.”

            ^ I still have yet to play that map. It wasn’t in the rotation when I was playing earlier. I’d love to give that map a try, but going in and out of lobbies I could never get it to pop up.

            “These tight maps are also way too tight meaning you wont see anything but smg’s which is unfortunate.”

            ^ Agree. SMGs right now rule the roost.

            It’s kinda funny that WAW got ripped for being too much “MP40 of duty”. Yet here we are with SMGs dominating in the return to WWII…

          • jt3z

            Never did play Waw but yeah i dont want it to be only an smg game. Looks like they took the snow forest map out of the rotation as it had some bugs. Lets just hope the data they get from this beta shows that this game needs some large changes before Nov 3rd.

          • ccrows

            Here a funny thing. I just jumped back in, and I finally got the snow map. That map is pretty cool, I can see why you like it so much… lol

  • To that guy who gave me a IW beta code for free a while back, if you’re still around let me know if you need one.

  • BradyAlucard

    So many sweats ATM. Makes the game unenjoyable.

    • tuby

      I still can get good games. Do you play on PlayStation?

      • BradyAlucard


        • tuby

          Me too. Maybe you can go tryhard also

          • BradyAlucard

            I could try camping lol, but where’s the fun in that? I’m a rusher. We’ll see.

  • Open?!?

    • The Gaming Revolution

      Still private

  • Map

    The new city map they added in is absolutely garbage.

    • reamerb .

      I agree, Its so underwhelming.

    • The Gaming Revolution

      I got that map my first game on and thought that WWII sucked, and then I got the map with the trenches and I was happy again

    • ccrows

      It may not be as dark as Nightfire, (DLC1 map from WAW for those that don’t know) but IMO it kinda has that Nightfire vibe to it.

      Also, the only map that I’m not really feeling ATM… *shrugs*

      • Map

        Nightfire was actually good and you had choice and more movement options to which way you wanted to go and you had some good sniping points. This Aachen map in the other hand seems to be like almost a 2 lane map and forces you to go one way. When I seen the map I thought it was going to play like Havana from bo1 or kinda like crossfire but no it’s an absolute cluster fuck and you get spawn killed a lot. The only map I like is Gibraltar. Pointe de Hoc is a cluster fuck to, not as bad as Aachen but still pretty bad. I hope the other maps at launch are good

        • ccrows

          Play Aachen with a SMG using FMJ, and get back to me. You won’t really notice the clutter that much anymore… (and the clutter was really the only beef that I had with that map)

          • Map

            Played the map loads with every gun and still sucks. The layout of the map is just bad in general and you have the bit where the enemy can jump down from but you can climb up next to the elevator to flank them and there for forces you to go the other way. The map is linear as hell and so bad.

          • Jon

            I disagree. I find the map quite fun. It takes time to learn how to play a map and anticipate how you think others will run it.

  • Yans

    If anyone has a spare beta code for the Xbox they can hook a homie up with I would greatly appreciate it [email protected]

    • The Gaming Revolution

      With the amount of bots on this site I really don’t think you should be throwing your email around like that

      • Yans

        Not my main email bro just made it but good looks anyways

        • The Gaming Revolution

          Any luck getting a code?

  • Stephen

    Just a heads up to everyone who pre-ordered threw a retailer sign into your Call of Duty account online and go to the beta website your code will be there.

  • Verdict

    The game is mediocre, maps are all pretty small and not the greatest. SMGs dominate and the class system is pretty pants and a downgrade. Sound is good, can’t hear foot steps though. City map is prob one of the worst cod maps ever. Like the feel of the guns.

    • Negative

      SMGs dominate? you must have not seen the STG44

      • ccrows

        Oh I’ve gotten the STG leveled up a lot.

        You must have never met Mr Waffle yet (especially paired with Mrs Silencer)… lol

  • ccrows

    *Random Thoughts*

    * Maps are too early to judge. Even with all the ways in and out of a room, it doesn’t mean that they are always gonna play that way. There’s always dead zones, and if it’s too simple 3 lanes, then people would be complaining about headglitching.

    * Combat, yeah this is beta, but I feel like it will get better over time. AKA not
    even perfect at launch, but will be much better than now.

    Can’t say I’m really a fan. The fact that you can only put a silencer
    on a SMG is just gonna keep me primarily in the Airborne class. They
    made this to avoid cookie cutter loadouts, but “indirectly” it keeps
    pushing me towards a cookie cutter loadout, which IMO kinda defeated the
    purpose of Divisions in the first place.

    The menu system in Divisions, needs work. Casuals will struggle with this out of the gate. Pick 10 was much easier for casuals to pickup and grasp on day 1.

    Random Complaint Can we turn off the bayonet grunt before matches
    start? I’m already sick of hearing that audio file, it’s already overkill and annoying on day 1. It’s like hearing the same joke over and over.

    Overall First Impression – SH needs to find a way to put suppressor on more
    guns other than SMGs, and give Airborne a different trait. AKA just make it a normal gun attachment for more guns.

    ^ If they can do that, then IMO we’ll see more class diversity after month one. If not, then I see the community eventually complaining that there’s too much Airborne out there… JMO

    • I’m still at work so haven’t tried the beta yet, but I laughed hard when you said “Can we turn off the bayonet grunt before matches start?” You know that 9 months from now, you will still have little kids doing that.

      • ccrows

        I mean, you’re gonna know how many squeakers that you have on your team. Like after my first match, I was like, “I hope this doesn’t become a thing”.

        A few matches in, and seeing level 15’s and 20’s still doing it. Yup, squeakers… 😉

    • captain obvious

      call of duty is casual – it’s a game for casuals. so, yeah, they’d better make customization casual-friendly.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    The hit detection and connections are garbage, the maps are all horrible, and the divisions system sucks just as much as I thought it would. So many “perks” (might as well just call them that) in the game and you can only ever use just one. Gotta use that one single perk slot just for the ability to have a launcher? Really? Also the friendly shell shock from grenades and streaks is extremely annoying

    Really had high hopes for this game. Some stuff they’ll fix, but I don’t see them changing the Divisions system at this point.


    • jt3z

      Yea i feel the same way. Only way i see me playing a few months let alone a year is if they do what Xclusive Ace suggested and allow us to choose a random perk when we max a division out.

    • Yeah, I’m in agreement for the most part. I have seen some ending kill cams that just make me cringe, especially with snipers. I’m talking about shots that land a foot away from a person’s shoulder and they still die LOL. I’m still enjoying playing it, but that’s probably because the game is fresh at the moment. Like jt3z also commented in reply to you, I’m struggling to see myself staying engaged for very long if they don’t make some changes (not just fixes, but changes)

    • Sadly I’m gunna have to agree with ya also, game looked extremely promising but has turned out disappointing for me imo.

      Anyone that is about to state that it’s just the beta and things will probably change/improve can piss off, the game comes out in like 2 months, like they are really going to rework the game as a whole within that time duration, the game is literally near completion and potentially hardly anything I’m about to mention is going to be something they’ll change/improve by launch.

      I really don’t feel this game whatsoever, the only thing I really kind of like is the UI.

      Maps are freakin’ terrible and feels like Sledgehammer really didn’t know what to do with them, like there is literally nothing I like and can get to enjoy with any of these maps, the layouts are freaking crap.

      The whole redone create a class system is nothing but a messy version of how it was back in the COD4 days, I don’t get the overall point of these divisions? They are literally PERKS that you have to unlock via a separate level system which is for your division and you get 3-4 on top of the additional one you can get pick yourself (basic training).

      Not a fan of the streaks in this game, they’ve attempted to nerf the molotovs by giving you one instead of two and nerfing the damage a little bit – making it literally useless as a scorestreak unless you have a direct shot on someone (well from my experience anyway), not exactly a rewarding scorestreak and should literaly just be a lethal instead x_x

      Guns aren’t really anything impressive, I mean some of them are ok and I can use some of them but fuck me why the fuck do I lose gun battles countless times even when I’m the first to shoot and even close up, like what the fuck?

      I’ve tried adapting to tactical and going slow and shit but majority of the time I’m close up and first shot I get fucking destroyed no matter the fuck what!!

      Anyone else think the sniper rifles are a bit OP as well? I don’t really give a fuck about them as much as I can fucking destroy the camping cunts who use them regardless but fuck me.

      This game does not keep me glued or interested, I played last weekend on Thursday and Friday and just gave up for the rest of the weekend.

      I understand people didn’t like the who advanced movement system but fuck me going to world war 2/the past was a fucking mistake, there isn’t much you can do with it without pissing off the fan base.

      Hopeful for next COD being a modern one or a futuristic one with boots on the ground movement.

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    i wonder why?, i play BO3 and 4 bars, i play WW2, no bars and LAG EVERYWHERE
    and the hit detection… wtf dude, the bullet arrives 3 seconds after i fire…

    • I just canceled my pre-order, very disappointed, another year playing BO3, OW and R6S

      • Negative

        lol ok bye

        • You’re so positive with this game

          • Jon

            Its the Beta. Its not the finished “polished” retail version yet. I have played a lot of Beta’s over the years that were terrible, but the final released product was great.

          • w

            Well if they fix and polish the game then he and I will probably end up buying it… so i don’t blame him for canceling his pre-order.

  • ghosts sucks

    This game looked so awesome but to play it is meh. Create a class is not very good, guns are out of balance. Don’t have many bad things to say. Just isn’t “exciting”. Hope Treyarch has something up there sleeves or SHG zombies is good

  • noahgoa

    Didn’t pre-order this year so I don’t have a code. Feel free to dm me on twitter @thenoahgoa if you have any extras, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • Beast Mode

    I know its the beta but this game is boring bro…be honest

    • ccrows

      Give it more time, (and yes this game needs work) but as you keep leveling up, this game definitely grows on you.

      Hands down the best “boots” game (IDC MWR since it was a remaster) since BO2…

      • MVParalyse

        I prefer the beta alone over MWR haha

      • w

        you keep saying that but i reached the level cap and it’s still boring. I guess different strokes for different folks.

    • iAgree

      Yeah, reached level 22 and bored already, the whole division thing is a step backwards, still don’t get why they decided to get rid of then create a class/pick 10 system which was a staple in cod MP. Maps are ass as well, so maybe that’s a factor in why the game gets boring

  • ThereseGJones

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  • ccrows

    They need to give Airborne a different trait, like “regen health faster”, and put suppressor as a standard gun attachment on more guns.

    Otherwise, if they ever buff footsteps, stealth class users would be too limited.

    This shouldn’t be that much to ask, just give the ARs a huge range penalty if needed, but suppressor shouldn’t be limited to just Airborne and SMGs… (IMO)

  • Not sure yet, it’s more flawed than I hoped after the first impressions were so positive from the CoD community. Issues I’ve had so far:

    1. I’ve encountered 2 kinds of people – people that use SMGs, and a couple of people that use snipers. That’s it. SMGs seem so OP when I’m using a heavy, unload a few shots into someone and they fire off a couple rounds from the PPSH and I’m dead. Seems a bit unbalanced.

    2. Maps, just not feeling them at the minute.

    3. Snipers also seem pretty OP, especially on the War map where I just seem to get constantly quickscoped before I even get chance to see where the shots are coming from. Then again I guess in games like AW and BO3 where everything is so vibrant and colourful it’s a lot easier to spot them.

    Other than that the game looks and feels nice, and the menu, intros etc are a lot nicer.

    • ccrows

      This game has that I hate it at first but tends to grow on you feeling.

      However, there’s still plenty of tweaks (I’ve already mentioned them) that IMO would make this game even better than it is now… JMO

      • I totally agree, my first 2 games using HMGs were so damn annoying but after a while I got my stride and it got fun, especially War.

        I was like that with WaW, after playing CoD4 to death going into the WaW beta I absolutely hated it, but I ended up buying it and it turned out to be my favourite of the series.

      • Smayo

        Disagree, games like Mw2 and Bo1 just grabbed me instantly and didn’t let go until the next installment got released. My first game on this game was somewhat fun and I even went positive k/d wise. But after 2 days on the 2nd weekend I’m already done with it.

        Yesterday I rather watched season 3 of Narco’s on netflix then hopping on WW2. A thing unimaginable back in the day of Bo1 because it was so addictive.

    • Thif

      Everyone seems to use a SMG or STG. Think I’ve only seen one person use an LMG and I’m level 23. There is just no reason to use an LMG, there is no benefit to it and all the maps play small and cater to SMG gun play. Super dissapointed with this game. Also is is just me or does the engine feel really outdated? The sounds are good apart from foot steps but the game engine seems dated as hell and the should invest in a new more modern engine imo

      • I know, LMGs/HMGs have always been my favourite class too, it’s a shame. I did after a while get pretty good with the second and got some good streaks in but still, SMGs are fast, powerful and reload quickly, there’s no reason to use anything else except maybe Snipers for long range. The Lewis gun was absolutely terrible, I barely got a single kill with it.

  • ccrows

    On a side note, I hope they add a D-Day map. I don’t care if it’s as one sided/unbalanced as Mission from MW3, I just want it.

    Oh and pleeeeease a map somewhat like Makin…

  • Kyle Moses

    They should just make the paratroopers scorestreak Kamikaze bombers. I mean the game is historically inaccurate as it is. What’s one more fun addition 😉

  • XboxWon

    Can’t wait to play this game in glorious 4K 60 fps.

    • bob

      You’re getting this on PC?

  • Aidan

    This is the most fun I’ve had with CoD since Black Ops 2. This may end up being one of my favorite titles.

    • Jon

      I’m with you on that.

    • The Rabid One

      Agreed few games I played last night I actually had fun.

    • Smayo

      You don’t feel the lack of customizable options catering to your play style is going to make this game stale very soon ? I’m already completely done with any grinding atm and it’s only the beta ! Gun attachments are all the same and basic training perks are so watered down it’s hardly making any difference.

      And upon that, you really see the game is in desperate need of modernization. The engine hit registration can’t keep up anymore with the fast movement, most of my deaths come from enemies just out manoeuvres my bullets or simply press the jump button.

      This game just feel boring to me, I had such high hopes that this game would bring back the old MW2/Bo1 days, but it’s a huge let down. I canceled my pre order just this morning and wait and see what treyarch is bringing next year. Maybe I pick up WW2 eventually, but certainly not at full price.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Come on now. Everyone and their nan knows Call of Duty is never going to be like the MW2/Black Ops days. Don’t know why anyone would expect WWII to bring us back to them days, when it simply isn’t going to happen. I agree with some of your statements. While I am having fun with WWII so far, it’s slowly losing my attention and the bored feeling is kicking in. The design in certain areas, especially the Divisions system, is watered down, very basic and quite boring compared to the original Create-A-Class system. While MP seems better than previous years, it’s just like you said, it will become stale fast (although War mode will likely save it). Guess I’m gonna stick to being excited for the Campaign and WWII Zombies.

        • Smayo

          Campaign is 6 hours of gameplay. Zombies is 1 level, unless you’re willing to pay for the season pass/DLC. Not worth $60 for that alone don’t you think ?

          CoD is MP. And yes it is better than last year, but it would be an accomplishment on its own if it wasn’t so. I’m aware it’s never going back to the old days, but at least they can try to get half of the addictiveness and fun factor of those games.

          You’re saying it yourself, you are already starting to lose interest… and we’re just 7 days in the beta if you count last week to. 7 days ! On a game that could get you hooked for an entire year…

  • hungryandrew

    I’ll stick to Battlefield 1 thanks.

    • tuby

      Ok nobody cares

      • hungryandrew

        You cared enough to reply you little cock sucker.

        • tuby

          Fuck you butthurt shemale ass fucker. Only a dumbass like you want to point out that he likes b attlefield more on a cod forum.just like i said nobody cares your preference you black penis lover lol

          • hungryandrew

            Shemale, black penises? Somebody is living in a closet, time for you to come out. Where all that come from. I feel bad for your father, he has a sissy as a child.

          • Jon

            Don’t let this kid troll you. He can’t even afford next gen consoles. He is still trying to get the golden gun in GoldenEye 007

  • Kim Jong-un

    Wainting for the 2018 Treyarch COD.
    Black Ops 3 year 3 for me.

  • Kim Jong-un

    CTF and Hardpoint but no SnD?
    Sledgehammer are officially retarded.

  • ThisGuy

    Welp. Hit the beta cap on the first day.

    • The Rabid One

      Someone was busy.

  • Tammy Lynn

    PS4 beta codes that I don’t need:

    Friend Code: L86C-DNNH-5CRQ
    Friend Code: FN3P-NHNM-97K9

    • ccrows

      I didn’t use them but thanks…

  • KnightOfYang

    Not sure if anyone knows. But I got sent two extra beta tokens to hand out to friends. Everyone should check their email to see if they got it also.

  • reamerb .

    Anyone got a spare xbox code?

  • reamerb .

    Your Playstation code: 93TM-BJNL-4PQN
    Your Playstation code: 6JGD-APNP-FPHB

    For anybody that needs some.

    • kukuluku

      thank you so much! i used the first code

      • reamerb .

        No probs.

  • Richard Sosa


    reply to me if you got beta accses for xbux 🙂

    • reamerb .

      Thanks 😀

      • Richard Sosa


        • reamerb .

          Yer, It worked 😀

  • ScOott

    Where everyone getting spare beta codes from ?

    • reamerb .

      They sent two beta codes for friends.

      • Smayo

        I just got one code

  • AlexK489

    You know what’s bugging me the most about the beta?
    People are playing this like ROYAL douchecanoes.
    You know how many times i’ve caught people in Domination trying to literally run behind my team’s spawn with an SMG so we can get sprayed down?
    Or sitting in the most rediculous LITERAL corner to get some cheap kills? AKA some of the MANY reasons why i wanted to leave WWII shooters behind?
    Like to even feel remotely useful during any game at all, i feel like I HAD to be running a class with either Ordinance or Requisitions in my Basic Training just to even ATTEMPT to gain a kill streak.
    It’s rediculous.