UPDATE: Michael Condrey has posted on Reddit what the team at SHG is working on after Day 3 of the WWII Beta Weekend 2.

Here’s the text of what he posted on Reddit, which includes some details on possible map changes, TDM score updates, weapon feedback, and more:

  • As you know, we added a new mode to the Mosh Pit playlist – Kill Confirmed. For those of you who haven’t yet played, we encourage you to hop in and try it out! Mosh brings all of the fan favorite modes, now including KC. Its a great boots on the ground game mode, and the match data we’re getting is really helpful. So please be sure to spend some time in Mosh today.
  • We’ve also noticed a number of you commenting that raising the PT score to 100 for TDM might be sub optimal. This was a community ask, and it felt like a good time to compare it to weekend one. We’ve spent nearly 3 years playing, and 75 felt better to us. By the end of weekend 2, we’re looking to lock the decision, so please let us know your thoughts.
  • Some of you have expressed concern about the range play needed for the Aachen map. Personally, I enjoy Aachen within the larger map rotation we play at SHG. That said, we’re listening and may make some map changes as a result. Thanks again for staying constructive, it really helps!
  • Many of you have commented that you love the changes we’ve made to sprint-out to ADS times. We’re glad we were able to improve this and that you’re enjoying it much more. We’re talking about flinch tuning as well, though we don’t have anything concrete to share yet.
  • The M1928 is getting a lot of love. It is one of the most iconic weapons of WWII, and it’s great to see it in match. We’re glad you are enjoying playing with it. It’s a popular SMG at the studio. Though not the most popular. The Airborne Division prestige unlock weapon is pretty gassed.
  • A lot of you have expressed that you love the main menu music. Thank you so much for noticing all the extra creative touches we’ve added. We had a lot of amazing recording sessions with a phenomenal orchestra at a premier symphony location in Nashville. I know they will be glad to hear about all the positive reactions the music is receiving!
  • At 10am PST morning, we’re rolling out an update that includes an important fix to some audio timing on weapon fire rates. There is no actual changes to the weapon tuning, but the audio may sound different on certain weapons. Looking forward to your thoughts once it’s live.

Via Reddit

In a new Reddit post, Michael Condrey has shared some updates following Day 2 of Weekend 2 of the WWII Beta. His full comments are viewable here, but in this article we wanted to share some of the bigger highlights.

Based upon fan feedback from the WWII Beta, Sledgehammer Games has announced they have made adjustments to the Hitmarker feedback for launch and are also working on flinch adjustments. Alongside this, there are many new control options will be coming to the game at launch:

  • Bumper Jumper
  • Bumper Jumper Tactical
  • Stick and Move
  • Charlie
  • One-Hand Gunslinger
  • Scout
  • N0M4D L3F7Y
  • Brawler
  • Beast

All of the items listed above are coming for the game’s launch in November. For the beta, on Saturday, SHG will be rolling out updates to MP Beta with adjustments to ADS timing out of sprint based upon feedback.

Condrey also shared that all of the different maps in the final game will cater to different types of play styles and divisions. He shared few details on some new maps, which aren’t available in the beta.

It is important to us that throughout the maps coming at launch, players will experience iconic battle locations and face a variety of layouts to master. Flak Tower, which we showed at the Gamescom Competitive Exhibition is also very different from the Gustav Cannon, which we showed in the MP Reveal Trailer. So, get some time in on all five of the iconic Divisions in the MP Beta this weekend, you’ll want to have each ready to join the fight in November.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • ghosts sucks

    Bring back pick 10 creat-a-class

    • Reevy

      Nah it’s fine how it is

      • Thomas the Tankswag

        There’s so little customisation now though, cod has always been good because of the create a class.

        I wouldn’t bring back pick 10, i thought it made grenades and some perks too weak. Instead id make it so that your division training was customisable, being able to pick from 2 trainings from each tier (tier 1 would stay the same). For example, tier 2 of airborne is longer sprint time i believe, instead id make it choice of faster sprint recharge and longer sprint time.

        • BradyAlucard

          It serves its purpose, but you’re right. I like Divisions because they remind me of the very first CoD games, but some people are disappointed because they’re going back, but to me, it fits with that “going back to roots” philosophy.

          • Thomas the Tankswag

            I didn’t really enjoy CoDs roots. I’d rather it went back to the high points of the series which, for me (and i think most people), is the modern warfare series and bo1+2.

            Infinity ward should just make an MW2 about Ghost and his crew, it’s the only thing that’ll sell after Ghosts and Infinite Warfare.

          • BradyAlucard

            It’s essentially the same system as those games, though, except it feels more like pre-selections than customization because you don’t get to choose things individually.

            Then again, it’s a beta. You can definitely customize your whole soldier like in AW, so who knows how the final Divisions system will be? I just don’t like Pick 10 because it feels like i’s inspired by e-Sports and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so I may be coming from a biased perspective.

          • Thomas the Tankswag

            It’s better than pick 10 for sure, i just don’t like it as it is. They either need to let us customise the tiers, or give us 2 basic training picks.

          • Nah

            Cod roots would be normal perk system where you can choose whatever perk you want and not be locked into a class. Divisions are a step back from the perk system and create a class system that made cod4 so iconic and great. And if you want to go back to proper roots then it would be no create a class and then health pick ups around the map but that wouldn’t really work in today’s gaming of cod

          • BradyAlucard

            CoD roots is actually in CoD 2, where it was vastly different and very much like Divisions, but I digress. If you ask me, this is the second best system behind Pick 10, even better than MW1 and 2. I didn’t like it at first, but I came to like the change because the players don’t feel so overpowered.

          • BradyAlucard

            BUT there wasn’t enough customization in the beta and that worries me.

        • Dunny iv

          COD 2 never had create-a-class and that’s the best COD game.

          • Thomas the Tankswag

            Cod 1-3 were average games, COD4 was the first good cod

          • Dunny iv

            Pathetic comment from someone who’s probably under the age of 15 and only enjoys games with good graphics.

          • Not really

          • Dunny iv

            Not really what?

          • Well less of a “Not Really” and more of a I disagree with COD2 being the best COD. In hindsight it was a poor choice of words and unrelated to your point, nevermind.

    • ccrows

      100% Agree that we need Pick 10 brought back next year with Treyarch.

      Divisions at this stage of the game is here to stay for COD WWII, but there is still time to tweak it (try to find some compromises). AKA give more guns suppressor as a standard attachment, and hive Airborne a different skill.

      ^ Which I am glad that the community has also been pretty vocal about getting suppressors on more guns over the past couple of days as well.

      If Condrey actually listens to community feedback about Divisions, then great.

      Otherwise (IMO) it will make Vahn’s decision next year to go back to the tried and true pick 10 easier… (which there is more than enough time to use pick 10 in Trey 2018, if it’s not already being used)

      • Batman


  • Really happy to see SHG fixing ads time out of sprint. Was definitely something that needed to be adjusted.

  • Frank Rizzo

    DOA. This game is shite. Cannot think of one positive thing to say about it. Sad.

    • Wetty Fap – Not The 3rd

      -reached max level in infinite warfare

      • Paultry Zombies

        That’s Hilarious!! ?

  • I don’t see myself staying with this game really…. Maybe when it’s like $20 I’ll pick it up used than refund it when I’ve completed SP and had my fill of ZM.

    • same i’m getting it when its on sale

    • BradyAlucard

      It’s not bad, just not a day one buy for me either.

    • Adam Luna

      Its because your a broke ass foo tjat cant afford it lol ca mon man 60$ aint nothing

      • CarolineGJensen

        Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
        On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four
        weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

        • How the fuck hasn’t Disqus still figured out a way to filter this spammy cancer

      • Aha that claim might of had some merit to it if I didnt get Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare Day 1 onto of the little extra bonuses they gave if you gave them more money and was here to talk about my experience. $60 is basically nothing, and from what I’ve experienced COD WW2 isn’t even worth that much.

  • Diego Diniz

    The major problem is: HIT DETECTION IS BROKEN!
    We must hear every single shot hitting the enemy!
    Killing is not satisfying with this inconsistent TTK and hit detection shown in the beta!

    • Charlie

      I agree hope it gets fixed.

  • Diego Diniz

    1) War mode is AWESOME
    2) Hit detection is HORRIBLE
    3) Airborne Division dominate the Game (no reason to use another Division – unlimited sprint could fix it)
    4) The Game feels BORING after 3 days playing it…

    • I use Mountain Division for Ghost Perk

    • From the couple days playing it, it’s impossible to enjoy if you use anything but Assault and SMG, it’s sad really. Was so excited for this game but at the minute it isn’t looking promising

      • Charlie

        You do know that all the sweaty players pre ordered the game right? Wait until the christmas noobs come around

      • Batman

        What? its the first cod game in years that has variety

        Snipers and LMGs are amazing if you know how to use them

        Shotguns suck tho

        • LMGs were too weak from my experience. When you’re up against a tonne of people with OP SMGs it’s practically impossible to have a decent LMG game most of the time

        • Dunny iv

          Shotguns only suck because you don’t know how to use then. The first Shotgun you unlock is the best and is even better when used as a secondary weapon for CQC.

    • Astric


    • Ed

      Agreed. There is barely any customization, no real perk system, and the radar/ uav shouldnt really exist or work as well as it does being a ww2 game. It just feels out of place.

      • Qaotik

        You just described world at war

    • ccrows

      If you’re constantly playing the War mode, no wonder why you’re already bored. I got bored playing that after 2 games.

      I’m glad that it’s a new feature, but that’s like almost zombies repetitive for me. I need that constant change of maps, and out thinking my opponent to keep playing… *shrugs*

      • BradyAlucard

        If you find Zombies repetitive, try playing Spec Ops and Survival again. Awful. I’ll just play Campaign if I wanted another shooting gallery against human AI.

        Repetition is really the only bad thing about Zombies. War is great, casual MP gameplay and I like what I’ve played.

    • Peggasi

      Infantry is good, extra magazines, and 3rd attachment, plenty off people use it.

    • Infantry defintely holds a candle to Airborne. Extra ammo and multiple attachments? Yes please.

    • Batman

      What the actual fuck?

      Infantry & mountain are just as good as airborne if not better

  • GinsuVictim

    I’m usually a CoD fan no matter what, but I hate this game so far. I’ll pick it up on sale later, but right now, totally not into this one.

    • ccrows

      I’m not a fan of SH or this new Division system, but I can still honestly say that I’m having more fun in the WWII Beta (even with all the combat bugs ATM) than I ever did in AW.

      It will be interesting to see how serious Condrey is about community feedback “that can realistically be changed” between now and launch.

      As popular as Vahn is, I don’t think he’s enjoying the pressure that sits on his shoulders every 3 years… 🙁

    • Buruck Obuma

      can you explain why?

      • Elite Predator

        Every body has his preference. He may not like the pace of this game. He might prefer Infinite Warfare’s feel and pace, it’s chaotic ness over WW II’s consistent and challenging maps, and variety of play styles. He might not like challenge. He might like easy maps, with fun playthrough. He might not like thinking critically about his next move or how to maneuver strategically paced. I love this game, and by far everything about it over Infinite Warfare, and I liked the futuristic movement in AW and BO III. That’s my take, preference, and opinion.

        • ScOott

          I like the game, played it a ton, n will be picking up at launch, but the Divison system is a step back from anything we had before, even the older CoDs u had more of a choice to personalise ur loadout … not taking anything away from it, best CoD in a very long time, n im greatful il have a CoD to play this year, but i really cant see how u can defend the Divison system ..

          • Elite Predator

            Na, that started in Black Ops 2. Don’t quote me on MW 3, I have less than one Prestige on that game but I remember it’s maps were better than Black Ops 2 from my judgment now. Three lane gets repetitive. The way Infinity Ward used to handle their maps was at Ghosts… Infinite Warfare dropped down because during this course in production, who knows who they fired knowingly that Activision formed Neversoft and from some the maps they made in Ghosts were too large, but had strategy shit I still have Cod Ghosts stored in my hard drive and still play it to this day.. as well with a phase on Black Ops III, AW, and even Infinite Warfare. I like all of them, the two before Infinite scored better tho. My issue on Infinite Warfare is several things but the maps being the biggest one. Although, I even from time to time enjoy that one. Black Ops 1, and revisiting BO2 was fun. I’m talking back in Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2 was what brought all that broken class system. And it stayed with us for years. Nobody appreciates the Division system. It’s so beautifully done, and it’s sad that isn’t even recognized

    • ScOott

      Wow cant belive u dont like it dude .. never thought id see this day … how can u like some of the newer CoDs over this, part from the lack of customization for guns n perks, this is pretty decent if u ask me … esipcially over a game like IW that was so unbalnced it felt broken, i gave up week 2 cuz the gun fights were too inconsistent, this plays really well tho …

  • ssgss vegito

    In the full game add a 25 or 30 kill nuke and nerf the smgs a bit also fix the spawn’s

    • darren dilliway

      Nuke?Atom bomb, perhaps.Nukes weren’t invented!

      • Charlie


        • darren dilliway

          I concede!Should’ve Googled first! 😉

  • I won’t be buying this game at launch, someone else will end up buying it for me.

    Not a fan of it at all, I wasn’t a big fan of BO3 but man I don’t regret going back to it and playing it this weekend,

    The divisions shit is absolutely fucking terrible, I was all up for the change but man they’ve fucked up the perk system, these division things ARE perks, except you have to level up the division to unlock them instead of leveling your player, you get 3-4 perks and then 1 you can choose yourself. WHAT THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH JUST CALLING THEM PERKS AND USING THE PICK 10 SYSTEM OR WHATEVER?!?!

    Divisions are fucking useless, it’s a way to punish you for the type of playstyle you want to play by restricting you from using certain “perks”/division abilities with specific shit.

    I’m thankful specialist weapon shit is gone though

    I honestly didn’t think I’d hate this game, I loved the look of it and it turns out it’s just another overhyped piece of shit that the big YouTubers are hyping up, especially that annoying crack rat whiteboy7st or whatever.

    • Former

      I don’t think Whiteboy can be considered a big Youtuber anymore. That boy fell off hard.

      • Can’t fucking stand him, he thinks he’s some saviour of COD the crack head

        • Former

          I’ll admit I watched and enjoyed him years ago – he could be funny sometimes. Other times he’s just cringey and obnoxious.

        • BradyAlucard

          I’ve watched him on and off since MW2. He’s probably doing it as an act to troll people, or to characterize himself to get views. At least he’s more honest than he used to be.

    • ccrows

      I’m not trying to stick up for COD Youtubers here, but keep in mind that “the bigs” get invited to play this game on LAN. So their initial impression will always be better than an online beta.

      Some are now see the flaws in this beta, but BO3 had a ton of flaws as well. (scorestreak hacking, OP Razerbacks and M8’s, and Rejack everywhere – along with an insanely high lag comp setting)

      I trust Vahn a lot more than Condrey (actually a whole lot more lol), but IMO it’s still not fair to truly judge this game until it gets launched…

  • Smayo
  • Marth Lowell

    With this being my first BotG game aside from MWR, I may see myself playing IW more this year. Now I don’t mind the WWII theme and no jetpacks but the game itself feels very tough to get into, especially how slow the pace is. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a scrub at CoD since CoD is where I go to play and relax since It’s difference from other FPS. I also know some people may like the challenge but I’m not looking for that in a multiplayer game. If I want a challenge I would play games at a competitive level. I’m still excited for WWII, but hopefully Treyarch will have a Modern times CoD in 2018 since I’m a huge Modern day FPS buff.

  • lunator100hd .

    I dont play the beta, is it true that you cant see the enemy team in pre-game lobby?

    • ccrows

      It’s basically a group of soldiers huddling around and then they get shuffled into 2 teams as the match starts. Keep in mind that this is an early build. and there isn’t any ping bars in it. I’m pretty confident that Ping bars will be in the launch version…

      • lunator100hd .

        SHG had some stupid ideas for another year.

        • ccrows

          Condrey is that “hipster kid” that tries to be different just for the sake of being different.

          That can be good or bad, but “You better know what you’re doing” if you want to make big changes with the COD Community.

          Look at it this way, no matter how good or bad COD WWII is this year, at least we have Vahn and Treyarch to look forward to next year… (and I trust Vahn a whole lot more than Condrey)

          • BradyAlucard

            I just find that Sledgehammer cares about e-Sports than public players, it’s as if the entire game is built around that cancerous environment and it just makes the game terrible.

          • Dunny iv

            Treyarch haven’t made a good game game since Black Ops 1.

  • darren dilliway

    I’m enjoying it, with a few problems.(1)Lack of classes/customisation.I know they’re trying to be old school, but it just feels ‘wrong’.(2)Piss poor graphics.Almost old-gen in appearance, please tell me they’re going to be better on release?(3)Hit detection is terrible.

    • ccrows

      I’m OK with the graphics TBH. I think they need to tone it down a little bit on purpose at launch, otherwise the game will have frame rate issues if Activision stuffs the box “too much” with SD bloat…

      • darren dilliway

        Fair enough.I’m just annoyed at seeing flames consisting of blocks of pixels :D!

        • ccrows

          I feel ya from where you’re coming from, but I think devs (at least for the rest of this gen) are gonna need to reserve space.

          I love BO3, and still play it, but there are times that random frame rate drops started happening here and there after Activision just kept stuffing that box… 🙁

        • BradyAlucard

          I haven’t had a good look at fire FX so I have no idea what you’re talking about. I think the lighting that emits from it is pretty cool.

          • darren dilliway

            Are you on Xbox or Ps4?On the Xbox, they look like shit.

          • BradyAlucard

            PS4. Main difference is probably in resolution but the PS4 IS the primary developed system, so it may look better I’m not sure. It’s a beautiful game on my end.

          • PS4 is the primary developed system? 😕

          • BradyAlucard

            For CoD, yes. It’s ported over to the other systems from the PS4 version of the game.

          • Jon

            I disagree. I am on Xbox and it looks great.

      • BradyAlucard

        I have no idea what he’s talking about. They’re better than BO3’s and BO3 was the best-looking CoD game graphically speaking.

    • BradyAlucard

      Let me ask you this… Are you seeing okay? Because you’re not seeing what I’m seeing. I’m seeing atmosphere that looks similar to BF1, graphically speaking, and IQ is better than AW and IW. But does it look as good as BF1? Not really, and that’s fine, because no shooter is going to match Frostbite.

      Similar doesn’t mean equal FYI.

    • Former

      Graphics look pretty damn great. Remember it’s supposed to be gritty, not finely polished such as Bo3.

      I somewhat agree with the divisions. I think if they let you pick two basic trainings, that would be perfect.

      Hit detection may be bad but that could just be the servers being overloaded. Betas are prone to connection issues every year.

  • BradyAlucard

    It’s not a bad game, certainly not better than BO2, not does it need to be. There’s nothing in the game that’s that ridiculous, really. Sweats are just people we need to deal with as always.

    • Charlie

      90% of people who pre ordered this game are sweats just wait until the christmas noobs come in.

      • Former

        I find potatoes all day on the beta. All I have to do is take a glance at my teammates.

  • snake56

    A FoV slider would be nice.

  • Chozen Trickz #Hype

    I want the snipers to all have aim assists,
    And I want the commonwealth a little stronger than how it is, the M1903 needs aim assists but the rest is fine and also nerf some guns they destroy everyone in 1-2 seconds

  • Michael Fleming

    i think there should ld stun the enemy
    be a knife 4 the melee or it should

  • John

    Bring back knifng!!!plzzzz

  • ghosts sucks

    TTK is horrible and inconsistent IMO. Guns are way out of balance. Assault rifles and LMG’s were useless. What I seen in the kill cam is not what I was seeing in game. I would see someone, start to aim then I was killed. In the kill cam, they seen me for a hot sec already. There was definitely a connection issue. They are going in the right direction for me. Bring back the pick 10 and the above and I’m a happy camper. No pun intended

  • DJSaviD

    I wish they would stop saying “boots on the ground” it’s obvious they’re only saying that because the community kept saying it leading up to the announcement of infinite warfare….

  • Maps Too Small

    The fact that Aachen is classed as a large map just shows you how much the maps in call of duty has changed. If Aachen was in say cod4, WaW, mw2, black ops and even mw3 it would be classed as a small map. I just don’t get why all these maps are small and I’m pretty sure they said that Gibraltar was their biggest map, yet to me it’s small/medium? I mean for instance Summit in bo1 was
    Classed as a small map and that’s bigger than Gibraltar. I feel cod will never be as good as it once was. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy ww2, it’s not a bad game but it’s not a good game either, it’s just meh from what I’ve played in the beta.

  • Blake Lee

    I am open to “change” in COD, i personally love almost everything about the game.

  • Iconic Yajji


    Please understand that sniping is not overpowered and it takes years and years to actually be good at it with or without aim assist in the game. Not everyone is good on day 1 and this takes so much enjoyment out of the game please look at these videos to try and understand some people who are not pamaj or Spratt or agony at non aim assist games.

  • Peewy 978

    Not Impressed! Just an Opinion…

  • Anyone else feel like this is the most competitive focused COD built in a while?