SHG has released a new update for the WWII Beta! The new update has increased the level cap, which has brought new content. Level cap is now 35.

Here’s everything that has been updated/new:

  • M1928 SMG
  • Two new basic training items: Instincts and Concussed
  • Flamethrower Scorestreak
  • Machine Pistol
  • Kill Confirmed mode added to Mosh Pit
  • Updates made to the ADS out of sprint timing

Stay tuned for the latest beta news!

  • Elite Predator

    Nice! I really haven’t been this confident about a Call Of Duty game being good since Black ops 3 so I know this game is going to launch successful

    • Thepsychoseries.

      No, no you don’t. Many people are canceling there pre orders. So it may not launch successful.

      • Elite Predator

        It doesn’t matter. Those are the players that aren’t giving it a chance to learn. Literally we just need to see longer range based LMGs and Snipers with ARs maps. But they have a nice twist with bringing back power positions across the maps. If there are any issues, such as hit detection or players feeling the game being ppsh and STG dominant I don’t feel that way. I can use anything on this game that just switches up play style uniquely set out through the maps, determines more what class you’ll switch to. The game feels more gritty and realistic like than the past few games although I appreciated the future games at each respectable times.

        • AlexK489

          Man i feel like we were playing 2 completely different games.
          I lose 90% of the gunfights i start, regardless of the gun i use. People play this game like royal douchebags; i’ve caught multiple people roaming behind my team’s spawn so they can cheap kills. I’ve had more people walk away from Incendiary Shells in shotguns than i care to admit.
          I could go on but i think you get the idea.

          And am i the only one who thinks it’s absolutely stupid that they have a division perk thing (which, while different, is frustrating) dedicated to staying off the enemy radar while you’re moving, but the minute you fire your weapon, you pop up on the map since you HAVE to be a different Division member just to have a silencer?

          • Batman

            Git gud and stop crying

          • Thomas Kleveland

            what this guy said

          • your sister’s keeper

            your sister refuses to follow that advice in real life and you have the gaul to say that in the context of a video game?! wow.

          • Agree with some of ur points. But I think we should wait till full release for final review.
            Looks like what I experienced so far, Hardcore mode is what lot of people will be playing in WW2.

          • AlexK489

            Now watch, they’ll only have like 2 game modes in Hardcore. Lol.

            But seriously, if this shit keeps up, i’m gonna reeeeally question why in the hell everyone wanted ANOTHER damn WWII.
            Most of this just feels so…different but in a bad way.

          • The Gaming Revolution

            I like the new system that forces you to chose between perks. With black ops 3 I felt like everyone was way too comfortable with their customization options. Like, being able to put 7 attachments on a gun was ridiculous because the point of attachments are to make you pick 1 or 2 enhancements, and if you wanted to you could pick 3 maximum by sacrificing another aspect of create a class. Or the perks, being able to carry 6 perks was way too many, even though you could only carry one weapon after you added all those perks. My point is that the craft of the game is so you don’t feel like walking jesus while playing with an over zealous load out. You have to choose between being silent when you shoot or off the recon map, because both at once would be too much for the style of the game.

          • Elite Predator

            Divisions is a preference. We’re going to have it any way. You might as well get used to it. Your first couple of issues you noted were some of the things I covered already.. it’s just the beta. I can’t judge a game in it’s beta condition, especially when it comes to feel of the game, weapons, sounds, maps, design, quality, strategy, consistency. Sure, I’ve experienced minor lag every once a while, but all that you’ve mentioned such as the hit detection are yet to be fixed. I have no problem engaging in gun battles with enemy players as a usual tho. It sounds like there’s something wrong with your connection bc if you’re experiencing 90% of your gun battles aren’t registering gun hits or lag, you might want to check your connection out and not blame your connection’s lack of MGB per second on the devs. Like I said, there is minor lag once a while but not every game or gun battle.. Everything I said is true, and I respect your opinion bcuz based on your approach with it. I really don’t have a problem with this game. I just hope in future titles we finally see an upgrade to the engine bcuz it really is outdated like sometimes when I’m looking at the screen of a YouTube gameplay I actually thought I was looking at Call Of Duty Black Ops I gameplay for a second… But other than that this game is fun, and across what I covered, all I can say really is that I’m finally excited for November bcuz I wasn’t hyped when they showed alpha footage. Give the game some time and you’ll begin to like it. It’s fun, with a variety of things to choose from, and the graphics are fine after all but it isn’t it’s strongest suit and Call Of Duty can certainly use a new engine in the future.

          • My Nan Is A nan

            Have you ever noticed you were bad at cod then. I am Max lvl on the beta and I shred people with a sniper and a machine pistol and your moaning about 1 on 1 gun fights?… I snipe at the back and use the machine pistol to rush

  • I thought they said it was 40?

    • Reevy

      It will be increased again tomorrow most likely, be patient

      • No I mean I thought they said the cap was 40 to begin with this weekend, I’m not playing the beta any further myself but was curious

        • ccrows

          It was a miscommunication. It’s 35 today, and 40 officially tomorrow…

  • Arron Dubbystep Cooper

    plus a new pistol they added aswell the “Machine Pistol”

  • Former

    Sprint out change saved this game for me. Rushing is actually viable now.

  • Arron Dubbystep Cooper

    the Level Cap gets increased to 40 over this weekend and they will more than likely add the MP-40 in the beta since it was in the alpha build so I’m sure we will see it soon. I think they need move the Molotov’s from being a score streak to being a normal grenade

    • djml9

      I disagree. I think the immediate natre of the molotov makes it really powerful and always having one is a little op. Ibdo think they should give 2 again, though.

      • The Gaming Revolution

        I think that if it didn’t instantly kill on contact then it would be a good grenade, similar to the thermite in BO3

        • Elite Predator

          I never equipped the thermite in Black Ops III. It was way too weak. Something used only to injure, but never actually was viable to pick as one of my options..

          • This ^. Thermite was a shite grenade. It was good for stopping people planting/defusing bombs but otherwise I barely ever managed a kill with it

  • Deadpool

    Yet another crap CoD. It’s so sad. Crap tiny linea maps with no flanking options, useless shotguns, its impossible to have the combination of perks that suit my playstyle. Useless silencers. Weak scorestreaks. Terrible hud and in-game menu design. And we still get regular lag. It’s been about 10 years and CoD is still plagued with lag. I wish CoD could get back to being great again. But WW2 is just a dull game that feels like it was made over 5 years ago.

    I know M1928 is its “official” name. But call it the name most people know it by for heaven’s sake! the Thompson

    • lunator100hd .

      Use incendiary ammo, most suckers rock with this thing.

    • Danny Plays CoD

      Why are you here complaining, don’t you have something better to do since your not even playing the game?

    • djml9

      “It’s impossible to have a combination of perks.”

      FTFY. “…that suits my playtyle” is extraneous as you cannot make any combination of perks. You only get 1.

    • ccrows

      The shotguns are anything but weak. lol

      The Winchester and M30 are both BEASTS especially depending on whether you prefer to hipfire or ADS. You need to get better with them, get map knowledge/map awareness down first, and you’ll see what I mean.

      If you buff them any more, they could be as OP as say the Brecci still is in BO3.

      Honestly though, some of my best gameplays/high streaks have ironically come from using shotguns instead of ARs SMGs…

      • AlexK489

        Meanwhile i pelt a dude at point blank with a double barrel with incendiary rounds and he walks away u scathed.
        There’s soooooo many things about this game that need tweaked and tuned and fixed.
        Too bad they can’t change the fuckin era the game is in.

        • ccrows

          “Meanwhile i pelt a dude at point blank with a double barrel with incendiary rounds and he walks away u scathed.”

          ^ It’s a BETA! BO3 had a garbage beta too in terms of gunfights, and that turned out to be a great game… (although TBH I do trust Vahn a lot more than Condrey, but that’s a whole other convo)

        • Elite Predator

          It sounds like you’re one of the new players. Idk why you have a turn off about the game’s setting or era but I couldn’t be more excited dude. I grew up around the era I was just a kid playing Call Of Duty games on the original Xbox. Every year! Every single cod game I played. And I know for a fact that this game is a thousand times better than Infinite Warfare. You don’t know about skill, power positions, gun recoil control, map design and it’s importance with how it affects and shapes your gameplay style. I’m not implying this game does the best job on all three of those but they added a nice twist bringing Black Ops 2 three lane design back with power positions, I hope this opens the door for a deeper experience with Treyarch next year. Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III were fun, and took certain amount of skill. But don’t ever diss a game based on it’s era. Especially the era this franchise started in. John Snow, you know nothing. I’m pretty sure Infinite Warfare had worse issues you go on defending every aspect of that noob friend of a game. That game took no skill it was absolutely and got, boring fast. You don’t even know who Activision was copying and targeting when they added wall running and jet packs. Respawn received quite a reception of 9,000,000 copies sold alone when Titanfall the first was still an exclusive 3 and a half years ago on Xbox One. That’s where the movement came from. I’m not saying Call Of Duty wasn’t good with one or two games with it during each year, but all Call Of Duty needs is a new fucking engine and leave wall running to it’s original creators on Titanfall…..

          • I think it’s funny how you shit on iw and praise bo3 and aw like that instantly makes what you’re saying non credible. I also grew up in the era of boots on ground and i can say you’re the type to say bo2 is the best cod am i wrong? Also people asked for something else that’s why jetpacks came, and people were quick to complain

          • Elite Predator

            You’re taking what I said the complete reverse. Why is it so hard to admit Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare isn’t the iconic Call Of Duty. I never said Black Ops 2 is my favorite cod I cringe when people say that it is the best cod bcuz it isn’t. All I said is this game took Black Ops 2’s three lane design but they added a nice twist meaning these maps the way they’re designed take more skill than Black Ops 2.. I like Black Ops 2 but that is a fun, fast pace compete/ on the go typical Call Of Duty game.

          • I hated the 3 lane bs mainly because you already know where the enemy is coming from

          • Elite Predator

            How?! I prefer one over the other. One does a better job at handling the movement system going by designing the maps. Ppl like you will never see eye to eye on what is wrong with Infinite Warfare. It’s the maps, the in game soundtrack goes from good but ends on a short note.. Killstreaks aren’t that viable and good on many of the maps. There just aren’t enough power positions and strategy based on their map design and logic. It’s simple….. You’ll still never see what’s wrong with it. You’ll continue to call me a bandwagon hater and it’s your point of view over anyone else ESPECIALLY when I’m not one of the bandwagon haters who happen so to exist. You’ll never understand until you trust your developers and you will see the difference. We the players have the power to influence their designing like how they addressed the public with their patch notes and changes based on their feedback.

    • The Gaming Revolution

      I think this game either has people who love it or people who hate it since I’ve see comments like yours that are already fed up with the game and I’ve seen comments that are praising it like it will revive the franchise

    • Dat

      It’s actually not even the M1928 Thompson. There were two versions of the Thompson, which was the M1928 and the M1A1. The one shown in the game is the M1A1 version.

  • Any chance this beta gets extended to Tuesday?

    • Nope

      • How you figure?

        • The Gaming Revolution

          Because that would mean xbox would have to get an extra day too and playstation already paid for xbox to get the short end of the shit stick

          • Smayo

            With the quality of the last 5 CoD’s I don’t think xbox players should be sad the exclusivity deal went to playstation.

            Hats off to SHG, the studio that even managed to F* up a BotG CoD. I hope treyarch still can find the word fun in the dictionary…

          • Yet they extended last year’s beta and BO3

  • Dunio

    Somebody tell my why they make a M1A1 version and call it M1928?

    • Fel

      um the M1A1 is a tank. Unless you’re referring to the M1 Carbine it has no relation to the M1928A1 either wise known as the Thompson Submachine Gun.

      • Dunio

        You joking right? They make Thompson M1A1 and call it M1928. Just look at Thompson in game it not’s look like M1928.

    • Dat

      There were two versions of the Thompson, which was the M1928 and the M1A1. The one shown in-game is the M1A1 version, but they named it the M1928. Look both of them up on Google images, you’ll be able tell the difference.

    • Dat

      Meat to rely this to Fel

      • Dat


  • Silently Observing

    This thing feels crazy clunky. Seriously second guessing my preorder at this point.

    • Smayo

      I canceled my pre-order. I’d learned my lesson with Bo3. Didn’t enjoy that beta, but I believed others that the final product would be better. Didn’t like IW beta, and didn’t buy it, bought BF1 instead. And now I absolutely hate this beta, so no way I’m buying this pos game.

      To many good titles coming out upcoming 4th and 1st quarter to waste my time on CoD.

      And remember, we haven’t even experienced the suply drop BS yet…

      • ccrows

        “I’d learned my lesson with Bo3.”

        & What lesson was that? BO3 is a great COD. In fact it’s usually top 3 for most played games in the entire “XBOX Library”.

        ^ That’s kinda saying something, especially since it’s almost 2 years in, (going on year 3) and still has yearly releases to compete against… (unlike GTAV)

        • Elite Predator

          Woah dude, you were somewhere accurate until you said unlike GTAV. That game is still top 10 sells every single year and that game launched a few months before Call Of Duty Ghosts…

          • ccrows

            Yeah, by all means I’m not hating on GTAV, (or the GTA series as a whole) I’ve played and almost flipped every GTA since the OG on PC.

            All I was doing was using GTAV as a measuring stick to show how strong BO3 still is with all the competition that it has. That’s all.

            Love the GTA series, and to anyone else reading this, there is no hate whatsoever about GTA. Just used for being a measuring stick that’s all… πŸ™‚

        • dude you know gta v is still in the top 10 even top 5 of sales since it was released. Bo3 wasn’t even a grea cod it was okay at best people only like it because its 3arc and they make good zombies, but zombies in that game was god awful they focused too much on easter eggs which ruined it for me

          • Elite Predator

            I agree there. Black Ops III was a fun game, it did take skill, it definitely wasn’t the best Call Of Duty game but it was 500,000 times better at balance and consistence than Infinite Warfare. There are only a few things Infinite Warfare was best at, I just can’t stand that game. It’s so annoying. I go from having fun on it from time to time but it can’t compete to Black Ops III killstreaks and adrenaline pump fueled gameplay. The maps in Treyarch’s version is better……

          • ccrows

            Way to pivot from my point to make yours. πŸ˜‰

            All I was talking about was “most played”, and BO3 has to compete with other CODs on a yearly basis. GTAV literally has no competition, because 1 – It doesn’t come out each year to compete against itself.

            & 2 – every GTA clone isthrash. Watch Dogs 1/2 were the closest, and can’t compete. Heck the OG Watch Dogs was given away for free and is about to fall off the top 50 most played.

            Finally, It’s not really a surprise to me that GTA V does well in sales, since it double-dipped on prev and current gen. Plus (as I’ve already stated) it literally has no competition…

          • Elite Predator

            That… Actually makes a lot of sense. It’s almost like GTA got stuck and lucky during and before console transition to generate it’s mass and sales on last gen months before this current generation’s release. It launched in the summer. Online launched in October but it gave players the hype to buy it on the spot. A timing that Rockstar games exploited. It also blew up on next gen, and many players that bought it on last gen also bought it again on their next gen platforms for an upgrade. I do think GTA V is and has a great online component. One they’ve been supporting for years. So it isn’t like they’re sitting and collecting. They keep the game fresh with ton of free, deep, and rich content. They’re working to keep the game up and alive instead of a stale virtual world where players completed everything and there’s nothing left to do but kill enemy players can get repetitive. So they’ve been doing a good job in that game since it launched. And that game is a great quality that Watch Dogs as you said flopped or dropped, I say Watch Dogs tried competing and over hyped it’s product over on GTA making it look like a serious competition when in all the game lasted two weeks. Sad. They say they learned with WD 2 but I didn’t even give the demo a try the story plays way too looks way too friendly user. .
            But the game play looks like a step up

        • Smayo

          Great that you enjoyed Bo3, but I didn’t like it. Mostly because of the same issues I have now with WW2. Small maps icw fast movement, bad hit detection and the horrible (server) lag.

          Plus, the movement system, although better than AW, wasn’t my cup of tea.

          On top of that, Bo3 has the worst suply drop system to this point. Making you literally feel you bought 33% of the game at launch.

          I do agree that from all the CoD’s released last years, Bo3 is the best you can get purely judged by fun factor.

    • Elite Predator

      They changed the sprint out time. It’s faster paced… Whatever issues you have they can easily tweak it.

    • Thanasishim

      I warned you all. But you didn’t want to believe the truth.

  • Unclecoon

    People always say it’s just a beta and let’s wait till final review… when they haven’t change a thing crime the last 3 betas if you didn’t like the bo3 beta you didn’t like the game… same for iw… doubt it’ll be different with wwii

  • Stewart Thomas

    They need to allow you to have 2 basic training on a class, One is to restrictive. Or they should allow you to have a basic training and then select one of the Division specific abilities on another Division.

  • Diego Diniz

    Hit detection is BROKEN!
    Inconsistent TTK + broken hit detection = FAIL

    • Buruck Obuma

      i seem to have no problem with hit detection, you are probably just bad at the game.

    • Former

      *Shoots circles around enemy* HIT DETECTION IS BROKEN! WAHHH!

    • reamerb .

      Have you played since latest update?

    • ScOott

      Game runs fine dude, go play IW then u know what a broken game feels like

  • Finally got to play the beta today and I agree with some of the comments I see about how it’s one of those games that you hate at first but it grows on you. My first match I got ass fucked. Second match, I did a lot better. But overall fun beta and the core gameplay I find fun. So I can say I am satisfied with this game and definitely looking forward to full release. Glad boots on the ground is back

    • Yeah I was really against it at first, but last night I played again and loved it.

      They REALLY need to fix how much SMGs dominate though, and how awful LMGs are. It takes the piss

    • Peewy 978

      Whoa! ” u got your ass fucked” lol

      • CarolineGJensen

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    • jordanxbrookes

      I’m still iffy on it personally. Enjoyed the first weekend, but the second weekend ruined the Beta for me. Mainly just wonky hit detection, random lag spikes and sweaty players 24/7.

      • Buruck Obuma

        there are only Sweaty players because its a beta, they’re are the ones who bum off the game 24/7 and will reach master rank within a week. there will be noobs and it will be easier at launch (unless there is skilled based match making of course).

  • reamerb .

    Is it me or is the hit detection a lot better?

    • Peewy 978


    • Vikerii

      Ya I feel like it was improved for this weekend as well.

  • Buruck Obuma

    am i like the only the one to enjoy the beta or something?