A Labor Day surprise! Treyarch has added in for the first time a new Grand Slam bundle to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Black Market and Contracts.

The Grand Slam bundle is available for 4,000 CP in the Black Market for the next week. For those that don’t want to buy it, there is also a Grand Slam Contract: Win 125 games and you get the grand slam!

The Grand Slam bundle includes:

  • 1 Three-of-a-kind Weapon Bribe
  • 1 Limited Edition Camo Bribe
  • 20 No-Dupe Rare Supply Drops
  • 20 Liquid Divinium Vials.

Images via @Wesleye98 

  • John Doe

    Does the Limited Edition Camo apply only to the limited time ones that could be missed? I have all of them, I just want Weaponized 115 and Cyborg, tbh

    • Tahmidul Amin

      Those are pre order bonus camos, not available in supply drops. Also, I think it only applies to the two new camos, the pink and green variants of the Dragon Fire camo.

    • The9tailedgamer

      Its only the new dragon’s fire camos, they say that they can only be earned from this if you scroll over them

  • Martyn96

    Whats does the three of a kind weapon bribe contain?

    • Subaru

      A bribe that gives u 3 weapons (random ranged or melee)

      • RdJokr

        One guaranteed non-dupe ranged, one guaranteed non-dupe melee, and a random weapon.

    • The9tailedgamer

      1 dupe-protected range, 1 dupe-protected melee, and a random dupe-protected of either kind, from what I have heard

    • Kim Jong-un

      Marksman just opened these and he got all the weapons that he missed, MSMC in a rare SD.
      The Olympia and China Lake in the bribe.

  • Kim Jong-un
    • That’s hideous

      • Kim Jong-un

        I like the purple.

      • ccrows

        It’s exactly the same skin as the Dragon Fire’s camo, but with green or purple instead.

        Personally, I kinda found the Dragon Fire’s bright orange to be distracting at times, so I’m looking forward to trying these out…

    • The9tailedgamer

      I am praying I get purple, *Praying*

  • Kim Jong-un
  • Aight but where’s that PC Beta

  • フェルナンド フェリックス

    If i haven’t finished the last triple played and i want to activate the new contract, Shall i lose triple played?

    • Kukuluku

      You will lose the triple played, i activated it and lost it

    • ccrows

      You would lose all of your progress, but (if I was you) I would trade that one in for this since you get more, and start over at zero wins again…

    • The9tailedgamer

      Do gun game and try to get the last wins before the grand slam event ends, and then activate it if you don’t complete it

      • reamerb .

        I thought gun game was a special mode?

        • Former

          Doesn’t matter. Wins are wins.

          • reamerb .

            Yes I know, I thought it wasn’t a standard game mode like previous cods.

        • ccrows

          Party games are now removed. Treyarch kinda needed that space for other stuff…

          • GinsuVictim

            Shit, really? I haven’t been playing any CoD really lately, but was going to get back into BO3 (so much better than IW) and always played the hell out of Gun Game.

          • ccrows

            TBF, they were dead lobbies anyway, and (IMO) Gun Game just plays better with boots.

            Fortunately the rest of the game is populated quite well for both DLC and non-DLC lobbies, so you will have no problem finding a match quick in the traditional popular game modes… 🙂

          • GinsuVictim

            It does play better with boots on the ground. Gun Game in Ghosts was my favorite. I tended to get 1st place a lot in that version (probably didn’t help that I’d learned the spawns and just patrolled them).

      • The9tailedgamer

        Wait, they never put them back in? Yay, some of the actual fun game modes were permanetly removed

  • Filip B. Grande

    How can they expect us to win frickin 125 games in only 7 days!?!? You will most likely lose in many matches while trying to do this, so it’s nearly impossible, if you actually have a life, thats to say

    • Subaru

      You have to activate the contract within that time, you have unlimited time to complete the contract after it’s activated

    • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

      Looks like you haven’t done any special contracts ever, all you got to do is activate the contract before the time ends, then you just keep playing until you get 125 wins, to add something, you can only have one special contract at a time so if you activated the last one and didn’t finish, you won’t be able to work on both at the same time.

    • ccrows

      All you need to do is “Activate it” within 7 days. You can take as much time as you want to actually complete it…

    • Kim Jong-un

      Have you ever activated a contract before?

    • Filip B. Grande

      Aha, ok. Thanks for the replies guys. I didnt know that. I have only finished the one contract where you had to win 75 games, but that one did not have a time limit for you to activate it…

      • Christopher Bugeja

        so you just assume people have no lives for doing something they enjoy find out you activate and keep it forever and now its ok

        you are a jerk

  • Peewy 978

    Whooo Whooo Cares?!

    • Kim Jong-un

      Me. 55 days played.

      • joey

        while your people are starving (or worse). shame on you, fatty.

        how frightening it is that lives all over the world depend on the outcome of a political checkers match being played by two of the densest, dimmest leaders in the world. (yes, korean chunk, i’m talking about you and trump)

    • ccrows

      Apparently a lot of people do, since it’s still in the top 5 most actively played games in the ENTIRE Xbox library… 🙂

      • Peewy 978

        Wow! Upvoting yourself Lol! Shows you how much people actually dont play other games in the Xbone Library!

  • Mick

    Damn, I still haven’t even finished the other recent contract. Does anybody know if I can activate this new contract and pick up where I left off with the other one? Because I don’t want it to reset lol.

    • Naruffy

      You should finish off that one or if you can’t the progress will reset once you activate this recent contract which you have until Sept 11 10 am to activate

      • Mick

        I think I may just activate this new contract and let the previous one reset because you get a better reward with the newer one. I wasn’t even halfway done with the previous Triple Play contract anyways.

        • Patrick Garcia

          If I activate this contract do I have to finish is the 5 days that is left, or will it be my contract until I complete it?.. edit: read more comments and now see I just got to activate it and no time limit to finish it.. thanks guys a little new to bo 3.. add killazona 623 if you wanna play on Xbox one

    • ccrows

      If you’re close to finishing off that one (or at least finish it in 6 days or less), then grind it out.

      If you’re not, then you would lose all progress, and not be able to return.

      However this contract gives you more than the standard “Triple Play” so it’s worth starting over, if you don’t have enough time for the other one…

      • Mick

        That’s true. I think I only have 43 or so wins with the previous Triple Play contract so I think activating this new contract is the better option here. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  • Beast Mode

    after playing ww2 it made me realize just how great of a game bo3 was and still is..

    • ccrows

      I didn’t need COD WWII to know how great BO3 still is… 😉

    • Alexis

      I agree

  • Smayo

    Treyarch knows year 3 is still going to be busy….

    • Pyromaani

      Im very confident to say Black Ops 3 wont see year 3 since next year is their turn. However. I wouldnt be suprised if MWR and IW has year 2

      • Smayo

        Year 3 for Bo3 goes in as soon WW2 gets released. And seeing how mediocre the beta was, I’m very confident plenty of players will stick with Bo3 for another year. A year 4 for Bo3… that’s something I don’t see happening.

        • Dre

          You will. I will be skipping ww2 for sure. But I’ll be playing bo3 & 4. Treyarch only for me. Shitty ward and fag hammer studios suck cocks.

  • blackburnt7

    What about the 20 no dupes drops having dupes?

    • Brandon

      It’s worded so weird that you would think that you would just get nothing but shit you don’t have but the way it works is you say you have all the commons in the game if you roll a common item you will be given a duplicate but if you’re missing a common and you roll a common you instantly get the common you don’t have same goes for the other 3 categories if you’re missing legendaries and you roll a legendary you will get a legendary you don’t have etc,etc.

      • blackburnt7

        not true, i saw in hollowpoints video he got 2 epic duplicates. which would mean he has all the epics in the game. not true, he misses some weapons.

        • You mad huh?

          i had 12 dupes in my no dupe drop.was gonna tweet them but i knew it wasnt gonna help anyway

  • Subaru

    I’m an idiot, most regrettable purchase of this year is this.

    Got fucked over, nothing in no dupe rare supply drops, the ugliest limited camo, 1911 and 2 shit melees.

    Luckily after this, I opened a daily double and got a FFAR

    • ccrows

      Look at it this way, you’ll have another chance at this for free when you get your 125 wins… 🙂

      • lunator100hd .
      • Subaru

        Still wasn’t worth the £32

        • Katha Cob

          I got most of my weapons through double care packages ?. I activated the contracts and I got almost my last weapon unlocked. I only have one sub machine left to get. I’ve been noticing that when they release a new weapon , if you play the first days they release the guns, it increases the change to get it in the first week :(.

    • Elektrobanq

      Consider yourself blessed to have got that FFAR after all of that crap; it’s one of the guns I’m really interested in. Activision keeps on surprising me in the lengths they go to bait and rip off their customers, and attempt to give players the impression that they are getting a really great deal when they do this promotional stuff. The only saving grace to this news is that you can commit to a contract to earn this reward for free.

      However, 125 wins seems ludicrous. The last contract I did was for 75 wins, and that took a great deal of time and effort. They have to know that people will realize how much of a grind this will be, and that they will cave in and spend another $50 on a two-year old game. Think about it, they are baiting people to spend 83% of what the base game itself cost at launch for a MERE CHANCE to get something that they actually want.

      I’m not criticizing anyone who buys into deals like this. I’ve come really close myself, and have been foolish enough to think that grinding for weapon bribes will actually give me something I want.

  • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

    Can some one explain to me what does “three of a kind” means, does it means 3 of the same class ? 3 weapons of any class ? 1 weapon for each of three classes ?

    • dani

      you get 3 dlc weapons, 1 ranged 1 melee and the other one is ranged or melee (mostly melee if you haven’t got all melee weapons yet)

  • xXsteelersXx

    Ok when u activate the 125 win contract is there a time limit or do u have as long as u want

    • The9tailedgamer

      Once activated, theres no time limit, theres just a time limit to accept it

  • Tyian

    Before what hour and day do i need the activate the grand slam before it ends?

    • The Gaming Revolution

      September 11, 10AM PDT

  • Stamp Collector

    Just saying why the **** would you make it 7 days only and right at the start of school you complete morons. The only way to do this is if you have no life or don’t have to go to school honestly. Wtf

    • Kevin

      All you have to do is activate the contract in that time frame.

  • Harold1980

    My friend just got his 125th win but it won’t let him open his contract reward

  • Erick Trevino

    How did you get 3 triple play contracts? i never received one

  • offth ewall

    it took me about a week to get the 125 wins…i got the rift e9 and two melee weapons, the supply drops didn’t have anything good. i was hoping for either the xmc or the peacekeeper but i guess i’ll have to keep looking for it on the ground.

  • Eric Hernandez

    if the grand slam is an active contract after the limited time will you still be able to get it?

  • Brace yourselves the FFA, and TDM lobbies are going to full of VMP, M8, and Brecci sweats dominating the lobby. Use another freaking weapon.

  • Donald Rump

    So what fo i do when i complete my grand slam bundle and i didnt get to open anything?