Vengeance has a new name. Add four action-packed new MP maps to your collection with Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare’s fourth DLC Pack, Retribution. Take on the chaos of a post-apocalyptic rally track in Carnage, a high-end fashion mall above Earth in Altitude, the massive space elevator of Depot 22, and the remake of Call of Duty®: Ghosts’ classic Warhawk in the interior robotics lab of Heartland.



  • GinsuVictim

    Hard to tell much about the new ones, but I’m stoked for Warhawk.

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  • I’m sorry but much like Micro, Altitude just has a stupid aesthetic to the map. Seriously, floating islands? Rest of the maps look good though. One thing I hope is that WWII does not do stupid gimmicky type aesthetics for their DLC maps.

    • GinsuVictim

      I’d love to see era-appropriate remakes of previous maps.

      • I think a map like Mission from MW3 would be a great remake for a World War 2 map. They could even bring back some WaW maps or even go further and bring back some Call of Duty 1 or 2 maps if they want

        • reamerb .

          Mission was great.

        • Dr. Salim

          Nah I don’t think they can bring back WaW, Cod 1-2 maps although, mw3 maps are a possibility.

          • I dont see why not, I wouldn’t say it’s not possible.

        • TheAdversary

          It might work for WW2, but Mission has the same issue that plagued almost every popular MW3 map. They all had centrally positioned power-points that would have 3-4 entrances for people to watch, while the rest of the map looks like a big racetrack, with maybe a separate level that runs under a part of the map. Mission, Hardhat, Arkaden, Interchange, Bootleg, and Resistance were all just the same map with minor variations in flank routes and size. MW3’s best maps IMO actually strayed from that oversimplified design, like Lockdown, Bakaara, and Seatown.

          • Mission, Hardhat, Arkaden, Bootleg, and Resistance were all fun and great maps. I thought MW3 had a ton of great fun maps. I can’t really say I disliked any of them

      • offth ewall

        if we get any remakes it will probably be something from AW, and in that case i’d rather we just get new maps and no remakes in ww2.

        • ccrows

          Keep in mind that AW borrowed from IW with maps like Pipeline, and Highrise. (although TBF it was SH first game on their own)

          Although the AW map that I see working the best for WWII would be a reskin of Detroit, since that map was primarily “boots” to begin with…

      • Aidan

        I want to see the gimmicky maps from older titles remade as dark, gritty, disgusting war zones. I think that would be neat.

  • Interesting looking maps… being on Xbox (and considering we don’t get them until October) I doubt I’ll get much time with them. Also, I finally unlocked the black sky camo a few weeks ago, and to be honest, I just lose interest when I don’t have an interesting objective to aim for LOL

    • JenniferALiverman

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  • Beast Mode

    the irony of ww2 feeling like a step backward

    • Elite Predator

      This is a Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare blog post about Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC Map pack 4.

      • Beast Mode

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        • ??

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        • Elite Predator

          Wtf, it sounds like you learned to grab your pair on a blog post on a video game chart. Get a life kid, you’re talking about Cod WW II and how you don’t like it blah on an Infinite Warfare discuss related like wtf you’re doing here..

          • Beast Mode

            I aint reading all that bum

  • TheAdversary

    It’s nice to see that some Ghosts maps are getting some love, but how is Warhawk gonna work with IW’s movement system. I’m guessing they’d have to cut off a bunch of flank routes so it doesn’t turn to pure chaos. It would barely resemble the original, which actually worked as a pretty decent map.

    • GinsuVictim

      The video shows Warhawk looking pretty much the same as it originally was.

      • TheAdversary

        Yikes. Guess I’ll see once I play it.

    • BradyAlucard

      Tactical TDM is in the game too.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    The maps look good. IW games always seem to have really good DLC maps. Ghosts DLC maps were actually awesome. Too bad everything else about their games sucks.

    • GinsuVictim

      I was about to upvote you until that last line.

      • Kim Jong-un

        Don’t worry, I will upvote him for you.

      • ccrows

        I’m not this game’s #1 fan, but I just had a good laugh at both posts… lol

  • Aidan

    After playing the Free DLC Moshpit playlist for a few hours, I regret not buying any of the map packs this year. Permafrost is probably my favorite DLC map since Sideshow from AW (That’s probably not saying much) and Renaissance is a blast. I wish I had played this game more.

    • SylviaHJordan

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  • BradyAlucard

    For those who wanted Extinction back… well, there ya go, you got half of an Extinction map.

  • kpilkingtonn

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