Little information is currently known about what Treyarch is working on for 2018 Call of Duty title, however a new job listing on Treyarch’s site for a System Designer (Combat) may suggest that the 2018 title they are working on will be set in the modern era.

The Systems Designer job has a requirement of: “Deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology.”

Treyarch’s last title, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, has been one of the biggest Call of Duty games on the new generation of consoles, and still continues to be one of the most played Call of Duty games. Black Ops 3 of course was a future-based title, Treyarch’s second future title after Black Ops 2.

Treyarch has never made a modern-era Call of Duty title before. All of their Call of Duty games so far are past-based or future-based titles.

Activision has not announced any details on Treyarch’s next title.

SOURCE: Treyarch Job Posting via Reddit


  • The9tailedgamer

    I knew the cod gods would come in to make things right again

  • I can’t wait!

  • jordanxbrookes

    Looks like the strong feeling I had is slowly becoming a reality. Vietnam would’ve been better suited, but I ain’t gonna complain over a new modern setting CoD. It’s also the only setting they haven’t done, so it would make sense.

    • Fuck that, we need more modern CODs, past CODs cripple us in terms of features, guns, killstreaks and whatever else

      • jordanxbrookes

        Not really. Black Ops is one of the best CoD games made and my personal favourite CoD. Past setting CoDs can do well, if the developers do a good job at designing the game.

        • djml9

          Black Ops is pretty much modern. Alot of those guns are still in practical use today. Its a middle ground between past and modern.

          • forrest1985

            Exactly, best of both which i love but i also like the whole “Tom Clancy” thing of a modern setting with some very near future tech, not mechs and ray guns but drone and HUD technology etc…

          • I think his point is that doing a game set in the past isn’t restrictive as he thinks. Black Ops 1 and WWII are prime examples.

          • djml9

            WWII is not a prime example though as its incredibly restrictive.

          • In terms of divisions, probably. But they obviously aren’t holding back on character customization, guns, camos, features and kill streaks. It’s just like the other games

          • jordanxbrookes

            WWII might not be the best example lol but definitely Black Ops.

          • I think it’s a pretty good example. SHGames definitely isn’t taking the same approach that Treyarch did with World at War. There is gonna be camos in the game, tons of killstreaks, you also have character customization which they definitely aren’t holding back on. I mean you can choose your gender lol. And you have features like headquarters in the game too.

            The guns are nothing but check boxes like other games. I mean come on, the BAR and M1941 Machine gun are “assault rifles” in the game. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think those are LMGs. At least according to Wikipedia.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Cold War is definitely not modern lol. Just because some weapons are still used in many armed forces today, doesn’t mean Black Ops is in the modern setting. Infinite Warfare has the M1 Garand, but that doesn’t make WWII a sci-fi space shooter.

          • djml9

            The difference is that the M1 was in IWspecifically as a legacy weapon. Thats different then BO1’s guns still being in use today.

          • forrest1985

            Pretty much all of Blops guns are in use today in some part of the world, but its technology that sets past from present. For example no Hueys in WW2 and no drones in ‘nam. That makes a difference to campaign and MP (kill streaks etc…) BUT blops proves you can do a more modern shooter in past without sacrificing features

      • djml9

        They can do past cod wothout removing all the new features. Sledgehammer just chose to remove them.

        That said, i much prefer modern/future over past

    • Mitch

      Should have gone with Woods and Mason and a new set of characters in the Korean War IMO.

  • Dunny iv

    Urgh, COD going back to shit again. The Modern Warfare games were overrated. They should do Vietnam or the Korean War. Y’know, something they haven’t actually done properly before? BO1 wasn’t fully Vietnam, so I’d like to see a game that is just Vietnam without the modern aspects.

    • cosmos

      overrated yet mw2 blew up the cod scene on youtube and made the community bigger? seriously mate

      • Dunny iv

        Learn to respect an opinion mate. Learn to use capital letters dude. Typical 12 year-old Call of Duty player who has probably fucked my mother.

        • JKuda


          • Dunny iv

            Jesus fucking Christ. Grow up, kid. You call me a “nerd” yet you’re the one getting triggered because I insulted your beloved game franchise? You actually are the definition of a COD player loool. I don’t even play Battlefield dude. That shit’s overrated just like COD.

        • User 1

          aren’t you the faggot that plays single player

    • jordanxbrookes

      LOL the Modern Warfare series made Call of Duty the juggernaut it is today. You should be thanking Respawn for where CoD is today.

      • forrest1985

        Yes and no. No MW series was not overated but yes, COD should look at Korea, Nam and a mutlitude of other conflicts. It always surpirsed me how BLOPS3 went future when there were so many smaller Cold War/Proxy wars going on in 70’s and 80’s. I’d love to play an SAS trooper as part of a squad the 80’s. The Iranian Embassy siege could also feature as a mission.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I’m not saying they shouldn’t look at other wars, I was responding to this person who called the MW series “overrated” and “shit”.

          • Dunny iv

            Sorry for having an opinion bud.

          • jordanxbrookes

            You can have an opinion, I was just disputing it because I disagree. However, when you call anyone who disagrees with you a “Typical 12 year-old Call of Duty player who has probably fucked my mother.” people tend to take you less seriously.

        • Korean War cod lmfao YOU ARE AN IDIOT

        • You are clueless beyond saving

      • ccrows

        That is true JB, but fans of COD should also be thanking Treyarch for keeping it alive… 😉

        • jordanxbrookes

          I agree. Treyarch have done their best to keep the franchise going.

      • Dunny iv

        No, COD 2, 3 and WAW is what made COD what it is today. Why do you think they’re going back to their roots of WW2? Because it’s what made them popular in the first place. Bet you were too young to play and appreciate the real COD games.

        • jordanxbrookes

          “Someone disagreed with my opinion so they must be a 12-year old kid blah blah blah”. I’m 20 going on 30 and have played all the main CoD games, but yeah nice logic there. Hey, want to see something factual? COD1, COD2 and COD3 were not the peak of the franchise, but guess what peaks grew higher and higher each year? COD4, WAW, MW2 and Black Ops. MW3 didn’t peak greatly, but peaked higher than COD1, COD2 and COD3. Why do I think Sledgehammer are going to the WW2 setting? 1) It clearly means bye bye future and boost jumping, hello boots on the ground 2) To attract old school CoD players like us back to the franchise again 3) There’s been a high demand for WW2 shooters again these past few years, so it makes sense to cater to that setting, so players are happy to play a WW2 shooter and so Activision can profit greatly from it. Those are just a few reasons. Oh and again, this “someone disagreed with my opinion so they must be a 12-year old kid blah blah blah” mentality doesn’t help you in any way, but thanks for the compliment. I’d love to feel like my younger self again.

          • Ur 20 going on 30 and ur a fucking retard also that chart contradicts statements released by Activision so kys

      • TheAdversary

        I disagree. The only great MW title was MW2, even without most of the support it should have had from its devs. The other titles were either blind copy-pasta (MW3), or a mediocre shooter that happened to release at the perfect time to make it popular (CoD4).

        • CoD 4 is a bit dated now but it was revolutionary at the time (I mean they’ve barely changed the engine since apart from to add advanced movement). MW2 was a good game but it was flawed too and I remember there being a LOT of issues with hackers, modders and glitch exploiting. It wasn’t as perfect as everyone seems to remember.

          I’d say Black Ops was the most balanced of the lot.

          • jordanxbrookes

            I agree with you there. MW2 was fun and great and all, but it was broken as fuck. Luckily MW2 being broken and having everything overpowered made the game extremely fun and addicting. Black Ops was very balanced for the most part, even if a lot of the weapons shared the same stats.

    • RdJokr

      Do you really wanna see “black female soldiers in Vietnam” become a thing people rage at? I don’t mind the settings, but if I had it my way, modern and future settings are the way to go, so at least devs can customize the fuck out of their characters without worrying that anyone’s gonna cry “SJW”.

      • forrest1985

        Poetic liscence. At the end of the day the campaign can be as authentic as they want. The MP should be abaout fun and individualality at the end of the day its just a game

      • Dunny iv

        Not like it matters anyway. People are already complaing that WW2 has female soldiers. Also they can just not add black female soldiers. Fuck SJW and feminists.

    • ccrows

      Why? So trolls can make BO 1.5 jokes? (or the it’s the same as OG BO stuff)

      I trust that Treyarch will make a great game. Let’s see what Vahn has up his sleeve for this era… 🙂

      • jordanxbrookes

        Hey, I don’t mind a Black Ops copy and paste lol. Better than the newer games 😛

        • Joshwoocool

          Id be happy with pretty much a COD Black ops with a pick 10 system and modern improvements.

    • Element115Will

      Youre a fucking idiot. Literally.

      Modern Warfare and Past Warfare is what made CoD Successful. The futuristic bullshit after BO2 was garbage. Excluding BO3. Basically what? AW and IW. Total garbage. Ghosts was a letdown since reveal.


      • Dunny iv

        You just summed up the entire COD fanbase in your first sentence. Always resorting to attacks and insults instead of having a civil conversation and respecting other peoples’ opinion. Grow up. Probably too young to have played the best (in my opinion) COD games (1-3). Also BO3 was bad, so don’t exclude that. It has the worst campaign in any COD games in my opinion.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Oh the irony.

        • Negative

          “Always resorting to attacks and insults instead of having a civil conversation and respecting other peoples’ opinion”

          lol im fucking dying, you just got done calling that guy a “typical 12 yearold cod player”, shut up you fucking idiot

          • Dunny iv

            Call of Duty players 2017 – Calls someone and “idiot” but doesn’t know how to use correct grammar. I’m*

          • Come on man, get down from the pedestal. We all know there’s a lot of immature kids that play CoD, but then coming in here acting superior to everyone doesn’t really make you look any better.

          • Dunny iv

            Fair play to you mate. Everyone here was cursing at me and saying that my opinion is shit, etc. You’re the only reasonable one I’ve come across.

        • TheAdversary

          Pot, meet Kettle.

        • Shut the fuck up bitch

  • TfarTn

    Super excited! Cooper get the camera!

  • Jhonatan Orlando Ferro

    Good thing, changing the era of wars will be very good. Poor Infinity Ward, always takes the last year of the cycle and has not gone well.

    • Yep, people often forget the real IW that was behind the first 2 games, and COD 4/MW2 which were perceived by many sources as two of the best shooters of all time.

    • If Infinity Ward just does Vietnam next go around while Treyarch does Modern as this suggest, then Infinity Ward would be fine. It’s also important to note a proper Vietnam Call of Duty game has never be done, so that alone is going to be exciting if infinity ward chooses that direction

      • ScOott

        IW should stick with space jumping, anything they do will be shet, so why waste a good setting on there games … anything else should be left to Treyarch and maybe SH.. would be a shame to miss out on a good setting jus cuz IW are making it ..

        • Well Infinity Ward has to get a bone or something. You can’t tell me the interest would be there for Infinite Warfare 2. Even Infinite Warfare was doom to fail. I dont even think Ghosts 2 would have the interest because Ghosts is still considered one of the worst Call of Duty games. And I think from Activision’s POV it’s not really gonna be a good business move to have a sequel to either of these games

          They really just got the shit end of stick with Infinite Warfare because after Black Ops 3, people were sick of the futuristic games.

          • ScOott

            A good busines move would be to remove IW … them being the third year has nothing to do with it for me, they just cant make a good game, if another studio had made Ghosts and IW they would of been decent CoDs, IW just cant balance anything, couldnt get ttk right in ghosts, couldnt balance anything in IW they just need some serious help .. i must have under 10 hours play time between there last two games, unplayable for me ..

          • I mean they aren’t going to get rid of Infinity Ward at least for now or at least if they make another stinker. Three strikes and you’re out.

            Infinite Warfare was doom to fail from the start anyway. Mainly because it’s literally another Black Ops 3 (and a poor one at that) and it being yet another futuristic title. I do think Infinity Ward do not make the best of what they were doing, but that style of game was stale and just making Call of Duty dry

  • Ult1mateCarnage

    hell yes

  • Ult1mateCarnage

    i wonder what modern era they will do. any ideas?

    • ccrows

      IMO that depends if they plan to start a new Trilogy or not.

      If they make a Trilogy, then start at possibly 80’s/90’s conflicts?… (If people would still consider that “kinda” modern) *shrugs*

  • MrZombiemod

    Is everyone going to ignore the “Prestige 1 or above in Black Ops 3 multiplayer”?

    • TheAdversary

      I saw that too. That’s a really stupid reason to notice someone who wants a job. Anyone can be experienced in CoD by playing pretty much any CoD title.

  • Batman


    Seriously its just modern warfare painted to look a bit more advanced

    • Felix Lamirande

      It was set in 2025, just saying

    • it totally was though. That was the entire marketing of that game, and that game was released in 2012 which at that time 2025 was 13 years away

      • jordanxbrookes

        Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer is still so fucking good to watch. Makes me remember when I was hyped for some futuristic stuff and when everyone was scared the X-Ray Sniper would make it into Multiplayer. If Black Ops 2 had Supply Drops, you can guarantee that weapon would be locked behind it.

        • Oh man I remember that gun during the reveal. I was actually hoping being in the MP when I first saw that gun lol. The hype to Black Ops 2 was exciting all around. I miss those times so much

          • jordanxbrookes

            Yeah I miss getting hyped for CoD. Was really wanting to be excited for WWII, but after the Beta that spark is pretty much gone. Still got Campaign and Zombies at least.

          • Im still excited about WWII. I loved the beta, I thought gameplay was fun all around. Not prefect by any means but I thought it was better than anything we have gotten in the last 4 years or so.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Black Ops 2 was Near-Future.

  • djml9

    Now im excited. I was worried next year would be WW2 again. Maybe theyll finally cycle time periods. Ww2 this year, modern next year, and future (IW2) the year after that. Id be down.

  • BradyAlucard

    Hopefully not, I don’t want to see a modern game from the best CoD developer. It could be either that or Vietnam.

  • CheEsEToUcH666

    lol having been prestiged in black ops 3 is a preferred requirement for the job

    • djml9

      If youre making a CoD game, it helps if you have experience with CoD

      • Dunny iv

        What if you play just zombies and Single-Player and none of that Multiplayer non-sense? You still get experience from playing those game modes.

        • An Alpaca

          Perhaps Treyarch needs more people on the multiplayer team and zombies and single-player team has enough members or/and Treyarch loves multiplayer the most.

        • User 1

          zombies and single player is for braindead retards so the less the better

        • Then please do the community a favor and steer clear of working at Activision because the last thing we need is more retards in the development process. The backbone of this entire franchise is multiplayer you fucking retard

  • AcePhoenix007

    This’ll be interesting as Treyarch has never made a CoD game based in a modern setting, unlike IW and SHG. Only WWII, Cold War, and futuristic combat, until now.

  • offth ewall

    yeah i stopped trying to get hired by them…too many over-qualified scripters who are looking for a job there. if any of you fit the highlighted requirement then i wouldn’t hesitate to try to get hired there…i’d love to work for 3arc

  • Stefan Lang

    I hope so. I think World War 2 would be fine but I’ve really wanted a Modern era CoD game on next gen for the longest. This has me so anxious lol.

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      Future is the best setting imo, whether it’s near future like bo2 or jetpacks like bo3. It just gives the developers much more opportunity for creativeness.

      That said, I’d like to see a dystopian or post apocalypse cod game one day. It’s not really cods thing, but a mix of survivor makeshift weapons and battleworn weapons could make a fun and gritty cod game.

      • Buruck Obuma

        i agree and disagree at the same time

      • Post apocalypse or dystopian COD game would be crazy, fuck I want one now

        • Andrey Martim

          This is CoD Ghosts…

          • They didn’t do it properly

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          • jordanxbrookes

            Whether you think they didn’t do it properly or not, Ghosts was in a post-apocalyptic setting and majority of the community bitched about it because it wasn’t colourful like Black Ops 2.

          • LaurenDFontenot

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          • HelenRBouton

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        • A real nuclear post apocalyptic style setting like Fallout would be crazy fun. CoD could do with something it’s never done before to shake things up a bit. Fantasy sci-fi warfare doesn’t always have to mean super modern space/futuristic settings all the time

          • SusannCRodriguez

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      • Stefan Lang

        Nice to know that someone else agrees! I feel like when games are modern, near future, or all put futuristic the devs could get a lot more creative with what they do. Its hard to pull that off with throwback games though because they go for more realism.

        • Well they definitely aren’t going for realism with WWII. So this game is showing the exact opposite, as they are doing what they want

  • Kim Jong-un

    Treyarch FTW!

  • ccrows

    For those that are complaining, here me out for a sec:

    Since MW3, COD has been “stuck” in this linear progression of moving constantly forward, and IMO that was a mistake on Activision’s part.

    Many people agree that the “Golden Age of COD” was from COD4 up and through BO2.

    If you look at that “Golden Age”, there was a lot of going back and forth throughout history, and less of being stuck in a linear progression across the board.

    Sure, I would rather see Treyarch make a historical game like Cold War/Vietnam, but at the same time I’d also like to see COD bounce back in forth in time. (instead of the constant pushing forward timeline)

    Besides, even if it is Modern, I trust that Treyarch will do a great job with it… 🙂

    • The back and forth of the setting as you said was seen in the golden age of call of duty. And doing all these different settings each year is going to keep CoD fresh instead of going stale like it was seen with Ghosts-Infinite Warfare

      • ccrows

        At least, that’s what I’m hoping… 🙂

    • Elite Predator

      I think if we got another WW II game before Advanced Warfare, many would say “we’ve played this already”. Besides imo I enjoyed and loved both Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III. By the time Infinite Warfare was announced, I was already bored of Black Ops III and tired of the futuristic movement going stale on me. Activision messed up with Infinite Warfare. They didn’t mess up making Black Ops III at least I can’t speak for AW because more people hated that game than loving it.

  • forrest1985

    A re-visit to WW2, a whole new Modern setting, and then hopefully a Korea/’Nam series would be good. There is also sooo much going on in 70’s/80’s especially if they want to use an SAS trooper as the protagonist again.

  • I’m totally okay with this. This is the only setting Treyarch has get to do and I think they would knock it out the park and maybe do it better than Modern Warfare series.

    Hopefully this means Infinity Ward is doing Vietnam or something historic something they haven’t done since Call of Duty 2

    • ccrows

      “Hopefully this means Infinity Ward is doing Vietnam or something historic”

      Since Activision pretty much confirmed a boots on ground game for the next 3 CODs, a lot of signs are point to Cold War/Vietnam.

      I look at it this way, I hated SH’s work on AW, but I like what I saw (up to this point) with the COD WWII beta.

      Maybe IW will get the right people in place for a Cold War/Vietnam, especially since it’s still a while off…

      • Hopefully, I feel like Infinity Ward needs to do a reset and I think doing a historical shooter is the right place for them.

        And honestly I just thought this through if they brought back Extinction for their next game it would be so cool for a Extinction game mode to be set during Vietnam

        • Elite Predator

          They should have done aliens in their space setting and that way it makes more sense but since we’ve had UFOs and alot of twisted experiments involving tactics the U.S used, Vietnam is considered a Phycological Warfare and I’m just really upset because Activision has these studios the other way around. It would sure be good and cool to see a modern Treyarch game, but I feel Infinity Ward is best at that and Treyarch could have really used their mind fuckery and grittiness in a Vietnam cod and along that their Zombies flavor could’ve really been turned up a notch in that time

          • If Treyarch is doing Modern and Infinity Ward is doing historical then i think that is great if Activision is having these studios doing the other way around. Treyarch hasn’t ever done a Modern era game and that alone is pretty exciting to see. While Infinity Ward hasn’t touched a historical setting in over ten years and they only did WW2 at that point. So it’ll be fresh and exciting to see Infinity Ward tackle a game set in the 1960s. Just like how I think it’s exciting SHGames is doing a WW2 game because that’s something haven’t done until now and I think they’re doing a good job with it

          • Elite Predator

            It is something I have been thinking about. I sure think Treyarch might have wanted to do a Modern game a long time ago. And since they touched those eras, it would sure be dope to see what they do with a modern game going by they’re done with the black ops series and hopefully it’s style. With that unexpected twist, if Infinity Ward uses their engine to build a Vietnam game it sure would be phenomenal bc Infinity Ward games have a fluent feel with clear and clean graphics over Treyarch since forever

          • What UFOs you fucking retard

  • djml9

    All i ask is that they scrap divisions and stick with Pick-10, or better yet, use the Ghosts create-a-clss system, as thet was by far the best of any game. Maybe people would give it a chance if thry thought Treyarch came up with it. Hell, another WW2 game but w/ pick 10 would be fine. Just get rid of divisions.

  • Guest

    There goes Vietnam 🙁 maybe shg can pick up on Vietnam next time round, hopefully ghosts 2 or modern warfare 4 from infinity war just no more future

    • Well don’t count out Vietnam just yet, Infinity Ward might do it but if they don’t, yeah I’d rather they go with MW4.

      But if Treyarch is working on a Modern era Call of Duty, I can’t see Infinity Ward doing the same setting

      • BradyAlucard

        As much as I question this decision, luckily it’s not finalized yet and the info could be talking about Birth/Cold War, but that’s just what I want because I’m sick of modern shooters (because as I’ve said before, I play games to escape reality, moder warfare is too close to reality to me, I’d much prefer IW to do it).

        • I don’t get how it’s too close to reality for you. World War 2 is a real event and something that actually happened. That’s reality Same thing for Vietnam and the Cold War. I think games are better that are based around real stuff and real events.

          • BradyAlucard

            I mean right now, what I’m used to and attached to, versus past eras where developers have more room to experiment. Playing Battlefield 4, Rainbow Six Siege or anything else from EA and Ubisoft or even PUBG is fine, but I personally don’t want to play a modern Treyarch game. I don’t know, I guess I really, really want them to make a Vietnam-only game. I do prefer it to the future, though and I love the Modern Warfare series.

          • I want all developers to stay away from the futuristic setting for at least another 4 years or so. I think Treyarch would no doubt do a Vietnam setting great. But modern is something they never done and I feel like they would do it much better than the Modern Warfare series. A modern setting with a Treyarch style sounds great to me. I think Infinity Ward doing Vietnam or something historical would be just as interesting as they haven’t done that in over ten years. Vietnam would be perfect for them

          • BradyAlucard

            IW doing Vietnam? After how we all said how crap they are? I’d much rather an era that’s barely been touched upon in gaming be done the best way possible, rather than by a dying studio. Hence why I’m personally against Treyarch doing a modern setting right now.

            But hey, I’ll play whatever they make, I’m just not going to enjoy it as much as I would with a Vietnam game.

          • I see why not. Infinite Warfare 2 isn’t going to get any hype and neither is Ghosts 2. Modern Warfare 4 would have been their best bet but if Treyarch is doing a Modern type game, then that cancels out Modern Warfare 4. I mean I wouldn’t want to see back to back modern era games the same reason why I don’t want to see back to back World War 2 games or back to back futuristic games.

            So then that leaves Vietnam. I personally see why not have Infinity Ward do it. Considering they haven’t done a historical setting in over ten years. It’ll be fresh for them and they’ll benefit from the hype considering Vietnam is never done. And if it sucks, then well, it sucks. I think personally if Infinity Ward releases three stinkers in a row, Activision would cut them out. But you have to have some actual talent in the field of fucking up if you make a shit Vietnam game.

          • BradyAlucard

            Yeah… that just gives me more reason to want Treyarch to do Vietnam even more, because the possibility that it’d suck would just be a waste if IW did it. They’d be the only CoD developer to do it justice, and as a first for CoD in doing exclusively Vietnam.

            I mean… a modern Treyarch CoD? Even though BO2 was rather modern, it doesn’t suit them to me, I can’t imagine it being a thing until it actually exists.

          • I can’t see Infinity Ward releasing three stinkers in a row. I just can’t. And in a weird way, a Vietnam Call of Duty by Infinity Ward just excites me more. Only because its something Infinity Ward hasn’t touched in so long. (I’m of course talking about historical setting games in general for Infinity Ward. Not Vietnam)

            And the same goes for Treyarch, they never touched a Modern setting before and that excites me too. I like the direction of these studios doing settings they haven’t done before because to me it just creates that much more interest

          • BradyAlucard

            Fair enough, that actually makes me slightly more optimistic, although I’d much rather prefer the best Vietnam game possible, and that won’t ever come from post-MW2 IW.

          • What the fuck are you talking about you fucking moron there will never be a Ghosts 2 or IW 2 fucking ever… you realize finding life on Mars is more probable than that shit? No wonder you only get 40 views a video you’re a retard. What the fuck did I just read

          • All I saw you are pathetic attempts lol God youre bad at this, reported. Lol

    • Elite Predator

      I like that they’re doing a modern cod. Gives me a feeling of hope that they’re ditching the black ops style and going for a gritty and real approach and actually work on the feel of the game and bring it closer to reality than bright and colorful colors with three lanes every fuckin year. Tired of it. Why play the same game by them every year. Although Treyarch is my favorite, I’ve been playing their games for years. I really want another style over the Black Ops style now…

  • Negan

    If I was activision I would of done the next 3 years a bit different:
    SHG – WW2 or Vietnam title (we now know it’s WW2)
    Treyarch – World at War 2 or Vietnam maybe even another Cold War (WAW2 could of either stayed in WW2 or seen as they seem to be doing modern WAW2 could of been WW3) and Vietnam to bring explore that area more than they did in Black Ops 1 also it brings back fan favourite characters like Sgt Frank Woods and they could of done Nam Zombies
    Infinity Ward – Ghosts 2 (picks up from Ghosts) or Modern Warfare 4 (picks up from MW3)

    This is how I would of done it. Just my opinion, how would you lot plan the next 3 years out? 🙂

    • Keep it fresh


      Repeat (different order maybe) or try something new

      • MVParalyse

        What is with Americans obsession with the Vietnam war ? There has been countless wars throughout history which it seems Americans are completely oblivious to . There will never be a COD set during the Vietnam war because America lost – plain and simple .

        • forrest1985

          Amen, although as a Brit i too love ‘nam setting. If it were me i’d base it between 60’s-80’s as an SAS trooper. Malaysia, Oman, Falklands right up to Iranian Embassy. Cant get more “black ops” than that! A paris-centric French Resitance/OSS game would also work well as an alternative to WW2 Europe.

          • MVParalyse

            A COD game on the SAS …. No Thank you ….

          • forrest1985

            So Soap and Price were from which unit? I’d rather this than more exo-prancing

          • MVParalyse

            A game based on the IRA would float my boat better .

          • forrest1985

            Only if your putting them in the ground, otherwise we might as well have Call of Duty: Isis Rising ffs!!!

          • MVParalyse

            You should be comparing the British Army to ISIS not the IRA .

          • forrest1985

            By that logic the Marines in Fellujah were terrorists then!

          • MVParalyse

            The British Army murdered a much higher percentage of civilians than the IRA . But obviously , you lack the sufficient amount of brain cells to acknowledge this .

          • forrest1985

            14,703 iraqi civilians died in Falujah during American occupany. Versus years that British Army were in Northern Ireland? #stones in glass houses?

          • MVParalyse

            Your comparing a underdeveloped war torn country to Northern Ireland .

          • forrest1985

            Neither were war torn to start bar ongoing local tribal/religious disputes. You compared British Army to Isis so I am merely pointing out that Marines in one city in Iraq were responsible for more deaths than UK in Northern Ireland. Therefore if you compare British Army to a terrorist group then the boot fits! I am done with this now as clearly you like your rose tinted glasses to much. For the record I have no issue with US military at all, in fact the opposite but only a moron would compare British Army to a terrorist group especially in this day and age. Peace out.

          • MVParalyse

            Bloody Sunday – Need I say more

          • User 1

            shut the fuck up

        • Just FYI I’m not american

          • MVParalyse

            Canadian ? 0.o

          • Nope :^)
            Somewhere in Europe

  • Joshwoocool

    treyarch keeps winning it seems

    • Aidan

      That’s funny, last time I checked, Black Ops 3 was the worst CoD…

  • Diego Diniz

    I’m Super Mega Dooper Cooper Excited guys (by Tmartn)

  • Raging Brainer

    I don’t care what they make, just leave ‘specialists’ out of it. And maybe make something other than an rc car

  • DJSaviD

    Most likely just Black Ops 4….. 🙁

    • GinsuVictim

      Why the frown? That would be just fine. 🙂

      • Elite Predator

        The Black Ops style is officially played out. I wanna see a game of natural colors and not vibrant colors spitting on the screen with a bright and cartoon vibe. I’m really tired of that style it’s outplayed for years dude I can’t take anymore and hope we can see some real graphics up to date than coloring in and upscaling to make the game have good graphics but really behind those colors there aren’t textured layers. So here’s to a good Call Of Duty game developed by Treyarch at yours truly with the death of traditional and boring three lane maps style. Fuck that

      • DJSaviD

        I didn’t like BlOps 3

        • GinsuVictim

          Who says it will be anything like BO3?

          • DJSaviD

            Knowing IW and Treyarch it’ll probably be a prequel tbh. I’d love to see an untold story of Mason, Woods and Bowman when they were in Vietnam. Because the gap between WaW and BlOps is way too big.

  • Andrey Martim

    I was betting (and wanting) on a Nam-theme game, but this is awesome.

    • MVParalyse

      They will never make a game solely based on the Vietnam War , due to the fact America lost .

  • An Alpaca

    Deep knowledge base of firearms is something Treyarch really needs. I don’t wanna see the M16 with a 20 round magazine that somehow holds 30 rounds again.

    • forrest1985

      Yup it would also be nice for developers to model bullets in magazines (unless their empty) and make sure the weapon safety isn’t permanently set to dafe ffs!

  • SGCStylezZ

    “prestige 1 or above in black ops 3” They know what they’re looking for 😉

    • reamerb .

      And a 5.00 K/D.

  • Mandy

    Or they simply work for some new dlc weapons in a futuristic title!

  • Peewy 978

    I think we all need a Fresh change for each cod that comes out. What i mean is the time setting Future,Present and Past. It would definitely revitalize the game a lil bit in my opinion. For example, Aw,Bo3 and Iw had the future setting 3 years in a row and kinda made Cod Stale.

  • Guest

    World at war 2 but set in world war 3

  • John

    Probably won’t even be modern but more like near future exactly like bo2

  • Backstabber 101

    Thank god Treyarch is going to do a boots on the ground game and not do the exo jumps again. Hopefully Infinity Ward will do it again.

  • Been waiting on a modern CoD for a looong time. The Modern Warfare series is easily my favorite. Now, if we get a modern era CoD with Treyarch maps… I’m sold!

  • W1LL1AM04
  • LeClezio

    I wonder if they’ll go for a NATO vs BRICS scenario, or a re-imagination of past modern conflict (ie Desert Storm, Black Hawk Down, etc…).

  • Sentinel

    Aww shit!! This is sweet news! This is actually exciting to me ’cause I really love the Modern era FPS. It’s weird that there hasn’t been a modern shooters at all in the past couple of years, besides Far Cry 5, and i know that next year will be big for Treyarch

  • Cyber-Ninja

    SPOILER ALERT; I’m gonna call it CoD 2018 will be based during the Iraq wars aka Desert Storm era. And once again Treyarch the only CoD developer worth spending your hard earned money on – will deliver yet again!!! ;O)