Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty Points will return in Call of Duty: WWII.

If you pre-order the Digital Standard Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, you will get 1,100 Call of Duty Points at launch.

Call of Duty Points are the in-game currency, which can be used to acquire Supply Drops. As of now, it鈥檚 not clear how else Call of Duty Points will be implemented into Call of Duty: WWII.

  • Tested

    You would think that they would not add them this year to try and get the trust back from the community, But they’re to greedy and already know that their game is dying so trying to make the most while they can. 100% this game will have overpowered supply drops weapons a month later. I’m done with cod.

    • Jon

      No one cares if you are done with COD. Just leave already kid.

      • Tested

        “Kid” I’m 23.

        • TechaGek.

          I think he means ‘big kid’, but hey – aren’t we all? lol

        • DJSaviD

          Age doesn’t mean anything lol. You’re whining like a kid.

        • Mr.x

          About the time you turn 50, you will look back and say yup at 23 I was a kid, but I feel your pain and see the greed in the gaming industry!

    • RdJokr

      You don’t make a microtransaction currency and then drop it after 2 years of usage, especially when it makes a fuck load of money, even more than season passes and map packs combined. And especially not when your competitors are also dipping in the microDLC scene.

      • Tested

        You also don’t milk your player base so much that you lose 50% of your player base year on year. Supply drops make alot now but with the player base going down it won’t be long until the supply drops sales drop to. If they had faith in their game then they would remove them for one year to get some of the loyal fans back, But their not. So that tells me they don’t have faith in their game so just trying to get every last bit of money they can. I give call of duty 3 more games then it will be dead.

        • RdJokr

          I would love to see where you got your analytics saying Activision “lost 50% of their player base year on year”.

          And get real, bud. Activision is a business set out to make revenue and profit. It’s their happiness before yours, all day, every day. And as far as they’re concerned, majority of people are satisfied anyway, since CP sales are still coming in. As if they care about losing some “loyal fans”, because they can always rake in a shit load of new players to make up for the loss.

          • Tested

            Black ops 3 sold 29 million copy’s, Infinite warfare sold 11 million. How will they make money from supply drops when there won’t be any players left soon.

          • GinsuVictim

            Digital sales weren’t reported, and those make up a large portion of sales these days.

          • ccrows

            3 things:

            1 – What Gins already said about digital sales.

            2 – IW was screwed even before it launched.

            The community after BO3 was getting sick of future/space, and IW took the series furthest into the future. (YT trailer says hi)

            3 – IDK what the community numbers are going to be for COD WWII, but feel free to take your IW numbers and put it against whatever Treyarch makes in 2018. (Y’know a game that will also have supply drops/COD points)

            My Point – Sure supply drops have hurt the series, but COD is in a place where “some people” will only stick with 1 dev every 3 years (usually that’s Treyarch) or the setting needs to be correct…

          • Elite Predator

            That’s why they have every developer making zombies so they can match Treyarch’s sales since they sell millions of copies alone just for the zombies. I really wish we could see zombies once every three years because it’s starting to get stale now and we all know more likely we’re getting zombies from Treyarch and that’s when zombies will get bummed if they don’t do something at least new and exciting graphically and mechanically. I mean they need to do some overhaul because staying up late playing zombies is getting old and same old nowadays. It’s not exciting as I once was to feel it’s atmosphere during the Black Ops III launch with the Der Reise remake. I’m just really bummed because Activision is so mainstream that they don’t try anything new because it’s what the mainstream community wants. It continues to see and as long as it’s that way they’ll never let developers get creative. Like why the fuck are we getting zombies again this year. I’m not even excited anymore. Why didn’t we get something original and creative like when we got Extinction in Call Of Duty Ghosts although it wasn’t fan favorite they could have made a nice twist in space with it but they don’t want to expand. They take the same formula and pump out zombies every year now.

          • RdJokr

            IW’s low sales has nothing to do with COD Points, the game was trashed by the community since the reveal, before they even confirmed supply drops.

        • Paul

          FYI the people that still play the game most likely spend money on supply drops

    • Former

      See you in November.

    • LOL hey give Tested a break! Just because Cod Points are here to stay, doesn’t mean he can’t still vent about it. That said, I also understand the points that everyone else is making. This model is here to stay unless something revolutionary happens, which is highly unlikely in the near future. Regardless, I think we should let people complain – it’s healthy and cathartic! 馃檪

      • Peewy 978

        I agree!

    • Paul

      Let’s not forget games like battlefield, FIFA, overwatch all have micro transactions. Doesn’t mean they have no faith just means they make a lot of fucking money doing it. They don’t force you to but the points and they even let you grind the game for keys, salvage whatever. So stop crying like a little bitch and get over it. Don’t hear people complaining to EA about FIFA points do you?

      • GinsuVictim

        Except for the people getting their accounts hacked for FIFA points.

      • Smayo

        Fact is that EA is realizing that supply drops and a content community are important for the longevity of their games. Titanfall 2 already has free map packs, Battlefront 2 is getting free maps and the Battlefield for 2018 will also have free maps. In addition they will have (payed) Supply drops, but I can live with that if the maps are free for all and not breaking up the community.

        Unfortunately, in CoD you have to pay for every single DLC. And activision will keep this business model as long as idiots like us keep buying them. They even stated that the majority of Destiny 2 will be in payed DLC, like it’s something to brag about. Im so done with everything that have remotely something to do with activision and try to avoid as many games wearing their stamp as possible.

        • Paul

          1. How do you know maps for BF2 will be free? I want to know if that’s true. 2. I do think dlc mp should be free that kind of balances things. 3. Doesn’t matter what publisher you go to eventually they will all have micro transactions. 4. Supply drops aren’t even an issue you can unlock them by playing the game that’s what I did and I have near enough all guns in AW, BO3, IW and MWR. Overall people like to complain about anything but are too dumb to realise it doesn’t take anything away from the experience

          • Smayo

            They didn’t name any games specific, but EA new approach regarding to season passes and MP DLC spans over their entire future game line up. Believe it or not, but season passes and map DLC is bought by only a small percentage of players according to EA own investigation, this is most noticeable in BF1 atm. Their philosophy is to keep the community together by providing free MP maps and get additional revenue by supply drops and other ways of DLC. The first games that fall under this new approach are Titanfall 2 and SW: battlefront 2. And it’s save to say the new BF will get a similar approach…

  • beamer

    They need to really think that system. I am in MP 20, and I have about 22,000 worth of salvage that I can’t do anything with except once every three weeks I can buy some useless crap.

    • Jon

      I also wished they had another way to use or spend the salvage as well.

    • LOL I’m with you bro… I have over 30,000 salvage just sitting there, and that’s after wasting 4,000 on stupid taunts last week (when they temporarily allowed it) because I have nothing else to do with it and I’m afraid it’s just going to go to waste otherwise. That said, and I usually don’t get excited about taunts or cosmetic shit, I actually got one that makes me smile… it’s the taunt where you break a bottle over your own head – which is very fitting in light of the circumstances 馃槈

  • Joseph Upton


  • forrest1985

    ….and here we go.

  • Alex Brogan

    I’m getting the SteelBook instead 馃檪

  • Yeah, I like bubblegum

  • Mako Shark

    There are no shadows in game? Isn’t that like 2005 stuff?

    Even tho that is minor there are a host of other bad things they never though about as in extending spawn times in War mode to say 10 seconds and letting people revive (press square to heal). Maps too small and I like small maps.

    • GinsuVictim

      I would hate for a shadow to give away my position.

  • Diego Diniz

    Guys, Call of Duty is a PRODUCT. (Period)
    They have to make their money $$$.
    I play Black Ops 3 every single day and i NEVER bought 1 COD Point.
    its up to you…

    • LaurenDFontenot

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    • HelenRBouton

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    • Peewy 978

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  • Beast Mode

    Only cod points ive ever had were the free joints from the pre order bonus…

    Data bout it

  • Hey, more free stuff – I’ll take it! However, giving us 1100 cod points (as opposed to just 1000) is a sneaky psychological tactic… just like the way they currently give you 1100 for $10. They know that once you spend the first 1000 CP, and you have the leftover 100 CP just sitting there in your account (and 100 buys you nothing), it’s going to bug a lot of people seeing it sitting at the top of their screen, to the point where they end up buying 1100 more for $10 just so they can use the leftover 100… it’s actually quite smart on their behalf, but still a fucked up tactic 馃檪

  • Xenosapien

    And so the the battle begins, please no stat based weapons

  • ScOott

    People in this comment section defending CoD points “yh but its buisness” lol .. im an idiot for buying the next game but ur more so for actually defending them lol..

    • Then you get another set of idiots that do nothing but just try to shut down said criticism by saying “you’re whining like a kid xDdddd”

  • destsicate

    People bitch and whine about cod points simple just don’t fucking buy them and ignore the fact they are in the game its not compulsory and you unlock supply drops from just playing the game stop fucking complaining jeezz

  • The Gaming Revolution

    1100 is such a random number, probably there’ll be a bundle for 1200 on launch day

    • Charlie

      Supply drops cost 200 COD points. If you buy 5 it will leave you 100 COD points. It will bug a lot of people leaving 100 points sitting there so they buy more COD points.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Fortunately, as watered down as this COD is it’s pretty easy to sit out. Here’s hoping Treyarch learned to have a fairer system by implementing aspects from IW and MWR.

  • hungryandrew

    I’m counting on you Treyarch, please come through in 2018.

  • Guys Tmartn was not guilty for CSGOLotto, seriously who the fuck thought that was a great idea?!?