A PC player has posted on Reddit that he discovered an additional, bugged menu within Call of Duty: WWII PC Open Beta. This menu does not appear to be the finalized menu in many cases, as there are still Advanced Warfare placeholders and “Stronghold” placeholder images in many of them. We caution that some of the things found could change before launch because of it not being complete.

This new menu reveals some features and look at modes we have not seen before. First off, there’s a new game mode coming to WWII called Gridiron, which appears to be a boots-on-the-ground take on Uplink. The portals are now in the ground versus in the air. There are few images that were posted to Reddit of this mode.

The menu also reveals some additional maps for WWII, and it does confirm the leaked Carentan Season Pass bonus map. The current menu has 10 maps total shown for MP, but we do not have the final number of maps officially confirmed yet.

Alongside this, the menu also confirms GameBattles support for WWII at launch. There’s an option to access GameBattles in the MP menu.

Finally, the user on Reddit posted images of the Combat Record menu, but those do not appear to be final. They still have Advanced Warfare text leftover with Stronghold placeholder backgrounds for now.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • furstguy

    Furst boy-O

  • Subaru

    Uplink looks quite promising, wondering how it’ll play tbh.

    Bit sad about the amount of maps, I understand the work that gets put into them and all but 10 at launch? people are sayin maps for War mode but c’mon why should they count towards it all? Them maps are only going to be playable on that SPECIFIC gamemode by the looks of it and I’m really hoping they might use the War gamemode maps somehow within other gamemodes even if it means cutting portions of the map off.

    I personally feel this game has gone back to “basic” COD in terms of features so far, all these recent titles (I obviously understand different developers but they’ve borrowed ideas from each other countless times) have added cool small features and things such as emblem editor, paintshop feature from BO3, the health bar above players in IW etc.. they should be standard and in every future COD title.

    Headquarters does look promising but we haven’t really seen much footage of it yet and I feel personally it’ll be a bit disappointing as oppposed to what they’re hyping up for it as much as I want it to be good.

    No doubt map packs will include 3 multiplayer maps 1 war map and 1 zombie map as per usual, which I think in 2017 is a bit crappy, MORE for my money please!

    • ccrows

      “No doubt map packs will include 3 multiplayer maps 1 war map and 1
      zombie map as per usual, which I think in 2017 is a bit crappy, MORE for
      my money please!”

      ^ They need to watch the community feedback and population of the WAR mode.

      (IMO) It’s a nice change of pace every once in a while, but it’s too linear for me to play all the time. I’d much rather see 4 DLC maps, even if 1 is the usual remake…

  • Ult1mateCarnage

    Pc players your take on the beta so far?

    • Its preetty good. Haven’t touched a new cod title since bo2.
      The only thing I hate is the snowy map

      • Ult1mateCarnage

        yes its fun right now theres 77,284 people online playing it. thats crazy

        • George White

          Where have you got that number from???

          • Ult1mateCarnage

            its on the steam, on the player stats

          • George White

            Oh right. I thought they added in a player count!?

        • Elite Predator

          Yeah seriously, for PC those numbers are sky high for Call Of Duty game being 2-5000 every year recently.

          • Ult1mateCarnage

            yea right now its at 63,912 people online playing. about to play right now

      • Former

        Snowy map is my favorite, bar the turrets.

    • Meme Poster

      No dedicated servers so I’m disappointed.

      • ccrows

        At least you guys got ping bars. The console beta didn’t even have that…

        • Niels Huysseune

          we aint got ping bars on the beta

    • ToonToons22

      It’s a fun game, but I wasn’t really able to play much of it since I was lagging so badly. I couldn’t figure it out because I have a good connection on most of the other games I play.


    There better be atleast 13-15 maps at launch. Because having only 10 maps (9 if you dont include the season pass map) sucks. Multiplayer would get boring fast. There should be atleast 13-15 maps at launch. JMO

    • we’re really gonna get the same amount of maps that Modern Warfare Remastered launched with, wow

      • KING_BORICUA24_

        Typical business trend of 2017. Release games with half the content, sometimes not completed, and charge the same 60-120 dollars. Not including the Collectors or Deluxe editions. Gaming in 5-10 years will only be available for people with wealth and ignorance. Gaming today sucks sometimes.

    • joey

      i love titanfall 2, but launching with nine maps certainly wasn’t a selling point (to put it mildly). then again, they offered free DLC and don’t have the balls to charge customers exorbitant rates (or require soooo much grinding) for the meager chance of acquiring superior weapons in supply drops. COD, on the other hand, making millions on drops and charging for DLC? releasing a game with nine or ten maps is disgraceful and inexcusable. in fact, i can’t even imagine they’ll try to get away with that.

  • They really had to shoehorn this goofy mode into the game huh.

    And what? 10 maps? Are these guys yanking my leg or something? First we get cut to 13 at launch but now 10? What is this, Modern Warfare Remastered?

    • ccrows

      9.5 maps is not gonna go well. IMO they need at least 3 more…

      • 13 is the bare minimum and something I can live with although nothing compared to the CoD4, MW2, BO1, MW3, and BO2 days where all those games launched with 14-16 maps. Since Ghosts it’s been 14-13. Now we’re getting cut to 10?

        You know I always thought this whole three year cycle and adding SHGames to the mix meant bigger and better Call of Duty games and since the whole three year cycle started I feel it’s the exact opposite and these games are getting less and less over time.

        Seriously where is all the production going to or whatever? Is MP just not the main focus anymore or what, I like to know something.

        Hell, I’m even hearing now that Black Ops 3 didn’t even use the full three years of development and if that’s true, then that’s impressive but in the same hand, then that means Black Ops 3 could have been a much better game.

        • ccrows

          Let’s put it like this. MWR’s DLC was a huge mess with the community. This would be a lot bigger of an issue if it were true.

          I’m in complete denial that SH would even “think” about launching a game with 9.5 maps. In my mind there is still enough time to fit 3 more in. (especially if they’ve been working on them)

          ^ Screw it, even if we have to download 3 maps on day 1 (AKA after the game goes gold), I’d be OK with that. Sure I wouldn’t be thrilled, but I just can’t imagine the thought of only 9.5 stock maps… <_<

          • Well the game hasn’t gone gold yet, I’m prob gonna be a little be hopeful we the other three maps just can’t be found right now or whatever. I’ll start to worry more when the game ships later in October and we get leaks. But now it is pretty worrying but I guess we have to wait and see

        • joey

          they should introduce an altered version of “instinct” from AW. they could balance the advantage the high ground-spawning team would have by putting turrets at the bottom of the map.

          • joey

            (would be great for an attack/defend mode)

          • That’ll actually be pretty neat

        • se7en

          They do the bare minimum and then Activision just pockets the rest of the development money. Its pathetic.

      • se7en

        Its unacceptable, what do they think because battlefield launched with 10 it was okay for them to do it too? No its not, battlefield maps are huge…Game is going to die so fast because people are going to get bored. My god…

    • SSR

      Goofy mode is bad huh? look at Prophunt, everyone loved it. Looks at whatever the Mike Meyers mode was where the ”murderer chases after you, people loved it. Why not this football thingy.

      • ccrows

        There’s a difference though. People will actually play “Prop hunt” for fun. (or at least keys)

        Uplink is usually a dead playlist, unless it has Double XP, Keys, ETC…

      • Because Prop Hunt and Mike Meyers are more or less party game modes. While Uplink is an objective game mode like Domination and CTF in the same sense. I think Uplink is a little bit goofy for a WWII theme game, but by all means, enjoy and play it if you like it. I don’t give a fuck

        • Elite Predator

          Take it like a couple Veterens are sitting back after the war and they picked up a soccer ball and started playing a game where you have to either throw it in the pit or tackle the opponent. Be a little creative. Besides, it brings additional variety to the game. I would like to see Demolition make a return.

    • RdJokr

      I think the problem is because of War Mode. War doesn’t use the regular maps, but its own. So if there are, say, 4-5 War maps, then it evens out with this.

      • I think the problem with that is that isnt Raven helping out with War mode?

        • RdJokr

          Well, yeah, but Raven helps out with everything. No one really knows the percentage of work they put into other things.

          There’s also the fact that from a business standpoint, Activision and the developers have to figure out how much content they can cram into the game without breaking the $60 price threshold. That’s a whole other can of worm, so I won’t go deep into that. But short version is, 10 regular MP maps + 4-5 War maps seem to balance out with the number of regular maps we get normally per game.

          Now, do keep in mind though, this list we have now in the game supposedly may not be final. Given how AW-like the menu is, and the “Stronghold” background, this could’ve been a leftover waaay back from the early days of development. There could be more than 10 regular maps. Right now, it’s hard to say.

          • The problem with War mode is that those maps are exclusive to just War mode and play completely different than regular MP map. So it’s kinda dumb to shorten MP maps list even more considering Call of Duty used to include 16 maps at launch and that was with a two year cycle.

            But for now I’m probably just gonna bite my tongue until release because this is better, but if it does launch with 10 maps, I’m sorry but thats lackluster all around. As I said before I can live with 13 launch maps but 10 is just too short for Call of Duty.

    • Mick

      Looks like it will be similar to Blitz in CoD Ghosts except you won’t teleport back to your spawn after you score. And yeah, 10 maps is quite low. Most of the old CoD titles shipped with 15 or 16 maps.

      • Elite Predator

        I kinda like going back to my spawn after I score because it prevents death near the enemy spawn.

        • Mick

          Yeah I liked that too.

      • Oh yeah, I hated Blitz too but yeah good point about Blitz.

        • Mick

          I actually didn’t mind Blitz to be honest. I thought it was cool on the small maps. I remember they had this mode when the game first came out called Ghost Moshpit which had Strikezone and Free Fall in the map rotation and Blitz was in there. Made for some fun games.

          • I played like one or two games of it, and didn’t like it because I thought it was goofy. Teleporting just shouldn’t be a thing in CoD. Just like Uplink just looks goofy in this game. The only new mode I ever liked was prob Search and Rescure.

            And honestly I would have rather seen Momentum from AW to return instead of Uplink

    • Elite Predator

      It’s just there for variety.

      • Sure. While modes like Demolition could have easily taken its place or Team Defender from MW3. There are so many more options than Uplink. And you and I both know game modes like Demolition aren’t going to be permanently unless the developer of the game says “Treyarch” at the front.

        • joey

          they might be partial to uplink since they introduced it three years ago, but i completely agree with you that it doesn’t fit this game. couldn’t they simply take out all of the glowing crap, replace the orb with an old football and challenge the teams to grab the ball and return it to their base/goal?

  • djml9

    They should take the war maps and, cut them down to their most playable area, and put them in normal map rotation. 10 maps is nothing. Its fine for a slow, methodical game like R6S, but for CoD, where youre balsting through 5-8 minute matches, youre gonna get sick of the maps really fast.

  • se7en

    So 10 maps the majority of them most likely being small and one of those maps locked behind a preorder wall….Are you serious? This game is going to get stale so fast. It seems like Activision gets more greedy each year. 10 maps is unacceptable and people are going to rage on sledgehammer come release day and there’s only 9.5 maps so they better get ready. Each year gamers get less and less for their money. Its just shitty.