Activision has confirmed that the Carentan bonus map will be coming to Call of Duty: WWII. Details on this bonus map first appeared on EBGames AU website, but then was swiftly removed from their website.

Activision has stated that the map will be available with the Call of Duty: WWII Season Pass or the Call of Duty: WWII Digital Deluxe Edition.

The map is a remake from a Call of Duty 2 map. Carentan was then re-imagined in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as Chinatown, which was a DLC map for that title.

Additional details on the Season Pass have not yet been announced by Activision. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Activision

  • Oh yeah I have to buy the season pass to get this map? Oh yes baby it hurts when I twist them

  • MaxHuntz

    so no pre order map?

  • Subaru

    Oh fuck off, am I fuck buying your shitty season pass to receive access to this map.
    Why the hell would I buy the season pass for a game that I don’t know if I’ll fully enjoy and want to buy further content for?

    Preorder bonus, not season pass bonus thanks.

    And no I won’t eventually buy this, fuck that

  • In the past it’s always been stated very clearly what is included in season pass. This is troubling to see they are pushing it’s purchase and haven’t declared what you are actually getting for your money. You can assume it’s 4 DLC drops but you know what happens when you assume…

    I wonder how DLC will work this year with War mode in the game. Will it be 4 MP maps, a War map and a Zombies map? If War is popular they are going to have to change something up with the DLC drops.

    Edit: Well at least it has been clarified a little bit now.

    • Subaru

      I wouldn’t be surprised if its 3 multiplayer maps , 1 war map and 1 zombies map to be honest which would be fucking disgustingly bad.

      • I’m guessing that will be the route they go as well. That way they can keep that number right at 5 maps per drop.

    • I was hoping the uncertainty of what’s in the season pass this year meant they are reworking it like making it a Season pass to get all DLC guns and zombies maps. Therefore just include Free new MP maps with updates for everyone to not split the playerbase.

      But with having to buy the season pass just to get this one map, nah that ain’t going to happen.

  • Also, in regards to the article – Carentan was originally made for COD1, playable in COD:UO, remade for COD2, remade again for COD4 as Chinatown and is also in BO3!

    • joey

      it was also the map they were playing in *the office* while jim was working at the stamford branch.

  • [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™

    Yeah they can go kill themselves lol. I much rather pre-order it, same way it went for The Giant zombies map for BO3 than spend $50 on a shitty Season Pass for one map I played on may years ago. I already know the CoD fanboys and shitty Youtubers will buy it because that’s all they play.