Tina Palacios (@Teanah) leaves Infinity Ward, joins Respawn Entertainment


Tina Palacios has updated her Twitter bio to reveal that she has departed Infinity Ward after 6 years of being with the studio.

Tina joined Infinity Ward in 2012 after Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward. Tina served as Infinity Ward’s Senior Community Manager for Call of Duty: MW3 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. She then worked as an Associate Producer on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare through October 2017.

Tina’s bio on Twitter that she is now working with Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall and an upcoming Star Wars title, as Producer.

We wish Tina the best of luck at Respawn!

  • Clowns

    Sucks but I think she can help Respawn!

    • BradyAlucard

      By being as incompetent as she was in Infinity Ward? Nah I keed.

  • BradyAlucard


  • Duke of hazard

    Tina, huh? If I remember correctly, she blocked people who made any complaints about Ghosts. Sucks for Respawn.

  • Wasn’t she that shitty community manger or whatever back in the days of Ghosts

    • Christopher

      She was never shitty. If anything she’s fair to a fault.

      • Lol that’s never what I heard

        • Christopher

          Yeah but heard from where?

          “About 90 percent of what’s out there in cyberspace is hearsay – or lies – and opinion, often misinformed opinion, and it’s all repeated over and over again.”

          ~David Tang~

          • Are you even reading these comments right now or where you even part of the community back then?

            Lol, sure it’s all lies. Keep telling yourself that lol. I wish I could “disprove” something with a quote. Lol seriously? You use a quote instead of explaining how she was “fair”? When the ccrows and Group_935 both explained it to you?

      • ccrows

        TBF, as much of a critic as I was of Tina. I never once rooted for her to get fired. I just can’t root for “anyone” to lose their job, and I’m glad that she still has a paycheck somewhere else.

        Still glad that we’re done dealing with her though… 😉

        • RdJokr

          We barely heard from her this whole season. She was doing production work.

          • ccrows

            The average person doesn’t know who the community manager is over at Infinity Ward. (BTW it’s “Ashton Williams” to save a Google search for some of the lurkers)

            One key difference between Ashton and Tina, is that Ashton didn’t whine on her Twitter account during Ghosts.

            Whatever, I sincerely hope that she finds happiness in the next chapter of her life…

      • Group_935

        She put her Twitter account to private when she was the community manager for Ghosts. Mind you, this was when Ghosts was new.

        I get the corporate trend that Activision implemented when they turned “progressive” by hiring women staff. You would think that they want competent women employees.

        • Christopher

          Regardless it’s always easier to look at things from the outside. I’d never judge a person’s job until I’ve had to do it. “Walk a mile in her shoes” type thing. Either way we can all admit IW dropped the ball on Infinite. We’ll see how the next title pans out.✌?

    • ccrows

      She started with replacing Bowling in the the middle of MW3.

      Ghosts comes, does a studio tour before the game launches. Makes sure that she’s in the game, Watches and actually helps promote Mike Myers and Pred. Constantly complained that her Twitter account was her personal Twitter account, and spent more time on that then helping the game itself.

      IW arrives, and who knows what she even did with that game.

      Don’t care what she does for Respawn. Heck I even wish her the best, just as long as she never comes back to COD…

      • Oh man, Robert Bowling. I miss that guy

      • Luís Gomes

        You literally said it all!

    • Qaotik


  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    She sub-tweeted them days before (deleted now) talking about “treated like shit” something or other. Honestly she can go. She sucked as a CM, and then apparently tried to learn how to write code and work on the actual development of the game. I feel like she was let go because she wasn’t all that useful to the studio, beyond making simple things like making weapon reticles, and probably being paid way too much to do shit like that. Her main focus seemed to be pushing her feminist agenda in the studio and in the games.

    The one and only thing I liked about her was that she recently became a PC gamer and seemingly tried to get the rest of the studio to care more about the PC versions. Now whatever momentum that had is gone and the next IW release will be dogshit on PC again.

  • Sole Luiza

    Would be hilarious if IW all of a sudden finally makes a good game. Even though she was a CM, she was the problem Kappa

  • ccrows

    I’ve been waiting years for this day to arrive.

    Why Respsawn took her? Who knows, who cares, just glad that she’s not with IW or COD anymore…

  • This was definitely not her choice to go by her tweets (Oct 2) that she deleted within a few minutes. Although her timing seems off according to reports of when she started at IW – 6 years would be in May 2018.

    As to why Respawn? I’m guessing she had some contacts there from when IW split after the MW2 lawsuits with former IW employess and Activision. I’m sure they see value in her but I also would guess it’s a bit of a jab at Activision to pick her up so quickly.

    Funny how the IW people work. Remember Mark Rubin when Ghosts came out? Talked about all kinds of stuff with the game and his twitter went dead the day of release never to be heard from again till he left IW. How much was Tina talking about IW after release… not a whole lot. They want to get things out the door but then disappear.

    • ccrows

      “Treated like garbage”? lol *SMH*

      At least she deleted that. It’s out there, but I’m sure she wants that one back…

  • Luís Gomes

    They had EVERY CHANCE to fix many of Cod Ghosts’ problems. Infinity Ward needs to really (really) step up their game ‘cause they have been lacking in originality. How about they make a good game for once?
    MW3 – Great, but only a little step up from MW2;
    Ghosts – Boring;
    Infinite Warfare – A travesty
    She Should have done more during her time as CM – end of story. She knew what she was getting into and she was weakening the studio in every way.

  • Tom

    Oh no. Shes cute and all. But she wasnt too good for community manager.

  • Poor Respawn

  • lunator100hd .

    Infinity Ward is a lost cause, this studio is a bunch of untalented developers, Tina Palacios wont be missed.