Earlier this morning, a post was shared on Reddit which contained massive new information about Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies mode. Some users have searched through the beta files of the Call of Duty: WWII PC Beta to try and find details about Call of Duty: WWII that have not yet been announced and shared those details on Reddit. We refrained from posting due to the amount of spoilers the post did contain.

There were details about how Zombies weapons, exclusive features, and more would work in the leak. Because of the extent of the leak, Michael Condrey sent a statement about it.

From Michael Condrey, Co-Studio Head of Sledgehammer Games:

“Call of Duty: WWII has been in development for nearly three years, and we’re now less than a month before launch. We can’t wait for fans to experience it on November 3rd.  With Betas, there’s always the risk that some people will try and spoil that experience for others. We have had a couple things leak recently across multiplayer and zombies. It’s disappointing for everyone involved in creating the game. But, in the spirit of transparency, we want to be up front about it. Some of the details were inaccurate, early, or still subject to change. Others we would consider spoilers. We never plan for leaks, but we also understand that it’s hard for fans not to read the news when it’s about something they are so excited to learn more about.”

Michael Condrey also talked about the recent MP leaks from the Call of Duty: WWII PC beta, including the new Gridiron MP mode, which is going to be SHG’s boots on the ground take of Uplink mode.

“We are super proud of the game and cannot wait to play it with the community, so please hang on for a bit as November 3rd is almost here. In the meantime, here’s a first look at our London map in multiplayer. It’s a studio favorite for domination, hardpoint, and TDM, and we think it could be a standout for the competitive season ahead.  Also, it’s a lot of fun for the new Gridiron game mode coming at launch, here’s a taste.”

Here’s the first images of the all new London MP map, as well as the Gridiron mode, mentioned by Condrey:

Call of Duty: WWII is available in just 4 weeks — on November 3. Stay tuned for the latest news leading up to launch.

  • Joshwoocool

    Not much to say but that sucks for them

  • Elvin menie

    Why is condrey always pushing the competitive scene? ”oh this mode will be great for competitive” this map is made for competitive”

    • Mizhe5

      What are u talking about? At least he’s paying attention to Competitive CoD unlike some of the other studios . Not everything is about casuals .

      • BradyAlucard

        CoD is all about the casual experience. No studio should pay attention to competitive. Period.

      • jt3z

        No we dont Comp has hurt the franchise each year since it was implemented

    • Scrub Daddy 2

      We kind of need comp cod to grow before cod dies due to it being a pub game

      • BradyAlucard

        We don’t need competitive for anything.

        • Scrub Daddy 2

          then cod dies for being a game u prestige on then never play again

          • BradyAlucard

            You don’t get to change CoD for the majority just because you watch a few Pro players. Know what I mean? That’s how it’s been for 10 years and it’s not going to die anytime soon. If anything, competitive is just killing it more and more because the developers don’t have their priorities in check and are starting to pander to them, which is not okay.

    • Eric H

      comp = good for cod u bot

      • BradyAlucard

        Says who, you? In what way does it improve the CoD experience for everyone?

        Answer: It objectively doesn’t, you sheep.

      • jt3z

        No it is not good for COD. Why balance a game around small % of players? Its beyond moronic and it needs to stop or COD will continue losing fans each year.

        • ElseAndrew

          Worked for Black Ops 2, it’s one of the franchises most popular games and was very eSports focused, in fact it’s where eSports started to boom. Need more support not less.

    • I understand why they want competitive to succeed but the fact is random pub players outnumber people who give a crap about competitive COD by far.

      • KarinaDJohnson

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      • BradyAlucard

        It’s inexcusable in my book, the development team should not focus on competitive too much because I’ve only seen it tamper the game in a negative way.

        • RdJokr

          The comp scene has its good and bad points. With a proper comp scene, we can have proper balancing, and competitive map design means it will promote less bullshit that you only see in casual games. Plus, a more competitive focus can develop great core game modes. I said it since AW, and I’ll say it again, Uplink/Gridiron is one of the best game modes in COD right now, and more casual players should embrace it.

          And I don’t think either side of the community can argue that they’re positive. Both are negative and toxic as shit. An ideal community would be when both casual and comp players can discuss their viewpoints without shoving them down each other’s throats. But that’s never gonna happen.

          • BradyAlucard

            You’re implying that they should affect the whole game, that would completely ruin Call of Duty. At least Uplink isn’t really a “bad” mode, however, it just feels like a reskinned CTF except you get to throw it like in Halo (which makes it a rip-off).

          • joey

            uplink was great in AW. one of my favorite things to do was toss a stun at an enemy just as they’re leaping to score, hit ’em with a second stun, and watch as they resemble george costanza trying in vain to leap up and touch that awning.

    • DaApex1

      activision wants a bigger esports push

  • Think I’ll keep away from this leak with it being so close. I’m excited for boots on ground Uplink, and the London map looks decent. Will be nice to see my home country get a bit of love again in CoD!

  • I hope the map list is subject to change because 10 is low

    • se7en

      Its only 9 if you dont buy the season pass….unacceptable.

      • Jesus Christ, I didn’t look at it that way. 9 maps for a Call of Duty game at a launch. Fucking hell what has happened over the years

        • BradyAlucard

          Games became more expensive? Not good enough excuses IMO.

          • I see people use that excuse which is rich considering Activision makes billions of dollars alone off of microtransactions.

          • BradyAlucard

            BAM rekt.

        • Tahmidul Amin

          I agree that 9 maps at launch is really low but it might become 10 after a little bit. Carentan is a pre-order bonus map but, so was nuketown 2025, freefall and nuk3town and they eventually came out for free.

          • Did Atlas Gorge become free? I don’t remember since I got it as a preorder bonus. I think it did but some people say it didn’t so idk

          • Tahmidul Amin

            My ps4 copy of AW was not a pre-order but i remember playing atlas gorge nearing the end of AW’s life cycle

  • se7en

    So he didn’t address the fact that there’s only 9 fucking maps…..That’s just unacceptable imo that is way too low…

  • I think things are being leaked at this point because SHG isn’t showing anything for Zombies. I couldn’t care less about Zombies once again this year but for some people it is the reason they are buying the game. Reveal trailers should all be out at this point.

  • ccrows

    Anyone else thinks that this kinda looks like a WWII version of “Underground” (also a London Map) from MW3 from the 2 pics above?…

    • I kinda got the same vibe too. I loved Underground from MW3.

      • HortensiaRHarris

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  • Diana Carle

    So whats the link to that leak

    • BradyAlucard