Users on Reddit have found a list of weapons, maps, and more via the game files inside of the Call of Duty: WWII PC Open Beta.

We do caution that the list is not the final list of all of the features in the game as of now and anything is subject to change and can change before launch. Sledgehammer Games’ Co-Studio Head Michael Condrey issued a statement last night about the zombies and MP leaks and shared first images of the London Docks MP map and Gridiron mode.

Here is what was posted by a user on Reddit, found in the beta files:

MP Maps (13 maps found in files): 

  • Aachen: Urban warfare in the Battle of Aachen. Long range gameplay down the dangerous streets mixed with up-close engagements through war-torn structures.
  • U-Turn
  • Pointe du Hoc: D-Day landing site with tight gameplay spaces. Bunkers and trenches create intense close-range battles.
  • Flak Tower: German Flak Tower overlooking the skies above Berlin. Frenetic, close-range battles from end to end.
  • Ardennes Forest: Battle around a German encampment and vehicle convoy in the snow-covered Ardennes Forest during Battle of the Bulge. Fast-paced short to medium range engagements.
  • Gibraltar: Cliff-side fortifications atop the Rock of Gibraltar. Intense stand-off battles in the center with vertical combat opportunities to the flanks.
  • “Wolfs Lair” (name not final): Deep in the Prussian Masurian woods lies Hitler’s Eastern Front military headquarters.
  • Sainte Marie du Mont: Furious battle across a war-torn French village. Features multiple high-intensity combat scenarios involving short and medium range gameplay.
  • Gustav Cannon
  • Carentan
  • USS Texas
  • London Docks
  • Paris


  • Assault
    • M1941
    • M1 Garand
    • STG44
    • M1A1 Carbine
    • FG42
    • BAR
  • SMG
    • PPSh-41
    • Type 100
    • MP28
    • Grease Gun
    • Thompson
    • MP40
  • LMG
    • Lewis
    • MG15
    • Bren
    • MG42
  • Sniper
    • Lee Enfield
    • Karabin
    • M1903 Springfield
    • Commonwealth
    • Kar98k
    • SVT40
  • Shotgun
    • Walther Toggle Action
    • Winchester 1897
    • M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
    • Winchester Model 21
  • Pistol
    • P-08 Luger
    • M1911
    • Machine Pistol
    • M712
  • Launcher
    • M1 Bazooka
    • Panzerschreck
  • Melee
    • Shovel

War Mode (we want to note that SHG has not announced the final number of War maps that will be available in WWII at launch. The following listed below is what was shared on Reddit. Please keep that in mind): 

  • “Operation Aachen”
    • Advance to the trainyard and capture the train.
    • Halt the allied advance to the trainyard. Stop them from capturing the train.
    • Gather explosive ordnance and wire it to the streetcar.
    • Stop the allies from stealing explosive ordnance.
    • Use the emplaced anti-tank guns to take out that King Tiger tank.
    • Defend the King Tiger tank by capturing the emplaced anti-tank guns.
    • Capture the train before it leaves the station.
    • Stop the allies from capturing the train before it leaves the station.
  • “Operation Griffin”
    • Advance across the bridge to break the allied front line.
    • Stop the enemy from advancing across the bridge to break the front line.
    • Escort 2 of the 3 tanks into allied territory.
    • Stop 2 of 3 tanks from pushing into allied territory.
    • Push into the allied fuel dump and gather fuel for our tanks.
    • Stop the enemy from stealing our fuel for their tanks.
    • Secure the bridge before it is destroyed.
    • Halt the enemy advance until we can destroy the bridge.
  • “Operation Breakout” (already announced War mode map)
    • Destroy the Axis flak cannons targeting Allied bombers.
    • Defend the Axis flak cannons targeting Allied bombers.
    • Disrupt Axis comms by capturing the forward observation post.
    • Defend Axis comms by holding the forward observation post.
    • Construct a vital river crossing for Allied armor to advance.
    • Prevent Allied forces from constructing a bridge for Allied armor to advance.
    • Destroy the Axis ammunition depot with emplaced explosives.
    • Defend the ammunition depot from being destroyed by Allied forces.
    • Escort armored support into position against Axis AA guns.
    • Halt the Allied armored support from reaching AA guns.
  • “Operation Neptune”
    • Capture the two cliff-side bunkers.
    • Escort the engineer to the 155mm Artillery Gun.
    • Defend against the German Counter-offensive.


  • Looks like a lot of content for the game. I’m excited for the game to come out! 🙂 I’m looking forward to playing on all maps, and weapons.

  • Oh 13 maps. Thank God. And really no Gewehr 43 in the game?

    • An Alpaca

      Gewehr 43 will probably be in supply drops.

      • Exciting.

        • RdJokr

          It’s not that bad though if the system is like MWR, or even IW.

          • I’m very super ultra excited.

          • Qaotik

            On the scale of 1to Tmartn, how excited are you?

          • I’m beyond Tmartn excited

          • jt3z

            It has to be like IW or this game will fail

          • ccrows

            Just as long as it’s MWR “or friendlier”, then I’m good…

      • ccrows

        That, the Type99 (Captain Ugly Irons), and the DP28 (Goofy circle magazine on top) probably too… ETC

    • Subaru

      I’m happy about that, relieved actually I honestly thought they’d be douches and count the War mode maps.

      Wasn’t impressed with the maps in the beta so hoping some of these are gd

      • I thought the maps were okay in the beta. I just hope the rest of the maps have variety in size and playstyles involved rather than the “lolthreelanemediumtosmallclusteredmaps”

        • jt3z

          Meh all the beta maps were quite bad imo. No flow whatsoever.

          • Adrian Rivera III

            Jetpacking for 3 years did that

          • jt3z

            No the maps just suck.

        • I couldn’t get into a single one of them apart from Gibraltar, which most people seem to hate haha. Pointe du Hoc was too tight/close quarters for my liking, Aachen was a hot mess and Ardennes I hardly ever got and when I did I got constantly raped by snipers.

          I’ll end up warming to them when the final game comes out, just hope like you said there’s a bit of variety in the other maps.

    • ccrows

      12.5 is definitely a lot better than 9.5 for stock maps.

      Hopefully this holds up for launch… 🙂

  • Mick

    I’m happy to see the amount of weapons we have here. Cannot wait to grind this game out!

  • ToonToons22

    U-Turn is a map from Modern Warfare 3. Looks like they’ll be remaking it. The weapons list has some issues, because the Commonwealth and Lee-Enfield are apparently the same thing like the M712 and the Machine Pistol.

    • ccrows

      “U-Turn” is a MW3 map name, but I don’t think it’s a remake, since that was a “Face Off” map.

      IDC if they do Face-Off maps, but I hope that doesn’t count against regular sized stock maps…

      • ToonToons22

        Face Off maps are the tiny 2v2 maps, right? If that’s the case, then I’m not sure why they would use the same name for an already existing map if it’s not a remake, unless the Face Off playlist were to make a return.

        • ccrows

          “Face Off maps are the tiny 2v2 maps, right?”

          ^ Yup…

        • ccrows

          “If that’s the case, then I’m not sure why they would use the same name for an already existing map if it’s not a remake”

          ^ It’s been done before. AKA the map name “Dome” was used in WAW and MW3.

          Eventually you’re gonna run out of map names I guess… (especially since devs “try” to keep them at 2 words or less)

          • Subaru

            Man face off was one of the best things about MW3, why did they drop it? 🙁 Wish they would bring it back

          • Former

            Cause boosting, probably. Hopping into a 1v1 with your friend was quite easy. They could try to stop it from happening, but I have a feeling people will always find a way.

          • ccrows

            Probably because the community (as a whole) wasn’t on board with it.

            If you remember those “Face Off” maps counted as DLC maps. So instead of getting 16 regular sized maps, we only got 12. (Although we did get Terminal for free as a gift from Bowling heading out the door)

            Plus (on a few of the face off maps), you could literally get spawn killed because of how small the maps they were…

  • Sam

    the m712 and the machine pistol are the same thing

    • Felix Plante

      Yep, plus no revolver… ?

  • ccrows


    The map name “USS Texas” was a Battleship used in WWI and WWII.

    You can see footage of it in the MP reveal trailer @1:30-1:40.

    I’m guessing that it will play something like a WWII version of Hijacked… 😉

    • Oooo awesome! I completely missed that!

  • Codgamer

    I wish you can download other peoples weapon skins, in wresling games you could download other peoples caws. So why not in call of duty with emblems and weapon skins that they make.

    • That was the original plan with paintjobs in Black Ops 3 but for some reason Treyarch didn’t go through with it or couldn’t go through with it

  • Subaru

    YES! They aren’t including War maps as multi maps, I HAVE HOPE.
    THANK YOU ! 13 maps! Brilliant!

  • Subaru

    I’m fine with supply drops in the game, but I’m really hoping it’s more like the MWR supply drop system (which I think it is) and there will be realistic camos and melee weapons, I’m hoping there will be no supply drop weapons and if there are guns that actually suit and go with the time period and are unlockable via challenges.

    • Felix Plante

      If it’s anything but the BO3 supply drops it’s fine.

  • TechaGek.

    I was looking at the ‘Assault’ weapons and worrying where the Kar98k was, thank god it’s in the base game – was worrying that they’d pull a stunt and make it DLC.

  • Subaru

    6 sniper rifles? jeez

  • Emre

    Where are the days that we get 16 maps in the base game?

    • Elite Predator

      Where are the days where we never had zombies as a third game mode including compelling Campaigns, and a new war mode that drives Call Of Duty multiplayer approached differently launching with 4 maps.

    • Buruck Obuma

      Ww2 has 17 including the war maps, a few weeks ago there were 9 found in the files.

  • Guest that’s a Guest

    Defineatly going to have supply drop weapons and/or variants because I mean we played with almost every gun in the Beta, no way that’s all. But I’m calling it right now, still looks good though and can’t wait to play it.

  • Codgamer

    With less.then a month away ,hoping for some more zombie leaks, curious about the class sytem, and level pregression and perks.

  • This definitely restores a bit of faith. Starting to look forward to the game again after a bit of a low playing the beta.

    I’m actually really excited for Gridiron too… I always loved Uplink but found it really irritating how quickly a game could end thanks to the boost jumps.

  • ccrows

    I’m guessing that the BAR, FG42 (going from Machine guns to Rifles) and SVT40 (going from Rifle to SR) was done for the sake of Divisional balance?

    It’s gonna be a little weird for me using those first 2 guns with a Bayonet… (especially the BAR) *shrugs*

    • Ed

      The BAR and FG42 are not techincally LMGs. While the BAR was used in the LMG role, the weapon itself is an automatic rifle. There is a difference between the two, but the BAR does fit the rifle category. In fact, that’s what B.A.R. stands for, Browning Automatic Rifle.

      The FG42 is in fact a battle rifle, like the SCAR H, G3, M14, etc. And they were issued spiked bayonets in limited numbers. It is not a light machine gun.

      Light machine guns are meant to suppress the enemy, generally from a fixed position, while the infantry moves around to take out a threat. The BAR was pushed into this role, but it was really meant to be fired from the shoulder, the hip, and have the accuracy of the basic rifle when need be. It didn’t have the capacity to suppress the enemy for long periods of time.

      The SVT40 was originally designed to be a sniper rifle, they were fitted with a PU optic, but it had terrible accuracy problems, so they switched over to scoped Mosin Nagants, using the same optic.

  • DnBskillZ

    No mosin nagant you fuckin wot? But it’s one of the most iconic weapons

  • John Karatziovalis

    no gewehr 43 , no american 30cal lmgs, no mg34, no russian bolt action riffles, no revolvers , no sten gun , no pss smg … well guys get ready for a year full of supply drop weapons cause i just found 7 of ’em

  • Felix Plante

    Machine Pistol and M712… The “Machine pistol” IS the “M712”. Well it was in the beta. Also, no revolvers ?

  • Ed

    This list might not be entirely accurate…
    The Commonwealth and Lee Enfield are the same weapon, same thing for the Machine Pistol and M712. We also have the Volkssturmgewehr confirmed in Zombies as well, so that should be added to the Rifle category, and we have the Sten MKII SMG in one of the teaser images.
    So I’m hoping we’re gonna see more weapons in the game.