Infinity Ward and Activision have announced the Halloween Scream Event for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The event starts October 9 and ends on November 1 at 10AM Pacific.

The event includes limited time MP playlists, new loot items, giveaway items and more for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The event will feature the following in-game in Infinite Warfare:

  • Free Halloween-themed Supply Drop at the beginning of each week. The first Drop is available now for pick up in the Quartermaster.
  • Free Halloween-themed cosmetic item every Friday, along with one final gift on October 30.
  • Halloween-themed gear and loot, including brand-new zombie-themed Rig skins, available to earn
  • “Boss Battle” mode, which starts on October 13, allows players to take on their favorite final bosses from each of the Infinite Warfare zombies modes. It begins with the first chapter, Zombies in Spaceland, and continues with the following chapters becoming available, two per week, ending with the ultimate battle in The Beast from Beyond (players must own DLC packs to access DLC chapters)
  • Return of Gesture Warfare multiplayer mode to celebrate Halloween, which runs now through October 12 and allows fans to use gestures to humiliate and annihilate their opponents
  • Carnage, a fan-favorite multiplayer map from the Retribution DLC pack, free to play and with double XP for all players from October 12 to November 1

Activision has also created a new website for the Halloween Scream event, showcasing a calendar of what to expect each of the four weeks.


SOURCE: Activision

  • Subaru

    Cool, what about MWR and perhaps BO3 tho

    • RdJokr

      Don’t wanna burst your bubble, but neither game has had any patch testing done for ages now (at least not publicly viewable according to Steam database). And given this blog post, I think it’s safe to say only IW’s getting the good treat here.

      • Elite Predator

        I think that’s because Black Ops III is officially put to rest with it’s respect.

      • Subaru


        • ccrows

          All signs are pointing to something dropping in BO3 tomorrow.

          Just because there hasn’t been a patch in a while, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. They could throw a patch in tomorrow if they wanted…

          • Subaru

            This guy (Rdjokr) has a good point though –

            What’s your thoughts on this? I still have hope

          • ccrows

            Read my first post. (right above your sad face)

            You want another good point. BO3 is published by Activision.

            Seriously though, every time new stuff comes into BO3, Vahn either goes on vacation, or gets quiet on social media. Take a look at his Twitter account ATM.

            The ONLY way. LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY nothing drops tomorrow (17th at the very latest) is if BO3 is completely tapped out on resources, which in that case that’s it. Then (IMO) no more DLC stuff ever ends up in that game.

            ^ However, Activision/Trey has already sacrificed Gun Game and Ground War. I could see them removing something else in favor of one last DLC drop before COD WWII.

            Whatever, tune in tomorrow fellas…


          • Subaru

            There were a lot of rumours regarding MWr also, and no steam activity in regards to beta patches or whatever on that site has been put for like 2 months.

            I agree with you regarding most but all we are going off is speculation there was however SOLID evidence from Acitvision Support themselves on their twitter about Treyarch working on their next patch, which means there WILL Be an update out at some point, regardless if its new content or not within it, something for sure imo is going to happen considering that.

      • ccrows

        All those Grand Slam and Triple Play contracts. The 100 big box bundle, and Vahn’s Twitter all bizarre ATM. (he usually goes missing before stuff drops)

        I’d be beyond shocked if nothing drops for BO3 tomorrow…

        • RdJokr

          Be shocked then.

          • ccrows

            Will see. All this time left before COD WWII, and an opportunity for Activision to make money “If” the resources are there (that’s the key in all of this) “If” the resources are there, which I already stated in a post below.

            Edit – I’ll even give them to the 17th to figure out if they have any room left to cram this last minute stuff in. (AKA having to remove another dead playlist or two)

            However, if the 17th comes and goes without any new content, then (IMO) the BO3 SD life cycle is finally over due to lack of resources…

          • ccrows

            Good call about today RD. If nothing happens by the 17th, then I guess the resources to make this happen just wasn’t there… *shrugs*

  • Aidan

    I hope MWR has a similar event. I’d like to see Overgrown turned into some kinda dark, eerie, horror movie-themed map. That would be cool.

    • ccrows

      I haven’t played MWR since the WWII beta, but I hope that they do something. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if they skipped it. Raven has been spending too much time with COD WWII for the War mode and the PC port.

      With that said, I would LOVE to see a reskin of Overgrown myself… (Just don’t know if Raven has the time to make it happen.) 🙁

  • hungryandrew

    Yeah, this game fits well with Halloween, absolutely frightening.

  • david slayer

    My 8 gbs of memory broke, so i can’t play.. oh darn, i guess i’ll only be able to play cods 1-bo 2. 🙂

  • RyGuy

    So when this event ends, will I still be able to get the loot from normal supply drops?

  • DaShiShi

    So is this the last event for this game?
    I was saving all of my game currencies for a Christmas event but it’s the week before Christmas and I’ve yet to see mention anywhere of such an event.