The leaks on Reddit continue following the PC Beta. This time the leak is about the Headquarters, gives first details about the possible Quartermaster, Gunsmith, and Armory.


Welcome to the Live Lobby, soldier. While you’re here you’re going to gear up, get to know your comrades, and relax before the fighting starts. There’s a lot to do on the base before heading out to the front lines, so let’s get started.

  • Meet the Requisitions Officer
  • Pick up credits from Payroll
  • Acquire supply drop from Quartermaster
  • Open your supply drop
  • Shoot 5 Targets at Firing Range
  • Press &&1 to inspect your weapon
  • Return to the Requisitions Officer

In addition to first details on the Headquarters, details on the game’s Quartermaster have been found in the beta files.

The Quartermaster is your one-stop-shop for gear, weapons, and all other types of loot. Get supplied and get back in the fight.

Alongside the Quartermaster, there is a new Gunsmith in Call of Duty: WWII. Gunsmith will allow players to ‘forge’ weapons.

Here some of the code strings found in the game files surrounding the Gunsmith:

  • Maker of Fine Weapons of Warfare.
  • Weapon Forged!
  • Test, Customize, and Equip your Scorestreaks
  • Browse Scorestreak Loot
  • All the gear you have and wish you had (HUB_COLLECTIONS_SUBHEADER)
  • Inventory_GetCraftedWeaponContent
  • Inventory_PlayerHasPartsForWeapon

Call of Duty: WWII also features the Armory. The Armory appears to be the new place for Supply Drops. The key system in this game is called Armory Credits, which can be earned through play time.

Players can get drops in the Armory using Armory Credits or CoD Points.

  • You can purchase new items using Armory Credits and CoD Points.
  • Command has seen it fit to reward you with Armory Credits to spend on supplies. Come back every so often to get outfitted again.
  • You don’t have enough Armory Credits to purchase this item.
  • Can’t afford armory drop. 100 armory credits required.
  • ArmoryConfirmRedeemAllDuplicates()
  • s2_armory_credits_icon
  • Inventory_ConvertItemToArmoryCredit
  • Heroic Challenge – Hold &&1 To Purchase

There are also references to Armory Drops, with a drop for each of the different types of weapon classes:

  • Armory Drop – Launcher
  • Armory Drop – LMG
  • Armory Drop – Melee
  • Armory Drop – Pistol
  • Armory Drop – Rifle
  • Armory Drop – Shotgun
  • Armory Drop – SMG
  • Armory Drop – Sniper

There are also “Orders Rewards,” where you can get bonus Armory Credits:

  • 50 Armory Credits Reward
  • 30 Armory Credits Reward
  • 70 Armory Credits Reward

The game features Daily Orders, Weekly Orders, and Special Contracts. These give you different rewards for completing different tasks.

Daily Orders description from the PC beta files:

Report to Major Marcus Howard on a daily basis to receive your orders and get the highest amount of rewards. Complete and redeem six Daily Orders within 24 hours to receive a unique reward.

You’ve completed an Order! Go to your Orders screen to redeem it for rewards.

Press [{togglemenu}] to redeem your Orders for rewards.

Weekly Order description from PC beta files: 

Complete and redeem three Weekly Orders within 7 days to receive a unique reward.

Activision has not confirmed the above information, nor have specific details on how the Supply Drop system in this game have been announced yet. Lot of the items listed above could be placeholders and may not be in the final game.


  • FPSAddictPlus

    This might be a good and effective system. Supply Drops will probably never go away but if they can make it work, it can be really nice. I just hope DLC weapons are available for free for Season Pass holders like in Infinite Warfare or at least give us multiple options in earning new weapons (Weapon Contracts, Special Supply Drops, etc)

  • Kliko Gaming

    Scorestreak loot? What? Oh god. AW attachments but now in supply drops oh god

  • Snake

    I can already here the Community collectively “SKREEEEE” before even getting the faintest idea of this system. They are children who don’t understand how a business works.


    • Gimpanese


    • Eric H

      activ. made enough money before introducing supply drops

      • Jon

        That’s the dumbest comment ever. So once you make a certain amount then they should just quit striving to make more?

        • joey

          no matter how they do it, right?

        • Eric H

          no, activ. wouldve kept making more and more money regardless.. the point is that greed destroys things



    • Elite Predator

      Dude, using the business excuse all the time grinds me because post content after launch is what keeps a game fresh. They know this and putting weapons in Supply Drops and making it okay is how we ended up with a better system that I’m happier with. Put a price tag on the weapons don’t just lock them behind supply drops that has to be the stupidest thing and it sucks because I can never get those weapons and I see YouTubers spending hundreds to get them and I am not going to do that so it affects the game for many of us. The freaks that want Supply Drops gone completely need to kill themselves

      • That’s a bit extreme, dont you think

        • Elite Predator

          It’s stupid to demand Supply Drops taken out especially we’ve gotten this far I think it’s safe to say they’re at a good pace with the game this year. And if ppl still wanna nag, yes they should go kill themselves

          • It’s even more stupid to actually think people should take their own lives because you don’t agree with their opinion.

          • joey

            i’m starting to understand why your alter-ego picked on him. 😉

          • What alter ego

          • Elite Predator


          • Elite Predator

            I actually don’t care for their opinion idky you are offended in what I said. Do you actually think they’re going to take supply drops out of the game? Why does development have to get more pricy and developers have to work so hard and push genres beyond levels with how far we’ve come with video games I think it’s stupid of some people to think they’re entitled to bigger, better games with the same price tag. FOH. People need to make their money. You want good games? They want money. I just thought it was unfair before. Now we’re chillen. You can’t ram your demands down their throats they need to make their business with us. Aren’t the majority getting what they’re asking with WW II? I think with a price tag of a season pass we should aquire weapons without them being in drops, and we need a new engine Bec every year it’s become to feel inferior. Keep the formula, construct a new job from the ground up. There’s nothing wrong with their business model with WW II. It’s all cosmetics and cool thematically appropriate era loot we can earn through challenges. We need to see if drops are as consistent as compared to Destiny 2.

          • I’m not offended actually. It’s really unnecessary to sit there and tell other people to kill themselves because you don’t agree with their opinion. If you can’t see how that’s not extreme, then you’re beyond help.

            Also while the talk of being offended, isn’t that really you in this case? Considering you get highly worked up and overly defensive when God knows anyone says anything negative to the point where you say “Oh go kill yourself if you think supply drops should be gone”

            Im also gonna ignore your business speech because I honestly don’t give a fuck

          • Elite Predator

            Dude, I’m sorry for saying something insensitive. I don’t mean for them to go kill themselves and I usually get worked up with dumb heads, I never actually really get worked up on a forum unless it’s a serious rant that needs people who stand behind and thank God we aren’t getting variants changing weapons. In this case, I get triggered by people who still complain “I’m not gonna get the game” supply drops are being approached differently this year. Last year they put Infinite Warfare Supply Drops ahead of the game. The game just didn’t feel like a full and polished game. Notice how supply drops are in a smaller place this year. We won’t be left out either. I just despise the people that don’t want them doing that either. We can unlock every thing

          • I mean if people get turned off by loot crates then by all means, really. This plague of loot crates is spreading in all of these games, and honestly if I had it my way, I wouldn’t want these drops in any of these games. But thats not the world we live in, I’m never going to like supply drops or anything related to loot boxes, but I can I live with supply drops with they way they are in MWR and IW? Yeah sure and if anyone else comes in, spare me the obligated business speech “Activision is about money blah blah they gotta make money blah blah” yeah sure.

            At the end of the day, they are here to stay and whatever, cool. Not my hill to die on, but I’m never going to like them

          • Elite Predator

            That’s about exactly how I feel about it after years of it. But if we can aquire everything inside of them through in-game challenges then why are we going to non stop press down Activision my point is they are listening and they have improved supply drops to work over the course. We need valid complaints because at the end one way or another supply drops are here and we’re going to have to suck it up. At least it’s improving and I’m not at all impressed with MWR it’s way too slow fuck that. I need in-game challenges that’s what makes the game fun and of course they should keep it cosmetic only from here and out forward. I just think it’s a little selfish to ask them to completely remove them from the game. Especially when they’re cosmetics and hopefully from the sounds of WW II loot system with these dailies and weeklies it sounds exciting asf to have 6 daily challenges that offer different rewards hopefully it’s each challenge and that’s what it sounds like we complete all daily for the day aand we get something unique. This is a step in the right direction. They made it that way we have more challenges and those players that don’t want to grind out challenges can buy supply drops and that’s how they make their money. It’s a genius plan. And all I was saying is players that still continue to bitch about Supply Drops past where we’re getting to, are really pessimists in general. Their IQ or their stubborn idk which one it is. But all I know is Activision is going to stop taking us seriously one day.

          • Good on you for apologizing.

          • Elite Predator

            How do you expect Activision to take us seriously when they’re meeting us half way and it’s there for people to buy who don’t have cosmetics and want to aquire them. It’s a smart way to earn them money. I think there are more pressing matters for a video game before which gender we can play, or a certain flag representing something dark that caused the largest genocide in human history be in a arena shooter. I would certainly feel disrespected how we are taking the loss of lives lightly.

    • ccrows

      The avg. consumer doesn’t care if Activision makes their yearly/quarterly goals.

      Just make the SD system like MWR or friendlier, that’s all we care about…

    • Codgamer

      I can honestly care less if they introduce supply drops every year. Like who gives a fuck if they do or not. I only care about if the game will be great or not.

      • Because the supply drops can be a factor in that because of what they hold or work

    • joey

      the customer’s bottom line: it’s a system designed solely to extract as much money as it possibly can from players that are already charged full price for the game and full price for DLC. it’s a sleazy business practice.

      if you’re going to be a company man, you should at least be getting a paycheck from the company. otherwise you’re just a chump.

  • Mick

    Hope the system rewards you well is all I care about.

  • reamerb .

    Apparently you can burn items you don’t want.

  • Ak74u

    It’s almost time before the game goes gold

  • Elite Predator

    Wow this seems like a really interesting supply drop system we can basically do 6 challenges a day and earn stuff.

  • Ak74u

    I want to see a zombies trailer, the lack of zombies being shown is making me really desperate to see. I want to see a new trailer or some gameplay

  • Codgamer

    Now we just need more info about zombies.

  • Meh

  • Joseph Upton

    Why do customers argue for companys anyway?

    Hey shills. The company will live without their lootboxes. They already dont pay taxes.

    • BradyAlucard

      I agreed for the most part until you mentioned taxes.

    • tim

      Customers argue for them because we want to see the game do better. complaining about a micro transaction system that isn’t gonna change won’t help anything. focus on making the core game as good as we can now. Let’s focus on pushing bo3 style community challenges implemented day one not 8 months in. Lets push for daily/week challenges day one not 6 months in (luckily it looks like ww2 does have this.) Lets push for the co-op mode being complete at launch not 6 months in giving the teeth system for extinction in ghosts. talk about the stuff you can have an impact on like at launch if this game doesn’t have a daily login bonus push for that something to make the supply drop system easier on us. push for proper combat records and leader boards at launch. i don’t see anyone talking about this stuff and they will listen and put it in the game.

  • Xenosapien

    If your a skilled player it shouldn’t matter, they nerfed the smg’s, get ready to grind, cosmetic only, we’ll see how long that last, cod is a rng now.

  • Scorestreak loot has me curious! If it means buffed or unique streaks locked behind Supply Drops then they’ll have well and truly killed the game. If it means accessories/cosmetic versions of streaks then that’s an awesome idea.

    I could imagine putting some decals on a glide bomb or a painted attack plane. Or different breeds of attack dog.

    • That would be cool. A smaller weaker dog breed is faster but has a 2 bite kill like in WAW but a stronger bigger dog breed is the opposite for example. Still sucks it’s behind SDs tho

    • Elite Predator

      Idk, they did state stat based variants aren’t in play and gear variants are cosmetics. We have to wait if that applies to scorestreak variants. They are getting way too gimmicky. All this stuff is completely unnecessary it’s starting to turn me off after finding out about this. However it is a cool idea if it’s cosmetic changes only. Maybe after all they might find a system of cosmetics only and still make their money out of that. We’ll get a system where we aquire those things from in-game challenges and booya!

      • Honestly I think they still could make bank with cosmetic only, I wouldn’t mind grinding or even paying a bit if it means a good chance at some costume gear, camos or scorestreak decoration. I played AW to death and honestly the only time I got excited about getting a variant was if it looked nice and it was rare, the stats didn’t really bother me.

        Ah well we’ll see! I’m sure they won’t totally fuck it up because they know how invested the fans are in a WW2 game, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right!