A report was issued by Analyst Firm Cowen & Company this week about Activision Blizzard’s expected 2018 guidance in terms of revenue and stock share and included a couple of hints about what the company could be working on for 2018.

This analyst claims that Activision will release Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in 2018 to match fan expectations. Cowen & Company believes that Activision’s remainder of 2017 should be better than 2016, with Call of Duty: WWII’s launch expected to out perform Infinite Warfare’s launch numbers.

Activision has not announced any details about 2018 Call of Duty title, so this information is not official nor confirmed. Some rumors from earlier hinted that the title could be a modern-day set shooter. Back in February, during an Activision investor call, Activision CEO said the company has never been more excited about the Call of Duty 3-year slate coming up.

The analyst report from Cowen & Company also includes other tidbits about the overall Activision Blizzard company. They state that Activision Blizzard should be downgraded for their 2018 guidance in terms of stock/investor expectations because of many uncertainties in the new programs the company’s launching. One of Activision Blizzard’s biggest new programs of 2018 will be the new Overwatch League, the esports initiative for Blizzard’s Overwatch title, and Cowen & Company believe investors are putting too much hype around the revenue return from the program. Cowen believes there needs to be more results from the league before guidance or expected revenue can come in play.

Another reason Cowen & Company believes Activision Blizzard can’t meet 2018 expectations is because of the low revenue return from the King Digital side of the company. Activision Blizzard acquired King in 2015.

SOURCE: GameSpot

  • Subaru

    New series please Treyarch c’mon, stop rinsing the fuck out of Black Ops.

    • jt3z

      I have no problem with bo4 just the same crappy engine thats they have kept using for 10+ years.

      • ccrows

        A new graphics engine? OK sure.

        A new gameplay engine? No! That’s how we got stuck with that pile of garbage called AW in the first place.

        IMO (& this is the nicest way that I can say this) if people want something different than COD, then they should “buy something different than COD”.

        Heck people in the community are already upset that the CAC is gone in COD WWII. The outrage from changing the game from the ground up would probably be worse…

        • jt3z

          No this outdated engine is total crap. There are things in the game that cant be fixed because the engine is so old. Also AW wasnt a new engine

        • NVladd

          Oh my God please shut the fuck up you have no idea what you’re talking about. Jesus.

        • Elite Predator

          Too outdated, we need a new engine. Possibly a complete overhaul dude. It’s possible. Doom showed us that they can run their same old school formula on a Unreal Engine game. If the game looks outdated I’ll skip out on it for Battlefield Bad company 3. I played all of Treyarch’s games. And they already were taken note 2 years ago with how BO III looks like. If they want to move the series forward to date they’re going to have to let go of the Black Ops 2 mod. Are you really excited to see something you already played in 2012? I’m talking aesthetics

    • BradyAlucard

      That’s not good for marketing. Black Ops is like a household name in the gaming industry, it’d be a huge risk. I don’t necessarily “disagree”, though.

      • ccrows

        “Black Ops is like a household name in the gaming industry”

        ^ So is “Treyarch”.

        To me, BO4 would be confusing to use since that seems to imply “jetpacks”, when the next 3 CODs are supposed to be “boots”… *shrugs*

        • BradyAlucard

          That’s definitely something to look out for in marketing, but would a non-Black Ops game sell as well as BO2/3?

          • I mean probably. Treyarch is easily the best and most respected Call of Duty studio out of all three. It’s dumb to have your best studio be limited to doing one series to milk it. Treyarch is far too talented to keep doing the Black Ops series, and if they really wanted to milk an household name, they should have had Modern Warfare 4 come out three years ago and Modern Warfare 5 this year.

  • Mitch

    Korean war with Woods and Mason would be awesome. Maybe also jump back forward a bit, see what was up with Mason after he was presumed to be killed by Woods (if him surviving that is canon).

    • forrest1985

      I agree and yet have been slated before saying same!

  • Subaru

    “Activision CEO said the company has never been more excited about the Call of Duty 3-year slate coming up” LOL = Cod Points = $$$$$ = Activision CEO pay-rise

  • Subaru

    I wouldn’t mind if Treyarch did a non-boots on ground game, Black ops 3 movement system is alright but I’m interested to see what Treyarch can do, a modern game from them is sick.

    • BradyAlucard

      Why would a modern game be “sick”? It’s been done to death, and it’s too close to reality. Vietnam is kind of modern (esqueish).

  • Batman

    Just have Woods, Reznov and Mason on it and I’m good

  • Cyber-Ninja

    SPOILER ALERT; I’m gonna call it CoD 2018 will be based during the Gulf wars aka Desert Storm era. And once again Treyarch the only CoD developer worth spending your hard earned money on – will deliver yet again!!! ;O)

    • Triton

      I can live with a Gulf-war game. *thumbs*

      • Cyber-Ninja

        Shock n’ Awe dude – Shock n’ mo-fo Awe!!! ;O)

  • Ak74u

    As much as I loved the black ops series, I want Treyarch to make another series something that doesn’t have to do with the black ops games like a modern cod game or something that’s new and original and keep zombies of course

    • BradyAlucard

      Ew modern.

      (Also, ew my opinion that no one cares about).

      • I’m with you, just because we’ve been bombarded with future CoD the past few years I haven’t forgotten how boring modern CoD got. They at least need to overkill past CoD until everyone hates it before they go back to modern… that’s how it usually works 😛

    • Might expect an Advanced Black Ops coming up from that

  • Wow, that’s extremely uninteresting if that’s the case. Consider this the first Treyarch game I’ll be uninterested in if they continue the Black Ops series. I even think Black Ops 3 shouldn’t have been done.

    EDIT: going back on my statement, would only be okay with a continuation of the Black Ops series if it means a prequel of some sorts or something in the same universe. Because how much fucking further can they go beyond Black Ops 3? It’s ridiculous

    • ccrows

      The next 3 CODs are supposed to be “Boots”. I’m too lazy to look that link up.

      I’m guesings they want to keep jumping back and forth in time, so they aren’t stuck constantly going forward… *shrugs*

      • Elite Predator

        I think this new cod they’re making will be Black Ops IV a Futuristic game with a twist that will pull us back in time. We’ll see a combination of Vietnam and several wars revolving around a timeline dating in Modern day era with a mission of Old Alex Mason, remember at the end of Black Ops 2 if you didn’t kill Alex he reunites with his son David and Frank woods his friend, maybe we’ll get a mission or two that’ll explain where he been the past thirty years and remember this is Treyarch and they’ve already gotten crafty in Black Ops III multiplayer with WW II and Modern day dlc weapons. It will stay boots on the ground and that way they can turn up the game before the same thing we’ve played for months so they do dlc packs adding newer eras for multiplayer.

        • ccrows

          Honestly, I think it’s more of Treyarch wanting to keep the “Black Ops series name” when they really don’t need to, because “Treyarch” is already popular enough.

          As I said before I expect “COD” to jump back in forth in time from here on out, because forward and then more forward and then more forward is what got them in trouble in the first place…

    • It’ll have to be a spin off or prequel since they’re doing BOTG apparently, and a follow up to BO3 would be awful.

      The original Black Ops story/timeline was the best in the series, BO3 could’ve easily had a totally different name imo.

      • ccrows

        “BO3 could’ve easily had a totally different name imo.”

        ^ Definitely agree. It didn’t really flow well from BO2, which is why I think Treyarch just wants to keep the “BO Brand” but still have the freedom to jump around in time…

        • I think they’d be better off going the route of having a subtitle, because Black Ops 4 sounds so lazy. Something like CoD: Big Red One… Black Ops: [Insert name here]

          They should’ve called BO3 “Black Ops: Train Go Boom”

          • ccrows

            lol well. You had me until here:

            “They should’ve called BO3 “Black Ops: Train Goes Boom””

            I actually liked BO3’s MP a lot (although I’m still looking forward to finally getting back to boots)… *shrugs*

          • Haha, I did love BO3 for the record, was just jesting. It’s a great game and the campaign is a lot of fun, I only started to lose interest when they added so many new weapons to MP behind the supply drop wall.

      • Bonn Bo

        Was BotG confirmed for 2018 and 2019?

        • I read somewhere that it was, but it could just be hearsay or me reading in to things too much.

      • NVladd

        Black Ops 3 technically wasn’t even supposed to be Black Ops 3, it was meant to be an entirely new title title, but Treyarch and Activision sold out…

    • 50 Blessings

      Wrong. This is fkn awesome. Blk ops is the shit

      • No, it’s not, at all.

        • TheProject

          Yes, it is. Sucks to be you next year.

          • No, It’s not. Fuck you.

          • TheProject

            Get fucked you pathetic cunt. You’re on every single news post on here lol your life is sad af.

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  • Triton

    I would prefer a “some-what” modern day shooter.
    WWII isnt really my cup of tea either tbh, but I can live with that for a year.
    I wont buy in to any more of that future shite.

    • Triton

      Why not produce something about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden?

      Patrol the hills in A-stan searching for Taliban hide outs in caves, taking down IED teams with an Apache while scouting ahead/protecting a convoy etc.

      That would be awesome.

      • forrest1985

        Sounds like 2010’s medal of honour

        • 50 Blessings

          Beat me to it

    • BradyAlucard

      Isn’t Vietnam “some-what modern”?

      • Triton

        50 year old guns…sights etc.
        It isnt much to work with, but if it were open world…wow.
        I would love to call in a napalm strike though.
        Sadly COD wont do that.

        • BradyAlucard

          Modern is too close to reality IMO. I don’t see the appeal.

          • 50 Blessings

            Christ youre all over this thread saying that. Maybe you dont see it but MW proved plenty of us do. You dont speak for the community.

          • BradyAlucard

            Why do you care? I’m here to post my opinion. Don’t like it? Get over it, just keep scrolling.

            Did I say I speak for the community? Can you prove the *majority* of the community are saying this? Absolutely not.

  • BradyAlucard

    Ya don’t say? Doesn’t have to be futuristic.

  • The Gaming Revolution

    We got past (Black ops 1) near future (Black ops 2) and far future (Black ops 3), but can we at least have Black ops 4 in the present?

    • Vitor De França Lorega

      Well, Black ops 2 true ending, ends with Alex Mason ready to talk about what happened to him during all these years after he takes the shot and before the events of black ops 2. So I believe that black ops 4 will follow this end and continue with classic characters and with a set on the modern Era (pre 2025). Sorry about my english.

      • forrest1985

        Doesn’t work for me. They should leave it be and work on a new story preferably set closer to original Blops or a more modern timeline.

    • BradyAlucard

      Not a fan of modern.

      • 50 Blessings

        And im not a fan of ancient ie ww2, cant please everyone

        • BradyAlucard

          I never asked you to care about my opinion, just to read it and take it as you will. Move on.

  • Thepsychoseries.

    It’s real. Sgt frank woods actor tweeted out that he will be revealing what he knows very soon. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e6ba46c7534a9b13f2ff42bcda6cc416238e0438b670295354db95eb342d847.png

    • forrest1985


    • Elite Predator

      That’s too fake. No way if he had any involvement he can talk this early. This has to be photoshopped and I’m not falling for it again like how he couldn’t just be upfront about his character in Black Ops III these ass YouTubers scammed advertisement decrypting the flashback teasers with the story mode trailer teasing WW II soldiers and a tank but the game really having the location of a WW II inside the mind in a simulation where you were in the Battlefield of a WW II battle and they didn’t even bring the weapons to serve it just and honor. Although Black Ops III Campaign had it’s ups and down…

      • Thepsychoseries.

        I swear to you. I took my own picture of this. I’m not lying or trolling. Maybe he is. But he said on twitter “relax black ops fans, I’ll reveal what I know very soon”. He has also has been retweeting bo4 videos on twitter. I’m not lying. It’s not photoshopped. Look on his twitter. He might have deleted it but you can look.

        • Elite Predator

          I believe you are right. He did tag Black Ops III in his YouTube channel but what I don’t like is what he’s saying as if he’s got some involvement in it like how he was teasing and dragging on last time and not a single clue he had on the game. He literally said after this new tweet “Haha No I don’t speak for Activision or Treyarch.

        • Elite Predator

          You really think his statement does carry something official to take from it? Because this guy was sorta grasping at something with Black Ops III, acting like he has knowledge but he couldn’t confirm nor deny his involvement. Right now he’s saying “Relax Black Ops fans, I will tell you what I know very soon”… I just don’t know I’m really anticipated to learn about what the next game is going to be. Whether he has any involvement, who knows maybe in one mission but I just don’t see the whole fuss is about. R.I.P Frank Woods, I really don’t see em returning him maybe he’s just trying to remain relevent. Don’t know, don’t care but I thought I should bring this to your attention what he was all about with Black Ops III before it came out.

  • Ak74u

    Just don’t let it be future or too futuristic bo2 style is good enough

    • Actually just supply drops and thats it

  • ToonToons22

    I’m thinking that this game is probably going to be a Black Ops 1 1/2 in terms of chronological order. There might even be something good about it, because there were several questions that went unanswered between the first 2 Black Ops games.

  • This is a bad move on their part. Just the name Black Ops 4 doesn’t even suit the next game. I hope this report is false please. There is no need for them to make another one. The 3rd one had nothing to do with 2nd one at all when it came to the campaign. I don’t see them at all relating anything from 3 if they do decide to make a 4th.

  • I can’t blame Treyarch and Activision for wanting to milk the “Black Ops” name for all it’s worth. It’s a highly recognizable brand that people are quickly attracted to, even if the game is nothing like its predecessors LOL. That said, I’ve enjoyed the Treyarch COD games a lot so I don’t care what they call it so long as the product is good. 🙂

  • Felix Plante

    Black Ops was confirmed to be a trilogy so, no BO4 (and that’s cool).

  • Mick

    I honestly want Treyarch to take on a modern CoD game for once. I think they could really pull it off. I wouldn’t even care if it’s a made up campaign story for crying out loud. Just seeing what they can come up with while working around a modern setting.

  • this is fake

    Cant you see this is fake because codww2 is coming out this year bo4 is codww2 duh??????????

    • apron ?

      You are very fucking smart.

      • Elite Predator


    • Confirmed ???

    • Keshav just delete this post, he got it

  • I’m okay with this because it will likely be either an inbetween from BO1 and BO2 or shortly after BO2 rather than being a continuation of BO3’s story.

  • Hitman

    We all know there will be Loot boxes, just please no RNG system.

  • Oh for fucks sake

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    Well this is disappointing. Hoping they’re just using the name because it’s a household name. BO3 really had almost nothing to do with the first two story-wise, so it easily could have been named something else. I guess it’s fine if they wanna call it BO4, as lazy and boring as that is, as long as it has nothing to do with BO3. I want a game completely different from BO3, story, setting, gameplay and everything else.

    I was really getting excited about the modern-setting rumor, cause that’s all I want. If they wanna keep the “Cold War/covert operations” theme, fine, just please god don’t make it another future-based game. Any time between after WWII and modern setting and I’ll be happy.

  • Pi Natra

    Quality will be better than Sledgehammer Games WW2

  • Mods #BatMods

    If it keeps that “interrogation” style like BO1 and BO2, i’m good with it xD
    BO3 looks very rushed, i still think that BO3 was going to be BOtG but because of AW, Activision told them to the same or similar (kinda like what happened with IW) … and i say this because of the difference between the teaser trailer and the rest of them …

  • se7en

    So more of the same shit? Lame….

    • Frank Rizzo

      So more of the same bullshit posts by you? Lame …

      • se7en

        Thanks for following all my posts salty little kid.

        • Frank Rizzo

          I’m 64 and can beat you in video games. Let that sink in for a second.

          • se7en

            Go take your viagra…

          • Frank Rizzo

            Better at sex too … no need for viagra. Try harder. No pun intended.

  • Frank Rizzo

    If Black Ops 4 is based on current Gulf War stuff, the game will be very popular. The thought of it makes me very excited.


  • 69?

    Treyarch should show the world they can do a game like battlefield hardline better than visceral games. Yes, what do they have to lose? Go the law enforcement route.