Here are some of the details on how the Supply Drop system works in Call of Duty: WWII.

Supply Drops in Call of Duty: WWII are earned through playtime – just like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s method. You earn them as you keep playing; the exact amount you earn is determined through playtime. Rare Supply Drops can be earned through finishing certain contracts. You cannot actually purchase Supply Drops directly right now in-game with any currency. Some players have been able to earn up to 4 Supply Drops for an hour of playtime. It varies by player, depending on playtime. Supply Drops can give you a variety of content — similar to other games, you get 3 items per drop. Content that can be given include Calling Cards, camos, attachment variations (cosmetic differences), 2XP codes, weapon cosmetic variants, and more. In HQ, as noted in a video yesterday, Supply Drops are opened in public view for those around to see. There are four types of Supply Drops: Regular Supply Drop, Rare Supply Drop, Regular Zombies Supply Drop, and Rare Zombies Supply Drop.

Players can earn Armory Credits through finishing Daily and Weekly Contracts/Orders. There are Contracts that can give rewards like more Credits, Rare Supply Drops, additional XP, and other possible rewards, and you can activate Contracts in the Headquarters. You visit Major Howard in the HQ to activate Daily Orders and visit the Quartermaster in HQ to activate Contracts. You have to spend Armory Credits in order to activate Contracts. Contracts are timed and vary based upon which contract you activate.

Players are also able to earn bonus Armory Credits from the Headquarters Post. The Post is the area where you can check for HQ Mail. Inside of HQ Mail, you have a “Payroll” section show up. It counts down to the next available Armory Credit pick up.

Furthermore, Armory Credits can actually be used to directly select items you want from different Collections. Collections are very similar to Modern Warfare Remastered — each weapon has its own collection of cosmetic variations, and Armory Credits are used to unlock items you want. Similar to MWR, completing a Collection gives you a unique Collection Reward.

Weapon variants are in Call of Duty: WWII are confirmed, but they only feature cosmetic variations — different camos, different attachment styles, etc. No stat changes. These variants can be acquired directly through completing collections. For example, there are variants which offer 10% XP gain per kill, with a unique camo on the weapon. Variants have different ratings — Epic, Legendary, Common, etc. — similar to previous games.

Call of Duty Points are already confirmed for this title, so we’ll have to wait and see what can be purchased with them.

  • “Supply Drops in Call of Duty: WWII are earned through playtime – just like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s method.”

    SOLD. In fact the whole thing sounds like a massive improvement. I know they’ll probably end up spoiling it eventually but if they keep the new guns out of supply drops and avoid adding stat boosted variants, I’m 100% in.

    • xjumper

      *For now
      This will change soon

      • SSR

        Then collect as many as ye can.

  • MisterEpicGamer

    it sounds great but i hope it doesnt take years to unlock 1 specific thing

  • Digital_Veil_

    Sounds pretty tolerable so far, just hoping that when they inevitably add new guns to the game that are locked behind the supply drop system it doesn’t take an insane amount of grinding to unlock…

  • travis

    Do you have to leave the game lobby to enter HQ to open supply drops? Not a fan of the extra step required

    • Charlie Wolfe


  • Mitch

    What happens when you get a duplicate in a supply drop? I assume it gets converted to Armory Credits? Also, do Rare Supply Drops give bonus Armory Credits like in MWR?

    • ccrows

      So far (from what I’ve heard) it’s basically MWR’s system, so I’m guessing salvage…

  • djml9

    Dissapointed about collections. I wasnt a fan of it in MWR and theyll probably do new weapons like that too. Idk why people though it was better. Instead of getting lucky once, you have to get lucky like 7+ times.

    • ccrows

      NOTHING is locked behind RNG with MWR. There is a CLEAR PATH to anything you want with salvage. (including cosmetic items that you want)

      Why would you want to keep spinning the wheel over and over with getting some random item that’s now locked behind the QTR Master collection? That doesn’t make any sense to me when you can save your salvage, and get the GUARANTEED ITEM that you want.

      (IMO) MWR’s System FTW!… 🙂

      • epicpoke

        You get varying amounts of salvage with RNG.

        Depot credits are earned with play time, not skill, meaning you get more in 5 hours of losing games than 2 winning.

        It took me three days total playtime (About a month and a half) to get a weapon kit I wanted. You still need to open tons of supply drops to get it, and paying makes it waaaaay faster.

        • ccrows

          I’ve been a Prestige Master in AW, BO3, & IW.

          ^ There are sooo many weapons/items that I still don’t have, thanks to the RNG BS!

          I think I am Prestige 4 (or 5) in MWR and I have ALL THE WEAPONS! (including the melee items and camos that I wanted)

          ^ Now there’s a slight asterisk with that, I did play A TON of Prop Hunt when it was giving out 8 keys per game. However I always had a clear path to whatever I wanted…

          • ccrows

            ^ (cont)

            With RNG, they stuff the box with bloat. MWR you can push all that bloat aside, and choose whatever path makes you happy.

            BTW, EVERY major Youtuber was begging for MWRs system in this game, and hopefully it stays forever (unless they can come up with a friendlier system)

            Either Way, MWR’s SD FTW!… 🙂

          • epicpoke

            First off: I don’t give two damns on what youtubers think, they’re just people.

            Second: I will admit, the RNG is more predictable, however, the problems with RNG locked items are STILL present. The length of time to get an item will vary from player to player in a way not dependent on skill, and in a way that heavily favors those with large amounts of expendable income. In fact, even more so than others, because of the guaranteed salvage from rare drops. This introduces a pay to win system that I simply cannot agree with.

          • ccrows

            “First off: I don’t give two damns on what youtubers think, they’re just people.”

            ^ Welp, those guys and the Pro’s have the devs ears the most…

          • ccrows

            “In fact, even more so than others, because of the guaranteed salvage from rare drops. This introduces a pay to win system that I simply cannot agree with.”

            ^ That is soo flawed, it’s not even funny. People are gonna “Pay2Win” (as you put it) no matter what if they want the item they want.

            True story, a twich streamer spent over $1000.00 in BO3 to get the AN94. The guy would not not stop feeding the machine until he got the AN94.

            You may say, well that’s a rare case. However it’s not. There’s waaay too many people too embarrassed to come forward with similar experiences out there thanks to RNG.

            As a result China (yes China of all countries) and certain European countries are requiring video game companies to publish odds of winning stats.

            Ironically, the more bad press that these supply drops get, the more friendlier they have gotten since AW. Anybody (even if they have the disposable income) should NOT be paying $1000 for a freakin AR.

            However, thanks to RNG, who knows how much more he would have kept spending…

          • Exactly my thought too (not in IW as I never played it). I think I managed 2-3 non melee new weapons in BO3 in my entire play time, and AW even less (I think the one I got was the old sniper, which is useless in a game full of jetpack boosting), yet I have all marksman/camo challenges and max prestige done in both games.

            On another note I hope they add Prop Hunt in WW2 at some point cause I’d LOVE to try that game mode!

          • Rob K

            I agree with you. I was a 22nd level prestige in AW and I never got the HBR insanity or the ASM speakeasy from supply drops. It was insane.

      • djml9

        It wpuldve been fine if there was a good eay to get salvage, but its only from supply drops that give you either 20 or 250 salvage, so it takes like 50 hours to get enough for an epic collection item, let alone eveything else. Its takes way longer. Just dont have collection prozes and if be fine. If i want a gun, let me save up 4000 slavage instead of having to save up 8000 for a bunch of crap i dont want.

      • TheAdversary

        Saying FTW for any RNG-based micro-DLC system is extremely backwards thinking. Try going a full year without opening a supply drop.

  • Gamerazor247

    Lol, is that Cormack? The fuck…?

  • zack

    They way it’s setup right now is perfect. It’s unfortunate that it won’t stay that way. They will make supply drops able to be bought with real money and ruin it. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Collin Hoffman

    “Getting them” by play time- I have “gotten” supply drops through playtime, they come up on the menu where it shows what attachments you get, when I go to the hq, there are no supply drops in my supply drop menu and they aren’t in the mail, any help with this?

  • Conor

    So the Rare supply drops seem to be delivering items that don’t exist in the collections gallery….???? Like WTF.