There is one more, higher rarity item that you can earn in Call of Duty: WWII: Heroic.

Users have been sharing images from their Supply Drop openings and showing off a red-colored rarity of Heroic. The voiceover in game even acknowledges that Heroic item.

From what we have been able to see, Heroic items are exclusively earned through Supply Drops. The Collections only show you the ability to earn the Epic variant of each weapon, not their Heroic variant. As noted, all variants have no actual stat changes — just cosmetic variations and XP bonuses. There are also a number of Heroic customization gear sets available to earn in Supply Drops.

Images via @OnlyIncxte and @AwSoMeWoWzz

  • TheAdversary

    Guess I’m not getting any heroic drops.

    • Adam

      I got two in a row!

  • Got an Heroic SVT in my first (tutorial) drop. :’D

    • GraveHypothesis

      I got a Heroic Shovel lolol

  • Mick

    I was thinking of saving all my supply drops until new weapons are announced. New weapons are bound to come without a doubt.

    • Digital_Veil_

      Was thinking the same thing but I worry that the items in each drop are already selected when you earn the drop, so opening them later would still only give you old items…

      • Angela

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      • Luís Gomes

        Nah dude that’s bogus, you will get everything

      • Carlos Fuerte

        Like past games I’m sure they will add new crates when new items drop, they will have a new crate where those 4 crates at the bottom are atm, and even if they do add new items to these old crates, in sure they won’t add them to existing earned crates since they are already part of your inventory.

    • Garrett

      How do you apply heroic unlocks. Got one in a drop but can’t find it in the classes

      • Mick

        I haven’t unlocked a heroic piece yet so I don’t know man.

      • Daniel Fosse Martinsen

        I got a heroic uniform and i had to click on a legendary unifrom i had, then an option for heroic showed up

  • RdJokr

    Calling it now, DLC weapons or their variants will be Heroic tier.

  • adam

    I got the zipper 2. Looks like it just came off the machine press.