In a new interview with Newsweek, Activision CEO spoke briefly and quite openly about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the reception surrounding that game.

Infinite Warfare was one of the lowest selling Call of Duty games in history, as it was the third consecutive Call of Duty game to take the franchise to the future, but the first to take Call of Duty to space.

The reception last year to Infinite Warfare was one of the worst Activision ever saw for Call of Duty, with over 3 million dislikes to the original reveal trailer for Infinite Warfare. Although the game did end up #1 on charts, it was still behind previous Call of Duty games — and Call of Duty: WWII  doubled the sales of Infinite Warfare at launch.

Activision CEO said that they took too many risks in Infinite Warfare, and it did not feel like Call of Duty.

When you study longstanding franchises, it feels very risky to change them sometimes. But, in my opinion, the biggest risk you can take is not taking risks. With Infinite Warfare we found the guard rail [of creativity]. At the end of the day it just didn’t feel enough like Call Of Duty. If anything, [Infinite Warfare] just amplified the demand for boots-on-the-ground that much more.”

Activision CEO also commented on Infinite Warfare’s missteps in February during their conference call, saying that the title did not reach the balance of innovation and staying true to the franchise.

SOURCE: Newsweek

  • Sean Hackett

    I don’t think many people are playing that game anymore lol I almost feel bad for infinity Ward they got stuck with that futuristic shit . Maybe they will redeem themselves next go around

  • jordanxbrookes

    “Activision CEO said that they took too many risks in Infinite Warfare” Honestly I feel they didn’t take enough risks. I was hoping to see some space combat mode in Multiplayer or to see some new exciting ideas by taking advantage of the space theme. Instead, we just got a downgraded copy of Black Ops 3 and it was clearly evident. Campaign and Soundtrack was pretty decent at least.

    • Bonn Bo

      That quote honestly hurts to read. Playing it safe is gonna hurt in 2-3 years, just like it did with classic COD from like MW3 to Ghost(like people forgot how much bitching there was for innovation) and the recent advanced movement chain of games. They seriously just need to keep all three studios from making similar games, cause that’s whats gonna cause players to feel burned out. I’ve seen an ass ton of people state how each studio should run a different era in time for COD to take place in, which is the most logical thing to do to keep things fresh, but lord knows activision is just gonna run BOTG back into the ground, then switch over to some new “innovation” to crash into the ground again.

      • They should just quit with the bullshit cycle of bringing out a new game every year and different studios trying to out-do each other. Get one studio (or a collaboration) to work on one epic game that brings all the talent together and give them a couple years to perfect it, then support it with plenty of quality DLC while they work on the next game.

        I mean I know it’ll never happen because they make bank with every new release but it’s a shame that it’s almost universal knowledge that CoD is shite and flawed to hell. Doesn’t stop me from playing and enjoying it but it’d be nice to not get laughed at when people find out I play it, haha.

        • Bonn Bo

          I mean we’ve sadly passed the point of no return when it comes to the “one game every other year” idea with COD. People gotta get their yearly fix, amiright?

          It’s honestly a huge shame to see how big of a joke the COD franchise is amongst the gaming community. As far as pure gameplay go, I feel that the devs over at these three studios just have the know-how for MP shooters(or at least quick-twitch shooters), but the whole franchise is just universally mocked for it’s community, lack of innovation, and now it’s shit practices. This IP is easily my favorite in the FPS genre, but sometimes man, they make it REAL difficult to be a fan.

          Then they have TWO communities who like two different types of CODs(with a few who like both), and that’s just a whole other can of worms the devs have to deal with now. It’s cool that WWII is back to like AW and BLOPS3 launch numbers, but I honestly don’t know what to expect with the franchise anymore, especially when they’re still managing to totally botch launch days.

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          Hallelujah!!! Finally a great idea. Make one good game that will last 3 years and just pump out expansions every year. But honestly they need to go a step further and one of these studio’s has to work on a new engine from the ground up. The COD is looking really out dated. BF1’s graphics puts WW2 to shame. That being said, i love how COD feels on a controller(When there is no lag that is). This is what BF is missing. And don’t get me started on dedicated servers!!!! Great idea though!!!!

        • hungryandrew

          Well keep Treyarch.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            I wouldn’t mind Treyarch if they got rid of the idiot that does their games’ netcode. They started the broken lag comp and host disadvantage bull shit and three games later it’s even worse than ever.

          • hungryandrew

            Yeah but overall, I trust Treyarch the most. Advanced Warfare I did enjoy, felt the 4 dlcs were horrible. Did not get WW2 yet. Also to sun it up, I lost all hope for Infinity Ward.

          • DeicideHD

            You likely trust them because you benefit from Lag compensation, and shit host overall. No offense, but only people who played to benefit from lag comp like treyarch, and even then you hear Bo2/Bo3 fans say things like “The netcode in WaW was terrible” meanwhile the same asshat says the Netcode on Ghosts was shit, and that the TTK was too fast…yet it still took 2-5 bullets depending on your weapon choice.

          • hungryandrew

            I’m talking about how the game is overall, I didn’t benefit from anything you little cum stain.

          • Same here, I respect SHG a lot for actually trying something new with their games, but Treyarch seem to be the studio that make the best quality games.

            If Treyarch and SHG worked together, with a longer development cycle, I think they could come up with something really impressive.

        • Felice

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        • Unclecoon

          Honestly… I feel they could’ve kept infinite . Could’ve gave everybody the season pass and came out with another season for bo3…

          • I don’t think IW would’ve been good enough, it was too similar to BO3. If anything, they could’ve kept BO3 and expanded on it (which is sort of what IW ended up being anyway)

      • Rorke File

        I still don’t get it, how new movement ment innovation for them.

      • DeicideHD

        There was no “innovation” bitching in Ghosts, there was a 4way console split and people hated 3 things, IED’s, Shotguns, and good connections. The reality here is COD players value lag > clean connection.

        However, everything was really just bullshit complaints when the problem was a majority of Ps3 players went to Xbox One, and Xbox 360 players stayed on Xbox 360 or upgraded to Ps4. So there was a smaller population per console, but still a large amount of people active.

    • Kristen

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    • hungryandrew

      My theory, usually after they reveal a trailer, they reveal the multiplayer trailer soon after. Well after initial trailer, there were so much hatred and dislikes, that the multiplayer trailer came well later on. I think IF panicked, changed multiplayer of infinite warfare to a carbon copy of black ops 3.

      • DeicideHD

        It wasn’t close enough to Bo3 at all to have been a carbon copy.

    • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

      “it wasn’t the right time to release Infinite Warfare.”


  • Digital_Veil_

    Um, no Mr Herpderpberg, IW did not have too many “risks” or too much “creativity.” IW was very much copy-paste, same-old-shit-but-new-paintjob game that COD is every year, except this time it had even LESS innovation than the usual COD. People hated it because it was more of the same from the previous 2 titles, literally Black Ops 3.5 but downgraded.

    I think I would have actually liked it a little more if they truly threw caution to the wind and strayed way far away from the typical formula, with some actual zero-gravity MP combat, spacecraft vehicles, and really “out-there” stuff like that. More like the campaign was. Instead literally over half the maps were set on Earth!!

    This is just a cheap cop-out for Hirshberg to claim “Look! See! We tried innovating and you hated it!” next time people criticize the series for copy-pasting, because he knows damn well COD is the same thing every year.

    • ScOott

      Its true lol, no need to ever change the gamplay.. the best games are all copy n paste.. whats wrong with u people..

  • What risks did the game take

    It was just another Black Ops 3 but in space. But I agree, games like Infinite Warfare didn’t feel enough like Call of Duty.

    • SSR

      risks like space

      • Yet they didn’t do anything with it.

        • This. Some of the maps actually took place in space but haf normal gravity. Pretty disappointing, not even some kind of controllable jackal for a scorestreak was put in. MP wise they basically did fuck all with space.

          • Bonn Bo

            Which was a huge fuggin disappointment, cause that game had really good movement feel.

            It was surprising to see how the setting of the game wasn’t really utilized all that much in MP, especially by Infinity ward, considering ghost(great BOTG COD, fuckin fight me) had dynamic maps. You’d have thought they would’ve dialed the dynamic element up to 11, but they seemingly dropped the ball on that end.

            Still, i’m one of the community who stuck it out with IW and loved it (probably my favorite advanced movement game of the series), and it’s a huge blue ball to see they probably won’t visit the world again, or at least not for their next entry.

      • They can do what they want with the campaign, we all know that after playing it once or twice it’s all about the multiplayer, and IW did nothing with space in the multiplayer. It’s a carbon copy of BO3

  • TheAdversary

    Risky? The riskiest thing they did with IW was giving the players free DLC weapons.

  • mike lopez

    I have not really got into ww2 so far. I am not sure if it is because I hate the xbox controller or not. I went and got an eleite hoping it might be better and for me it is not. I think when I get some bigger caps for the stick it may help. The guns feel fairly the same. I think I would at least like to have slide back. I have jacked up arthritis and the the way I tend to grip the controller works better with the ds4. I know everone the ms controller maybe I just got use to the ds4. I am not real big on hq either. Maybe thing will grow on me. It is against everything, I know the sky is falling but so far I hate to say it I like last year better. I have played CoD from the beginning maybe it just feel in some ways a step but. I am going to have to play some more maybe I will get over it.

  • TechaGek.

    I played a fair bit of Infinite Warfare, even enjoyed it for a while before the PC version got infected with hackers. The only part that spoilt it was when you went to report them, nothing would be done and they would still be playing months later. The multiplayer was really fast paced, you just had to be good enough to keep up with everything. The campaign was also put together really well, had a strong narrative and attachable characters. I kinda feel that the community jumped on the hating bandwagon as soon as the game released and never gave it a chance.

    • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

      They jumped on it as soon as the first trailer came out. Game was at negative hype months before release. By the time it came out, folks were just looking for excuses to skip it. It was futuristic and a big part of the Call of Duty fanbase decided that they no longer wanted futuristic Call of Duty.

      It’s a shame. The game had a bit of a rough launch period, but it’s been great for a while now. Fixed a lot of the issues that Black Ops 3 had, especially with post launch content.

      • Bonn Bo

        The ironic part is, those same people who very clearly never gave IW the light of day are the ones you’d see commenting “fucking idiots who bitch about X haven’t even played it, not even giving it a chance” when it came to the older BotG CODs.

        Massive shame what happened with Infinite Warfare, as that game is in no way shape or form a bad game(I don’t think any COD is bad to be honest. You’d have to like ruin the gunplay entirely and strip the map count and customization to the bone for me to consider a COD game bad). People just seemingly made up their minds from the beginning that the game would be shit, and a lot of popular youtubers just fed that narrative. But, that’s what i’ve come to expect at this point if i’m being totally honest.

      • It was a terrible decision on all parts really. Marketing is a huge deal in selling a game and from the very start IW was “look guys, more of the same!”. They made 0 effort to convince us it was anything fresh or new, and people were pissed. The only thing that stood out was the spaceship battles and no one really asked for that in a CoD game.

        I did play it, but I didn’t enjoy it, it was far too similar to BO3 so I chose to wait for WWII. Like someone else on here said, if they’d gone completely mental with the space setting and had insane zero-g multiplayer I would’ve been interested and given it a go, but instead it came across as another MW3, more of the same (and that’s why I lost interest in Infinity Ward years ago).

  • Seems like everyone said it already but wow, what a total cop out. “We tried taking risks and it backfired”. No, you didn’t. SHG adding an exo suit boost/jetpack vertical gameplay style was a creative risk, and it worked and also got them a lot of backlash. Specialists in BO3 were a bit of a risk too that divided people. IW duplicated EVERYTHING BO3 did and made it a bit prettier.

    The space setting would’ve been a risk and I would’ve had much more respect for the game if they’d made it a bigger thing in multi. Zero-G maps like Morpheus from Unreal Tournament would’ve been a lot of fun as an example. But no, the huge space reveal was all about campaign which people generally seem to agree was the best bit of the game.

    Everyone knows that the success of a CoD game is down to the multiplayer and zombies and if you can’t be bothered to innovate then you’re destined to fail. That’s what made IW such a flop, not them being “too creative”. Why the fuck would I spend another £50 to play the same game again I’d already been playing for the past couple of years?

    • ScOott

      Ur whats wrong with the community imo.

      • How?

        • ScOott

          Asking for inovation all the time. Bo1, bo2, mw3, and now ww2, are pretty much the same game just with differnt skins on, n didfernt weapons, yet they are the best ones.. all copy n pasted the same gameplay, the ones that tried to alter it n inovate it are the shit ones ..

          • Nah I don’t want innovation all the time, I mean at the time of AW it needed a bit of innovation, but it didn’t work so by the time IW came out I wanted it to go back to basics like they have now.

            I’m just annoyed that they’re saying IW didn’t work because they tried to something too daring, when all they did was copy BO3, it’s just a total lie

          • ScOott

            I take what i said back then lol ..

          • lol it’s alright I got a bit aggro with my ranting tbh

  • ScOott

    Cant belive how many people still upset IW didnt take enough risks, i argree with the guys statment, didnt feel like a CoD game, they couldnt balance it, shitty ttk, stupid stuff like turning into a robot dog, i mean come on…

    Zero g would of just made the game even worse, n even less like a CoD, people asking for change is what got the games in this mess in the first place, yet here everyone is yet again making the same mistake 😆

    Everyone will bitch there board of lack of inovation in a few years n they will fuck it all back up again jet jumping n what ever they can think of ..

    • Well if you’re going to take an unusual setting for Call of Duty like space. Then you should go balls to the wall with it. Not play it safe, otherwise what’s the point in even doing a space setting? The game already didn’t feel enough like Call of Duty, so nothing should have stopped them from going all out to at least make a memorable game.

      • ScOott

        IW could of actually been a decent game if they hadnt added the stupid speicalists, n sorted the inconsistent melty ttk out, they didnt need to do anything crazy to the gameplay, would of been a decent CoD, moving further away from the CoD feel, going “balls to the wall” wouldnt have been the answer imo.

        • I’d argue they moved away from the Call of Duty feel with AW, obviously with AW, BO3, and IW they were trying to do something “different”.

          You do space setting game, you have unlimited freedom, could have actually do something unique with the game. Hell I suggested space battles for the game. A game mode where it’s just Jackals. Or Zero G maps or anything in MP to be implemented from the Campaign. They could have done so much more. But what the hell do I know.

          If they’re gonna change something, at least try or go balls to the wall. Don’t play it safe

          But it being a Black Ops 3 clone is one of the reasons why I think it failed. This same example can be used for CoD4 and WaW back in the day. Just like how WaW’s MP was just a World War 2 Call of Duty 4 MP.

          • ScOott

            I dont understand how anyone can ask for this in a cod game, after we all hated the fact, they added double jumping, yet here everyone is saying well now they added double jumping may as well change it completly, i dont get that logic at all.. IW needed to be stripped down not added to, just my opinion, n i started at bo1 on multiplayer so i dont know about that, like i said to someone else, from bo1, bo2, mw3, n now ww2 its all the same gameplay just differnt skin this is how it should be no matter what the setting imo, they are the best games to me.

          • I never asked for changed, but my whole thing is, if youre going to attempt change, dont play it safe. It just kinda defeats the purpose of it.

          • ScOott

            Lol hold on a second mayn… so u dont want change, but if they do decide to change, u want it changed as much as possible ? …

          • Yes, otherwise what the hell are you doing?

            Keep in mind, I never had an issue with CoD from CoD4-Ghosts, but I never did mind change. Hell in those years there was lots of changes. Look at CoD4 compare to MW2. There are huge differences.

            I have no mentally. All I’m saying is if these devs are going to try something new or fresh. Then fucking try it. Don’t play it safe, otherwise its going to be shit. (Uhhh IW) even Black Ops 3 played it safe considering they toned down whatever SHGames did.

            But like I said, I was happy with CoD before AW, and I’m more than happy with WWII. Even WWII has changes I like. Divisions being the prime example.

          • ScOott

            Making a CoD with new maps, weapons and settings thats what they would be doing, changing little things up like the pick 10 system n what SH has done this year, add something differnt to the maps? Make them slightly more interactive or destructable, so many things they could change without changing the gameplay.

          • That’s what they were doing with Ghosts with the maps. I wish they didn’t stop that because I actually thought that was a neat change. Even map exclusive killstreaks was a neat idea

          • GinsuVictim

            “we all hated the fact they added double jumping”

            Plenty of us have enjoyed the last few games. IW, eh…it’s my least favorite, but I’ve still played 244 hours (would’ve been way more had my job and home life not been the priority). I played the hell out of AW and BO3 though.

            I enjoyed the movement in BO3 the most. AW was a bit much, IW toned it down a lot, but I thought BO3 was the sweet spot.

          • ScOott

            Yh sorry about my wording, i was talking about the same people who bashed SH for A.W for what they did to the franchise, them not wanting (inovation) and should of stuck with boots on ground gameplay, but now the same group of people say IW should of gone even crazyer than that, now we should of been floating in Iw and gone super crazy, instead of toning it down ..i just dont understand that.

  • peopllul0

    zombies was hella fun now im playing nazi zombies hella fun 2 get over it iw wasnt that bad

  • Infinite Warfare 2 and 3 still need to happen.

  • AC

    I LOVE Infinite Warfare. Come at me.

    • hungryandrew

      I’m running away from you.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    IW was great. It just got enough hate with the reveal, which I was a part of, and it stuck. The real problem was that they didn’t mix it up enough. It’s understandable that people got tired of 3 advanced movement games in a row, even if AW was a very different kind of game.

    It’s not that IW didn’t feel like a Call of Duty, it’s that it felt too much like the previous years Call of Duty. IW was basically Black Ops 3 with far worse art direction and better gameplay.

    As a complete aside, how about giving all the 360 Call of Duties that didn’t get a current gen version the Xbox One X treatment like Halo 3 got. no MW2R needed if that was done.

  • Mark

    so why did you greenlight it

  • Unclecoon

    It wasn’t risks lol it was a complete step back combined with everything nobody wanted… 10 new variants(that wasn’t groundbreaking still broke the game) every week for the supply drops everybody hated, super bland grey maps, and those servers that you don’t find out your dead until you hit the corner. The game played like a cod just one with terrible design choices

  • kpilkingtonn

    i thought it was great, many good times on it.the only thing wrong with this game is the synaptic. take it out and you have a great mp. the synaptic was the worst thing to ever happen, in any cod….ever.