With version 1.06 in Call of Duty: WWII, Sledgehammer Games sated in the patch notes that they had nerfed the Primed Basic Training, which provided players with less flinch when using a weapon. It was not initially clear how much the nerf was.

Condrey has followed up on Reddit with a clearer explanation, but stated that the flinch reduction attribute of the Primed perk has been reduced by 85%, a pretty large number. SHG has not released their planned update to overall improve the flinch across all weapons without the Primed basic training equipped. Many fans were upset and confused as to why the studio would nerf Primed before addressing Flinch overall in the game.

Here’s Condrey’s full response:

Global weapon balance is one of the most delicate and complex parts of getting the second to second combat right. We spent more than two years finely tuning the weapon values and it would’ve been irresponsible to change multiple variables (Primed and a global weapon flinch pass) at the same time in the live environment. It’s paramount to give a global stat change enough time in our internal playtests to ensure we maintain balance across all weapons, and we expect to roll out global flinch reduction tuning soon. We chose to reduce the flinch component of Primed first because Primed was being largely chosen for the secondary flinch Basic Training attribute, rather than the primary extra attachment element as intended.

In today’s update, we reduced the flinch-reduction attribute of Primed for all primary classes (minus sniper rifles) by 85%. With this change, our flinch values remain consistent with franchise ranges for all primary classes.

SOURCE: Reddit


  • TakeDat

    Lol, I’m first again. Whr r u skoot, sleepin or somethn?

    • [EV] BLISS

      He has a life

  • TepidBlack

    Why are they so, SO insistent that snipers get the absolute least flinch possible while everyone else suffers? IW had it in IW with Marksman as well. It’s so stupid. Literally the only defense you have against a sniper long-range is to be on-target and knock their aim about, yet they refuse to balance flinch and the flinch-reduction perk against this.

    If I am stuck facing a sniper long-range and I hit my shots, I deserve to win that gunfight, or at least keep them off target long enough to get to cover. The sniper on the other end shouldn’t just be able to stand, unflinching, and win with one easy trigger pull versus me having to hit 4+ shots, whilst moving to avoid the return shot, yet the balancing of Primed towards snipers facilitates just that. Beyond stupid. Balance flinch and the flinch-reduction perk the same for everyone.

    Once they’ve patched global flinch values to resemble BO2 with toughness, as they said they would, if Primed still provides the full, as it is now, benefit to snipers, I’m done. Condrey will confirm he’s mentally challenged, and there’ll be no reason to touch a SHG game again.

    • Wetty Fap – Not The 3rd

      Don’t post this on reddit. The retardation over there is immense.

      • I stopped visiting it purely because the overwhelming bitterness and idiocy was making me miserable

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    • Elite Predator

      I didn’t finish reading it, but a sniper still has sway, one shot or die, so they have to be very accurate. Flinch is just going to kill sniping. It’s a fair playing field. You wanna talk fair fields, why do we get more aim assist than Snipers? Did you think about that? Coming from me, I use Rifles, and SMGs as my priority classes with two classes consisting a very dedicated set up to a sniper class, and shotgun gets the treatment too. If you’re in a field of view of a sniper, then flank him. Sniping in Black Ops 2 was so annoying. Luckily snipers have a lively playing field in this game like they should. Especially to make it a WW II game, what’s a WW II game without good snipers? You feel it?

  • Well at least Condrey confirmed that they will “roll out global flinch reduction tuning soon.” Hopefully “soon” means in the month of December, and not three months from now.

    • Kobrah

      Don’t hold your breath

    • Elite Predator

      December 8, if not before.

  • Noah Locke

    The fucking problem is, like do you have playtesters? This is a serious question because with the amount of infinitely easy to fix problems this game seems to have that have had no explanation actually kills me. And this is just some BS, like you can get away with slow fine tweaking when there aren’t larger things to fix. That’s not even a groundbreaking idea either. Games have had this before.

    • You mad huh?

      me and my clan were talking about today. they just randomly patch and tweak shit and mess up other things in the process. It makes me want to play bo3 and iw for another year

      • forrest1985

        Instead of rushing it out every 3 years how about test it some more so that they don’t need to fiddle and tweak every goddamn five minutes! Yes bugs occur etc… but they can at least balance weapons/perks/killstreaks and play test the maps to death!

    • GinsuVictim

      They do have playtesters. They get them the beginning of November every year.

  • Matthew Bellows

    i just dont get why people are upset, just play the game. thats all i do.

  • Liam

    I literally think the only saving grace of this game is the setting, the only reason the majority of people are still giving this game a chance is because it’s gone back to boots on the ground. The actual shitfest gameplay, tiny, awful maps they decided we deserved sometimes make this game unplayable. The game has only been out a month and the amount of bugs and settings they’ve had to fix/adjust is ridiculous, like I said you take this game out of a WW2 setting and no one would be calling it a good game.

    • TheAdversary

      Totally right, dude. Also, do you notice how fast people in this CoD move compared to other CoD games? It’s like everyone is using magic carpets. I feel like SHG were in the middle of developing AW2 when Activision told them to divert everything into WW2.

      • Sounds like a strong possibility. Like IW, there is no way WWII took 3 years to make.

      • Liam

        Yeah man, the game looks beautiful compared to recent years but like you said it’s just too fast paced. I feel like seconds after I spawn I’m in a gun fight with someone and it’s just not enjoyable. I know the glory days have gone but the reason I fell in love with cod4 was that you had time to be tactical and the maps were big enough to actually play a smart game.