Michael Condrey announced on Reddit that in a playlist update, which went live earlier today, adjustments to the global flinch value — across all weapons — were made based upon fan feedback and internal testing following the Primed nerf.

Here’s what Condrey shared on Reddit:

We have plenty of changes in coming updates, including the start of Ranked Play Season One: The Placement Season, beginning (tomorrow) December 1, 2017. In addition, based on player feedback and validated through internal playtests, today we released new tuning adjustments to global flinch on all weapon classes. These reduced flinch values provide better consistency while engaged in head-to-head combat. Jump online and let us know what you think.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • ccrows

    First! Yay… 😉

    • Ričards Jansons


      • MisterEpicGamer


      • ccrows

        I don’t wanna do that Yay!… 😉

  • Guest that’s still a Guest

    Well I’ll be damn, looks like they actually want this game to work now. Great, only have been waiting 4 weeks. Thanks SHG! (End of sarcasm)

  • ccrows

    (IMO) They need to do something with Headquarters. Connection quality (IMO) is noticeably worse during peak hours when HQ is turned on.

    I think they either need to cap lobbies to make the the HQ lobbies smaller, or simply turn it off and have random HQ weekend lobbies turned on.

    ^ HQ (IMO) was a good idea on paper, but personally I care more about the multiplayer than HQ…

    • Mandy

      They made HQ connections P2P as I noticed yesterday after the update. However, normal game modes are still hosted in dedis, so this change doesn’t affect them at all. They also made the HQ map not to load every time after a game ends. When you are in the HQ you are disconnected from dedis and connect to a P2P lobby, so your experience is determined by the lobby host. This method massively reduces server load since HQ are hosted locally. However, if the lobby host has a poor upload it is very difficult to handle all 48 players, so you are lagging.

      • ccrows

        I’m not saying if HQ is P2P or not, but I haven’t seen a single host migration in HQ yet either. (at least from my personal experience)

        However, that’s not even where I’m going with this. Whenever HQ is turned on during peak hours, the connection quality is “noticeable for the worse in MP”.

        ^ This isn’t just my experience, take a look at SH’s Twitter responses as well.

        Perhaps, it could be extra people signing on to play the game, but that still doesn’t make any sense whenever I’m play COD WWII during peak hours with and without HQ being used.

        This connection in this game from my experience (at least up to this point) plays better in MP with HQ turned off… JMO

    • Regardless of connection quality, I just find the HQ experience to be goofy… people running around and spazzing out to get your attention LOL… and the firing range has to be done solo or you have people shooting guns at the side of your face. I admittedly laugh when I see 10 people doing jumping jacks together, or playing rock/paper/scissors, but HQ is starting to feel like just a joke. However, I do enjoy walking around to get my daily orders, ranking up divisions, etc (as opposed to just sifting through a menu). I thought that would be time consuming and annoying, but I ended up enjoying that aspect.

      • Becky

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  • Mario Rivera

    Can we do something about the straw pull recoil profiles? Its like shooting a mystery gun every time i pull the trigger with some of these guns haha. Sometimes ACR like patterns, sometimes circular, sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal in either direction. Da Fuq…

    • You mad huh?

      and forgrip is completely broken. same with quickdraw

  • awlagfare

    I went from level 42 to 39. Gr8 update

  • Legion DC

    When PC gettin’ an update?

  • You mad huh?

    there no such thing as head to head combat when there is 3544168784561 flank routes within 3 lanes. that shit isnt fun. you kill 2 guys then get shot in your back because tdm spawns like free for all.