SHG has shared a first look at the Winter Carentan Map, which goes live in game for all players on Dec. 8! Trailer coming later today.

Headquarters will also be getting a snowy makeover on Friday.

Images via @SHGames and @MichaelCondrey.

  • I was literally just looking to see when there’d be some info about this, looks cool, glad it’s not OTT covered in lights and Christmas trees or anything

  • This will be fun. Can’t wait to try it thirty seconds after everyone else (they still haven’t fixed that late spawn issue)

    • ccrows

      Can’t wait till they fix the Espionage issue too…

    • Frank Rizzo

      What issues have they fixed?

    • Mildred

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  • Subaru

    So Carentan just has some minor snow? Meh was hoping for a dark snowy variation of the map, can’t remember if this game even has any maps within the night.

    • Mick

      Yeah I agree. For some reason, a dark snowy map like Winter Crash from CoD 4 gets me in the feel for Christmas time. I wish they went with a dark theme for this map.

    • RdJokr

      Because it’s not already hard enough to spot campers, right?

      • TheAdversary

        It’s not that hard when everyone in-game shimmers like Christmas ornaments. If it’s really that much of a struggle for you, just use Lookout, and you’ll have target-finder vision.

  • darren dilliway

    Hope there’s snowballs! 😀

  • Guest

    I live near an island.. we have several beaches.. it has snowed here 2 times in 100 years.. why the fuck is it snowing on the beach in headquarters?!?!

    • Snow for everyone

      I live in Brighton in the UK, and we’ve had snow a couple of times, actually on the Seafront! It can happen 🙂

      • BawjawzMcGraw


    • BawjawzMcGraw

      Top Ten dumbest things I’ve ever read.

    • ToonToons22

      Are you saying that if land meets water in a snowy place, then it’s not a beach?

    • Codgamer

      New York has beaches and its snowed here.

  • Elite Predator

    Has anybody hear the exciting news, how they’re introducing new weapons this year, watch the Call Of Duty trailer. “Complete special orders to aquire 5 free weapons, each containing variations of their own”. Ladies and gents, I think it’s officially time to celebrate

  • Bumbukimun

    This is dumb… the actual battle of Carentan was in June so how could it be winter and snowy? Literally unplayable gosh…

  • Neat