Activision and Sledgehammer Games have announced new details about upcoming content for the Quartermaster and Orders with the Winter Siege event in Call of Duty: WWII.

There will be a new Quartermaster visiting the Headquarters during the event, Captain Butcher — a former British Special Forces soldier. Captain Butcher will visit the HQ during the event  from time to time with all new Winter themed items. He brings new Winter Siege uniforms, cosmetic items, and all new weapon variants. Activision says that all the weapon variants coming to the game in this update only have cosmetic differences. There are no stat based changes other than offering 2XP boosts, similar to how current weapon variants are.

Alongside this, there will be new, special orders from Major Howard which will offer players a new way to directly get one of the new weapon variants for free. The orders will be rotated every day to offer fans a way to unlock new variants of each of the new weapons coming for free. There are other rarity of the new weapons coming to Call of Duty: WWII, which can be unlocked through Collection Bounties, similar to how collections work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, or the new Winter Supply Drop. Winter Supply Drops can be earned by playing games and leveling up; players will also receive 1 free Winter Supply Drop each week by logging in.

The new weapons coming are: GPMG LMG, the Sten SMG, the Gewehr 43 Assault Rifle, Trench Knife, and Ice Pick.

Activision and SHG also says there will be a special Winter Siege Supply Drops in the Quartermaster. During this event, Winter Siege Supply Drops will be replacing Rare Supply Drops. The Winter Siege Supply Drops can be earned through Quartermaster Challenges, end of match drops, or by completing orders. Players will also be able to use Call of Duty Points to get these Winter Siege Supply Drops, but Activision says there are many ways to earn the Drops for free in game.

The Winter Siege event kicks off December 8 at 10AM PT and ends on January 2 at 10AM PT.

Learn more about Winter Siege here.

  • Furst!

  • justin hanson

    No love for snipers

    • Jokerz


    • good honestly

    • Snipers get enough love in this game already

  • travis

    So odds are the supply drops everyone has been saving won’t have the new content because why else would they re-name rares to winter siege drops?

    • Elite Predator

      If they don’t transfer them over that would be so stupid. I’m third Prestige and Everytime I open a supply drop it’s either XP boosts or two thirds of the content is duplicated. I figured to start saving for a new event I knew was coming sooner rather than later, and we get this bullshit. So I’m waiting for a response on them what I can do with the time I put in the game to save this garbage for nothing.

      • Jacob

        So you saved them thinking you’d one up them by not buying COD Points. They decided to let you earn them and only xp boosting variants in drops which no biggie. You can still get the weapons easily yet are STILL complaining? Stfu. You grinded because you’re a fiend.

        • Elite Predator

          You have me upside-down. First of all, maybe you can try and understand why I was saving my supply drops. Of course I’m not going to buy supply drops if I don’t support this business model. This before I knew they are rotating the weapons every 24 hours passes. I spent 23 thousand armory credits to get Gewehr-43, Ice Pick, yet to finish the LMG. So how’s that for grinding and saving….
          Also, how am I a fiend if I saved my supply drops? Doesn’t make any sense. I just prestiged a fourth time yesterday with 3 total days played. So what if I’d “one them up by not buying cod points” ?? They made $3.6 billion dollars of post content and supply drops during Black Ops III’s year in 2015. You really care if gamers are trying to one up a corporation that only cares about money before the consumer’s interest? If they cared about our interest there wouldn’t be supply drops that have requested to drop $100 when the full game is $60. Yeah, they surely didn’t one up on gamers who wanted those new guns. So why don’t you say what you may think a person you are commenting to doesn’t know. I didn’t know how they were implementing winter Seige event. With my experience it’s been awesome. So how about clearing assumptions or asking a person before running off telling people to STFU. And I wasn’t bitching, I was simply stating I have nothing to do with the supply drops I have earned because everything it’s giving me was dupes. Besides, that takes time and patience. Everytime I get a supply drop I wanna open em, instead I saved them and apparently I’m a bad sport for skipping out on spending more money on loot boxes that don’t even garantee the item I am looking for. It gives me cheap emblems and calling cards I’m never gonna look at, so why would I buy supply drops if I am against this Bush business model they use? I don’t support supply drops, simply because of how they are, and I’m not going to buy any of them.

  • TheAdversary

    Gewehr 43 “ASSAULT” rifle

  • Digital_Veil_

    SCUMBAGS!!! They KNEW that many of us were saving our supply drops for garbage like this so they locked them into EXCLUSIVE SUPPLY DROPS!!!

    Good God, Acitivision literally knows no bounds to their scumbaggery. As if they haven’t already made enough money off this game!!!!!

    • Elite Predator

      It kinda sucks, I’ve been saving my drops I have 24 common and 18 rare so far. That would have gotten me cool content. For once I would have actually had fun opening Supply Drops in this new Seige event. But at least we’re able to aquire the new weapons from completing direct “special orders”. So there’s good news in what they’re doing. If they twist a few things it isn’t such a big deal knowingly bro we’re going to be able to get variant cosmetics out of a new field order from Major Howard that gets reset everyday. This is by far the coolest update they’ve done and how they implemented it is the best way out of all the Cods that have supply drops to date. So let’s celebrate more than calling Activision completely greedy. Lol

    • The Mortal

      Such a shame, never thought this would be like Overwatch. I saved 57 supply drops and 34 supply drops just for this event and it looks like they won’t be useful here D:

      • Dejangles FTW

        Saving supply drops does nothing. once you earn it, it is predetermined what’s inside already. Say that there is a special item that can be unlocked through normal supply drops but the supply drops you have are from before the new item came out, they won’t contain any new content because the items inside were already picked when you got the drop.

    • Adrian Rivera III

      They made dlc weapons obtainable through orders and you’re complaining about not using horded drops lol you can earn all guns without spending a cent how is it all about money ?

    • RdJokr

      Are you a fucking idiot? You can do contracts and orders for these drops. Don’t have to spend a single dime, and you basically get nearly 20 of these mofos.

      • Austin Giwer

        i was under the impression supply drops were like presents its not random when u open it whats in them now will be later when u open it

        • Mildred

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  • I really want that Gewehr 43. Easily my fav gun in WaW

    • Guest

      I hope it doesn’t look like that after the winter seige ends, though… but I’m also stoked for this gun! My favorite [email protected] gun too!

      • Yeah I’m hoping that white skin isn’t the default skin, I’m assuming that’s either a camo or a weapon variant

        • RdJokr

          If you click on the image on the site, it shows a name + “Collection Reward” on the back, so I believe that’s a Winter-themed variant for each of those new weapons + they are Collection variants, so you know what you’re gonna get.

  • Elite Predator

    As far as it goes with how Supply Drops are implemented, if they continue this route, cosmetics only and new weapons aquired via special orders, AND to aquire weapon variants out of special field orders, like this is the coolest thing. I have 24 common and 18 rare Supply Drops saved. I’m not even mad they’re making the Seige event it’s own supply drops. The way they’re doing everything is all I can ask for. For the players who don’t care and skip grinding, I say to this: Live and let live, I hope Activision makes all their money from Supply Drops bcuz they’re not forcing them down our throats this way.

  • Mick

    So all the supply drops I saved don’t mean shit in other words? Because they decided to put all this new content in seperate supply drops exclusive to the Winter Siege event. That’s real great. Good looks Activi$ion and $ledgehammer 👍

    • C K

      You can’t really complain about them doing this, nobody asked you to horde drops to try and cheat the system per se.

      • Mick

        I know but still. It’s like a slap in the face to me. It’s fucked up that they would do something like this.

        • C K

          Yeah it sucks but at the end of the day they’re a business first and making bank comes first to them

          • Elite Predator

            So what does this mean to you that they are a business because you are so smart and understanding at handling, for Advanced Warfare (Supply Drops) and Black Ops III, what did Activision do for you in terms of how they were making their money? Money is important but it’s just as important when both parties get what they pay for. You’re justifying the business practices as they’re a business and making money comes first. So, did all the players win like Activision did when they wanted new weapons locked behind a random generated slot machine to aquire, encouraging consumers with addicted tendencies drop hundreds of dollars in one sitting? IDC about what ppl spend their money on, many games have suffered in their longevity without the sight of brand new weapons adding fresh content players will want in loot boxes. We’re at an excellent place now, but please if we all had an understanding like you about this we wouldn’t even be here at this moment with how they’re implementing content now

          • C K

            You’ve completely taken my statement out of context my friend, I didn’t say I supported or agreed with supply drops in any way, was merely pointing out that it was foolish to believe they wouldn’t counter the people saving drops to try and get most of the new loot quicker/free.

          • Elite Predator

            Well first of all, the costumer’s interest should always be the main focus. Keeping their interest is how they will make their money we allow their business to strive. But with $3.6 billion dollars from Supply Alone in one game’s life cycle is outstanding. Call Of Duty came to 10 billion alone as a franchise after Advanced Warfare’s launch. Before the Supply Drops fiasco. Activision made 3.6 billion from Supply Drops during Black ops 3’s post season cycle, that year alone. I’ve already lost any faith, I’m surprised we got this far with how they’ve completely renovated their monetization. Btw, I do see where this guy is coming from. I logged in some days I did not feel like playing and I grinded so this does kind of feel like a slap in the face for putting quite some time and anticipation built, all for nothing. Not cool, but it’s highly looked over with me, I’m really happy and personally excited wait more for Friday to come than I am with semester ending, specifically till this event drops.

    • ajh1234

      You dont have to pay 1 cent to get the guns tho, so how is it a cashgrab? They gave you a middle finger because you thought it would be easy and you would start the winter event with all the gear. SURPRISE. Grind like the rest of us

  • Emre

    Cormack have new orders for us. Haha

  • Damn, was hoping for some news on whether season pass holders would get the new weaps

  • mike lopez

    I don’t care about dress up. I just want new guns or some different stats. Boring so far.

  • Jai Ivanoff

    im getting sever error 1/2 way through a match prity shit when im on a 20 min contract get fail from this shit