A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, version 1.26, is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here are the patch notes:



  • General stability improvements across various game types.
  • Security update (PC only).
  • Reduced boot up times.

Weapon Tuning

  • XMC
    • Reduced reload speed.
    • Reduced bullet penetration.
    • Reduced ADS idle time after firing.
    • Reduced 3-hit and 5-hit kill ranges.
  • VMP
    • Reduced ADS bullet spread accuracy.
    • Reduced ADS recoil stability.
    • Reduced bullet penetration.
    • Reduced reload speeds.
  • HG 40
    • Improved 3-hit and 4-hit kill ranges.
  • ICR-1
    • Improved recoil reduction.
    • Improved 1-hit kill range in Hardcore.
    • Slight increase in damage to improve odds at a headshot kill.
    • Improved 4-hit kill range.
    • Improved sprint out speed.
    • Improved standing hip spread.
  • Galil
    • Improved reload speed.
    • Improved ADS transition speed.
  • FFAR
    • Improved reload speed.
    • Improved sprint in and sprint out speeds.
    • Improved ADS recoil.
  • R70 Ajax
    • Improved bullet penetration.
    • Improved ADS transition speed.
    • improved ADS recoil.
  • MX Garand
    • Improved fire rate.


  • Addressed various exploitable locations in Citadel and Redwood.



  • Fixed several exploits across various maps.


  • Subaru

    It’s about god damn time!

  • missing_trigger

    “Security update” can you fucking stop?

    • Probably a banwave will happen.

      • skyarmydood72

        most likely every body that just got the idea that bo3 was a dead game is most likely about to get BANNED

        • skyarmydood72

          ALL those people who thought they could get away with jitter and shit like that, YAY

  • macspengo

    Wow… They’re still updating Black Ops 3, huh? But not yet nerfed the Brecci…. Why?

    • Wetty Fap – Not The 3rd

      Because shut the fuck up. That’s why. They didn’t nerf it 2015. They’re not gonna nerf it 2017-18.

      • macspengo

        Don’t have to be an ass-hat about it. Also, the comment has something called “Sarcasam”

    • You mad huh?

      its safe to say it aint happening lol. its not even bad though. unless you play hardcore(me) then i just use it to.

    • Qaotik

      They didn’t because it makes no sense to nerf a shotgun that can’t even get a one shot kill to the face.

    • Elite Predator

      The Brecci is pretty OP, but once in a while you’re going to appreciate using a shotgun in Call Of Duty games. It’s really fun and adds more variety. Make good maps, that reward various approaches in different playstyles like Black Ops I, or as some say for MW 2, I can’t speak for MW 2 but Black Ops for an example. Besides, imo the Brecci and all the shotguns in Black Ops III are in a good place. They most likely have little more range than previous cods being a logic design for the Advanced Movement, if anything. But I have no complains on the matter, I offer an insight.

      • Aubrey

        That’s what the Olympia is for LOL

      • Cadence

        Right. The extra range is to compensate for advanced movement. I like that Treyarch actually tries to make each weapon and weapon class viable in their games, not just the rifles and SMGs (and one OP sniper) like in WW2. Shotguns and LMGs deserve love too.

    • ToonToons22

      I think the reason why the Brecci hasn’t been fixed is because the weapon’s description of “reliable two-shot kill” wouldn’t be true anymore if they nerfed it.

      • The Gaming Revolution

        “Unreliable two-shot kill”

    • Subaru

      Well, I don’t think they would of thrown out these nerfs etc.. if there wasn’t something coming, why would you nerf the black market weapon that most people want because of how OP it is so late if you weren’t bringing out something that will be as OP or more OP soon?

      The XMC was OP as hell to bring in more revenue from the game, near enough the majority wanted it because of how OP it was, it looked as if it was bringing in A LOT of revenue, hence they probably didn’t nerf or throw this patch out for some time.

      I wouldn’t doubt they aren’t bringing out something as OP or even more OP as black market weapon to continue bringing in shit tons of profit and leaving that un-nerfed for hella time.

      • Michael Romo

        Or, and hear me out, they actually care about the gun balance in their game. Not EVERYTHING is about money

        • Subaru

          I would love to agree with you but if that was true they would of done this sooner, ATVI support stated a patch was ready and was unclear when it will be released and it has been way too long since then (months).

          I’m not one who likes to constantly bash on ATVI or state they’re doing shit for the cash, but this is the most likelihood, sometime is most likely coming that will be as OP or even more OP than the XMC to BO3.

  • You mad huh?

    ill still own your ass with the xmc lmao nerfs or no nerfs
    — i was kinda hoping for some new weapon dlc– wwii kinda boring.

    • Aubrey

      i don’t know if the xmc is as good as it was anymore though

  • Wow they’re still updating BO3 that’s super cool, it’s stuff like this that makes 3arch the best imo.

    • Elite Predator

      I’m hoping they’re job listing reads for Black Ops III about knowledge of deep modern technology means something else instead their upcoming game to hopefully be set during the 1960 or any wars or operations throughout to the 1990s. Or maybe early 2000s. Either way, I hope they take a less vibrant approach to their colors, and focus more on graphics, texture, with natural colors.

      • Aubrey

        I like the colorful touch they put on their games i don’t want to look at something that looks as if it was colored in 1946.. I look at games like ghosts and mw series and they look so bland and bleached. I hope they make an abridge game between Bo2 and 3 that is boots on the ground with some future tech but have modified modern weapons. Or just make another future cod that takes place after Bo3. I would be down for that because they did the movement system right with the style they were trying to achieve with Bo3. I have been playing cod since big red one and I must say I fuck with advanced movement it adds that extra skill gap that people that are not good with it hate but make them play the game to get better at it and people that are good with it love grinding it to have an edge over the competition. That is why i really like AW because it was so fast paced and playing that game on a competitive level was really a whole new level that CoD never touched before and was really enjoyable.

        • Elite Predator

          Um, that’s not what I said, right? 1946? Are you indicating the world looked different in 1946? When you hear of natural colors, what’s the first thing that comes in mind? True and authentic graphics that match the real world, not a cartoon Network. Nobody here is talking about who hates what, but thanks for your input on generalizing what people like/don’t like. You do realize Black Ops III was one of the most played and selling CoDs for Activision? It’s just that nobody wanted to play a futuristic game with advanced movement, a third year. The majority of players, and I am not commenting on players who hate advanced movement period. Most of the cod base was got burnt on futuristic games. One reason why Infinite Warfare sold less than half of Black Ops III (might have picked up) but it sold no more than 15 million which is an all time low since the series peak. So like I said, and I’ll say it in other words. People are moving onto other things to play. The COD base dispatched and opened up to new franchises like Rainbow six, and PUBG, Fortnite. Fortnite has twice the numbers of WW II on twitch. Forget Infinite Warfare, that news was way overshadowed by Overwatch, and a list of other games since last year. So, you can say what you want to say but the sales and performance will determine where Activision will take Call Of Duty in the future. Oh yeah, I never heard an OG cod player say the new ones are better than the classics. Don’t know where you’re coming from.

          • Really

            Thanks for the dissertation, and slamming someone else for their opinion that is unlike yours. She just threw a different point of view, so adjust yours and agree to disagree, not pick apart/degrade. Thanks.

          • Elite Predator

            ……Yeah I don’t think you followed thoroughly. I ain’t about to break dialogue to dialogue down for you because you *clearly* can’t read. What was with the whole defensive mechanism, who has hurt your pride this bad that you have to take it out on me? Please don’t reply to me with foolish things man, I’m not about it. I have enough stress with school and major things you shouldn’t work yourself up especially go back read the dialogue and understand you have replied to the wrong person.

          • Really

            “Don’t know where you’re coming from” try to expand your horizons and put yourself in someone else’s thought process. Don’t isolate and make it seem like their idea is so out of the blue. Come on. Maybe minority idea, but still as respected.

          • Elite Predator

            “Still as respected” It’s not reasonable or rational period to say players that are burnt on future tech suck at the game.

            “Try to expand your horizons, understand someone’s thought process.” Do I even have to explain that one to you “Adjust yours and agree to disagree.”

            It’s all logic, I wasn’t arguing anything like how you are now. And if I was gonna tell you, look at it like this about what I was saying. The older CoDs, now look at Black Ops III, with all the cosmetics. Cartoon Ops vs the older graphics from MW series, Ghosts, the first Black Ops, Black Ops 2 had a blur in between a military shooter with cartoon looking graphics. There’s no argument here, the majority of old school CoD players vs the Black Ops 2/3 we’ll see Treyarch making an even balance most likely so it’s okay I was just requesting a new engine that immerses the mind’s imagination into thinking we are there. I just feel grown out of that style. A lot of gamers now, a lot would appreciate a game in Treyarch’s culture who knows because they’re taking cod back boots the ground so it’s going to be less fast pace than their last game. It will most likely break out the traditional three lane they created. Treyarch never disappoints, I just hope they grew up too. wante and hopefully we get a nice game. Take a break from this arcade rehashed soon to be garbage. Last I checked, I’m not in the wrong anywhere thanks for your nicer reply. Don’t know why you had to act like I made him or her into a victim. And for the record I didn’t even know that was a girl just by her dialogue, so I’m sorry if I offended “her”

        • ant9141

          I personally think that the Modern Warfare series has the best look when it comes to colors and graphics. No cod has topped MW2 and MW3 imo. And Ive always felt like the IW cods have better hit detection and just feel better lol maybe I’m crazy but I think the BO series is the worst feeling and looking series outta all of them. Except Infinite Warfare which was just hot trash expect for the campaign. But @elite_predator:disqus is right Cod has gotten just blah and there are better shooters out there. I’ve been a old school die hard cod fan since big red one as well, I’m talking 30 days or more time played on every Modern Warfare game and world at war. I have 20 plus days on mwr currently. Oh and the advanced movement system is what killed Cod hence why the newest one is doing so well

          • forrest1985

            Agreed! If Cod wanted to go “future” the near future setting of BO2 worked but I felt AW/BO3/IW was a step too far. COD started as a historical shooter and Black Ops worked as it took historical events and strung them together with a decent story. Even MW series was grounded in a sort of realistic setting with psuedo- historical concept/events thrown in. With 2.5 developers (sorry but IW has seen much better days) there was really scope to explore more historical settings. Hell, people used to say WW1 couldn’t work!

          • it didn’t work honestly.

            it was just normal battlefield with mostly open maps with full, burst and semi autos everywhere with barely any bolt actions.

            it’s theme felt just like how IW underused the space theme in Infinite Warfare. MP was basically BO3 but without swimming and weapon variants. space maps didnt have zero g and basically made for a different skybox.

            they both tried being different by having new themes neither game has touched before yet never actually fully utilized gameplay aspects their themes bring as if players buy the games based on theme rather than the aspects that theme brings


          • Elite Predator

            You lost me at the Black Ops series having the worst feel. I get that’s your opinion, but I think the first Black Ops is Treyarch’s best game. I prefer Black Ops 2 over CoD WW II. Lack of variety killed the longevity of this game. All the maps have the same layouts. Go left, go right, go middle. All have small maps with close quarters that punish you for using Semi-autos. All weapon classes are good, although they range from casual and others have recoil control. Aachen and Gustav is literally their best maps on this game. Others go from not that great because of inconsistency in sweaty try hard lobbies that sprint to the next spawn no with no head on their shoulders.

        • BradyAlucard

          Color makes war games look cartoony. It doesn’t need color to be fun, you’re playing the game to kill people, not look pretty.

          • joey

            i think sledgehammer finds a decent balance with regards to color/tone. what was that map that was based on santorini in advanced warfare? the neon lights contrasting the night sky was beautiful.

            treyarch? i was shocked by how cartoonish BO3 looked. i remember BO2 being a tad more muted, which made a big difference.

            infinity ward: IW’s DLC maps were a huge improvement; the base maps were really bland looking…except for the black hole backround. that was cool.

          • BradyAlucard

            I just honestly don’t play military shooters for vibrance.

          • BradyAlucard

            And I liked BO3’s graphics and art style. Probably the best-looking CoD to date after WWII.

    • And it’s only less than a year when they come back. Thank God.

    • Felix Plante

      You know SH supported AW for longer…

      • With the way WW2 came out I’m afraid Treyarch still supporting BO3 may be bad for the next game.

    • W1LL1AM04

      It’s still a huge cash cow for them, why wouldn’t they?

      • To make their next game

        • Prime

          You don’t think they are working on their next game? It’s coming out in 6 months roughly

          They can do both at the same time especially when this update was just minor changes.

          • Treyarch usually don’t do both.

    • Deondre Warren

      Not really considering all their doing is nerfing free weapons and buffing p2w weapons to make supply drops more appealing to little kids with
      their Christmas cash

  • Bigdog1318

    If only WW2 could have an awesome update like this. They haven’t even nerfed the BAR yet, Sledgehammer doesn’t know how to balance anything. Overall, Black Ops 3 is so much more fun.

    • Elite Predator

      Not just that, I’ve come to conclusion how not only there’s nine maps, but these maps don’t have a lot of variety because of how they’re split in designs and around game modes. I engage in many close encounters so I’ll be at a disadvantage using a semi-auto. Semi autos are a need in any standard shooter and either I suck at using them or many of the maps punish me for not using an SMG or auto. Gustav Cannon is one of the better maps in this game because you can use Rifles, LMGs, and Snipers.

      • TheAdversary

        That’s true. After playing for a while, I’ve started to warm up to Gustav Cannon. It’s still a bad map, but it’s definitely become one of the better maps in the game. Now my least favorite maps are Flak Tower, USS Texas and Aachen.

        • Elite Predator

          Aachen is easily one of my favorite maps, although it’s linear it’s an excellent set up for constant battles on every side of the map shifting to cover. Flak tower isn’t bad, USS Texas is just annoying. Every line of sight is easily moved from every route coming together has to be one of the worst examples of a map and get everything cluster fucked.

          • TheAdversary

            Aachen is a bottleneck map. It’s spawns are massive, but everyone ends up funneling into the middle. If a team manages to push up to the end of the bottleneck (not a hard thing to do), they have complete control of the match. That’s my issue with it.

            Flak Tower is more of a peeve for me. First things first, I hate symmetrical maps. They are the most boring maps that a CoD game can provide. A good map is capable of providing balanced engagements without using the symmetrical design to cheaply balance out power points, like Favela, Terminal, or Firing Range. Not only that, but a lot of the map’s characteristics punish both camping and rushing playstyles. In this tiny map, there are 6-7 routes for someone to push out of spawn, the middle section is completely open to fire from almost all sides, and the spawn mechanics are exactly like that of Aachen (2 spawn points on each side of the map, meaning you could still spawn on the same side even if you were killed in spawn). The only way to do well on Flak Tower is to try and pin the enemy at their spawn, and try to hold them there without getting flanked.

      • Bigdog1318

        Very true. The M1 Garand, one of the most iconic weapons, sucks in this game.

        Why are they taking extremely long to fix their game? There has been barely any patches & zero communication between the devs & us. I feel like the MP is bringing the game down & it’s usually supposed to be the best mode in any Call of Duty game.

        • TheAdversary

          It’s because Condrey (and to an extent the rest of SHG) is extremely haughty and thinks he knows what’s best for the CoD community. That’s why WW2 patches aren’t tailored towards what the fans have asked for.

        • Elite Predator

          The multiplayer does catch quite an amount of classic components of Call Of Duty. Sadly, and what’s disappointing to me the lack of variety going on in some of the designs on the maps too. Real facts tho, I haven’t seen a co-head as humble and transparent as Michael Condrey. They have been so fast and down to work on fixing this game. There are still issues. For example when League play launched, the following Tuesday everybody was having problems with were fixed. Same goes for the flinch. They are up and at it with fixing this game. Sadly they won’t be fixing the design of the maps or adjusting some of the sprint animations that are awfully similar across several of the weapons. The Campaign is good but the main protagonist has cheesy dialogue throughout the campaign. I like him more when he landed on shore D-Day and the last two missions where he goes back to save Pvt. Zussman, they did a great job depicting a war hero coming home to his family and fiance during that time period knowing a lot of young men like us were drafted or signed up to fight the war. The Campaign had some memorable scenarios that showed risk and told a great story of great men dying in sacrifice. Pretty good acting cast made the story be a little bit more believable.

    • Andrey Martim

      They nerfed the BAR twice mate.

      • Gorilla


        • Andrey Martim

          Not debatable, they did.

    • RdJokr

      Dude… this is a 2-year-old game receiving an update it should’ve had a year ago.

  • Alex Brogan

    I want new melee weapons. I have every single one in the game, but I also have TWO melee weapon bribes I haven’t used. Don’t wanna waste them!

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    ¿New weapons? I still have my grand slam.

  • Nicole Sheppard

    I haven’t received the update yet, but if I open the game it says I need to update to use network features. It’s not in my notifications. Am I able to manually download it somewhere?

    • CanadianPro7th

      you on PS4 or something else? could try restarting your console

      • Nicole Sheppard

        Yep, PS4

  • Andrey Martim

    Two years and the VMP is still getting nerfed.

    • Lucas De Lima

      Você por aqui?

  • Scott Harriman

    Reduced 3-5 hit kill ranges? Before black ops 3 I dont think it ever took up to 5 hits to kill someone. They need to fix the flinch on this and infinite warfare. In my opinion with black ops 3 onwards, they screwed with the flinch and made it take too many shots for a kill.

  • Lucas De Lima

    XMC nerfed? Thank god.

    • Capt Ahmad


  • Shane Dunleavy

    Why would they nerf the xmc? Literally everybody spent all their money to get it and now it’s going to suck ass. What they should have done instead is increase the amount of recoil received like with the vesper but not as harsh and make it harder to get in supply drops so it’s not everywhere.

    DLC weapon ideas:

    Scorpion evo
    Regular dsr

    War axe
    Thor hammer
    Wolverine claws
    Pole saw
    Lightsaber or energy sword
    Swiss Army knife
    Hockey stick
    Plank(with nails on it)

    • skyarmydood72

      Wishfull thinking that’s about all the BO2

  • Stoner X Smith

    These fools need to grow a pair, crying about brecci. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that most here got a trophy for participating in games. The world isn’t fair and guns in games like in real life aren’t equal. Stop coddling these losers and keep guns unequaled. Just get better or go play Abzu. Cool game by the way…..

  • ALBERTZ649

    Can’t believe they nerfed the VMP again. It was bad enough already after all the nerfs it has gotten and now it’s going to be worse IMO.

  • Ari


    Subscribe to Peenoiseradioroad to 60

  • Diissss

    2 and a half years later and they finally nerf the VMP.

  • Martin Arnold

    Shame the game is stone dead on ps4!

    Almost eveyr mode except TDM and a small number playing DOM is completely empty. Even then there are so few players it seems that it’s impossible to find a match, which is a real shame as I just picked this up again hoping to play

    • Jeffrey Dahmer

      I’ve been playing SnD all week without any problem.

  • peoplul0

    why updating on monday and not dropping new dlc guns on tuesday what is life just give us our new camos and dlc guns people have bribes like sugar mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m just glad that they aren’t adding new weapons. I STILL have to get the last 6 weapons for Advanced Warfare, Some of the weapons I want for COD4 Remastered (NOT interested in all of them though), Infinite Warfare’s, and Black Ops III. Black Ops III has WAY TOO MANY WEAPONS!

  • Jake Pearson

    hey assholes how about you let us buy the weapons from the black market instead of paying $150 for the stupid coins and hoping the RNG gods are on our side?

    i’d rather pay $30 in DLC for the weapons

    • GinsuVictim

      I still don’t have most of the RNG weapons in this game.

  • konrtyl ryel


  • Jeremy Smith

    I would love to see a mw2 remastered like they did last year with mw. Not sure if its just nostalgia or what but I feel like mw2 was the best cod game ever made.

    • PirateRoberts75

      I feel the same way, only about MW3

  • David dlc1.26bringit

    Weapons leaked already its 1 week before xmas drop the weapons Soon

    • PirateRoberts75

      Where? I couldn’t find anything

  • PirateRoberts75

    So, are they ever going to add more Black Market weapons? They had all these triple plays and a deals for bribes but no new weapons to use them on.