The NPD data is out for November 2017 and Call of Duty: WWII is our on top, coming in at #1.

Call of Duty: WWII is one of the best selling Call of Duty title since Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in North America.

According to NPD, based on revenues Call of Duty: WWII is the No. 1 top-selling console video game in North America this year, making Call of Duty the No. 1 top selling console video game franchise in North America for the 9th year in a row,” Activision publishing chief executive Eric Hirshberg said. “As proud as we are of Call of Duty: WWII, we’re equally proud that our talented teams have found ways to keep Call of Duty fresh, relevant and on top of the charts for nearly a decade—an amazing feat. Thanks to the greatest fans in the world for their passion and engagement with this awesome franchise.”

NPD issued the following statement, saying that Call of Duty: WWII generated more launch month revenue in Call of Duty history since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in 2012.

  • Mitch

    CoD’s dead though /s

    • MrW

      Best CoD ever

    • Only thing that’s alive is all the green paper for activision which doesn’t benefit me.

    • Elite Predator

      How is it dead if it just topped all other games in sales. If you mean in game it’s dead, then I agree with you. I love all these new kids that just come out of nowhere “Best CoD ever” I’m not even remotely interested in playing this game and it’s just a month after launch.

      • Prime

        You missed the sarcasm you Muppet

  • TheProject

    Course it is. Nice to have the proof though.

  • GinsuVictim

    I didn’t buy it, but plenty of others picked up the slack.

    • ScOott

      Wish I’d of saved my money, dont reckon im going to play again n its only december, cant spend money on the season pass when half the maps from it should of allready been in the base game … sticking with PUBG, more fun..

      • Jon

        Why do you dislike it?

        • ScOott

          I dont disklike it, its ok ..Not sure what it is tbh, maybe it’s the maps, and lack of maps, or the streaks i really dont know what it is.. i could play bo2, (and still do bo2) or mw3 all day long, just after an hour of playing im ready to come off on ww2..

          n now pubg is out, even tho its in a bit of a mess, still the most fun i had in a multiplayer game since bo2..

          • Smayo

            The game is bland. Limited customization, worthless streaks, low amount of maps with no standout maps among them, terrible loading issues and an overall mediocre feel to it.

            On top of that the connection issues this game have are atrocious. No way this game runs on dedicated servers.

            To me the only CoD development team who can deliver at least a fun playable game, is Treyarch. For me CoD is a once in a 3 year cycle release from now on…

        • Elite Predator

          Guns sound are in accurate, Campaign is (less than half World at War’s length) and it isn’t even that great aside from a few parts aside of it’s cheesy writing. The Multiplayer has some nice maps, there just isn’t a lot of variety. They’re all three laned, to begin with shipping the game with just nine maps. They were clearly just trying to get this out as fast to grab another best seller, and it’s a half assed World War II game. It doesn’t even get it right like the older Cods. My first memory using the PPSH was when Cod 2 flipped us over to the Russian’s side in the Campaign. In this game, how are Germans using the PPSH in the Campaign.. and it just doesn’t do a good job at catching Call Of Duty’s old roots at how the older WW II games had this tone towards the era and that is what they advertised this game was going to be. “Going back to it’s roots” Fucking lies.

          • Jon

            I agree when it comes to the campaign. I like the back to roots 3 lane map feel. Lets hope the DLC maps bring the variety you prefer

        • it’s boring, maps aren’t fun to play on, killstreaks aren’t worth it. Overall it’s mediocre at best this is sgh 2nd cod and both of them i didn’t play it past december

          • Jon

            The killstreaks are better then the last several COD games. I enjoy the maps. I think if anything its just the WWII era that most people are bored of.

    • Elite Predator

      Idk why you didn’t buy it but I assure you that you’re not missing out.

      • GinsuVictim

        Why? I hated the beta, the lack of maps, the DLC plans include less standard MP maps, I hear nothing but bad things from current players, and I don’t have time for much CoD these days.

        • Elite Predator

          Yeah, Activision just keep shooting themselves in the foot. These games come out the best seller like Infinite Warfare outdid Battlefield one last year, and that game was way more fun than IW. And watch everybody is coming out now saying what they’re saying about the Multiplayer. Tbh, I’m more interested in R6:Seige and Fortnite. This cod, it just got stale that’s all. I just finished the Campaign yesterday, and the only thing good about it was just some parts of it. And the zombies sound really cool like the mutants in “Hills have eyes” but the overall structure and game play just doesn’t match Treyarch’s World at War zombies, and the Campaign is less than half of World at War’s length. World at War had way more maps, and the nine maps in this game just feels repetitive with no tactics when I think of USS Texas but a couple of them are well, it just gets repetitive fast. After a while I started to pick up on the gun sounds, the gun sounds don’t sound accurate or close to at least real weapon sounds, let alone the real weapons themselves. The gun sounds range however. They managed to pull from the older files they must’ve recorded in the older Cods and updated them on some of the weapons. Other weapons sound like the KF 5 from Advanced Warfare. And overall, across some of the maps this game doesn’t feel like a World War II shooter besides the Campaign, and War mode. Lmao, when I seen a German soldier using the PPSH in the Campaign it is just strayed so far away from the culture and war stories Call Of Duty 2 took us through when we started playing Russian’s Campaign and the PPSH, oh God. This isn’t a full WW II experience brother, so if you ask me, if you played the older Cods than you might as well just skip out on this one. I’m practically done with it at this point.

        • Smayo

          Even if you found the time, half the time you get kicked out of the lobby because of host disconnection issues. I just played 4 matches and every match I got disconnected half way through.

          So much for those dedicated 60 hz servers they were bragging about pre launch.

          Lucky for us the sale of supply drops seems to work flawlessly….

    • WILONA


      • GinsuVictim


    • i got it but it’s a waste of money i don’t think i’m ever going to play it again, same thing happened with aw i didn’t play it again after playing for 2 weeks. Sgh needs to get their shit together the only thing i’ve liked from them is momentum from aw

      • GinsuVictim

        I played AW that whole year. Loved it. I’ve even been playing it again the last few days. (Sorry to ccrows, I know you hate it, but other than SBMM, I didn’t have any issue with the game really)

  • joey

    yes, the mcdonalds of video games is very popular.

    • Qaotik

      Difference is McDonald’s is cheap

      • Smayo

        And McDonalds at least gives you somewhat of a satisfying feel…

        • Qaotik


    • Elite Predator

      Well that’s what it’s become with supply drops being your happy meal prize. But we can’t say it’s always been like that before it went downhill and started selling it for it’s name.

      • GinsuVictim

        Do they have a daily bonus like IW?

        • Elite Predator

          Yeah, there are several things good about this game. It can be fun, and they are really generous with the supply drops this year. You get rewarded more credits if you log in a streak period of time. For example, you’ll get 125 credits for logging in today, if you log in another three days straight they bump it up to 375 but it doesn’t multiply over time there’s a cap. And there’s also a pay out every four hours we get a hundred armory credits we pick up in our mail.

      • joey

        black ops was my first. i’m sorry i missed the golden age – world at war in particular. unless something meaningful changes, infinite warfare will probably be my last. i keep sniffing around, but everything i see reaffirms the decision to drift away from the franchise. stumbled onto metal gear: phantom pain and feel like my eyes have been opened. i have over 100 hours in the campaign (!) and half the content remains. playing a truly innovative game that gives you such freedom, how do you go back to on-rails minimal participation campaigns?

        multiplayer-wise, i think i’m either burned out or missing an attractive option. i was playing and loving lawbreakers but then the understandably desperate devs ruined their own game with one disastrous patch. titanfall 2 is still brilliant (worts notwithstanding), but i need a good long break. i’d rather eat dirt than support battlefront 2. destiny doesn’t interest me. i tried and disliked battlefield 1. am i missing any gems?

        • Elite Predator

          Yooo I was so upset and bummed down offer Lawbreakers not being a hit. That game looks so new, fresh it deserves a success. And Call Of Duty Campaigns fan or not is what makes them great, imo. Enjoy MGS: Phantom Pain. It’s fun, but it’s nowhere near Snake Eater, or the compelling gameplay mechanics and story of Sons of Liberty. I would recommend Witcher or Dark Souls games if you’re into 100s of hours games. You should check out Skyrim, Rainbow Six: Six, Fortnite. But yeah, take a year off cod this one isn’t really anything special it’s fun and you’re pretty much done with it at that point.

          • joey

            thanks for the recommends! i picked up witcher 3 during the black friday sale and am planning to get into it after metal gear. they were also selling both shadow warriors for $20 total so i picked ’em up and am loving the first one so far.

            have you tried the surge?

            regarding metal gear, phantom pain is my first. i just got the prequel (on sale for five dollars right now!) but would love to check out the ones you recommended. could you elaborate a little bit on what makes them better? based on how much i’m enjoying MGPP, i’m very interested.

  • The game has many obvious flaws, but I still enjoy playing it. However, I do feel a bit guilty for supporting it, as i know that only perpetuates the ongoing problems. I suppose I’m also naively holding out hope that Activision and SHG will miraculously redeem themselves in some way… but again, they don’t really have much of an incentive to do so, given the revenue they are generating. Even though I bought the game and season pass, I am proud to say that I’m helping in one way.. by not purchasing supply drops.

    • Elite Predator

      I’m likely not going to get the season pass until Spring I’ll revisit this game and see what they’ve done with it. I’ll make it short my issues on this game. Look at World At War’s Campaign length, Cod 2 preserving culture across the weapons and what’s introduced. To me they just stapled everything in this game a WW II skin I mean you literally see Germans using the PPSH in the Campaign. What I remember using the PPSH for the first time is Cod 2 when I started playing as the Russian’s side with the Mosin rifle. It is one team, a Hollywood cast of enthusiasts strolling the beaches of Normandy. It is fun, but it just doesn’t make sense the maps got repetitive fast. In WAW, we had Zombies and still more than 13 maps with a very lengthy campaign. There’s just no reason why this game is so cut on content across two of it’s major modes. Three years to make this game… And the guns don’t even sound accurate. Some are pulled from older files and other weapons sound like Advanced Warfare. Three years, my ass!

      • I agree 100%. I thought I read that SGH was originally planning AW2, and I’d be willing to bet they got a late start on the development of WW2. It definitely seems that way. Again, I’m still enjoying it (most of the time), but I’m disappointed in many ways too. Every time I see Michael Condrey’s big toothed face, I think of how enjoyable it would be to knock a few out.

        • Elite Predator

          Hahaha, yeah it’s a very fun game man. I had so much fun on it. War mode is one of the better modes it does have variety with Gridiron and Hardpoint, but I think I’m getting worn out on Cod. Still can’t wait for Treyarch’s game. I’m looking forward to a jungle map with Ak-47s, M 16s, Commandos, Ak 74u, maybe Vietnam or 90s black ops operation with the CIA. I have a feeling from an indication that they’ll be returning to their roots

          • Yeah, I’m with you bro. Vietnam or more modern would be great… and Treyarch seems to be the most consistent and reliable in producing quality (and definitely my favorite COD games). We will find out in 11 months!

  • lunator100hd .

    This is the second sad thing i heard today, first was that Net Neutrality has been repealed.

    Seriously WTF are you guys there in US doing?

    • GinsuVictim
    • joey

      the net neutrality repeal is so upsetting. it’s such a big deal. the faintest silver lining on one hell of a black cloud is that it’s never been more blatantly obvious whose interests our crooked politicians serve. how the hell does the measure do anything but royally screw the people by arming providers with power that no one should be allowed to have?!

  • Ryan Gorman

    Infinite Warfare was better. “You’re a jetpacker” No, I could play BO2, MW3, MW2, or literally any other botg game but this. SH is terrible, this game is unfinished and THE SUPPLY DROPS ARE SO FUCKING BAD JESUS

    • ikr sgh last 2 cods are so bad like it’s unplayable like they should go make a different game or something

      • Elite Predator

        They created Dead Space, so surprisingly because I love that franchise. Their cod games are fun, but it isn’t their strongest suit. Not unless Condrey was one of those guys who just stays in his office while the rest of the talented team created the artwork, universe, weapons, mechanics, horror style.

        That game was fuckin epic, so sad to see Visceral games go because EA is so cringy they only want MP games so they can further monetize these games. There’s not much they can monetize with Single Player games, glad they shot themselves in the foot. They have some really good IPs hopefully some day they’ll give them over to somebody else since they are not interested

    • Former

      This game really makes me appreciate IW. Gunplay in that game was so damn fluid compared to this clunky mess.

  • Rageous

    The problem is that console noobs don’t read reviews or study up before they buy. They blindly buy it every year and get upset later. Luckily I got a refund from Steam after I tried the beta.

  • TheInfamy1214

    Just let CoD die in peace it was nice while it lasted it

  • Merciless MoMo

    I’m so confused by all of the negative comments. I’ve been playing COD since MW and this is an amazing release. I love the WW2 era game play, SHGs has done an amazing job putting their spin on things. It’s not a bad thing that it’s not exactly like all of the previous CODs, it’s what keeps things fresh and new.