Infinity Ward today announced the opening of a new studio in Poland, focused on research and development and engineering, that will work alongside their LA Studio office on development.

Infinity Ward Poland will become home to a talented team of developers who will focus on research and development, while working closely with the Infinity Ward Los Angeles studio. “We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our development capabilities with the opening of Infinity Ward Poland,” said Dave Stohl, Studio Head for Infinity Ward. “We’re building a world-class R&D studio that will tap into the creative local game development culture and talent in Poland. This expansion will further solidify our position as one of the most dedicated and accomplished teams in the industry. We look forward to great things to come.”

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • ScOott

    Furst..hopefully this means they will finally make a decent CoD

    • BawjawzMcGraw

      Nah, it just means they’ll make the same COD for less money and pay less tax. Woo!

      • NotSoFast

        Yup, ur basically right but not exactly the same game… don’t forget that they can reduce the number of maps!

    • RdJokr

      If I’m right, the R&D studio will probably focus on graphical enhancements for the game engine. Europe has a lot of game developers who deliver fantastic games on PC with great graphics, so here’s hoping those Polish boys can work their magic and bring some much-needed upgrade to IW’s engine.

      • NotSoFast

        Pfff don’t forget that COD is a console game… so any evolution in graphics or engine is a wishful thinking.

      • Mr.ThisAndThat

        Dont be delusional ppl. Lmao. Yall cant be that stupid. Cant you get the obvious message out of this announcement? They will let ppl in poland create all the supply drop content ofcourse, while Infinity Ward LA will try to focus on the main game itself.. They wont let developers in a cheap country create freaking new engines for them… Not that the polish devs wouldnt be capable of it, nah, its just more lucrative to let them create new hats and supply drop system/content.

        You know- all that supply drop content needs to be designed and created. It takes many hours to make that shit. Having written that- think about how much a graphical designer costs in LA per hour and how much in Poland. Im sure the difference is a cost factor of at least 3-4 or even more than that.

        Thats all it is, dont get too excited about this announcement. Their games will still prolly suck ass, similar to Ghosts and IW.

  • Krzysztof Krzysztof

    Nice ! Poland is my country .

    • Same.

      • Smayo

        CD project red is from poland too right ? Epic development team.

        Too bad Infinity ward is going to stain the reputation of polish development teams….

  • Element115Will

    I laughed when I read “talented” lol!

    • GinsuVictim

      A new studio with new talent….more than anything, I am hopeful. I look forward to whatever IW Poland brings to the franchise.

  • TheAdversary

    Maybe they will focus on building an actual new engine to use for Call of Duty.

    • SSR

      Why? Most studios that make games just build upon an old engine.

      • Elite Predator

        Are you kidding me?

      • Smayo

        But I don’t know any other studio that uses a 1999 based engine for their top selling game.

        CoD needs a new engine desperately…

        • RdJokr

          You don’t understand how engines work. Most new-fangle fancy engines being used in modern games has its core foundation rooted in ancient engines from the 90’s and early 2000’s. The IW engine is just more obvious since COD is an annual franchise, thus people don’t appreciate the changes going into it as much as other engines.

          • Elite Predator

            You mean Frostbite engine? Is FrostBite engine 2 equivalent to 3?? No, because they were able to add so much more Fidelity and deep color, lighting, physics, and just overall polishment, like when I play Battlefield one, I get high because the game stimulates the brain with lucid tropics. Call Of Duty still plays like it used to. Battlefield one is way better than WW II because WW II just feels so outdated and arcade I’m not a kid playing this so they also didn’t even do a good job. To this I just see Cod old school reimagined with some rip off of Black Ops 2 in two maps (USS Texas) coming I’m old school and j still love cod and want to see a next gen black ops themed (first Black ops) cod but this time around I’m over the futuristic mechanics it’s time for a more grounded botg game with cod like maps, add destructive environments to the maps not to BFs extent where it influenced map strategy besides something small in flanking routes, just few rails coming off, front of an open door blown apart, not a complete wall I’m talking. Enough to make it feel like something I haven’t experienced from Call Of Duty before. Environment change. In terms of realistic themed aesthetics without this outdated cartoon Aquarium Black Operatives in the bloomy sea. Game is so outdated to this point but fun as hell. I just don’t want to see the same thing I’ve seen for years already. (Black Ops 2 and three)

          • RdJokr

            Frostbite 3 is an upgraded Frostbite 2, same way IW7 in Infinite Warfare is an upgraded IW6 in Ghosts, or the BO3 version of the IW engine is an upgrade from BO2, etc… Just because there isn’t much going into it doesn’t mean it’s still “the same engine”. That’s where you fail to understand basic engine coding: just because it looks “prettier” doesn’t mean the old foundation isn’t in there. If anyone digs deep enough, they’ll still find remnants of Frostbite 1.0 in the current Frostbite 3 build. Same way remnants of id Tech 3 may remain in the 3 current builds of the IW engine.

            Engines are constantly upgraded to handle new technology, to the point where new builds can be considered a new engine in itself due to the amount of rewrites and additions. They don’t just “throw out” older engines and make a new one from scratch; that would take years to make a working engine, familiarize yourself with the new engine, get it working with the game you’re trying to build, etc… It’s expensive and inefficient, unless you got proper resources for it. Hell, even moving to a new, existing engine is a nightmare in itself, as many of EA’s studios have expressed issues trying to get Frostbite to work with what they were working on (Bioware with Mass Effect, Visceral with whatever Star Wars game they were working on).

            So no, the engine is fine where it’s at. Unless there’s a similar id Tech-based engine out there that looks better, then there’s no better solution for COD.

          • Elite Predator

            That makes me sad, because Cod today vs Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 4 still looks better than cod ever has. Battlefield one looks more like an authentic historic than WW II, Black Ops III plays similar to Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3 updated it’s physics, animations, mantling and weapon reloads, sprinting animations across all weapons feeling unique of each other and sounding with recoil authentic. And it shouldn’t be like that dude.

            At this point with Activision, the only solution is going to come to when that one franchise overtakes their sales in best sellers of the year. For me, I’m anticipated to see Treyarch’s next title. Battlefield Bad Company is going to focus more on Infantry, than large scale battles. It’s set during and after the events of Vietnam, moving into the cold war. It’s automatically a win for me because I badly want to see a Vietnam game and it’s going to be on a Frost bite engine. Determining, this may be the first time I skip out on cod, and I hope everybody follows because you said it’s expensive, they make so much money off of supply drops content that takes no effort or resources to be made.

        • Agreed

          Agreed. Playing ww2 has just made me realised how dated the engine looks. It’s not bad but it’s not great either. I feel they got away with it last hen, but this gen you have so many good looking games that CoD is starting to look dated.

          • Smayo

            Graphical wise CoD always was a little less impressive than its competitors. But made up with flawless gameplay and an addictive rank up system.

            But the engine is showing its flaws for years now. Especially in the netcode and hit detection department. All competitors moved on to updated engines with actual bullet calculations instead of hitscan registration. Plus the fact CoD still isn’t using full (60hz) dedicated servers, combined with the engine lag from the old IDtech3, gives the series that unique rage inducing feeling when playing. And it’s not a positive uniqueness in case you wondering…

      • TheAdversary

        Every CoD engine that’s been released uses the id tech 3 engine as foundation. That’s old as fuck and it has shown in past CoDs. Heck, you couldn’t even play offline split-screen in AW without having at least 70ms worth of latency affecting your game. That’s on par with Fallout 4’s in-game action delays.

  • Mitch

    Maybe they’ll finally be able to make a game which isn’t one huge piece of shit

    • one can only hope

    • Robbie Wathen

      Call of Duty is dead like ww2

      • Buruck Obuma

        oh… so like your jokes?

  • Elite Predator

    …… Yeah it’s official, that pretty much means a replacement. I believe Vince Zampella took about over 30 guys with him to Respawn.

  • Elite Predator

    “We look forward to great things to come”

    I remember they once said “We can’t wait to see what we create in three years” we got Infinite Warfare……..

    • Ryan Gorman

      Better than WW2

      • Subaru

        Sadly, I have to agree

        • lunator100hd .

          Me too, the game was trash.

      • Elite Predator

        Yeah, I’m not very far on disagreeing this statement, but shotguns are more viable in WW II, at least you can use the killstreaks better than we were in Infinite Warfare, and Infinite Warfare had bad shotguns, never used them. WW II has a lot variety. The main factors why WW II just didn’t last long for me is because of variety. Are you kidding? You are dead wrong my friend, I know I was thinking the other day telling my friend but in terms of maps. WW II did everything good grenades are actually viable unlike Infinite Warfare. So please, let’s criticize both games but let’s not forget what WW II did better at than Infinite Warfare….. In many departments. Are you forgetting War? It’s not perfect but my God I had way more fun on WW II, and I did enjoy Infinite Warfare but shit streaks left the game mediocre with lack of viable weapon classes, please analyse and understand what you are talking about. WW II doesn’t have devestating streaks but it’s WW II and everything is viable and it does a better job at it. Only flaws is it’s Good awful hit detection and what will most likely kill it’s longevity for a lot of older fans is it’s maps. They’re all just too small and very few that actually play good across game modes but it’s not enough to keep a player around, such as me.

        • Ryan Gorman

          Gun variety in IW was weak? Because last I checked WW2 has about 3 VIABLE weapons: the PPSH, BAR, and STG. Grenades were useable in IW, of course mainly in COMP, but they were for sure useable. I had way for fun with a giant robot destroying my enemies than just sitting in a plane and shooting.

          • Elite Predator

            That’s bs, Go by which was the most dominant weapon classes…. Everything is usable in WW II, literally! IW was AR and SMG dominant, soo boring!….. And the maps were way worse, a jumping mess was what that game was. Black Ops III, 10x better. Advanced Warfare was probably better than that (Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer.) Please buddy I hope it never gets a sequel.

          • Ryan Gorman

            You must really be bad, because I can use every gun class in IW. Oh I know , it’s because you can’t get kills when NOT sitting in a corner. The maps??!?!!? Your comparing maps from a jet pack game to a BOTG gtfo. BO3 was better i can agree with that. If you think AW was better, then you lost this argument already.

          • Elite Predator

            No actually I was supposed to update this but got caught up. It had good maps, but more casual and just a few good. I forgot the pistols were good in that game. Dlc maps offered better and refreshed the game in a new direction was where the game got so much better like Turista is one of my favorites and Grounded from the base game, all maps from dlc 2 and three were amazing. It’s just the launch of the game is going to be what my final appeal was because we spend more time on the base maps before we get I literally fell in love with that game, but I felt the need to bash it because of it’s further disappointment. It definitely had an exciting dlc season but most of the dlc weapons were ass!

          • Elite Predator

            And I didn’t suck smart boy. I just forgot some distant memory I had on that game, but I did use the LMGs, SmGs, used the maps to my advantage, the map designs determined how competitive it was going to get, but also how messy some of the map designs were. Ffs, shotguns were bad tho, you can’t change that or say otherwise on that because I tried. Where I mean Advanced Warfare was better was at staying competive with it’s exo movement designed in the maps. Not saying it wasbetter overall, Advanced Warfare just did a better job with it’s movement across it’s maps and how they were designed. IW does get better especially if they spent more time on designing the maps like how the dlc maps came out.

      • Elite Predator

        This wasn’t the initial point of my first comment. The point is we all know Infinite Warfare vs the older Cods and the older Cods kick it’s ass out the park. Feel free to agree or disagree. Whether players liked it or not, most of the base would agree the first Cods are better, so three years and they still couldn’t top the older Cods. Wasn’t comparing it to WW II at first, I just don’t take a thing serious out of Dave Stohl”s mouth because he said the same thing about Infinite Warfare. Has nothing to do whether the latest game is ass if you don’t like it or not.

  • hungryandrew

    Yeah, get out of the state’s, and hide from the embarrassment of Infinity Warfare.

  • joey

    isn’t ‘people can fly’ a polish studio? what ever happened to them? attrocious writing aside, bulletstorm was pretty fun and had some unique qualities. infinity ward is obviously in need of an influx of talent/vision. i’d have been excited if they’d merged with P.C.F.

    • joey

      looked it up. i didn’t realize P.C.F. co-made fortnite. huh.

  • W1LL1AM04

    Are they making a Witcher FPS? Cause that would be badass

  • S1x_UA