A new Community Challenge for the Holidays is now live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The goal of the challenge is for 50 million online MP matches to be played.

Rewards are earned at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the challenge’s completion:

  • 25% Reward: 5 Rare Supply Drops
  • 50% Reward: 5 Rare Supply Drops
  • 75% Reward: Melee Weapon Bribe
  • 100% Reward: Ranged Weapon Bribe

Players can track the community progress through the in-game message of the day.

Image via @PerOlsson97 

  • Elite Predator

    That’s a lot of matches, but finally warrants an exciting community challenge. Two years later lmfao

    • lunator100hd .


      • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

        If you’re a shitty player. Treyarch makes nothing but scrub shooters.

  • GinsuVictim

    Hey, I was looking to get back into some BO3! This sounds like a good time to do so.

  • Holy fucking shit this is way better than the slap in face excuse of a christmas update IW has

    • Subaru

      What did they do?

      I saw that new m2187 variant which is fucking too OP

      • They did literally nothing but add more variants to the supply drops(which you can’t get with salvage) and call it christmas themed for whatever reason despite being no different from other supply drop updates besides being lazier. No free anything, no hacks or deals, no XP events or double keys, not even Christmas Genisis was put on. They didn’t even give the epics new models, they’re just old epic models reused AGAIN.
        Just basically a lazy “heres some more stuff buy supply drops”. More like merry christmas to THEM lol, even SHG atleast gave us free drops occasionlly. Hell, even Raven put Christmas Crash on.

  • 88 Fingers Edward
  • SolidConeSlays

    I think bump stock should be added so I don’t have to press the trigger every time I want to fire my MX garand

  • Thomas Taylor

    It didn’t let me redeem my rare packages, how do I fix that?

    • NOO Behind You

      Me either. Like wtf Activision?!?!

      • emanuel ornelas

        Me as well!!

        • NOO Behind You

          Like wtf are they doing now? Always breaking something in cod I swear. Lmao!!

          • emanuel ornelas

            How do we get that drop for 25%?? Anyone?

          • NOO Behind You

            Great question. Unless they give it to you after then event is over…..

          • emanuel ornelas

            I figured it out guys go to black market and press down 3 times and you’ll see your 10 packages for rare! Lwt me know if it works

          • Robbie Wathen

            U get now u have be playing it to get it

      • Arman

        ur supposed to go on contracts and click community and redeem

    • NOO Behind You

      Scroll down in the black market. They’re at the very bottom.

  • Billy Crawshaw

    I just got two melee weps from the bribe…. is that normal? I don’t need any as I have them all anyway


  • EJ

    If we didn’t play at all since this started do we still get the rewards?