UPDATE: Los Angeles Police Department have arrested 25 year old Tyler Raj Barriss for making the ‘swatting’ call which resulted in the death of Andrew Finch.

Tyler Barriss was known online has SWAuTistic. He was in an interview with KEEMSTAR’s Drama Alert last night.

Police in Los Angeles says that Barriss was arrested previously in September 2015 for a making a bomb threat call to a ABC Studio in Glendale, CA.

It is not clear yet what he is being charged with at this time.

Original Story:

A dispute between two teammates, over the loss of a $1.50 Call of Duty wager, has led to the death of a 28 year old man in Wichita, Kansas. Police has ID’d the 28 year individual as Andrew Finch. He leaves behind two children. His mother spoke with local news outlet, in a video posted by the site here. She says she never heard of a swatting before. His mother also said Andrew Finch did not play video games.

Two individuals got into a heated argument over a UMG Wager online after a loss in the match. During the heated dispute, one of the individuals involved provided the other with a fake address for where he resided. The other individual decided to send the location to a known swatter. This known swatter is reportedly the same individual that called in a fake bomb threat at CWL Dallas event earlier in December. The swatter called in a fake scenario to the local police. Swatting has been a problem within the Call of Duty community. There have been numerous incidents where a fake situation is called into police, either via calling 911 or via other ways to report an emergency.

UMG, the site that hosted the wager which caused the dispute, says they will work to provide any information they can to local authorities.

Police arrived at the address and shot and killed the 28 year old male who was not involved in the dispute at all. The officer who fired the shot, a 7 year veteran of the local police department, has been placed on paid administrative leave as the department investigates what really happened during this incident.

“It was a shooting call involving hostages,” Police Chief Troy Livingston said. “The original call, we were told someone had an argument with their mother and dad was accidentally shot. And now that person was holding mother, brother and sister hostage. We learned through that call that a father was deceased, and had been shot in the head. That was the information we were working off of.”

Police said they are investigating if the incident was a prank “swatting” incident, but at the time they responded to the call, the officers were working off the information they had as they approached the house. It is not clear why the officer fired as soon as the individual opened the door.

”We were given some misinformation on the (original) call,” he said. “We got a call that someone was deceased in the residence and that proved not to be true. Also, we’re still trying to determine who was the hostages and how that unfolded as well.”

Reports claim the two Call of Duty players involved were Miruhcle and Baperizer; these two players have since deleted their Twitter accounts. The known swatter also changed his Twitter profile to a new username.

Pro player Parasite shared some additional information that was found on Twitter about the incident:


Another Pro Player, FaZe Clan’s ZooMaa, has shared information showing the swatter, who has now changed his Twitter username, threatening him in the past and has even threatened to call in fake bomb threats to CWL New Orleans, the next CWL event, taking place January 12-14. ZooMaa said he has already contacted the police about the individual for his own safety.


We will update this post as we get more information on what happened.

If you have any information on the people involved, contact the local police department.

SOURCE: Kansas News (1, 2) (additional info via Dexerto)

  • Subaru

    Only fucking faggots SWAT in 2017, if you can’t resolve things with words instead of putting people’s lives at risk then you should re-evaluate your life.

    • J. Wallace

      “Only fucking faggots SWAT in 2017”

      – This implies that it was less terrible at some previous point in time, lol. It was always a horrible thing to do.

      • Subaru

        Lmao sorry, I was pissed off reading this didn’t mean it like that

    • anommona

      “Only fucking faggots”

      What are you 12?

      • Subaru


      • Skymont


  • jordanxbrookes

    Kids swatting over a game of CoD, what saddos. And end up getting an innocent man killed. Hope they get given years, or even better, life for their disgusting behaviour.

    • Muddman717

      But, also yes.

    • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

      at least the have an assist.

  • Hazods

    This is Miruhcles new twitter account https://twitter.com/ShaneXO4Life/

    • Eat ass

      Who careshe didnt call the police.

  • Jesus fucking christ, this guy is absolutely crazy. What makes someone that upset over a game of Call Of Duty? Now innocent people are loosing their lives over this fucking shit, I hope the guy who called it in rots in jail for a looong time. I bet you that sick piece of shit doesn’t even feel bad over it either.

    • RdJokr

      This is Call of Duty we’re talking about. It’s arguably one of the biggest games in the planet. It’s inevitable that it would attract all sorts of people, including the worst of the worst.

    • JimBorsch

      Nabi fucking muhammad, this guy is nuts

  • TheAdversary

    I get angry all the time over CoD (especially WW2), but I can never imagine myself doing something as severe as swatting. It’s definitely some psychological issues that inspires shit like this.

  • Mick

    Over a video game? Come on man. For someone to SWAT a person over a damn video game is just completely disgusting. I will never understand why these competitive wager matches are always taken so personal to the heart. I understand the fact that you’re putting up money and all, but for $1.50? My god man.

  • GinsuVictim

    I feel sick reading this shit. We all knew someday SOMEONE was going to get killed over this bullshit. “Swatting” needs to stop. These stupid little cunts need to stop and think about what they are doing.

  • jt3z

    Death penalty needs to happen

  • anommona

    All of these “gamers” need to find something better to do with their lives

    • Subaru


  • Whatever

    Yeah let’s focus on swatting and gamers arguments and leave out the fact police shot an unarmed man without evaluating the situation. Wake up people, get yours noses out of your phone screen and see what’s actually going on and getting worse in this country.

    Swatting is a thing and will always be a thing, the police are the ones responsible to prevent them turning deadly. You can instantly shoot and kill that guy but stand watch and pled with an off duty officer to stop shooting his wife in the middle of the street, just because he’s your friend. Get these power control hungry pricks out of our government.

  • TepidBlack

    If you ever needed more proof comp CoD is for degenerates here it is

    • GinsuVictim

      This shit happened on twitch to plenty of other gamers playing all kinds of games, this is just the first time it resulted in death.


    COD “Pro” there is no skill at it people who consider COD being a e-sport are retards and this shows it clearly.

  • Elite Predator

    Yeah, for prank swatting someone and losing his life this clown totally deserves getting locked up for years such a prick. Also at the request I wouldn’t feel bad for him if he got raped. The 28 year old deceased was petty anyway to go and meet him over the argument of the wager, I hope he rests in peace it’s so sad. And we do live in a world with a bunch of idiots that don’t realize they’re throwing their lives away in one action, and that other asshole got him killed and most likely once he gets caught, he as well threw his life away too, over a wager match on CoD. What a sad petty world, I feel bad for that guy who died. I knew he didn’t see that coming.

    • Yuzuru Otonashi

      He wasn’t involved in the incident if you can’t read.
      The guy provided him with a fake address.
      “Police arrived at the address and shot and killed a 28 year old individual who was not even involved in the dispute”

      • Elite Predator

        Na I can’t read, thanks asshole.

      • Elite Predator

        My bad pal, must’ve skipped over it. Anyways, such a nightmare for his family. So sad, to lose someone special to you even when he was just answering the door, so sad.

      • edt089

        It makes me wonder wtf happened with that fake address? Did the initial guy who requested the SWATTING intentionally have some innocent guy killed, or did he come up with the address out of thin air? He had said that the address had been posted by the guy he actually wanted SWAT’d, so the initial guy that he was having the argument with is also somewhat to blame (or whoever it was along the chain that provided the fake address) for the fact that he just gave out some totally random person’s home address like that knowing what could happen.

    • Kira Thesloth

      The guy who got shot didn’t play COD. The one who got into an argument gave a fake address to that swautastic pos.

      • edt089

        It makes me wonder what happened with that fake address? Did the initial guy who requested the SWATTING intentionally have some innocent guy killed, or did he come up with the address out of thin air? He had said that the address had been posted by the guy he actually wanted SWAT’d, so the initial guy that he was having the argument with is also somewhat to blame (or whoever it was along the chain that provided the fake address) for the fact that he just gave out some totally random person’s home address like that knowing what could happen.

  • Amy Heyen

    Please block out or remove the addresses in the tweets shared here.

    • Please use the contact form for such requests (at the top of the page).

  • Shotz iQiz Studios

    so the problem is not police? is the stupid kids and stupid phone calls xD dam country

  • Zogby
    • Elite Predator

      The cop who shot the guy for answering the door clearly was itching to pull the trigger bcuz that’s not normal for a cop instantly opens fire even on a suspect. “Weapon on the ground now” “Hands behind your head” No protocol was taken before action, poor guy didn’t even have a weapon in his hand. Didn’t even have the chance to put his hands behind his head. Since when do cops shoot on sight, this is out of the ordinary regardless of considering the circumstances

      • BananaRambo

        And then people like Eminem are the bad guy because they make songs like Untouchable which talks shit about cops, stories like this make music like that completely justified.

      • Frog

        With all due respect: You don’t know what happened in the situation so don’t act like you do.

        • Chassy8o9

          With all due respect: a cop killed an unarmed innocent man, what else you need to know? That santa is an imaginary character? Or you are just a cop apologist?

        • Elite Predator

          You’re right bro, we are all wrong. I just watched the video, totally understand and see from an observation on how the cop took the shot bro.

        • DragonTattooz

          I do. Yet another stinking cop killed yet another innocent, unarmed civilian. What more do you need to know?

          • Anon

            So many keyboard edgelords in this thread.

      • BradyAlucard

        I can guarantee you that the ones who are criticizing cops are also the ones who want only them to carry guns.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I agree, they should’ve given a fair warning before taking action.

      • Elite Predator

        No he did bro watch the video. The guy was moving in such a stupid fuckin motion. He reached for his waist and reached his arm back up. We are all wrong and hating on this cop bcu he is a cop.

    • Elaine Larion

      This cop needs to get prosecuted and thrown into jail. Sadly, this probably wont happen and he will get away with a few weeks off.

      • edt089

        A few PAID weeks off.

    • chkm8te

      Oh, nothing will happen to that asshole.

      The reason SWATters consider the cops a good choice of weapon for murder (or at least assault) is entirely because as a society we let cops murder with impunity.

      • Mike

        wtf why is he an asshole? I haven’t seen the video but according to my local radio news, it was a justified shooting, the guy was reaching for his belt.

        Man, I didn’t even read your last sentence before I started this… Cops killing w/ impunity… what a BS narrative lol. We don’t let them kill anyone w/out reasonable cause.

        • Hallie

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        • Chassy8o9

          Under what rock you live in buddy? Stop with those VG and start to pay more atention to your enviroment… cops killing innocent people happens almost every day…. is justified to kill somebody who was reaching a freaking belt!?!? A guy who is afraid of a belt shouldn’t be working with a gun… cops need more training and that guy in blue is an asshole… period

          • CNR007

            you’re retarded. They weren’t afraid of a belt, they were afraid of a gun in his waistband, that happens all the time, a dude reaches for a gun in his belt/waistband and kills someone with it. The cops actions were justified, the swatter’s actions though, were not.

        • Zero21XX

          Well I have seen the video, and it was completely unjustified. Guy opened the front door and was shot in about 10 seconds from across the street.

          You should look into cop killing statistics (worldwide & US). While you’re at it also look into violent crime statistics in the US. If you’re not completely retarded those points of data should snap you out of that ignorance bubble.

          • Elite Predator

            I seen the video and you must have an agenda against cops if that’s what you continue to think.

          • Zero21XX

            Oh I do have an agenda against cops. Spend a few hours on /r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut/ and you’ll have one too. Ostrich syndrome doesn’t change reality bud.

          • Elite Predator

            Yeah but what the hell was wrong with the victim. It’s common notion. If he was trying to cover his eyes from the flashing lights, but he touched his waist probably to pick up his pants, and then he proceeded to point his hand expanding his arm towards them. Under the suspected call, the cop took the shot bro. Now an unarmed man died by mistake, but given the details I can’t blame the cop for shooting him. Hell the guilt must be eating the cop but by the fellow’s motion given the circumstances the cop didn’t know he wasn’t armed. So if this is about cops being trolls who do think they can get away on the streets like they own it, not all of them are dickheads, take up our time on stuff we didn’t even do some times. I understand the hate bcuz I can’t stand them sometimes. But that’s not their job, this officer was answering a distressed call, poor cop thought he was armed, and going by the fellow’s motion who had been shot, it’s really far from the cop pulling an itchy finger. I feel bad now, and changed my mind about the whole situation

          • Zero21XX

            Unless the man had a projectile weapon in his hand shooting him from across the street shouldn’t have been an option. The victim’s behavior was 100% acceptable in my book (he was innocent and confused). Last I checked pulling up pants, and blocking out a blinding light aren’t threatening acts.

            The call was from a “teenager that accidentally shot his dad”, why assume that this 28 year old man was the teenager? Even worst assume that someone who accidentally discharged a weapon and called the cops on himself would come out guns blazing.

            Also want to mention that the “kid” never said anything about holding hostages in the phone call. He just said his mom was in the house with his sibling. The cops made that part up.

          • edt089

            No…he doesn’t ever LITERALLY state that he has hostages. But he DOES state that he has his younger brother and mother in the closet and he is pointing the gun at them. The guy clearly knew what he needed to say to trigger a swat response, namely that he had a gun pointed at his younger brother’s head. This guy Barriss is a real fucking quack job piece of shit.

          • Zero21XX

            Didn’t catch that part in the video, edited my post to clear that up. Thanks for the heads up.

          • Anon

            Posting a reddit link says all there is about what type of retard you are and should be ignored.

          • Zero21XX

            I’ll be sure to post some more if the topic and conversation is relevant.

            It’s adorable that you think pointing someone to a relevant source of articles is “retarded” simply because you don’t like the source. It’s almost like you believe the world revolves around you. Fail troll.

        • Elite Predator

          Do you find this funny? Or are you here to play Devil’s advocate.. “What a bullshit narrative lol” you don’t know what’s it like losing your life bcuz that guy will never know. I just watched the video, to me it looks with logical proof that under the assumption the guy’s body movement he was pointing forward idky. But he didn’t just open his door he looked like he was pointing something toward the cops so I can’t blame the cop who shot him. Blame the swatters.

        • DragonTattooz

          What drugs are you on? And, more importantly, why aren’t you sharing?

      • Elite Predator

        Why should anything happen to the cop, if you watched the video your opinion will change, I guarantee

      • Brosteph Costello

        They’re the force society relies upon to defend us from threats which are already deadly by nature. No police officer wants to lose their life in the line of duty.

        • chkm8te

          No, when a cop shoots an innocent, unarmed man as soon as he opens his front door, the cops ARE the threat.

          • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

            You’re ignorance is so damn high. All you fucking SJN just want to point fingers.

        • Jennifer

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      • Anon

        What an asinine statement. You watch too much CNN or listen to too many ignorant race baiters.

        • chkm8te

          Ya think? Two cases in the news just this month.

          Video shows Arizona man sobbing, begging for his life before fatal police shooting

          Unarmed father of two killed. Cop acquitted.

          Australian Woman Shot Dead by Minneapolis Police Officer After Calling 911 Herself

          She’s dead. No consequence for the cop who shot her.

          Now get lost, troll.

      • Stop Dodging

        Why are you talking as if they got the phone call and the cop goes “Aye I get to kil an innocent man today! Good for me!”? Why are you ignoring the part where he was told that the man had weapons and hostages?

        • edt089

          It’s the fact that he inexplicably shot the very first person that he saw – a person who didn’t match the suspect’s description -a cop is supposed to be able to assess the situation before firing off a fucking kill shot. Why didn’t he shoot him in the leg?

      • Evelyn

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    • Muddman717

      Thank you!

    • hungryandrew

      I agree, but the police department, received the call stating there’s a lunatic with a gun, who attacked someone in the home, and is holding others hostage. The cop was edgy.

      • edt089

        You’re right…it’s not a completely either/or situation. Both things are true of this incident: the original caller Swuatistic is a complete piece of shit who probably deserves life (at the very least). AT THE SAME TIME, the cop was ALSO at fault and should at least be charged with manslaughter.

    • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

      Is stupid hereditary in your family? Rhetorical question BTW.

  • HarryKnowlesFactChecker

    Grown ass men who can’t read an article before commenting. The 28 year old was a random uninvolved person.

  • darkonex


  • TruthSeekder

    The guy who called this in was an idiot. But what I want to know about is why the heck did the cop shoot this guy the instant he opened the door? It’s criminal that we live in a nation where opening the door for the police means risking getting executed.

    • KrSpo

      Cops got word that an active shooter was on site, had already killed the “father” ,and was holding mom and kids hostage. Male answers door and cop with itchy finger squeezes the lemon. Proper target acquisition and trigger discipline are not the same thing as is the example here.

      • TruthSeekder

        Exactly my point. Even if it HAD been an active hostage situation, for all the cop at the door knew the gunman had sent the mother or child to open it up. This ‘shoot first because I MIGHT be in danger’ attitude that cops seem to have today is criminal.

        • Chris Zylla

          I agree wholeheartedly. Their job comes with being put in danger to begin with I get that but that does not excuse them being trigger happy. Tbh I hate guns, not because I’m scared of them but it is because they make it so easy. Which makes me feel that a lot of what happens and some of the deaths caused would never happen if these retards had to do more then point and click. They don’t have to even get in danger unless they are dealing with someone else who has a gun.
          “People say guns don’t kill people, but guns kill a lot of people. There is a reason you don’t hear of mass chokings.”
          -Keith Robinson

          • ToonToons22

            The one thing that a successful hostage rescue depends on is accuracy. The police are not supposed to spray bullets everywhere as soon as they get inside. If that was the case, the hostages may as well let themselves be killed.

            Like you said, injury and death are occupational hazards that come with being a policeman. People who want to be cops should know that their job is not about shooting people for free, and if constantly being in danger in order to help others sounds like too much, then don’t join. Couldn’t be any simpler.

  • Elite Predator

    I mean trolling players with a mic on can be funny as hell, I just don’t see other than a degenerate fuckin slob with a grudge to pull something like this on someone. Bcuz they think it’s funny and they want to troll the person, but now somebody lost their life who weren’t even involved so hopefully ppl will wake up to this event that happened and realize just how consequential it can be for themselves but dangerous it for the person they are swatting. Players have stabbed people over losing in a match, so I can see how people would get others swatted either to troll or possibly even want them endangered. There are a lot of sick people out there who have grudges or get upset, but grudging over anything that’s said or happened over on a video game just shows we have a problem in this country, and these are the type of people who should get flushed out from gaming, instead of Politicians always pointing their fingers to the movies and video games as a leading cause of violence.

  • keiya

    So, the US Military is being deployed, right? An armed group attacked random civilians for their bullshit cause. They are TERRORISTS.

    • TheAdversary

      What the fuck are you rambling about?

    • BradyAlucard

      You know Tumblr’s there when you need it, right?

  • Joe Bob

    Because he’s just as much fault as the SWATTER.

    He provided the fake address, look above at the pictures.

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      He’s at fault for the guy getting killed in a literal sense, but i think morally and legally he isn’t at fault. He didn’t know that the guy would actually swat, if someone said that they would swat me i would assume they were joking or just raging, i would probably even give a fake address (but a fully fake one, not someone elses). He also, didnt know that the cops answering would be degenerates even if the swatter wasnt joking.

      He will have to live with being a part of someone’s death, i don’t think any other punishment is needed for a naive mistake.

      • Chris Zylla

        Morally not at fault? His actions led to the death of an innocent man and Swatting is not ‘moral’ by any stretch, it’s not even a prank people. The minute he called swat over a game became the minute his ‘morals’ were non-existent and he should be jailed for a long long time, if not executed and I feel the same about the cop. He was way to trigger happy, as it seems most police are.

        • mario

          i think you’re mistaking the two individuals

          the guys twitter isnt the one that called the swatting he only gave a fake address so that the other dude wouldnt swat his house if he was serious

          unfortunately he gave a random real address but i dont think this any of his fault it should be on the dude who called in the fake call

          • Dumbass above me

            Heres a fun fact mario, he could have given no address, he could have stopped talking to the person, but no he added to it, so therefore they are both at fault.

          • edt089

            It’s called being an accessory to a crime Mario, Bro. The PoS with the twitter account called his NOTORIOUS SWATTER friend to ask him to SWAT someone-he knew god damn well he was going to do it. Twitter and SWATTER are absolutely both in cahoots with one another so they could easily be brought up for the same charges.

        • sfrobink

          Agree – they are ALL liable as soon as they call a swat over a game, because that is an attack action.

  • GinsuVictim

    Goddamn, you’re giving the trolls who pull this swatting shit a pass?

    • sfrobink

      Agree – everyone’s responsible. This needs to stop – the swatting, the too-fast-on-the-trigger when first encountering the situation.

  • tonyj123

    ”We were given some misinformation on the (original) call,” he said.
    From one fucking source????!!!!!!

  • Gamal Elkordy

    Just kill the 2 people responsible for this. They have zero use in society.

    • Chris Zylla

      I completely agree, and the trigger happy cop.

      • Gamal Elkordy

        Nah, the cop had good intentions so at most off the force and never allowed near a gun again. Those two shits meant harm on an innocent man.

  • Nick

    The guy was shot when he opened the door…seriously

  • Rad Delaroderie

    Two inexcusable actions: The swatter causing a fake situation and a cop who killed a guy without appropriate provocation. Such a shame on both counts.

    • sfrobink

      Also add in the one who provided the address!

  • Chris Zylla

    surprised that people consider swatting and shit like that a prank. Newsflash people pranks aren’t supposed to be truly malicious or violent and also aren’t supposed to damage property. I feel so bad that this guy’s family has to go through this bullshit because of these people.

  • Tiredofthelies

    I had a neighbor threaten to swat me once over leaves falling in his fenced in yard from my tree. He “knew” people and would have me swatted to have the cops bust up my house looking for my drugs (i didnt sell or use, so it was a baseless lie.) but i do carry and have my collection of toys. So my instant instinct was to get to the phone and dialed 911. I told the operater about the threat and asked them to send the sheriff’s out. Within minutes i had deputies on my doorstep and I invited them in. Explained the situation and why i called them out. They gave a glance around asked if they could see my guns (locked in the safe, only glanced in once i opened it, no issues, ect.) so they understood why i was worried a no knock swat would be bad for everyone. After a few minutes chatting about bad neighbors, they went and spent an hour at the neighbor’s house. I dont know what they did or said but he never bothered me again. We moved in about a year or so after because my wife changed jobs. Point is, if anyone ever threatens to swat you, call the local LEO’s and preemptively warn them. They will likely visit, so make sure your not being a duech. But best to get on their radar so if the call comes in they already know.

  • terry

    This is an asshole, with little”man” syndrome. In the real world he sucks so he has to do shit like this to get his rocks off.

  • John Smith

    Guys the victim wasn’t black so the press won’t care. They need a narrative of “cops only shoot black people.”

  • Stefan Lang

    That shit is absolutely unbelievable and these kids need some punishment. This is exactly why I dont get into comp anymore. Too many salty ass nerds out there that take this shit way too seriously doing shit like this to people it should never be that serious. A guy has lost his life over some nonsense.

  • ndeeya

    Hey come play use your words on your phone @ wordgame.lol room code ksyq! Go to twitch and type in lakers2387!

  • harry smith

    What happens when the police write the headlines.

  • Phasmatis75

    You know, if you didn’t go in with the intent to kill someone, then you wouldn’t have killed an innocent man.

  • ToonToons22

    I felt sick after reading this. That man’s parents must have spent so much time raising him to be someone, only for him to get shot in the head over absolute nonsense.

  • joey

    “swatting,” really? knowing that’s a thing makes me feel like the old sheriff in ‘no country for old men.’ back in my day (high school), when i wanted to prank a mouthy classmate, i arranged for contractors to show up at his house, having requested on his behalf about six separate estimates to build a disco floor in his basement. i also signed the dude and his equally chirpy brother up for a romantic dinner cruise on a nearby lake; they sent a limo to pick them up (was in the ad, which is why i chose it). everybody (including the victim!) thought it was hilarious.

    now, kids are calling in fake muder/hostage situations over a dollar fiddy?! gross.

  • MurkN101

    Thanks for focusing on competitive gaming Activision. Now the cops can brag about their K/D ratio.

  • Hassaan Shahid

    this is what happens when you take a casual game to E-Sports. You hear that developers. leave the video games out of your competitive agenda.

  • Ian Fuller

    I’m just gonna say this. The cop wasn’t too bad. He was told someone is dead and he’s holding hostages so I understand him being jumpy and the result is this

    • Meh

      If you looked at the video the officer stated the man didn’t fully cooperate and kept his hands down. The cop thought the man was reaching for the weapon as his hands reached down and turned. I agree the cop wasn’t at fault. He was prepared to tackle on a hostage situation but so many people think it’s so easy to pin the blame on the officer for doing his job.
      He thought peoples lives were at risk and took the opportunity when given.

  • Boko Hos

    They need to start sending out SWAT kneepads to most of the people posting here. The COP did the shooting. He saw nothing resembling a weapon. Cops should know better than to respond to ANY call in this fashion. They know absolutely nothing about what is going on, save for a phone call from some anonymous person. You people your heads examined. The death of this man is 100 percent on the head of the officer that shot him and nobody else.

  • soon3rfan

    This man is a Terrorist and should be treated accordingly!

    • BradyAlucard

      He’d be a domestic* “terrorist”, if he even were a “terrorist” to begin with. What political gain could the Swatter possibly want?

      It’s just an ignorant kid around my age who made a mistake.

      • soon3rfan

        At 25 years old you are not considered a kid anymore. And domestic vs what? Is one better or worse than the other? Calling in bomb threats and knowingly endangering the lives of others using fear is “Terrorism”! It doesn’t have to have anything to do with politics. This is the problem with young people today. No one wants to be responsible for their own actions because they have been coddled or led to believe that since one is young they should be able to get out of trouble by claiming what ignorance? It is time someone is made an example of. Swatting is not OK, innocent or funny. SMH

        • BradyAlucard

          “Terrorism” requires political gain. But the difference between domestic terrorism and terrorism is nothing, really; just to not be disingenuous, as well as to differentiate homegrown terrorism to “real” terrorism.

          Nobody said Swatting was okay, and the issue with “young people” talking about “young people” is their blind hypocrisy. Don’t assume such ignorant things, I understand that our generation is going towards the side of political correctness, but that’s no excuse for anything.

          TL:DR Facts > feelings, make sure you get the facts first before you make assumptions.

          • therealfourzerofive

            It took you 5 days to compose a retort LOL what a genius I bet you feel soo smart right now. Good for you.

          • BradyAlucard

            Who cares how long it takes? Since you have no retort, I guess you can move on, then.

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  • Michael Romo

    How fucking retarded is the cop who shot the dude?